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“Get Biden Elected Then We’ll Influence Him From The Left”

This is an age old cry. It was made about Obama and it was made about Clinton and while I wasn’t following politics then, no doubt it was made about Carter.

In my adult lifetime it hasn’t worked that way. Certainly Obama had no interest in what the left thought, except perhaps as a marker of what not to do. In fact, Obama’s first steps included choking off money to left wing organizations and operatives, I know operatives whose careers were ended by Obama. He got in power, and he made it clear that anyone left wing wasn’t to be hired. BOOM. Done.

Obama not only wasn’t open to left wing influence, he was actively hostile to it.

Biden spent most of the election season bragging about how he beat a socialist in the primary.

Carl Bejier decided to use cabinet appointments to see how much left wing influence Biden was accepting. Is he being influenced from the left? An organization called Data For Progress, pre-election, put out their picks for cabinet positions. How many did they get?

Data For Progress Tracker Dec 17 2020 by Carl Bejier


Biden is one of the architects of the neoliberal order. It’s really impossible to overstate how he was there all the way, doing all the worst things. The way the world and America runs is his legacy, why would he listen to his political enemies, the people he helped destroy in the 70s and 80s, who he drove into the political wilderness with his allies who followed the so-called Third Way? (Reaganism for a different set of nasty rich people.)


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There’s going to be a lot of gaslighting during the Biden regime. A lot of pretending that he’s doing left wing things, when he isn’t. A lot of outright lying. Oh, I imagine he’ll do some half decent things, even Trump and Bush and Obama did, but it’s highly unlikely he’ll be progressive in any significant way.

This idiocy is often bolstered by an FDR quote, “I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it.”

What fools don’t understand is that FDR AGREED. Agreed. Agreed. When he said “make me do it” he was asking for a PR and pressure campaign to give him cover to do something he wanted to do anyway, but which he didn’t have enough legislative or popular support to do yet.

Biden doesn’t want to do most progressive or left wing things. He doesn’t agree with them. “Making” someone do something they want to do anyway isn’t the same as trying to force the most powerful person in the world to do something they disagree with, indeed, something(s) they have spent their entire life fighting against.

Biden’s career is about destroying left-wingers, even very mild left wingers, then bulldozing over their bodies in the New Deal mass grave he helped created. That’s who he is, that’s his legacy and he believes in it.

Again, I expect Biden to be better than Trump in some ways (and worse in others, sorry Venezuela), but he isn’t open to left wing influence, and he never was going to be. He was, at best, the lesser evil.



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  1. Though I too have been disappointed in every dem since Carter, I am inclined to give the incoming administration, if only as the need, the times, are so pressing, the benefit of the doubt. Joe Biden’s policy-makings have personally done me harm, twice; his and Obama’s putting Social Security on the table is certainly a potential harbinger, and he did reassure Wall Street donors at the onset of his “campaign” that Nothing Would Fundamentally Change. We shall see what we shall see.

    Pleased to see Deb Haaland at Department of the Interior.

  2. Willy

    Trump went the exact opposite direction when it came to our supposedly time sensitive global catastrophe in the making, climate change. We currently have a Russian hacking scandal, and ongoing covid illness and employment catastrophes, yet our current POUTUS is nowhere to be found. Even if Biden just keeps talking fireside chatty encouragement, it’s something far more than nothing. I’d like to think the left is a lot more potent, a lot more desperate these days than just a few short years ago. And then Dr. Steve Turley, the broken clock who’s almost always wrong, has gotten the time right for twice and is talking to his mostly conservative Christian fanbase about a rising populism against plutocracy, which he espouses. Biden may be getting his from both sides.

  3. solid

    Ten Bears with another truly moronic take.

  4. I wouldn’t count on Biden getting sworn in. Steve Bannon has extracted a declaration from Giuliani that Trump has the authority, on his own, to appoint a special prosecutor to handle the revelations from the Hunter Biden laptop. (Actually, he said 2 special prosecutors should be appointed.) Since then, I saw a headline that Trump is “trying” to get a special prosecutor.

    Peter Navarro has written a 31 page booklet summarizing the election steal. It presents the following numbers

    State”Possible Illegal Ballots””Biden “Victory” Margin”:

    It also hasn’t escaped my notice that Hunter Biden laptop stuff is now getting some serious attention. Why before Joe Biden is sworn in? Why not after?

    So, maybe Biden is being taken off the table. This may be pro Trump and pro democracy forces, at work. Or maybe…., the MOTU want to install Harris, directly. Or MAYBE, replace Joe with Hillary.

    Rand Paul has also spoken to the election being fraudulent, so I believe it’s possible that the required written objections by both a Representative and a Senator will be presented to President of the Senate. Not that I trust Mike Pence….

    If things get so confused that the way forward is not clear, I volunteer to be acting President for a few months until we can get our act together. As my first acts as acting President, I will ban both muzak and hip hop, make vitamin D blood tests free for everybody, ban Fauci from the White House (and make fun of him), and appoint Ian Secretary of Blogging.

  5. I tried to use HTML to format table data, nicely. Here it is without HTML:

    State “Possible Illegal Ballots” “Biden “Victory” Margin”:

    AZ >100,000 10,457
    Ga >400,000 11,779
    MI Unknown 154,188
    NV >100,000 33,596
    PA >600,000 81,660
    WI >200,000 20,682

  6. NR

    Speaking of gaslighting, here we have fascists calling themselves “pro-democracy….”

  7. Haikudoodoo

    @solid true true
    metamars big seas commentator: stop mixing your meds . . .

  8. Stirling S Newberry

    1. The people who talk “from the left” do not what it is.

    2. People who quote Rand Paul do not know what reality is.

    ∴ The people who are less crazy will make us live a little longer. We have to listen to Biden not Trump. Joy. Rapture. Oh, celestial harmony.

  9. Hugh

    Biden is the Establishment candidate. He was running fifth or sixth in the Democratic Presidential primary race before being installed, by an Obama-led coup, as the party’s nominee after winning South Carolina, a state that is probably the least likely for Democrats to win in the general. He ran, not on policy, but as not-Trump. This was enough for him to win, despite metamars’s umpteenth no-evidence, conspiracy theory, but not enough for down ticket races where standing for nothing just didn’t have the voter appeal Democratic leaders and consultants thought it would have.

    The only way a progressive will get into the Biden Administration will be by accident. Biden has already rejected the progressive platform. No Medicare4All, even as we are in the middle of a pandemic. Crumbs which will likely disappear on student debt. And his approach to climate change is not to change fundamentally how we do things but simply to emphasize fossil fuels, mostly coal which is on its way out anyway, a little less. I don’t see a single new idea from Biden on foreign affairs. He will just emphasize our traditional alliances as Trump didn’t. He will continue the anti-China pivot begun under Obama and de-emphasize Russia while still being anti-Russia.

    I don’t have a good feel for the Georgia Senate races. I would be surprised if the Democrats won both, even with the bad, corrupt Republicans running. Win or lose, Biden will blame the lack of a majority or an insufficiently large majority for why he won’t be able to get much done, even though there is no evidence that he actually wants to do much of anything. The Democrats should be spending the next two years building up and investing in their party at the state and local level with an eye on 2022, but they won’t and could lose the House under Nancy Pelosi’s brilliantly out of touch leadership.

    My advice to every progressive and every progressive group is to declare now that they will not support any Democratic candidate in any future election unless Democrats fight and leave their blood on the floor for the progressive agenda. And progressives should be ready to run and support their own candidates with or without the Democratic party. We should start a “We are done waiting” movement. Our message to Democrats should be: You deliver or we are gone.

  10. different clue

    I may right a longer comment after some reflection. For the immediate now, my reply to “hold their / his / whomever’s feet to the fire” is that they/ him/ whomever have asbestos feet. You could put some burning thermite on their feet and they still wouldn’t mind. Or even feel it.

  11. Ché Pasa

    Coups to the right of me, coups to the left. Huh, maybe elections just don’t produce what we’re expect or want them to, eh? When all the players are couping one another in order to proclaim the new or protect the old status quo, and the restive rabble want something else, what are you going to do? Keep on pushing the election button in the hopes that this time, oh pleeeese, let it be this time, we’ll win?

    Come on.

    No, you can’t push a Dem candidate “left,” but by God you can push them and an R so far right s/he pops out the other side. It’s the way it’s been for so long nobody alive remembers when it wasn’t this way.

    Our elections are international bad jokes, and we’re ruled by entertainers and con artists who serve their corporate masters and no one else.

    No matter who we vote for.

  12. Here’s a recent quote by sloppy Joe, which reveals, oh so succinctly, his towering intellect and sound judgement:

    Joe Biden on the accusations against his son Hunter:

    “It’s used to get to me. I think it’s kind of foul play, but, look, it is what it is. And he’s a grown man. He is the smartest man I know. I mean, in a pure intellectual capacity.”

    I guess it takes one to know one. This may be why I failed to appreciate ole Joe. I simply lack the intellect to appreciate him and his auto-pornographer son. The lofty plane upon which they think their great thoughts totally makes up for Joe enabling Hunter’s well paid role in the family grifting.

    Oh, the true love of a father for his own son! Especially when they’re both geniuses!

    Come to think of it, Biden’s appreciation of his son’s genius rivals that of Trump’s self-evaluation as a “stable genius”. And oh, didn’t that help make him a great President!

  13. bruce wilder

    Hugh talks a good game, but always in the future subjunctive. In the present, . . .

    The time to fight was in the primaries. But, the so-called left had no champion, perhaps because so little that passes for a left has any real convictions. When Biden was imposed, the right response was no, and hell no. With an explanation that hit home. Sanders could have refused to support Biden’s nomination and given a cogent case against Biden, just as Ian has here. As Trump did at the Republican pseudo-convention. Biden’s candidacy was an insult to any patriot with any integrity. Instead, Sanders was all “most progressive . . . ” and “decent” and “good friend”.

    The first pre-requisite to a non-toxic left, as is also the case for a non-toxic conservatism, is a commitment to at least trying to tell the truth in the basic sense of accurately judging reality and its implications for prudence. Biden’s age and physical and mental condition would tell against his candidacy even if you agreed with his neoliberal cheerleading for kleptocracy.

    You can say, “but the most important thing is displacing Trump”. If it was the most important thing, the Party would have found a better candidate, when the left walked. If not, well that would be clarifying at least.

    Not having delivered any substantive economic desiderata to any one but its Wall Street donors for 25 years, the Dems will be held to account by Hugh real soon now. LOL.

  14. Hugh

    Yes, because the left having no plan, not even making one up as they go, has worked so well up to now. It is like the left has been given a list of everything that would make it a credible political force, consistently does the opposite on every item, and is shocked, shocked that no one takes it seriously.

  15. Trinity

    Excellent, Ian! And excellent, friend Sterling.

    Our message to Democrats should be: You deliver or we are gone.

    The problem with this is that they want us gone.

    Or at least, they think they do. They are incapable of extending that thought into what that would really be like. Instead they have constructed a reality where their lives would be so much better and their “jobs” would be so much easier if the problem people would just please go away. “Them”, the unwashed, need to go. They think: “I’m special, my friends are special, and we should never have to sit in traffic!”

    (The real problem is paying attention to anything they say or do, but I understand the appeal in discussing all this endlessly.)

    The best thing to do for the greater good (outside these virtual walls) is to ignore them. This is the one thing they cannot stand. There are different types of narcissists. The flamboyant ones without self respect do not describe the entire population of the hollow ones. They are crafty folk, but they all have the same need: attention, which conveniently refills their hollowness with the notion that they are special, likable, important. They are like alchemists, converting attention into self worth. They require constant refills of attention to survive because they are unable to generate this themselves. It’s not a surprise they flock to politics, acting, theater, performance of any kind, or amassing massive amounts of money. These days, there is very little difference between politicians and actors anyway. (Not all actors are narcissists, however. There are many you never hear about and only see in a movie.)

    The one thing they cannot stand is when someone ignores them, or worse, takes attention away from them, unless they can divert that attention back on themselves through association (an educated wife, a beautiful daughter, a dead child, a murdered black person’s family). They have no shame, just that one insatiable need. Note how cleverly they have inserted themselves into almost every aspect of our lives, demanding that we pay attention to them around the clock, 24/7/365.25.

    The only truly revolutionary act is to turn your back to them, ignore them. This is really the only way to get them to engage with you in a non-superficial manner (but this is not guaranteed). The reality is they need us, our attention, way more than we need them. (Name one thing they have done for your benefit that was truly meaningful or that didn’t already exist.)

    Easier said than done, I know. But think how much better you will feel with every step you take as you walk away from Omelas.

  16. Ten Bears

    I do enjoy a good solid Trump in the mornings.

  17. bruce wilder

    The Jimmy Dore challenge is getting some buzz. “A few on the left” is redundant, but some may have noticed Pelosi is 80.

  18. Plague Species

    Is Biden the lesser evil? I don’t know. I don’t think so. He’s a different kind of evil. He’s cold evil versus Trumpism’s hot evil. Cold evil can be much more pernicious because it is cleverly disguised and most people support it unwittingly because it is so well disguised.

    Politics is a Catch-22 as it’s currently configured and practiced in America. It’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You vote, no matter for who, you’re damned. You don’t vote, you’re damned. The Dems are cold evil and increasingly fascist Repubs are hot evil. Cold evil smiles as it murders you and it gets you to help in that endeavor because you see your murderer as a caring guardian. Hot evil snarls and spits and froths at the mouth as it murders you, and the murder is visceral and personal and full of rage and vitriol.

    Biden was on Colbert and he keeps repeating the mantra that America has not been America the past four years and he wants to get America back to being America — the “Beacon of Democracy” throughout the world.

    Biden wants America to be this (see video) again. Ironically, the same folks who inculcated the rise of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge are the same people who have inculcated the rise of McDonald Trump, a Pol Pot wannabe. I guess they feel strongly that it’s America’s turn for a genocidal civil war. What’s been good for the rest of the world for the past century at their hands, is now good for America too. Why? Because it’s fun, that’s why, and they;re bored and need evermore stimulating entertainment and HBO Max just doesn’t cut it. Fun for psychopaths, that is. Not so fun for the rest of us.

    Yes, I know, that was 60 years ago, but I offer it to underscore that nothing has fundamentally changed. This is what America, the “Beacon of Democracy”, is. This IS democracy — American style. F*ck you, Sadistic Suppine Joe. Don’t gloss over America’s anti-democratic past with your nonsensical, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, propagandistic, American-Exceptionalizing rhetoric.

  19. anon y'mouse

    there is no “lesser evil”. there is only Evil.

  20. nihil obstet

    bruce – 25 years? How time flies when you’re having fun! The Dems haven’t provided anything substantial to ordinary people in 45 years.

    We are blocked from organizing and working together by not having a way even to identify ourselves. As bruce notes, it’s the “so-called left”, which is used by various news media, politicians,
    analysts to refer to everybody from Nancy Pelosi to Obama to Noam Chomsky. So the left is always wrong and failing, because there are people (media, politicians . . .) who will attribute the weakness to “the left”.

    Trinity — they don’t want us gone. They want us silent and obedient and as scapegoats. The 2000 election was 20 years ago and the myth of how Nader voters threw the election to Bush is still flogged around any suggestion of rebellion against the DNC. They’ve supplemented it by attributing the 2016 and 2020 losses to Sanders and Jill Stein.

  21. Plague Species

    The “Left” in America is very much like the Mothman legend. It’s folklore used to scare the bejesus out of the naive brainwashed unwashed, meaning, there is no “Left” to speak of in America. Labeling various people as “Left” is tantamount to flogging phantoms. It’s utterly simple and transparent, but hell, it works because it doesn’t take much to fool the arrogantly and purposefully ignorant.

  22. Hugh

    I agree with nihil. Democrats can’t win elections without progressives. We’re the biggest part of their base. But they stopped listening to us back with Carter. They just say TINA and walk away from us, and they will until we can and do walk away from them. That is why telling them well in advance you deliver or we’re gone is so important. Then it isn’t a fluke or us throwing a last minute hissy. It is cause and effect. You didn’t represent us. You didn’t fight for us. So we didn’t vote for you. We have two years until the midterms and four until the next Presidential election. We need to start organizing and drawing our lines in the sand now. No more TINA. Win or lose, you leave your blood on the floor for us or we will run non-Democratic candidates who will. No surprises. Just business.

  23. js

    Are there many who believe Biden can be pushed left as opposed to just voting for Biden to I don’t know punish Trump for things like killing 300,000 of us. The kind of new crime and precedent they couldn’t abide just sitting there or even passively approving of, even though it is far from the only crime our leaders commit.

    But what about left *organizations* who talk about pushing Biden left? Yea I don’t know, if they aren’t co-opted nor infiltrated beyond repair, maybe it’s just they haven’t the foggiest idea what else to do as a left that has very little power in government. I mean the left, even if we debate how left even they are, doesn’t hold enough positions to do much of anything via legislating it themselves. There may be better things they could do, compared to the futile attempts to push Biden left and the somewhat better thought out attempts to elect Dems in Georgia and at least take the Senate, but noone seems to agree on what they are.

  24. Hugh

    js, a progressive vision is important but we have a few years to organize, if we start now. For now, how about don’t vote for any Democrat who opposes Medicare4All or won’t support the abolition of student debt?

  25. Dan

    The best analogy for this I’ve heard was, “It’s like paying for the car, driving it home, and *then* calling the dealership to try to haggle over the price and options.”

  26. Klv

    Why would anybody think anything would fundamentally change under Biden, e.g. compared to Obama? There is a saying, it it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Lots of democrats/progressives thought during Obama years (2nd term) that things are basically fine. If things are basically fine, why change anything? Biden is Obama 2.0.

    Did you not notice how Democratic establishment + Wall Street hotshots lined up behind Biden. Mike Bloomberg got into the race when it looked like Sanders was gonna win. The establishment lined up behind Biden, because my god, cannot let that nogood Sanders win. When Biden pulled it off, Bloomberg gracefully withdrew because job well done.

    Liberal bourgeoisie class, which is the driving force in Democratic party, does not want, stand for or push for substantive change. Lots of lip service, sure. Real change, no.

  27. Hugh

    Which is why, Klv, we need to be very clear with Democrats now. They can’t win without our votes and they aren’t getting them unless they fight and leave their blood on the floor for our proposals. We need this clear before the next election cycle. Otherwise they will just TINA us again.

    They mount a coup against our candidates like they did with Sanders, we’re gone. We need to establish clear, ironclad lines with the Democrats now because if we wait they will flimflam us like crazy if they see the least weakness or vagueness in our position.

  28. Trinity

    I say that 300,000+ already dead, lack of affordable healthcare, lack of employment, and unmitigated climate change says they want most of us dead.

    Hugh, it’s heads they win, tails we lose. All you did was describe how Trump won. They own the media, the tech companies, most of the assets. You will never win on any battlefield, because they own and control them all.

    The only thing to do is make them irrelevant to our lives. They assume they don’t need us except on that individual day, occurring every two years, when they need to re-establish their “legitimacy” and keep the pretend reality going, and so they can talk about “democracy”.

    There is a case for acting at the state and local level, because they genuinely need us for revenue. Yet any attempt to translate “good for the people” to the federal level will result in either turning them to the dark side with bundles of money and the promise of more, or keeping them out entirely.

    History shows that this same situation repeats over and over, for most places and for most times, because it’s rooted in human nature (psychopathy). No one is going to swoop in and save the day, and never has. They never learn because they don’t want to learn, and because they don’t care about the future any more than they care about us. There is a brief spell of sanity following the inevitable crash, because their children are soft and weak and stupid, and then the whole cycle begins again.

    There is freedom in accepting this, and to my mind, acceptance is the first step to solving it, too. Otherwise, you are just doing their work for them by remaining distracted with games in which they hold all the cards.

    I’ve mentioned in these pages how many of the indigenous cultures DID solve this, which is how we know that it can be solved. The hints suggest it may require a more fluid morality to protect the greater good (and the future) from psychopathy, but history (and the present) has shown that morality has always been fluid.

    We think of the indigenous as the ultimate unwashed (wonder why?) but some were more democratic than we ever were. They lived “free” as actual human beings, not the fake constructions we deal with daily. They had a built in social support system, more free time, and opportunities to develop their interests and contribute to their social group in a meaningful way. We are the opposite of free, except for a few. TPTB regularly share their plans for us, which vary but basically involve turning everyone into slaves of some kind.

    The reality is that we are well on the way to being slaves, as both our choices and ability to escape or effect any change in course continue to narrow. Our minds are bombarded with images and messages about what the “good life” looks like that more and more will never attain, and was never really a good life but is just chasing after more and better possessions that also enslave us. Many of us are now chasing security of life itself, so yes, they want us dead.

  29. different clue

    I remember back during the primary season of 2012. I didn’t like Obama. I felt Obama had no useful purpose to serve from my vantage point. But the only way I could vote against Obama was if the Republicans ran a non-hideous non-gargoyle for President. So I invaded the Republican primary in my state and voted for Romney. Because Romney was the least-hideous least-gargoyle Rep-Nom wannabe that the Reps had running. And I figured I could at least endure a Romney Presidency.

    In election 2012 itself, I voted for Rocky Anderson, ” The Other White Mormon”. Ostoolsample won. But at least Ostoolsample won without my vote.

    So here’s an idea. Given the fact that many self-declared progressives voted for Biden this election because Trump was so scary dangerous, what if those progressives were to invade the Republican party primaries in their states and all vote for the RepNom wannabe candidate they were least scared of? The one they could at least bear to live with as President? That way, if they could get that one actually nominated on the Republican side, they could then vote aGAINST Joemala-or-whomever next time, because they wouldn’t be scared of President Hideous Gargoyle.

    After all, the Republican Party is one place where elective politics still happens. Did anyone notice how the Republicans did NOT rig their primary and decided to do the fair and live with the candidate who actually won? Whereas the Democrats have effectively exterminated elective politics from their rigged and wired and engineered primaries? And will exclude a “progressive” candidate next time just like the last two times?

    So next primary season, I think I will invade the Republican primary and vote for the one I could tolerate if necessary as President. That will free me to vote against whatever PKKK Catfood Democrat runs as a “Democrat” next General Election.

  30. Hugh

    The Republicans had real primaries in 2016, but not in 2020. The last time the Democrats had real primaries was probably in 2008.

  31. different clue


    What was not real about the Repub primary 2020? They left it unrigged enough that a total non-member of their club got nominated by primaries and they accepted it. So how was it not real?

  32. different clue

    Unless of course you are counting the whole PKKK Democrat and Big Media interference to try getting Trump nominated through their outside interference as per the Pied Piper Strategy as being
    “rigging”. If that is what you are referring to, I wouldn’t call that “rigging”. I would call it “outside interfering”.

  33. Hugh

    From the wiki on the “2020 Republican Party presidential primaries”,

    “In February 2019, the Republican National Committee voted to provide undivided support to Trump.[5][6] Several states canceled their primaries and caucuses.[7] Other states were encouraged to use “winner-takes-all” or “winner-takes-most” systems to award delegates instead of using proportional allocation.”

  34. different clue


    I didn’t know that. That’s certainly biasing, at the very least. It is at least more straight-forward and less betrayal-based than what the Democrats did. Is that better? I don’t know.

    It also looks like the Dems and Reps had opposite opinions as to Trump’s electability. The Dems tried selecting Trump thinking he was the Reps’s losingest candidate. The Reps tried selected Trump because they thought he was their winningest candidate , I suppose.

    Anyway, we have a 4 year intermission before the Trumpism Show comes to the White House again. I suspect the Dems will create a strong enough vacuum to suck the Trumpist candidate into office by a bigger margin next time than last time. So perhaps non-Trumpists should spend part of their time and energy over the next 4 years preparing to survivalize through a return of Trumpism. Every non-Trumpist voter who can . . . . should turn their home into a survivalist doomstead to the best of their ability. And then do politics and whatever else with the other part of their time and energy.

  35. Klv

    > Anyway, we have a 4 year intermission before the Trumpism Show comes to the White House again.

    Trump is most likely gone, but Trumpism is very much here to stay. The causes that brought us Trump are very much alive.

    For a real progressive, Bidens victory is really a Pyrrhic victory. Victory of appearance over substance. This virtually guarantees that Republicans will take the House in 2022. You can say goodbye to any progressive agenda. Republicans will chair House committees and you can look forward to endless investigations of Biden (Harris) administration. But after 4-years of Russian collusion hysteria, it is a refreshing change.

    People really are stupid. As in unable to see beyond the appearances. Trump is just a world-class used-car salesman – full of BS with very little substance. Substantive things that he did (e.g. tax cut of 2017, appointing conservative judges, etc.) are very much what any conservative/Republican president would do (quiz question – if Trump was removed from office after impeachment, how would president Pence would have been better than Trump). Things that got Democrats all worked up are just superficial BS. Like – “muslim ban” (it did not cover the 3 largest muslim countries (Indonesia, India, Pakistan)), border wall (total joke – Trump put up like 3 miles of hastily arranged concrete blocks + 3 more miles of barbed wire, and Mexico most certainly did not pay for it), cages for undocumented immigrants in detention (this was policy started under Obama, Trump just continued it), disputes with (NATO) allies (they are bunch of freeloaders, talking about Russian threat, but spending so little on defense, proving that this “Russian threat” is just BS, they don’t believe it; what Trump really wanted was them to spend more money of US defense stuff, i.e. more money for Lockheed-Martin, et al.), etc., etc.

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