I am raising funds for 2020. The more funds I raise, the more I write.


The specific goals for this year are:

A Political and Economic Concept Web Series

This will be a collection of articles, all online, linked and available from top menu bar. The goal is to explain various concepts so that readers can use them to analyze the state of the world, their countries and regions.

The series will likely start with “Human Nature” move “Why People Do Things” and then head to “When “Class Matters” and on to “Constituency Theory.” The goal of these four concepts is to explain what groups rule, why and what ideas they bring into the world: what do they do? Why?

Why people do what they do is the big question, and you can’t understand the world if you can’t account for their actions. Actions follow beliefs and interests (of which class is only one, and often not determinative.

Unlike blog posts, each article will be written with a mind to the other articles and with a larger cohesive goal in end. General principles within each concept will be explained, and examples given, so that ideally you can do your own analysis at the end.

The tiers are as follows:

$5000: five articles on who rules, why, and what they do.

$8,000: Three more articles, this set most likely on the conditions that create golden Ages, including one on how to create an ecological Golden Age (what we need next.)

$11,000: two more articles, these on the conditions that create good and bad societies to live in; an introduction and conclusion and some commentary and connecting text as seems necessary.

Subscriptions will count triple compared to donations.