Royal Canadian Regiment In Afghanistan

Royal Canadian Regiment In Afghanistan

Canadian Lieutenant General Leslie Andrew Leslie recently noted that after Canada’s deployment in Afghanistan ends in 2011, Canada’s military may need a year to recover.  The reason, as Ellen points out, is because Canada has been suffering 4 times the casualty rate of American troops in Afghanistan, because Canada’s in one of the most dangerous provinces.

Of course, Fox panelist Benson then mocked Canadians:

“I didn’t even know that they were in the war,” Benson said, adding he thought Canada was where someone went to avoid fighting.

No, Fox and the Republican party is where people go who avoid fighting.  None of the panelists on the show appear to have ever served in the military.

Then Fox pundits made the suggestion that Canada leaches on the US for security:

“Would Canada be able to get away with this if they didn’t share a border with the most powerful country in the universe?”

Here’s a fact for Fox.  There is only one country in the world which threatens Canada’s security in any meaningful way.  Only one country in the world which might be able to successfully invade Canada: that’s the US.

Canada doesn’t need the US to save it from anyone but the US.  Sort of like protection money: “Such a nice country you have there.  Be a shame if anything any happened to it.”

Which is more or less what one panelist meant when he said:

“Isn’t this the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country?” Gutfeld asked panelist Doug Benson.