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Bernie’s Road Forward

As we all know now, Obama’s intervention for Biden worked, and Biden won more delegates on Super Tuesday than Bernie.

Biden has 397 delegates.

Bernie has 356 delegates.

Bernie Sanders

This isn’t a large lead, though it is exacerbated by the existence of super-delegates. Nonetheless, in a 1:1 first round race, Sanders could easily win before the second round.

The states to come include many that are very strong for Sanders, including the Rust-Belt states. Of course there will be voter suppression, as there was yesterday, mostly by closing polling places where poor and non-white people live, but it was always the case that Bernie would have to win against an unfair opposition.

The race is far from over, and while shock over the loss is understandable, there’s still plenty of road ahead. The other candidates dropping out makes it a clear two-way race. (Warren should drop out, I have no idea what her logic is for staying in.)

Note that Biden is clearly suffering from dementia. There is still another debate, and it will not be scattered over multiple candidates: Biden and Bernie will be highlighted. Bernie is coherent, Biden is senile. Likewise, Biden will continue to display his senility as he campaigns.

So, Super Tuesday isn’t what those of us who support Sanders wanted, but it’s no death knell. Back on your feet: This was one battle, not the war.

Edit: folks. Bernie’s best states are still to come. Don’t turn a minor loss (look at the numbers) into a rout because of morale issues.

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Super Tuesday


Elizabeth Warren’s “What Am I Moment”



    I respectfully disagree. It’s over. I’m not a betting man but I’d bet the house on it. Bernie has too many forces aligned against him. Another generation’s aspirations are squashed once again. The only thing that will change the equation is blood in the streets and I just don’t see that happening. Instead, I see dead bodies in the streets. People dropping like flies from destitution and pandemics and gun violence. All minty & frosty, jus’ like Massa Biden likes it.


    We have to admit that voters are stupid. They’re idiots who are easily mislead. They’re miseducated and misinformed. They’re easily manipulated & duped. This is not democracy. It’s a bad joke.

  3. anon

    Thanks for very much needed encouragement. I know there is still some hope left, but the odds are stacked against Bernie.

    I saw a poll where Biden is ahead of Bernie by seven points in Michigan. Not good. Even if Bernie and Biden go to the convention with an almost equal amount of delegates, by then, the media and DNC will be screaming for Bernie to drop out. I feel so very bad for the year ahead for Bernie. The DNC will be working him hard – and he will do it – to campaign for Biden. He did the same for Hillary and look at how she repaid him.

    I am tired of older people of color still in admiration of Obama to the point where they would vote for a senile man with dementia. People are too enamored with symbolism over what really matters. At least young people of color, whether they be Asian, Black, or Latino, vote overwhelmingly for Bernie.

    I don’t know what Warren’s game plan is either. She has horrible instincts and she’s just an oddball in general. Some people are saying she’s a Trojan Horse, working with the DNC to stonewall Bernie. She may have just been foolish enough to think that the DNC would help her out in exchange for VP or a cabinet position. I saw last night that the super PAC backing Warren confirmed it will not be spending on any of the contests taking place on March 10th. Seems like she’s been had. If she wanted to run, it should have been in 2016, not this year. Sorry that so many Democrats have turned on Bernie. I could never be a politician because I would be feeling horrible right now if I were him.


    And the winner is? That’s right, Jim Jones. The eyes say it all, don’t they? They’re a dead giveaway. They’re the same eyes Putin donned when he was with Trump in Helsinki. Southern blacks have no idea what this pic represents. That’s a miseducated, misinformed voter. A 1/4 of a voter. The irony considering the Founders considered the slaves three fifths of a person and even that was a concession borne of a compromise, so they ever-so-reluctantly conceded that compromise.

  5. Ed

    A Sanders presidency and a Biden presidency are both small potatoes if McConnell is still Senate Majority Leader. Either nothing will get done or we move further and further into an Imperial Presidency instead of a democracy.

    So where is the movement building on the left at the lower levels? Where is the ground swell that can capture and keep Congress so Bernie’s plans can actually get implemented?

    I haven’t seen it locally. I’ve heard rumor that AOC is working on promoting left leaning candidates but I don’t know any facts.

    The religious right started with school boards in the 80’s. The Tea Party movement went for Congressional seats. All I hear or see from the Left is publicity stunts and whining about how they got cheated at the Presidential level. Well, you will get cheated until you control enough of the local party organizations so they can’t.

    So what’s the Left doing at the lower levels? Anything?

  6. someofparts

    Thanks for this post. I don’t have the stomach to check the legacy press on this. (It feels like I may never have the stomach to look at them again for any reason.) So I was in the dark about how bad it was because nobody I trusted was talking yet.

    This is our American long march. Even if Bernie won, the organizing was going to continue. In fact, it has been going on since Hillary lost to Trump. This is not an organization that only comes together for a political campaign and then scatters. This is intentional movement building.

  7. Mel

    We see a kind of consumer approach to politics here. If consumers don’t like what’s in the package, tjey don’t buy it, and that’s the only choice they get; they have about zero control over what’s in the package. It’s taken for granted that voters also have no control over what’s in the package.
    It’s unfortunate that recent history suggests that it’s a reasonable assumption to make. Double unfortunate that the Democrat Party looks dead set on making it absolutely obvious.

  8. Buzzard

    I’m going to let the primary process play out, but if Biden is the nominee (as seems likely), I will quit my position in the county Dem party. I’ve held my nose for far too many “centrist moderate” doormats as it is. Don’t have the stomach to join the Biden Death March.

  9. Z

    It’s not over. It’s not close to over. It’s a set back, that’s all.

    Biden’s strongest region was the south and Bernie’s campaign was broadsided by the organized operation to pump up Biden. They didn’t expect him to get that juice going into Super Tuesday, and note that it was done right on the eve of Super Tuesday before they could realign their strategy and Biden could get a full dose of scrutiny going into the Super Tuesday states.

    I found the results in Massachusetts, Minnesota, and TX disappointing for sure. In MA, the progressive vote was divided up between Warren and Bernie. In Minnesota, Amy K’s operation pushed hard for Biden and she has a lot of juice in her home state apparently. In TX, I don’t know what to say except that it is a state that is fairly conservative, almost always goes to the republicans, so maybe the dems there are conservative as well.

    Ian is right: Biden is a walking time bomb. He’ll get more scrutiny now and the Sanders campaign can concentrate their efforts towards exposing his piss poor record in the Rust Belt and how much he has been an enemy of the working class. He’s likely to get a more sympathetic ear to that there than in the South, where people seem to be more anchored into their political beliefs, and hesitant to reevaluate them.

    I’ve had so many theories about what the DNC was up to that I was bound to be right on one of them and I was probably right on the very first one: the plan was to ride Biden through the south and soak up delegates to deny Bernie them because no one else in the dem field could do it. They’ll eventually have to dish Biden though because he won’t hold up in a presidential campaign, but apparently the powers that be at this point are committed to running him all the way to the Convention. A man sliding into senility at a pretty brisk pace! There’s danger in that. He’s going to get exposed.

    It’s not over. We got to learn to love to fight, to fight for what we believe in, to know that we are on the right side morally and logically and keep pushing for what we value. If we don’t hate the enemy and all the evil and injustice that they’ve wrought and aren’t incensed about it enough that we’re just going to give up in the face of adversity, then we’ll never get anywhere and none of it ever meant enough to us and our love of justice was in fact just an inch deep, a hobby that we got frustrated with and quit.

    Retrench and fight. It’s not over. Fight for the fun of it if nothing else.

    There’s so much left to play out. The delegate counts right now doesn’t reflect the full delegate count from Super Tuesday. It looks like Bernie has in the low 40%s in the delegate count overall. We have 2/3rds of the states left to go and Mikey $B and Lyin’ Liz may be departing soon clearing the field a bit and eliminating the noise and narrowing the focus to Bernie and Biden. Many of the remaining states are Rust Belt pro-labor states that Biden should be vulnerable in. Bernie probably only needs to win the high 50%s of the remaining delegates to win. Biden is a doddering fool at this point, stood up by the establishment. The DNC’s strategy carries a lot of event risk in regards to tottering Joe.

    Might we lose? Sure. But that ain’t an excuse for not fighting to win. If nothing else the more we push the more the DNC discredits itself for the future.

    Temporary disappointment? Justified. Quitting the fight? Not!

    We’ll keep to the fight.


  10. highrpm

    i’m with you 450: biden’s a real sicko. his crazy pop-offs to folks asking him questions on the campaign fronts. oblique references to books he read and movies he watched in his childhood. huh? credit the southern states for giving biden this absurd delegate push. bernie has coherence going for him. on the podium. in the debates. and in his campaign organization. under fire, biden will shot himself down. still, i wonder that the masses may still prefer voting for the dead instead of bernie.

  11. KT Chong

    Biden is senile.

    Bernie needs to pounce on him hard in the next debate, and short-circuit his brain on the debate stage.

    … Tulsi will be in the next debate as well.

  12. Greg T

    It’s close enough to be a race, and the Democratic establishment is scared straight over the prospect of a Sanders takeover of the party. They are fully aware of Biden’s shortcomings. They don’t care. Stopping Sanders was and is job number one. They would rather lose to Trump and maintain control of the party, ( and the privileges which control provides them ) than risk nominating Bernie and ceding that control.
    As for Elizabeth Warren, she’s obviously being incentivized to keep running. There is dark money keeping her campaign afloat despite her having no chance at a first ballot nomination. Her continued presence in the race harms Bernie, as we saw in Massachusetts & Maine last night. She was promised something, we just don’t know what.
    Power concedes nothing without a fight. Recent developments make this clear. It’s important to keep fighting. This is the most serious challenge the Democratic establishment has faced since 1968. And they are nervous.

  13. BobbyK

    “Even if Bernie and Biden go to the convention with an almost equal amount of delegates, by then, the media and DNC will be screaming for Bernie to drop out. “

    I believe the calls for Bernie to drop out will start MUCH sooner than the convention-like-this week probably. The last thing the democratic party cares about is democracy.


    These results are wacky, though. South Carolina had an unexpected huge turnout and that turnout wasn’t black voters because they can always be counted on to turn out to vote in the deep south. It was allegedly suburban white folks. I don’t believe it. Not in the deep south. No way. This has to be Trump supporters voting for Biden knowing Trump will trounce Biden in the general if the results are indeed valid and I’m not sure they are. This seems rigged to me. Hacked, even. If so, who did the rigging/hacking? The DNC? Russia? Israel? Same holds for Massachusetts. No way Biden wins Massachusetts ahead of Bernie and Warren. No way. This is really fishy. Minnesota, as well. Minnesota is a very progressive state. Paul Wellstone, anyone? This is not making any sense. The Russians would want Biden as the candidate to face Trump more than Bernie, so it would be in their interest to cheat him to the nomination knowing full-well Bernie’s supporters, me included, would never vote for Biden. The DNC could have knowledge of this and go along with it because they want Biden as the nominee anyway and for them, it’s anyone but Sanders even in the, and especially in the, general. This AIPAC Jewish publication telegraphed the strategy. It predicted a huge white suburban turnout in South Carolina. How could it have known? Perhaps it’s Israel gaming this for the very reasons I stated above. South Carolina wasn’t just Biden’s black firewall but it was also his suburban white firewall, or so we’re led to believe.

  15. Willy

    What would Trump do?

    To come from behind, get noticed and take command he invented nicknames and hammered the opponent relentlessly with it. Just like a playground bully. You’d think mature adults would be repulsed, but it worked. Of course this is the Republican party we’re talking about. But a fair number of blue collars fell for it.

    Senile Joe. Or The Billionaires Bitch. Might not work for integrity guys… or maybe it would. I’ve never seen it done personally by one of the good guys. A more subtle version of the same maybe? What did Teddy do?

  16. Mallam

    Bernie Sanders is running a new ad talking up his relationship with Barack Obama and how he worked with the president to get things done. Wow, guess Bernie is an Establishment Shill, too!

    In actuality, it’s good that he’s running that ad. He should have done it sooner rather than listening to people who think like commenters on this blog.


    I suspect Jeffrey Adam Zucker, amongst other influential kingmakers, had his hand in this charade starting in South Carolina. He’s also an AIPAC Jew and like Vanity Fair, both media venues are in a position to manipulate public opinion. Israeli operatives rig the South Carolina primary in favor of Biden and then CNN uses it as the basis for pumping up Biden with free advertising in order to justify the massive Super Tuesday cheating. Israel wins with either Trump or Biden, but it loses with Bernie and for Israel, this sh*t is existential to them so they will quite literally do ANYTHING to survive and if that includes massively meddling in America’s elections to include hacking the vote, that’s what will be done.


    In actuality, it’s good that he’s running that ad. He should have done it sooner rather than listening to people who think like commenters on this blog.

    Ads don’t work. Just ask Bloomberg. Plus, Obama isn’t endorsing Bernie and has nothing positive to say about Bernie. Who is Bernie supposed to be appealing to with these ads? Those who are already predisposed to Biden who Obama has effectively endorsed? It’s a desperate act of someone who is losing. It tells me Bernie is scared sh*tless he’s going to lose so he adopts the strategy of the guy being cheated by the DNC to the top of the heap.

    Remember, folks, there is no tomorrow. It’s this election or no election ever again. The planet can’t wait another 25 years until the boomers kick off entirely.

  19. LorenzoStDuBois

    Warren’s motives are obvious, and her staying in has been highly effective.

    But yes. I’ve had decades of living in a politics where I feel I can’t win. After these last few years, I will never go back to that.

    I recommend phonebanking – it’s actually fun and exciting, and you get to rack up points like a game or something!

  20. Willy

    But there’s the American part of the equation. I don’t remember us being this collectively stupid. Has it always been this way?

    In a better America you’d think maybe we’d have creative idea progressives on one side, and staid fiscal conservatives on the other, and they’d honestly debate potential solutions to problems which the little people couldn’t solve themselves. Like in a good marriage I suppose. And the little people would be clapping for the most rational family solutions.

    But for some reason this just isn’t the way it is.

    I think of the time when the boss was going around giving out layoff notices. When he came over to our end of the building we were all huddled-terrified in the corner with the stronger ones pushing the weaker ones forward. I think modern Americans are more like that.

    Maybe people think that with a senile boss their chances of survival will be better. Or maybe it’s a “fool me once, and you can always fool me again and again” kind of thing. Maybe campaigners need to keep the truth very very simple and just keep repeating it. Obama is the slick black con artist and Trump is the oily orange one, but otherwise both are con artists. This might work better than honestly debating complexity.

  21. anon

    Bloomberg dropped out and endorsed Biden. His main reason for running was to ensure a Bernie loss, and now that Biden is in the lead, he thinks his job is done.

    America is a country of conservatives and people who are too ignorant and brainwashed by the elite to vote for real change. I am reading Democrats on NYTimes already screaming for Warren and Bernie to get out of the race, for Warren to endorse Biden, and for her to be his VP as an olive branch to progressives. Bernie will be vilified even more from here on out from both the Democratic establishment and on the ground Democrats who only care about defeating Trump rather than transforming the Democratic Party that led us to Trump.

    Oh well. At least I have my good paying job because America will continue on this road and it will be very difficult to course correct onto a sensible path. There is no social safety net in this country that will protect us, so all we can do is make as much money as possible, oftentimes by any means necessary, to protect ourselves and our loved ones. I’ve been trying with my vote and my donations for years to make this country a better place to live in but it hasn’t been working.

  22. Z

    Lyin’ Liz is “reassessing” her campaign. Coming in 3rd place in your state is even too much for her fakeness to face down. Though there was a bright spot on the night, a tread of traction for her campaign: she did manage to beat Mikey $B in Massachusetts! Congrats, Liz! You placed in your own state.

    Then she came in 4th in the state she was born in, OK, and also in TX where she lived for quite some time and taught at UT.

    If Tweaky Liz decides to break her “pinky promises” to all those politically engaged five year old girls who have found such inspiration from watching their heroine repeatedly come in 3rd or 4th place, it’s a win for Bernie. At least he won’t have to deal with her sniping at him.

    Liz Warren launched her political career by opposing the bankruptcy bill that Biden basically authored and Lyin’ Liz never even took a shot at him once for it during the whole campaign season. She is just like her fellow law professor Obama: they recognize a good opportunity to go contraire to political opinion and distinguish themselves, but have no principled belief in the causes they champion.

    Bye bye, Lyin’ Liz. I hope you go. Through all your lies at least you shone the light on one truism: women are just as capable of being evil and deceitful as men.


  23. Z

    Collective stupidity is borne from mass individual selfishness that focuses solely on the short-term.



    All things considered, I suggest it’s not a road forward, but rather a gauntlet.

  25. Mallam

    Ads don’t work? What a bunch of hooey. Mike Bloomberg literally brute forced his way to 20-30% of the early vote in many states, and he did it entirely with ads. Had he not gotten up on that debate stage, it’s very possible Joe Biden has a terrible Super Tuesday as opposed to the good night that he had.

    However, where I will agree is that ads don’t beat free media, and Joe Biden got a ton of it by winning South Carolina. But even if we admit that “ads don’t work”, it also doesn’t work to tell older voters who have an attachment to the Democratic Party as an institution that they’re all corrupt. Bernie already had the youth vote. He needed regular older voters. Run your message tailored to that! I’ve been saying it for months. They want someone to beat Trump. Make them believe you can. Or just keep doing what you’re doing and act like it’s not your fault when you lose.


    It looks like Trump was correct about the stock market tanking. Bernie frightened Wall Street. The Plunge Protection Team was called in. It delivered Wall Street from Bernie’s pitchforks with a splendid Biden Super Tuesday performance that doesn’t add up but who cares if things add up anyway? Wall Street is happy happy today. There’s no COVID-19 to see here. Move along. People sick & dying from COVID-19 is good for business, Bernie is not. How could I have ever entertained the notion the stock market is based in reality?

  27. Z

    Been reading this morning that the coronavirus is looking like it is less catchy than the flu.

    Again, our best hope is that its viral load decreases significantly by being absorbed by humans and therefore decreases as it gets passed on.

    It very well may be that it ran through Huawei so rapidly because it got into their food supply. Quarantined, densely populated communities make a poor data set to estimate the transmission and danger of a virus I suspect. I don’t know how much of the alarm was due to that data though.

    Still definitely worth being cautious about and prepared for, but at least there’s some hope it’s not going to be as bad as it looked.

    It hasn’t rampaged through Africa and one would expect it to if it was super catchy and potent.


  28. Z

    Hey Mallam,

    I see that you’re feeling chippy and wise today. The market’s up, no coincidence between that and your uplifted mood, I’d imagine.


  29. Mallam

    Hey Z, got anything particularly anti-Semitic to spew this morning? Out of character to not mention Zionist control of the media in conjunction with your loss of electoral strategy. But hey, I wanted Bernie to win, maybe you just want phantom enemies to blame for your prejudices. Carry on with your usual “id have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for the Zio media control!”

  30. Anthony K Wikrent

    Ed asked “So where is the movement building on the left at the lower levels?” and points to the religious right starting with school boards and the Tea Party gunning for Congressional seats.

    My answer is: I have not seen it either. It is something I wrote about in 2013
    Building a New Populist Movement
    November 2013, World Futures 69(7-8)

    I helped found the Progressive Democrats of Orange County (PDOC) NC in 2017, with other people who were Bernie supporters, and disgusted by the Party leadership support for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Many of us were already involved on the local level, in the county Democratic Party, on various county boards and commissions. We have the support of most of the county commissioners, and probably about a third of the county Party activists. Unfortunately, I must report, PDOC has grown very little.

    We have reached out to the DSA, and attracted the involvement of a handful of their members, including one DSA member who joined our executive team. But, the general feeling expressed at the DSA meetings I attended is that, as I’ve been told, “the Democratic Party is where idealism goes to die.” I found a similar response by the people involved with the local chapter of Our Revolution, including a rebuke for emailing their officers the weekly wrap up. I have never heard any of them talk about replicating the success of the Tea Party in terms of involvement in local government. Sadly, ideological purity does seem to be the primary concern.

    Buzzard writes that “if Biden is the nominee (as seems likely), I will quit my position in the county Dem party.” I would strongly advise against this for now. The time may come when your resignation will have a useful impact, but I don’t think it will be before November.

    Why? Look at the world strategic situation going into the election.

    1. China’s economy has been shut down by the coronovirus, and the effects are just beginning to ripple through the world’s supply chains. If not managed competently, these ripples will push many national economies into recession. How much competent economic management is there is the world? Yeah, that’s what I think, too.

    2. The financial system could blow at any moment. The Fed has been pumping trillions of dollars into the system for a couple months, but the point is, nothing has fundamentally changed in the way the financial system operates since the GFC. Money and credit are still overwhelmingly allocated to projects of speculation, regulatory arbitrage, and economic-rent seeking, rather than projects that actually create new economic potential, and employs people at good wages.

    The left has yet to spell out an alternative other than an ill-defined “socialism.” The Green New Deal needs to be continually and repeatedly emphasized, especially as “an opportunity too big to miss.” The left needs to be thinking in terms of the Shock Doctrine – have policies ready to go when the crisis hits.

    3. The elites’ response to the fragility of the financial system is to avoid fundamental changes, but they are constrained by the rise of China over the US as an economic power. China produced one BILLION tons of steel in 2019:

    That is ten times more steel than USA ever produced. I wonder how many people understand the significance of this one statistic. The USA economy has been deindustrialized, and its working class destroyed. The rise of China as a new industrial power cannot be tolerated by USA elites. Listen carefully for the drumbeat of war with China.

    Greg T points out “the Democratic establishment is scared straight over the prospect of a Sanders takeover of the party…. This is the most serious challenge the Democratic establishment has faced since 1968.”

    And, “Power concedes nothing without a fight.” Which means this is time to redouble our efforts, not give up.

  31. Z

    I would love it if Liz leaves the race.

    The DNC would then have all their eggs in a basket that’s one misstep from scrambling.


  32. Will

    The Russians did it?
    AIPAC did it?
    The voters are stupid?

    Come on, we can do better than this.

    I’m with those of you who place the blame squarely on TPTB who see Sanders as a threat to their lifestyle. You can’t blame them. Exactly what are any of those parasites good for if they cannot filch a living off of a government service or entity?

    You think I’m kidding? Imagine some of these “elites” trying any of the following tasks:

    Running a crane to set high iron on a bridge.
    Welding a truck frame that’s been damaged.
    Taking down and rebuilding a faulty fuel injector.
    Setting up a concrete pour for a wall or footing.
    Reprogramming the shift points on a transmission during PT development.
    Roofing a house…. any material.
    Supervising an assembly line of any type.
    Sizing and installing an HVAC system.
    Etc, etc, etc, etc…… etc.

    Hell I could go on for days listing the vital tasks our nation needs that not one in a thousand of these gals/guys could accomplish. These people are completely worthless in a society that valued building and making things. Maybe that should be the snarky response we should make when one of these arrogant smelt (small and economically insignificant) sticks their heads up: Learn to make something.

    Ian told you why Bernie is being taken out. Absorb it and quit blaming the aliens for everything.



    Come on, we can do better than this.

    Obviously “we” can’t, otherwise “we” would have by now.

  34. Z

    If anything will make Liz break her pinky promises it might be this:

    Warren drew only around 1 in 10 female voters in Massachusetts, according to exit polls. That was significantly fewer than projected winner Biden, who led with around a third of women, and Sanders with 3 in 10.

    Around 1 in 5 white college-educated Massachusetts Democrats chose Warren for the nomination — less than the 3 in 10 who voted for Biden and 3 in 10 for Sanders.



    Exactly what are any of those parasites good for if they cannot filch a living off of a government service or entity?

    Huh? Government service or entity? Bernie calls for M4A. That means the end of private insurance companies as we knew them. That means the department that administrates Medicare currently would have to be increased substantially to make up for the administration currently performed by insurance companies. That means many more government employees or what you refer to as people who “filch a living off of a government service or entity.” If you’re a crane operator and you get cancer, without that filcher to process your medical expenses, you maybe die but in the least get stuck with the bill and go bankrupt and then your skill as a macho crane operator doesn’t mean jack sh*t as far as your existence and net worth are concerned and the two are increasingly the same thing these days. Meanwhile, the filching corporation you work for will fire your filching ass because, let’s face it, they consider you a filcher too.


    Warren drew only around 1 in 10 female voters in Massachusetts, according to exit polls. That was significantly fewer than projected winner Biden, who led with around a third of women,….

    In auditing, we called this a red flag. Something is not right in Denmark. Rotting fish.

  37. Will said: “Obviously “we” can’t, otherwise “we” would have by now….”

    No offense but you’re the one who has been going around for months now spouting “Trump is a tool of the elites!” Again, no offense but he’s a tool of and friend of ~some~ of the elites while he has completely stripped other elites of their power and completely reversed our national policy course in ways that directly harm them.

    Until you get that digested you are never going to understand who is taking out Bernie and why they are doing it. He’s splitting the “left” just like Trump did the former “right”. Either understand this and adapt or be completely taken off guard when Trump starts stealing minority working class voters en masse from the Democrats.


  38. Z

    Liz’s dilemma: how to keep your staff together when they’re all just a bunch of Clintonite opportunists who have no loyalty to any political cause concerning her because she’s got no principles and is all about herself as well. You know her staffers are chomping on the bit to jump ship and hop onto Biden’s bandwagon and position themselves for jobs in his prospective Administration.


  39. bruce wilder

    Who is now funding Elizabeth Warren’s campaign?

    (Why they are funding it does not seem a mystery to me, but the clueless may wish to ask.)

    Interesting if true that Warren’s SuperPAC is done, but telling about her depth of commitment that she ever had one. When Warren drops out is not Warren’s decision, apparently. That’s always good to know: when a candidate becomes a puppet.

    Talking Points Memo led this morning with a scornful recounting of Trump’s own Twitter narrative of the SuperTuesday Democratic primaries — Trump’s narrative continues to be more cleanly insightful about the amoral hostility of the Democratic establishment to Bernie than anything TPM publishes from its own writers, so maybe the whole article is a signal from some oppressed millennial writing for peanuts and voting for Bernie.


    Will, I said the CIA wants Trump as POTUS. I also said the oligarchs have no problem with Trump as POTUS because he is not a threat to their interests and in fact he has made them much wealthier with his generous tax cuts and deregulation. Trump is the perfect foil for the Democratic party. He’s their meal ticket. They play off of him. That’s why they are so hellbent to get him reelected.

  41. Dan

    I don’t think it’s over at all. Ian well laid out the positives for Bernie going forward.

    It’s clear the campaign has a major issue that needs to be addressed immediately: Younger people simply aren’t a reliable voting bloc. The campaign keeps emphasizing the fact that Bernie is dominating the younger vote. But he’s still not producing nearly enough raw turnout numbers to make a difference. It doesn’t matter if you dominate the young vote if not enough young people are voting to offset your deficiencies in other areas. It’s clear at this point that expanding the base by way of a mass appeal to younger people isn’t going to be nearly enough.

    There is a huge echo chamber effect among younger Bernie supporters. I wouldn’t be surprised if a decent number of the young folks at Bernie’s rallies don’t even vote themselves because they just assume, “Hey, we got this.” In fact, the attitude that phrase engenders is somewhat prevalent over on the Bernie volunteer platform. The moderators and most of the people volunteering – who are themselves predominantly younger – are constantly imploring everyone to work harder and not take anything for granted. Based on turnout thus far, it’s logical to conclude that that message is not getting through to enough people. Given what we know about that age group, this isn’t surprising. I wasn’t exactly old reliable myself at that age. This isn’t a criticism per se. It’s a fact of life.

    What can the campaign do to expand the base? It has entrenched itself in this idea of “us vs them” that simply doesn’t play well in solid blue middle class suburbia. Even if Bernie wins over some Midwest voters based on a reinvigorated Nafta-Iraq attack on Biden, it’s clear he still needs to hold at least some appeal to the dreaded suburban soccer Mom set. A positive endorsement from Liz Warren – one that includes some details on how Bernie’s platform is not a threat to this solid blue establishment group – would go a long way. But we won’t hold our breath for that. The campaign should lessen its divisiveness to this swath of the electorate, even though this group may in many respects epitomize everything the campaign is against.

    I see an easier road simply appealing to seniors across the board. They’re arguably the most reliable voting bloc and Biden has them locked up at this point. But Biden’s record on Social Security and Medicare goes against their interests and this is quite easily demonstrable. Bernie does talk often about his votes on Social Security and Medicare, but the message is packaged within the overall framework of his agenda. It gets lost in all the talk of a “multi-generational movement” and other stuff that most seniors aren’t interested in. Unless a senior was brought up as an activist or in a leftist environment, most of them not only don’t care about that stuff, they actively tune it out. Seniors by and large are concerned with their immediate material needs. The messaging on Social Security and Medicare must be pounded home as an issue unto itself, one that is vital to seniors, and one that only Bernie can be trusted with.

  42. bruce wilder

    @ Mel Re: “consumer approach to politics”

    In the consumer approach to politics as marketing, consumers do not know what is in the package — that’s kind of the point. Wrap it up in cellophane, slap a colorful logo on it, and tout how wonderful it will be, but never, ever let them know your tacos are made with pink slime in place of meat.

    Voters are not invited to investigate what is in the package, except in highly controlled and artificial “taste test” circumstances. Voters are encouraged to know very, very little about the “ingredients” or the methods of “processing” and to “judge” (so to speak) on the basis of brandnames, focus-grouped slogans and logos and color palettes, and little snippets of narrative wrapped up like time-release gelatin-covered hypnosis pills combined with lizard-brain emotional association (a picture of a sexually attractive person experiencing an orgasm on a sunny day in a park on “discovering” a new deodorant).

    The political media, which is paid for by carrying this very advertising and the political campaigns, which are operated by professionals who are paid primarily thru taking a percentage commission on media buys and placements supplemented by kickbacks, are all geared up around keeping this process cycle profitably continuing with no effective quality control by a neutral party. (In actual consumer marketing, an advertising-free Consumers Report magazine is severely marginalized; in politics, the game may be even rougher.)

    The resulting free-for-all claim and counter-claim serve to magnify the cognitive load on consumers, herding them into relying even more on brandname reputation. Consumers starved for reliable judgments of quality turn to pundits writing in a faux serious tone, putative “fact-checking”, political journalists doing theatre criticism and horse-race coverage. (The television networks delivering soap operas selling soap with sex are never going tell any truth that might interfere with their business model, even after the audience follows the pretty people, who have moved on to being influencers on Instagram.)

    The most prominent pundits are worse than the 30-second spots in terms of inducing brain-death by means of retailing this crap messaging. How many times did Maureen Dowd complain about Al Gore’s sartorial choices? How many times did Dowd repeat that story of Romney transporting the family dog on the roof of the car?

    What is Morning Joe for? Well, Morning Joe sells itself as being watched by Washington Insiders including Trump (‘natch), Chuck Schumer and other power players. CNN and Fox News are always on in most Congressional offices throughout the day. So, this “system” is a deep infection of politics, as policy design is subordinated to the demands of political marketing. People who prattle on piously about “polarization” and partisan bickering, but do not take account of this chaotic noise machine in their prescriptions for reform are deliberately missing the forest for the poison ivy.

    When Sanders talks about building a movement, I presume he’s talking about social and political organization to route around this degenerate system, to inform and motivate people to actually know and appreciate “quality”. It is a huge undertaking and I do not think it has gotten very far.

    That Biden won a bunch of states where he scarcely campaigned apparently on the basis of name recognition and two-day-old “momentum” is clear evidence that the Sanders campaign has not done the work it was set to do nearly five years ago. That the Sanders organization has not succeeded in overthrowing establishment control of the Party organization anywhere on the State or local level, nor promoted AOC or Tulsi candidates for Congress or State legislatures or the proverbial school boards (where, after all, the war for public education against billionaire-sponsored charter schooling is very much underway) is an indication that the Movement does not know what it needs to do or how to do it. (Here’s a hint: no phone banking please; get people to show up regularly in person somewhere and sit down and talk and learn in depth about actual issues [and not “issues” in the counterproductive left-identitarian sense].)

    I certainly do not want to be guilty of depressing morale, but I also think the triumphalism after Nevada was unrealistic and misplaced. Populism, historically, has usually won (even when it has won) by losing; things are arranged by the powers-that-be to make that the only path up irrational on a cost-benefit calculation. It may very well be that Sanders succeeds not by conquering the degenerate Democratic Party that would purport to make the demented Biden President, but rather by making that “business model” cum strategy very clearly non-viable.

    Morally, I do not think anyone can control the future, even though that is the putative aim of political campaigns and movements. (It is the great evil of politics that even well-intentioned leaders so often think they know what is the right course of action and choose to lie to get their way.) So, really, morally, what you intend as the end toward the accomplishment of which you apply means is less important that simply telling the truth. If telling the truth requires some pessimism, so be it.

  43. Z

    What may lead Liz to finally call it quits is the fear that she’ll be the only one left to pick up the coffee cups from her campaign’s headquarters when it’s all ends.



    That Biden won a bunch of states where he scarcely campaigned apparently on the basis of name recognition and two-day-old “momentum” is clear evidence that the Sanders campaign has not done the work it was set to do nearly five years ago.

    It could be what you say, but it could also be cheating. For Biden to win those states considering he spent no time in them and devoted no monetary resources to them is yet another red flag.

    MSNBC and CNN ran with the narrative Russia was trying to help Bernie get the nomination. Per that reasoning, are we to believe Russia said “oh my god, they caught us, I guess we should just back away now that we’re caught”? You’d be naive to believe that per their reasoning that Russia is meddling in the Dem primaries to help get Bernie the nomination. You continue to look for red flags. Red flags are popping up all over that indicate Biden’s sudden resurgence is a scam. It appears the Russians, and others no doubt, are rigging the Dem primaries in favor of Biden the Comeback Kid. You don’t eschew this notion, you run with it. Biden is a Russian Tool. The Russians want Biden versus Trump because they know Trump will trounce Biden. Trump will make mincemeat out of him. Russia will have a field day with Biden as the nominee. Think of all the dirt they’ve been holding back. In the least, Biden should hold a press conference and thank Vlad for his impressive Super Tuesday performance.

    Learn how to fight, people, or lose. It worked for MSNBC and CNN — painting Bernie as a Russian foil, so it will work for us too painting Biden as the perfect Russian foil to “face” Trump in the general.


    Really, Joe? Considering your unprecedented comeback, I’d say the Russians indeed are helping you get the nomination. No way a guy who is running for POTUS for the third time in his career and the previous two times never won a state in the Dem primaries, suddenly wins a shit ton of states after miserably losing the first three in the 2020 Dem primaries. It’s clear to me Joe that the Russians know you’re a senile quack who will be trounced by Trump.

  46. Preston

    I expect the DNC will keep Warren in as long as Bernie is a threat. She siphons votes from Bernie. She will be rewarded by the DNC.

    Remember, the other candidates have not dropped out. They have “suspended their campaigns.” Therefore, their convention delegates are still tied to them. If they drop out, the delegates are apportioned to remaining candidates, usually those who have gotten 15% in that state’s primary. DNC can’t let that happen.

    Finally, I fail to understand why all state primaries are treated equally when it comes to sending delegates to the convention. My point is this. When is the last time South Carolina’s electoral votes went to a Democrat? Georgia? Alabama? Arizona? FDR was the last Democrat to carry North Dakota.

    So why should states that have zero Democrats who have won a statewide race AND have not voted for a Dem for President in 4-5 election cycles have the same say as who will be the Dem nominee? It’s similar to a restaurant tailoring its menu toward the whims of people who never dine there.

    Today’s Presidential elections are won or lost by how candidates fare in a few swing states. I suggest it’s time to weight each state’s delegates at the convention based on if a Dem has won a statewide race in the last X years and how many Presidential elections it has been since the state went for a Dem Presidential candidate.

  47. Willy

    I agree with everything bruce said. But I’ll sum it up for the layperson.

    In Napoleon Dynamite 2, Pedro’s cousins gang takes over the school (like nobody saw that one coming). It sucks that even in public service, the guys with the best piñatas and gangster cousins wins.

    Sanders may have faltered in his get out the vote mission by not explaining more clearly and cleanly how all of his free policies would be paid for, in ways that wouldn’t tank the economy.

  48. Benjamin

    “don’t turn a minor loss (look at the numbers) into a rout”

    It was a rout. Sanders has lost all momentum (and his momentum in the first four states wasn’t particularly great to begin with). Snowballing wins is at least as important as the points value of the states.

    On top of that, his entire canvassing strategy imploded in Texas. He lost a state he had put months of work and millions of dollars into, one with demographics highly favorable to him, to a guy who put essentially no resources into the state.

    And yes, many voters are stupid. My thinking about banking on some sort of idealized trust of the voter has completely shifted in the last 24 hours.

    They aren’t stupid because they’re genetically defective; I’m not some racist 19th century English imperialist. Stupidity is an activity, not a state of being. And it’s not an all encompassing activity either. I’m sure most of these dumbass voters are perfectly intelligent and competent at any number of things. But they are politically retarded. Yes, our culture and media encourages political illiteracy, but at the end of the day the internet (and libraries) exist. Political illiteracy is a choice. We need to own up to this and stop excusing voters for acting like easily manipulated children.

    The black voters in South Carolina are particularly loathsome. The Dems cracked their whip via their BMC house negro of choice, and the voters fell in line. No amount of writing about context is going to make voting for the ludicrously racist Biden anything other than asinine.

    And yes, I’m aware that I’m sounding like a Clintonite after the loss to Trump. The difference though is that then it was a choice between two demonstrable evils. Here it’s a choice between someone who is genuinely good, and someone who is absurdly bad, both on policy and in terms of sheer PR optics.

    Hundreds of thousands of people, after months of concern trolling about how Sanders is too old and his health is suspect, have instead voted for a desiccated corpse who is only a year younger than Sanders, and who is very clearly losing his mind. That is stupidity, pure and simple.

  49. anon

    No surprise here: Dow jumps more than 800 points as Biden Super Tuesday victories boost health care stocks

    This should make most Americans think twice about a candidate who gives the health care sector confidence.

    Take a look at this quote in the article. Sickening:

    “Investors fear Bernie because he wants to cut off the head of capitalism by raising taxes significantly on the rich and using the funds to provide free everything to everybody else,” said Ed Yardeni, president and chief investment strategist at Yardeni Research, in a note. “Getting everything for free trumps freedom, according to Bernie. No wonder investors are reacting to him as though he is going to infect us all with the virus of socialism.”

    I just talked to a co-worker who doesn’t follow politics closely. He didn’t even know who won last night or that Bloomberg dropped out. However, the first thing he said when I told him that Biden swept most of the states last night was that Biden appears senile. It’s obvious to everyone whether they follow politics closely or not. The Democratic Party is a mess.

  50. Z

    Heard Bernie is calling a 2PM EST press conference.

    Some rumors he may be announcing Liz as his VP. I find those hard to believe, but if she completely dropped out and will allow her delegates to get reassigned (not sure how that all works), as crazy as it is, it might not be a bad move to have her hop aboard at this point. A desperate move no doubt and one that has doubtful efficacy though.


  51. Z

    Bring her aboard to have her pound Biden on his bankruptcy bill would make some sense, not that she’s shown any inclination to do so thus far.


  52. highrpm

    What may lead Liz to finally call it quits is the fear that she’ll be the only one left to pick up the coffee cups from her campaign’s headquarters when it’s all ends.

    are you kidding? she’ll leave the dead mess behind — not the backpackers’ “leave no trace” mantra — bills unpaid, doors unlocked, lights still on, toilets unflushed, papers and tissues all over the floor — all for unnamed anonymous others to clean up. selfish sociopath.

    messy tuesday showed anyone who cares, the dirty business that party politics is. and these putrid examples of flesh — bernie excepted — are running for POTUS? beyond comprehension. as well as the stupid voters who cast ballots for them.

    (i’ve got friends in the church pipe organ business, which has shriveled with the dying church populations — good!!! anyway, when called to assess removal of sold instruments of dead churches, multiple times a half-empty water glass is still standing on the lectern — who knows how many months or years? — somehow a monument to the congregation’s final service. walk out the door and lock it behind you. maybe.)

  53. Dan

    New Bernie ad running in Florida features Obama:

    I despise Obama more than almost any human being on earth. But this is a good idea. It’s necessary.

  54. anon

    I would be surprised if Warren sides with Bernie against the DNC. I welcome it but it would be a leap of courage on Warren’s part and is later than she should have done it to have made the greatest impact. I hope it happens though just to send the establishment Dems and MSM in a tailspin.

  55. Greg T

    Tony Wikrent above neatly laid out very serious short term risks to the world economy. Black Swan events like the Coronavirus will impact this race in ways not predictable. If Bernie’s people are smart, they will have a response to this mapped out and ready to go. This pandemic will worsen in the weeks ahead, and the ancillary effects will be severe enough to cause a grave financial and economic crisis, unless the Trump administration acts appropriately. I doubt anyone here expects Trump to respond appropriately. This could be an opportunity for Bernie and his movement to draw a sharp distinction from Joe Biden .

  56. bozo

    Where can Sanders recover? FL, GA, MS, LA are clearly for Biden. Sanders now lost in Oklahoma (he beat Clinton there in 2016). NC and VA results yesterday are not encouraging for the nearby states (KY, WV). Of course it’s not over till it’s over, I voted for Sanders yesterday and have donated to him, but I’m really devastated today.

  57. Z

    Bernie was pretty spirited in his press conference. Got a question about Warren, he said that he had talked to her a few hours ago and that she had to make her own decision on her campaign, but ignored a question as to whether or not he asked for her endorsement.

    Came pretty hard after Biden contrasting him to what Bernie has stood for. Got into trade agreements, the bankruptcy bill, the Wall Street bailout, the Iraq War, SS, and medicare-for-all.

    Says he believes that once everything is all added up from last night that he’ll basically be in a dead heat with Biden, maybe even a few votes ahead. That’s more optimistic than what I’ve read elsewhere.

    Didn’t even know that Mikey $B had left the race.

    Hit heavy upon how different his campaign is than other ones. How historical it is. The working class core of it. The media resistance, the Wall Street resistance, and the political establishment resistance to it. And admitted that they weren’t getting out the youth vote as much as they had hoped. Admitted he hadn’t done as well with the African-American community than he had hoped, but stressed that he had done well with people of color overall.

    Said he was heading to Michigan.


  58. Effem

    Unfortunately, it’s over. Bernie just isn’t willing to employ the (deplorable) tactics necessary to win at this level. His campaign ended when he failed to find a way to “convince” Warren to drop out. Backroom-deals to have the “moderate” candidates drop out was effective and well-timed…kill shot.

  59. Willy

    We’re being conditioned to believe that we’re born to consume, that we are what we consume, and that our entire way of life is based on our being good consumers.

    If you don’t have the means to be the status consumer you want to be, then you’ll just have to dog eat dog it especially if the jobs are too scarce and the re-education too expensive. It’s an incredibly selfish mindset leading to even worse of the same. And all of that downside for our descendants. Even if you go completely off grid, there are plenty of products available for you in that world for you to consume. Plus that’s hard work. And no Minecraft to play.

    So then Bernie comes along and throws some uncertainty into everyone’s life mission to consume. I assume everybody else should know what I know, or even more. Surely they’re aware of Joe Rogan or AOC or even Steve Bannon and all the impending mindless consumption problems on the way. But maybe they don’t care to know more about them because whenever they’ve tried to consume them it makes them not feel very good. So they go and play Minecraft instead. The remember that once, kids only had solitare to play, only 5 channels on their TV. And no smart phones. So they feel grateful.

    High integrity Bernie couldn’t penetrate bigtime consumer Texas as well as Crony Joe could despite all the difference in effort. Did he need to hire some (or better) corporate marketing experts? I’d sure hope that somebody might be able to better figure out why than I ever could.

  60. Z

    Biden is a viral meme waiting to happen.

    Let’s see how he handles the spotlight now that he’s feeling full of himself again. I think his staff has reigned him in a bit after some episodes during town halls in Iowa and New Hampshire. He’s harder to reign in when he’s feeling like the star of the show. They can’t physically restrain him.


  61. Z

    So good potential news: Bloomberg dropped below 15% in TX with 97% of the vote in and it’s also only Biden and Sanders breaking 15% in CA thus far.


  62. Dan

    He’s harder to reign in when he’s feeling like the star of the show. They can’t physically restrain him.

    Exactly. He’s a walking time bomb.

  63. Hugh

    What we saw in the last couple of days was the culmination of a rolling coup against Bernie Sanders. It may surprise you but I am fine with that. And if the Democrats beat Trump in November, I am fine with that too. But make no mistake: if you are an independent, a progressive, a Millennial, the Democratic party just told you that they don’t want you, that not only do they not care about your issues, they are actively hostile to them.

    Despite a media which has alternately ignored, denigrated, and dismissed Sanders, Sanders was winning and doing so by the DNC’s own rules. In response, the DNC started modifying those rules, as when it let Bloomberg into the debates. And when that was not enough, the party heavyweights intervened, threw the rule book out, and told the party who the nominee was going to be. I think they could have spared us all a lot of wasted time, effort, and money if they had simply announced their choice of nominee a year ago and dispensed entirely with this rube circus charade of a primary process.

    I have to admit I am of two minds. Part of me says, fight, knowing that those who control the Democratic party will not stop a Sanders’ victory no matter what the cost. They have already shown that they are willing to stand up a demented hack and contort and manipulate the process to ensure his selection, that they would rather lose with Biden than win with Sanders. But part of me wants Bernie to say, Look the Democrats have shown that they will not allow reform within the party. So I am taking my candidacy out of the party so that we can continue to build our movement of working people, Millennials, independents, minorities, and progressives, in short all those who want real change and better lives for themselves and their children.


    I’m convinced the results were rigged. You can’t win against cheaters if you’re not a cheater too. Polling in states to come is meaningless except that it proves there is cheating when you compare the results to the polling. The Gauntlet is a fitting metaphor.

  65. Hugh

    “will stop a Sanders’ victor” for “will not stop a Sanders’ victor”

  66. Z

    Tick tick tick …

    Yeah Dan, it’s going to be worth watching. I sure the hell wouldn’t feel too confident if I was the DNCers with all the cover from the other candidates now removed and their boy being isolated in the media spotlight as a potential Trump slayer and commander-in-chief. Ha ha ha! I assure you they don’t believe this is 100% locked up. Super Tuesday is a shallow breath of relief for them.

    Tommy Perez, The Head PR Man of the One Percent Obama, the scumbag Clintons, Mikey $B, and the rest of them mf’ers got some light sleeping ahead of them.


  67. different clue

    What is Warren’s reason for staying in and not dropping out? Three reasons I suspect.

    1: ) She must think highly of her intelligence and abilities to begin with to even try running at all.
    How could she be so selfish and lazy as to deprive the nation of her superior intelligence?
    Continuing to run is a sacrifice she makes for us all.

    2: ) She is offended to see that grubby little Brooklynese slum-child still in the race and doing so
    well. How dare he! Who does he think he is!? So spite and rage also propel her.

    3: ) She hopes to keep drawing enough voter support away from Sanders so as to keep his dele-
    gate numbers below that crucial 50% + 1 for the first ballot. She hopes to earn a rich
    political reward from the nominee in return for having made sure that the nominee is NOT
    Sanders. Never . Ever.

    And there it is. My three reason theory of why Warren is still in the race and will STAY in
    the race all the way to Milwaukee.

  68. different clue

    By the way, I am trying to introduce the meme-name ” Dead Vegetable Walking” for Senator Biden. If anyone likes it, feel free to use it.

  69. Z

    Some people are discouraged that Biden did so well in states he didn’t even campaign in. I’m encouraged by that because he is probably going to have to campaign in almost all of the rest of them.


  70. Z


    Hey Z, got anything particularly anti-Semitic to spew this morning?

    Yes, vote for Bernie Sanders.


  71. @someofparts @ian

    The youtube that someofparts linked to claims that polls indicated the worst case scenario for Bernie was winning 8 states, but instead he won only 4.

    Well, what do the exit polls say? Hopefully, they were not cancelled, like the CA exit poll in the 2016 race, when Bernie was threatening Hillary.

    ian: a diary on this topic would be appreciated; Also, what confidence do we have in whatever organization(s) is conducting said exit polls?

  72. different clue


    I have read over time that the “Exit Poll” concept has been abolished ever since fraud-design-engineered digital voting technology has been introduced at polling places. Since exit polls had been proven over time to be extremely accurate real-time forecasting tools of how elections came out, it was felt that exit polls would reveal the difference between how the population voted as against how the digifraudulent balloting machinery recorded and counted the vote.

    To avoid having the fraudulent nature of digital elections be clearly revealed in broad daylight, exit polls have been abolished.

    I mainly read about this over time at Naked Capitalism.

  73. KT Chong

    Sorry, Bernie can’t beat Trump:

    1. Bernie will need the young vote which, as seen, has not happened in Iowa, not in New Hampshire, not in South Carolina, and not on Super Tuesday. That is a trend.

    Sorry, a pattern has emerged Bernie has NOT and will NOT increased youth turnout, regardless of what he say and claim about how we will need a historical turnout of first-time and young voters to defeat Trump, and how he can accomplish that. It will not happen, not for him.

    2. A a lot of Americans aren’t ready for him or “socialism”. That is the way it is.

    3. Bernie has been campaigning like crazy, and all that works did not increased youth turnout. Biden increased black turnout in places he did not or barely campaigned in.

    Sorry, that tells you Bernie will not beat Trump.

  74. @Anthony K Wikrent @ian

    Wikrent writes,
    “Ed asked “So where is the movement building on the left at the lower levels?” and points to the religious right starting with school boards and the Tea Party gunning for Congressional seats.
    My answer is: I have not seen it either. ”

    There have been organized reformist organizations, of recent vintage, which have been looking to get movement candidates elected. I have not kept up with their progress (which doubtless would involve attempts by mainline Democratic operatives to coopt them). The Justice Democrats, to name one group, did manage to get some of their candidates elected. I assume they have been diligently at work to expand (unless they were co-opted), motivated in part by horror of Trump.

    Perhaps one of you would be good enough to research this, and write a diary on the subject

    N.B. I know of no “movement building” amongst conservatives, except, I suppose, for TPUSA. This is led by a fraud, named Charlie Kirk, who I see increasingly pop up on Fox. Kirk has spouted pure neo-conservative blather, speaking of America as not as a place, holding a people with a shared (if also diverse) history, but rather as a set of ideas. He is also obviously a shill for Israel, and also is extremely immigration friendly, which will spell the eventual death-knell of the Republican Party as capable of holding a candle to the Democratic Party, given the way that immigrants vote. As Anne Coulter has pointed out, once Texas goes the way of CA – i.e., turns solidly blue – there will never be another Republican President.

    When the Democratic Party becomes an electoral juggernaut (say in 20 years), I hope they run the country better than they run California. I have my doubts about that, to say the least.

  75. @differentclue

    Well, I searched for the string “exit poll” in this post + comments before posting. Z quotes CNN

    “Warren drew only around 1 in 10 female voters in Massachusetts, according to exit polls. ”

    So, the exit polls appear not to be completely dead. I say “appear” because, well, who the hell is doing the polling, and how much can we trust them? If CNN is running exit polls, e.g., I can’t take them seriously.

  76. Z

    The more Biden thinks it’s him and not the script, the more confident he’ll be to stray from it.


  77. Chiron

    Warren is a former Republican and Zionist, she talks about Israel like she is a judean nationalists, the whole Israel lobby is there to throw Bernie off the race. The Dems will re-elect Trump before losing their donations money.

  78. Z


    Exactly, you know the deal.

    What is AIPAC? American Israel Public Affairs Committee. One of the most powerful lobbying groups in the U.S. that specializes in “promoting” the U.S.’s relationship with Israel. It’s well-known their sway in our government … they even brag about the legislation they’ve gotten passed through Congress that benefits Israel … and it’s plain to see that almost damn U.S. politician jumps to their beat, but yet its defenders call people anti-semetics by pointing it out. Of course, it is only a tactic to keep people from openly discussing it.

    Rahm Emanuel wired the Jewish mafia into the democratic party and they have a controlling interest in their party. A lot of their power comes through Wall Street ties.


  79. different clue

    I might also try for Biden the name ” Dead Cabbage Walking” because it is easier to say and it sounds more punchy and bouncy and poetic. People can give it a try to see how it feels, if they like.

    If DemCon 2000 nominates Senator Dead Cabbage Walking for President, I think they will nominate Hillary Clinton for Running Mate. She can run as being ” the brains behind the empty skull”. The Biden-Clinton ticket will be sure to sweep California and New York. And maybe some of New York City’s little bedroom-community states too.

  80. Z

    This blitzkreig of endorsements for Biden right before Super Tuesday has been set up for weeks probably along with the Russia rumors that have absolutely no proof behind them.

    I remember Meeks from NY on MSDNC saying about a month back that a democrat should be the nominee and that “we were going to see what happens” about the Sanders movement or something along those lines. I remember feeling uneasy with how confident he was about the whole thing. He’s the type that would be in the know.


  81. Z

    Who: DNC Stakeholders
    What: Political Strategy Meeting
    When: 3/5/20 from 9AM to noon
    Where: DNC Headquarters in The Clinton Room
    Subject: How do we hide Joe?


  82. bruce wilder

    450.0rg: It could be what you say, but it could also be cheating. I’m convinced the results were rigged.

    I am convinced, too. Where I voted in Los Angeles, they have a fancy touchscreen ballot-marking (really it prints the whole ballot) system that seems like nothing so much as a stage magician’s sleight-of-hand to convince the voter that their vote is being securely counted, when, in fact, it is designed to facilitate vote-rigging and prevent audits to detect the vote-rigging.

    I do not understand why the Sanders campaign over five years in the making never thought to challenge the establishment Democratic Party’s efforts to adopt this technology.

    And, then there’s good old-fashioned voter suppression, as when polling places are moved regularly or understaffed and underequipped, resulting in would-be voters giving up or forming initimidatingly long lines. I saw pictures of absurdly long lines at the University of Texas. (Don’t know that was the fault of Democratic Austin or Republican Texas, but given the resources devoted to Texas by the Sanders campaign, it seems like a basic failure to focus where focus was needed.

    I really do not get the lack of effective outrage on two-party effort to suppress the vote and/or manipulate the count. This is the kind of thing that ought to result in riots. Really.

  83. Hugh

    Bloomberg probably left the race not so much because his poor debate performances led to his weak showing on Super Tuesday but because he recognized the Obama-orchestrated power play against Sanders worked and the US is again safe for billionaires.

  84. Z

    One data point that supports any anti-Sanders vote rigging theories: the one state that Sanders greatly exceeded expectations was NV, the one the DNC was the least equipped to control because YR Pete’s software tossed a rod back in Iowa and was unusable.

    NV was a caucus state though so it wasn’t a straight vote.


  85. Z

    China (though I have no idea what the weather in Huawei was at the time), SF, Seattle, ocean cruises … it seems like all the places the coronavirus spreads have a lot of moisture in the air.

    The viral load to break through the ordinary immune system hopefully requires you to either ingest it and or for there to be moist air conditions for breathing.


  86. Besides exit polls, I have been wondering about what deliberate movement building the Bernie organization(s) have engaged in…..

    Also, for people interested in reforming and improving the political process, you could do worse than network with Benjamin Yee, especially if you vote for Democrats:

    Unfortunately,, which Yee birthed into being, seems to be a dead project. Apparently, it’s described in this forbes article:

    However, Yee is active on other fronts.

  87. Hugh

    Z, Huawei is a Chinese communications company. Wuhan is the city in China where the coronavirus outbreak occurred.

    With community transmission, the horse is out of the barn and it is way too late to bar the door. The virus is already out in the general population. Nobody knows where it is, how long it’s been there, and where it can go next. This means massive testing, in the tens of millions, to get a grip on it. However, the CDC botched the rollout of the test kits, creating delays and a window for unrestricted spread.

    And our for-profit healthcare system which excludes tens of millions with no or crap insurance is the opposite of what is needed to counter this type of public health threat.

  88. someofparts

    Well, for fans of history repeating itself, there’s this –

    Robert Reich points out that party leadership is repeating exactly the mistake they made in 2016. They cheat Bernie, who might beat Trump, out of the nomination and replace him with someone sure to lose.

  89. z.k.

    Is it possible that Warren deals for a Biden VP nod possibly providing a backdoor to the Presidency if dementia/senility is encroaching into Biden’s life? There’s the Presidency for VP Warren should it happen within the four years.
    Also, if that disease is progressing in him his family has seen it. They are in denial for the history books and should be ashamed of themselves for withholding that truth.

  90. someofparts

    I agree about the vote-rigging. All those sweeps for someone who couldn’t get out the basement up to that point. Plus, sweeping results in states where there the campaign did no ground game at all?

    Smirking while they cheat IS the DNC brand. May they rot in hell for all eternity.

  91. someofparts

    “I really do not get the lack of effective outrage on two-party effort to suppress the vote and/or manipulate the count. This is the kind of thing that ought to result in riots. Really.”

    Yes yes yes. Any and all talk about the vote is based on nothing if the totals are clearly a fraud.

  92. dbk

    With due respect to all previous commenters, and after a bad day of following the aftermath: could the Dem Establishment have made it any more obvious to anyone with half a brain?

    Please, Dem Est, try harder, your machinations are showing.

    ? to all: I don’t think Obama was directly machinating – any guesses/surmises as to the identity of the go-between over the weekend (+/- 24 hours)? It was quite orchestrated.

  93. Z


    Thanks. I’ll note in my defense that I chose most of the correct letters but just had them confused into an incorrect order.

    I hope you’re not right about the severity of this. I’d imagine that you hope that you’re not right either. But you could be. I know next to nothing about it besides what I’m putting together in my head. Thing is, THEY don’t know much about it either I suspect. There’s a lot of real-time learning going on. It’s not like they have a ton of clean, reliable data to look at in regards to isolating factors involved in it. That’s my suspicion.

    If they are, or were, basing their alarm on data coming from a quarantined population living in crowded conditions, who had it in their food supply, and the weather was humid that could make things look worse than they actually are as far as danger and infectiousness. I don’t know if any of the conditions in Wuhan fit those I described and how the authorities got their stats.

    There are some oddities that bring hope: the shocking lack of traction in Africa and the fact it hasn’t run rampant through here either. Yet. The fact that I read today that it’s three times less catchy than the common flu. Accuracy goes both ways though, of course, even the good news is prospective.

    I 100% agree that the U.S. is ill prepared for it with our weak healthcare and social programs.


  94. Z


    Obama. Believe it.

    There’s been so much noise in the internet from people who have been following the primary whose opinion and objectivity I respect such as Krystal Ball from The Hill and it makes sense that he’d be the one. There were even some articles about it from “respectable” new sources tied to cable news, that Obama was working behind the scenes.

    Who else would have the sway, the gravitas to pull it off? Tommy Perez? No way. He can’t, he’s part of the DNC. If it wasn’t Obama, and it almost certainly was, the other one I’d suspect would be Rahm Emanuel, but I haven’t heard anything about him being involved in it. But I would hardly be surprised if he wasn’t involved in some capacity and rather suspect he was the more I think of it.


  95. someofparts

    This is the take on Lizard Warren that makes the most sense to me.

    Also, diff clue, don’t worry about making up catchy names for Biden. Trump already has it in the bag. His name is Sleepy Joe.

  96. someofparts

    The link I just posted does not work exactly like I thought it would. When you get to the site, the segment I was trying to direct you to is the one where Sagar breaks down his analysis of Warren. Poke around a bit and you should see it. It just doesn’t pop right up. Sorry.

  97. dbk

    @z: If it wasn’t Obama, and it almost certainly was, the other one I’d suspect would be Rahm Emanuel, but I haven’t heard anything about him being involved in it. But I would hardly be surprised if he wasn’t involved in some capacity and rather suspect he was the more I think of it.

    Thanks tons, z. Early today I sent a group message to friends that I suspected Rahm was the go-between. The fact that he’s been under the radar the past several days seems indicative.

    Grateful to have my suspicion/surmise at least brought up by someone else – I’m from Illinois and have been observing RE the past few years. He’s the quintessential man for all seasons here.

  98. Z


    Yeah, it makes the most sense. Rahm’s so good at it now that he keeps his fingerprints entirely off of it. That’s important for a guy who works the political talk show circuit as an objective former political operative when he in fact uses his platform to promote his agenda.

    Dude’s so slick that I’ve been writing about him but not really thinking he’d be involved in this because I didn’t hear his name come up in the media, only Obama’s.

    The possible tell is in the rumor that YR Pete didn’t want to drop out when asked by Obama, but then the DNC threatened to dry up his funding and then he gave in. Makes some sense. He wasn’t giving any indications of closing things down right then and it was rather abrupt. Then of course Amy K probably didn’t have to be asked twice.

    I can’t see Obama rolling up his sleeves and scheming this out. Sure, he’ll make some phone calls if everything is arranged to try to persuade people to back Biden, but I don’t see him caring enough to put the time and the thought into it that this would require. Rahm would though. It’s important enough to him if it involves anything that’s in the interests of Israel, AIPAC, and Wall Street. Especially with Sanders openly criticizing Netanyahu and AIPAC. That would certainly spring Rahm into action out of indignant anger if nothing else.

    The possible forensic evidence is in how they threatened to pull Pete’s DNC funding (not sure how that all works) or maybe it was just getting some of YR Pete’s rich campaign sponsors to pull back and/or yank his SuperPac support. That’s a Rahm move there. He did that shit a lot when he headed the DCCC. That was his MO: you don’t play ball and stick to the party’s “values”, you don’t get funding. That’s how he instilled party discipline to have the party serve their Wall Street and corporate sponsors.


  99. Dan

    Alan Gross, who divides his time between Tel Aviv, Israel, and Washington, D.C. has come forward with an interesting story about Bernie Sanders visiting him in Cuba. It appears Gross was a Mossad agent who was caught infiltrating a sovereign country on behalf of Israel and was subsequently charged with espionage. NPR mentions espionage but fails to expound any further, leaving the reader to think that the crazy Cubans just jailed a poor old Jewish guy.

    I imagine Gross is now acting as a Sayanim or else he is still active intel. Bernie is no friend of Israel.

  100. different clue


    I wanted a name which describes Senator Biden’s current state in particular and also his near-term future as the TV audience watches. He never seemed very sleepy to me. It is true that
    Trump has a way with head shot- kill shot nicknames for his targets. The self-described Master Persuasionologist Scott Adams noted that some time ago.

    So I still think my name for the Senator is useful. But I am trying out an even catchier version, to see if it catches on.

    Senator Dead Cabbage Walking.

  101. Tom

    Let this be a wakeup call to Bernie that if you go Woke, you go broke. Identitarian Left Millennials are not voting in enough numbers and the way Bernie needs. Its stupid to pander to the Identitarian Left who eat each other over pronouns and engage in stupid cancelling of each other.

    The focus should be working class voters and a pro-life, pro-gun message, and restoration of the FDR Union of Big Labor, Big Government, and Big Business. FDR was pro-life, pro-gun, strong border controls and deported more illegals than any other president in history. And keep the message simple.

    Bernie does this, he’ll flip the Red Wall and can govern with near fiat. But he has to make the deal with the Red Wall to be pro-life and pro-gun and anti-illegal immigration.

    But he won’t and will sell out. Pity, I had hope he might fight it out.

    We’ll just have to wait for COVID-19 to wipe the entire slate clean.

  102. Tom

    Just got a call from my Medical Director. Its starting in Seattle. Case numbers are swamping the Hospitals and its clear this can’t be hidden anymore by the Trump Administration now that Seattle can test and CDC restrictions have been waived by Pence to be at the Doctor’s discretion.

    If you don’t know, you can monitor Police, Fire, and EMS channels on Broadcastify and review the logs. Its a disaster brewing there if you can read the logs and the incident reports.

    I won’t be posting for a while, I suspect it may be weeks before I get a breather. I’m getting some sleep, and there will be another meeting to discuss a planned transfer of several patients to Kalamazoo. This is going to be bad and panic shopping is rampant across Michigan and the US. Time has run out I’m afraid.

  103. Z

    I’m partial to the Sloppy Joe moniker myself, though I haven’t heard it used yet.


  104. One thing that Bernie could and, I would argue, should do, is announce a tentative, willing Cabinet. By willing, I mean they would serve in a Bernie Administration, if asked.

    The immediate, political benefit is to shift the focus away from electability (assuming his Cabinet is not too radical), and put the focus where it ideally belongs, on future governance. (Also, I was shocked to figure out, when Obama was running against McCain, that Presidential candidates DON’T have detailed plans ready to go. Their ‘campaign promises’ are mostly vacuous, pleasant sounding, focus group tested nothing burgers.)

    This is not my original idea. I’ve heard it articulated by Robert David Steele of I think it’s an excellent idea, and should be universally adopted. I think in Steele’s exposition, the future Cabinets also campaign/educate, and maybe(?) debate other future Cabinet candidates from other campaigns.

    Unfortunately, if may be too late to make a timely start to this process, if Bernie hasn’t ever thought about Cabinet staffing, before.

  105. anon

    Big endorsements coming out of Michigan from Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the conservative Detroit News. The fix is in and unfortunately most voters will blindly follow whatever is told to them by their leaders. It’s disgusting to see how the ruling class has been so vehemently opposed to basic human rights. I really hope that Sanders has a strong ground presence in these Midwestern states because Biden is pulling ahead based on establishment endorsements.

  106. someofparts

    Okay. Here come the vote fraud reports.

    South Carolina was cooked. Exit polls way off from reported results. Tilting to Biden.


    anon, yes, voters are stupid but there’s much more at play here. Consent isn’t being manufactured, it’s being forced. The news coverage is the propaganda papering over the cheating. It’s the spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down but in this case the medicine is cyanide. There needs to be a proper investigation into this blatant vote rigging, but we know there won’t be. There are so many layers of deceit. So many hurdles for those like Bernie who don’t, and will not, cheat. First and foremost there is voter suppression and yes, the Dems are as guilty as the GOP of voter suppression. The people who had to wait the longest Super Tuesday because there was not adequate capacity for them to vote were those who clearly would have voted for Bernie. Meanwhile, in parts of town that clearly would vote for Biden, there was over capacity with drinks and snacks and hardly anyone showed up to vote and yet we’re told these soccer moms showed up in droves because they love Joe Biden that much. They’re all shampooing with Herbal Essence and getting in line for that famous Uncle Joe Sniff & Grab.

    Then there’s the other hurdle, vote rigging. No way Biden wins Minnesota. No way he wins Massachusetts. No way he wins Texas. No way he got as many votes as he did in California. No way Biden pulled this off without doing anything more than breathing. This is massive cheating. The question is, who’s responsible? Is the DNC capable of pulling this off? Is it another actor/player and the DNC knows it and is going along because it serves their interests? I don’t know but we should know. As bruce said, there should be riots in the streets at this point. The CNN & MSNBC studios should be burned to the ground. Mika & Joe should be driven from their multi-million dollar homes and forced to flee the country because they most assuredly are part of the fix, be it witting or unwitting on their part.

    But alas, America is not France. Hell, it’s not Singapore. You know what America is? It’s dead. Fyi, Bernie will capitulate once again (he’s already capitulating) as he’s always done and once again he will squash the aspirations of yet another generation (like Obama did) — the last generation, in fact.


    By moving to Florida, he’d reduce his tax burden by roughly $550,000. Scarborough reportedly makes $8 million a year and would pay 6.99-percent state income tax in Connecticut, while there’s no state income tax in Florida, the Post’s Josh Kosman reports. To qualify as a Florida resident, he’d need to be there 183 days a year.

    An insider added that while the show suffers in quality from the couple’s makeshift Florida set, that NBC News boss Andy Lack allows it since he’s close with Scarborough, even though others at the network are not fans of the plan.

    AIPAC Andy & Joe are closer than chummy. Imagine that. It’s all part of the fix. Bernie is an existential threat to these tax dodging traitorous crumb bums.


    From someofparts link. Our very own state department would not certify these results if it was a foreign country’s election. This clearly indicates massive voter fraud and the fraud is often times many times worse than what the exit polls indicate.

    In Germany a high court ruled over a decade ago that electronic voting machines were unconstitutional and banned them from use. The same is true for the most highly ranked democratic systems in the world, BTW. Ireland, Finland, Canada have either scrapped or refused to use them in recording and computing national elections results.

    My guess is Israel rigged it. They are all up in this game. Israel is the cybersecurity experts and we all know cybersecurity is just a euphemism for scumbag hackers. Here’s one such firm.

  110. bruce wilder

    The fix is in, and for someone who has every defect Trump has, and more.


  111. Ché Pasa

    The United States do not have free and fair elections — and they never have had. That’s part of why our elections are such an international laughing stock. The technical problems with the primaries and caucuses so far have been “minor” — depending on your point of view, of course. Machines are tricky, aren’t they? When has there ever been always reliable electronic voting devices? Never. And so far, every effort to solve the voting machine problems has tended to make it temporarily or permanently worse. After all these years trying, you start to think the problems are a feature not a bug. But somebody keeps getting rich off it, right?

    Meanwhile, the obvious and continuous voter suppression efforts whipsaw the electorate, making them jump and feint just to cast a possibly bogus ballot. Or making it impossible. How convenient. For some, right?

    In too many jurisdictions, still, votes cannot be verified. Paper trails generated by possibly “fixed” machines tell us nothing. And so it goes.

    The fact that decades of effort to correct recent voting problems haven’t done so should tell us as clearly as anything that US elections aren’t meant to be free and fair and accurately counted. They’re meant to be simulations.

  112. Anthony K Wikrent

    Massachusetts results just did not make sense, and TDMS reports results there were even more skewed than New Hampshire.

  113. bruce wilder

    so far, every effort to solve the voting machine problems has tended to make it temporarily or permanently worse. After all these years trying, you start to think the problems are a feature not a bug. But somebody keeps getting rich off it, right?

    That it might be at least partly deliberate is comforting in a way, but what disturbs me is that it is possible at all only because of a strange sort of stupid infecting the general population.

    Hand-marked paper ballots hand-counted in public — that should not be a hard standard to explain, justify or insist upon, but apparently it is impossible to convince a great many people. And, because it is an argument that cannot be won in the court of public opinion, the bad actors have their way, their bad actions never called out for what they are.

  114. Willy

    Dubya was obviously not Hitler. Obummer was pretty real but the first time I saw the name I thought the bumper sticker was partisan conservative.

    Sanders doesn’t seem able to counter the meme that his ideas are popular but impractical. The name smear makes people think of Crazy Bernie the appliance salesman who sells at crazy low prices. Everybody knows that this couldn’t possibly true and there’s gonna be a catch somewhere.

    As far as names for Trump, “orange” and “cheeto” don’t do much except convey that he’s got people who hate him for his appearance. It’s what he’s doing that’s ruinous for the world.

    The Bogus Billionaire and Conman in Chief seem better, closer to the truth that he’s in it for his personal perks and his establishment buddies the long term consequences be damned.

    Biden is unique in that he appears so weak that a smear name may not even be necessary. Trump will just point when Biden gaffes and Biden will get all flustered with a look of “Why did you guys put me up here?” on his face.

  115. Tom R

    Accusations of massive cheating to defeat Bernie are just more conspiracy theories unfounded. You know, the Twin Towers were hit by planes, not explosives.

    Bernie has a ceiling of popularity. His base is wide across younger voters and Hispanics but shallow in turnout. Show me which states he wins against Trump better than Biden. I can’t find them. Biden can pull the suburbs to Democratic and that could tip the Senate and the presidency, as it did the House in 2018. Then there’s a fighting chance the Supreme Court doesn’t go full Nazi. Plus, the climate and environment have a chance.

    The solution to technical problems with voting is paper ballots by mail. It works here in Washington and Oregon. And Colorado. And it drives more left voters to the polls. And higher turnout more broadly. Low tech voting assures democracy.

  116. ponderer


    When was the population ever given the option?

  117. Willy

    Common people have common intelligence. They know they’re not very innovative and will blindly follow their tribal sanctioned leadership as a survival strategy. So somebody else has to winnow out the sociopathic from the integrous from said leadership lest the common people get led off some cliff. It’s that way with capitalism and communism both.

    That’s why I got pissed off at Mandos the other day. I stated the truth that most American blacks are clueless about MLK being a profound democratic socialist. I wasn’t pissed because Mandos was being ignorant. Hell, most blacks, on their list of all time black heroes with MLK right at the very top of most lists, are ignorant or dismissive of MLKs politics. It’s hard for them to imagine that Joe Biden would’ve never marched with MLK unless there was something in it for Joes own personal status.

    Maybe Mandos talks that way because English isn’t his native language. Maybe human isn’t his native species. Maybe he hasn’t communicated with mouth and ears for a very long time because screen and keyboard is more convenient. I’m cool with that. These things happen and are readily forgiven.

    I wasn’t pissed off because of Mandos ignorance or presentation style. It was his know-it-all hubris blocking out simple information that got me. In this critical time, allowing simple facts clearly presented to just bounce off ones head, after all Ian has posted, isn’t just annoying, it’s troubling.

    Maybe he’s kept around here as a prime example of what can happen when intellectual honesty and basic common sense can be captured by the PTB. I’m far from the smartest guy, but personally, I think we should study this. I’m hoping that Mandos will submit himself to a battery of psychological tests so we can gain better insight into this pandemic of willful ignorance.


    This should be underscored from Anthony’s link.

    Noteworthy is the fact that the 2016 Massachusetts Republican Party exit poll taken at the same time and at the same precincts as the Democratic Party primary, and also with a crowded field of five candidates, was matched almost perfectly by the computer count—varying by less than one percent for each candidate.


    Of course, this excellent documentary implies/assumes the Dems would never hack their own primaries. They assume at their own peril. At our own peril.


    It’s been a bipartisan effort to avoid addressing this in any meaningful way. Why would that be? I think we know why and I think we’ve already answered that question. Both parties prefer to leave it the way it is because both parties cheat. I don’t want to give up on Bernie, but I, you, we, have to be realistic about the hurdles that are placed before him and the “movement.”


    Here’s an excellent article entitled How New Voting Machines Could Hack Our Democracy. My question is, what democracy?

    The irony, boss, the irony.

    Last week, Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, and Amy Klobuchar, and Representative Mark Pocan (Democrat of Wisconsin) announced that they have opened an investigation into the “vulnerabilities and shortcomings of election technology industry with ties to private equity.” The reason the issue of private equity matters is that the top two vendors of these ballot-marking machines, Election Systems and Software LLC (ES&S) and Dominion Voting, account for more than 80 percent of US election equipment. They thus hold between them a near-monopoly on the industry, and their form of ownership means there is no way of discovering the details of who really owns them or even whether they are legitimate competitors.

    Hey, Liz & Amy, maybe you should kickstart an investigation related to the massive hacking of Super Tuesday, you f*cking lying, cheating hypocrites.

  122. someofparts

    If the votes are not being honestly counted, any conversation about why voters did anything are irrelevant. We have no way of knowing what those voters actually wanted.

    Was just listening to a Michael Moore podcast and heard an explanation for popular rage that really felt spot on. Every time, over the last decades, that some rich person hurts regular folks to give themselves an advantage, they always tell us it will be good for us. The never, ever say they want something just because it is good for them. It is that smirking concern-trolling from our self-satisfied rulers that is provoking impatient rejection of conventional candidates from voters.

    Here’s the podcast. It runs long, but it’s good if you have the time.

    The writer that Moore interviewed had a good idea for a series of campaign ads for Bernie. Use the traditional American self-improvement story. Post an ad offering a way to improve your marriage. The solution – only one job! More time with the family. Less stress. The things would write themselves and be funny too.

  123. bruce wilder

    When was the population ever given the option?

    They have always had the option of calling, “bullshit” . . . on voting systems designed for rigging elections.

    Also, on pointless perpetual war. Attacking countries that had nothing to do with 9/11 supposedly because of 9/11.

    Also, on a health care system that costs twice as much and delivers worse results than that of any first world country.

    Also, on any number of neoliberal economic prescriptions.

    Now, obviously, most of the mainstream Media dedicates itself to gaslighting the population about these and other issues. And, sometimes, the voice of reason is able to break thru — as I think it has sometimes done on, say, cutting Social Security, though even there most people seem to think Social Security is somehow a fake program that cannot last and is “costing” the country, et cetera. We’ve all seen the millionaire talking heads who “moderate” the Dem Presidential Primary debates, ask stupid, tendentitious questions about how much more M4All is going to cost in taxes.

    But, there are also voices at the margin, who are calling, “bullshit”. In a way, it is what many of us commenting here have hoped to see and hear from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard. But, there’s been a ceiling on their support, as well as a muffling of their voices. And, and when Bloomberg spent a half-billion of pocket change, he immediately got poll numbers as well as willing support from a lot professional apparatchiks in the Party.

    I think there were active efforts at voter suppression and vote-rigging in the primaries, used to put a thumb on the scales. It is only a thumb on the scales, though, and the weight of that thumb seems directed at managing and manipulating the Media narrative rather than a wholesale, direct stealing of delegates. I am not defending it and the object is the same: cheat Sanders’ supporters out of the nomination. But, I am drawing attention to the central point of leverage, the strategic factor for this manipulation: a bloc of stupid, vicious and/or apathetic know-less-than-nothing voters, who are apparently living in some alternate dreamworld where nothing about politics matters anymore than which hockey team wins the Stanley Cup.

    Apparently, these people can be reached en masse and stampeded by a Media narrative about who has “momentum”, but cannot be (or at least have not been) reached by months-long or years-long efforts “on the ground”.

    I am exasperated by this phenomenon, which I see manifest among my own acquaintances. They seem caught up in some kind of trance state where they “forget” basic stuff (the U.S. has been in Afghanistan without a good result for 18+ years; Obama did not prosecute any banksters in the largest fraud-driven financial crisis in 70 years) or fail to process the implications. Biden is a walking demonstration of this phenomenon: who, really, can look at that demented, stupid man, and be reminded of his family corruption, his history of being wrong about foreign policy and economic policy for 35 years, and think, “wow, he would be so much better than Trump in so many ways! — he’s our guy, he’s so electable!”

    I know the punditry and politicians will endorse him. And, he will be attacked by the Republicans, for all the obvious reasons. Trump himself is the clearest voice on the dynamics of the crooked way the Democratic Party is conducting the primaries!

    So, I have two concerns: 1.) what is wrong with these (entranced?, stupid? vicious? “authoritarian follower”?) people? and 2a.) why does the Sanders campaign and “the Left” have so much difficulty creating a clear message, a clear critique? 2b.) why do Sanders or “the Left” fail to reach these people with a clear critique or message or argument or whatever?

    In the propaganda wars, the Right sees an opportunity. Tucker Carlson has made this stuff his bread-and-butter — he’s really good at it. And, that is very frightening!

  124. (bruce wilder): It’s explainable via brand recognition. Bloomberg shot way up in SC entirely via advertising. Biden has a solid brand in the South through the Obama connection.

    Very few voters know what these candidates think or want.

  125. Biden will explode before the election. This is obvious. Whether he does so before the convention is an open question. If he does, Warren is waiting to become the Establishment alternative. That’s why she’s bugged out now, and is not endorsing anyone.

  126. Willy

    I would love it if Biden exploded in a public way – had to be carried out thrashing and weeping by nice men in white coats to the little white van. And yes, I know that Trumpists would like nothing better. But the Dem establishment would fear nothing worse.

    Then Bernie and all the progressives on the sidelines could make their move.

  127. Hugh

    bruce, it’s simple. The Democratic party Establishment would rather lose with Biden than win with Bernie. As for Bernie, he should say, I call myself a democratic socialist. Your parents called us New Dealers. Heck, most of your parents and grand-parents were New Dealers. They knew what that meant. It meant being there for you, the working people of this country. Nowadays both parties race to see how much they can do for billionaires. That is how they measure themselves. Isn’t it time we brought the focus back to you, your concerns, your lives. Call it what you will that is where we need to be.

    Wrap himself up in the New Deal every chance he gets. Remind people that Social Security and Medicare were democratic socialist ideas.

  128. That’s why I got pissed off at Mandos the other day. I stated the truth that most American blacks are clueless about MLK being a profound democratic socialist. I wasn’t pissed because Mandos was being ignorant. Hell, most blacks, on their list of all time black heroes with MLK right at the very top of most lists, are ignorant or dismissive of MLKs politics. It’s hard for them to imagine that Joe Biden would’ve never marched with MLK unless there was something in it for Joes own personal status.

    Maybe Mandos talks that way because English isn’t his native language. Maybe human isn’t his native species. Maybe he hasn’t communicated with mouth and ears for a very long time because screen and keyboard is more convenient. I’m cool with that. These things happen and are readily forgiven.

    I wasn’t pissed off because of Mandos ignorance or presentation style. It was his know-it-all hubris blocking out simple information that got me. In this critical time, allowing simple facts clearly presented to just bounce off ones head, after all Ian has posted, isn’t just annoying, it’s troubling.

    WTF does this absurd word salad even mean? MLK is not Black Jesus. Why should American blacks be more aware of the politics of someone who was murdered a long time ago than any other American? Where does this rather patronizing presupposition about black intellectual life even come from? Ridiculous nonsense, but very illustrative of why white progressive outreach so frequently fails.

  129. So, I have two concerns: 1.) what is wrong with these (entranced?, stupid? vicious? “authoritarian follower”?) people? and 2a.) why does the Sanders campaign and “the Left” have so much difficulty creating a clear message, a clear critique? 2b.) why do Sanders or “the Left” fail to reach these people with a clear critique or message or argument or whatever?

    Bruce: I have attempted to provide an answer to exactly this question (though I’d phrase it much less tendentiously!) for many years now on this blog and indeed, to you. It turns out that most of y’all don’t like the answer.

    If the Sanders campaign staff overlaps at all ideologically and personality-wise with Ian’s commentariat, then the answer is that they are unable to exercise a certain kind of political empathy. Not literally incapable, but prevented from doing so by ideological predilections with very demanding “metapolitical” commitments.

    My “metapolitical”, I mean to say, outside of actual policy and outcome preferences. Despite the fact that I’ve never substantially disagreed with Ian’s policy and outcome preferences nor even the preferences held by many of the regulars here, for pointing out some of the methodological and analytical weaknesses of the economic left here, I am regularly denounced as a “neoliberal”, which I understand to be in the minds of some, barely to the left of Hitler, maybe at the level of Pinochet.

    Let me put it this way: until people can understand, as I argued so long ago, that there was never any path to Medicare For All in American culture except via something like Obamacare, and only after years of it, the economic left will continue to fail to understand why Biden can effortlessly topple years of Sanders groundwork. People were not ready to hear that then, because they thought that Obamacare had robbed them of a possibility that never really existed back then. Culture and emotion is where it’s at.

  130. Willy

    Most people buy on emotion first then rationalize later. Most people project onto the world whatever it is that works for them, personally. Maybe most people need to hit bottom first before they can recover, too.

    Most here don’t like the hit bottom part. Mostly because it looks like a cultural sociopathy which leads to huge numbers of people suffering to death. Neoliberals are like the substance dependent who don’t care, because their entire being revolves around getting that next fix. Everything else gets rationalized.

  131. nihil obstet

    The question “why is something true” is not answered by the statement “you just don’t want to understand that it’s true.” I certainly hear, “Don’t try to address serious problems” as a defense of an inadequate status quo.

  132. Willy

    MLK is not Black Jesus (and a bunch of other irrational garbage)…

    In the magical land of Mandos, White Biden is closer to the economic interests of modern blacks than is White Sanders. And MLK’s teachings, philosophies, and struggles mean virtually nothing to modern American blacks because all of that stuff happened a long time ago.

  133. Willy:

    In the magical land of Mandos, White Biden is closer to the economic interests of modern blacks than is White Sanders.

    Eh? Who said anything about economic interests and who was closer to them? I sure didn’t!

    And MLK’s teachings, philosophies, and struggles mean virtually nothing to modern American blacks because all of that stuff happened a long time ago.

    Modern American black communities are heterogenous and complicated like any other large subsection of a large society. There are under no obligation to have the priorities or beliefs you patronizingly ascribe to them.

  134. The question “why is something true” is not answered by the statement “you just don’t want to understand that it’s true.” I certainly hear, “Don’t try to address serious problems” as a defense of an inadequate status quo.

    This would have made sense if it weren’t the case that I had given the answer many times, especially in your and Bruce’s presence. It’s really frustrating then to see Bruce ask it again, as though the answer had never been given. I don’t know anyone who said “Don’t try to address serious problems.” I said, “Look objectively at what is needed to address them.”

    Take the Obamacare debate: I argued then, years ago, and continue to firmly believe, that there was no direct route to an obvious good as universal health care in American society, for a number of reasons I explained extensively back then. There was always going to be a deeply inadequate intermediary phase that will look functionally like keeping the broken insurance system on life support. It was necessary to accept this, because it lays the cultural groundwork for wide-spread acceptance of M4A.

    In the present case, Sanders’ weakness (it’s not over yet…) seems to be that apparently no progress was achieved in reaching black American society. I have this weird suspicion that either his campaigners ignored the problem, thinking that broadly-popular policy prescriptions were enough (note: they are never enough), or worse, were fans of Black Agenda Report and thought that “black misleadership class” was a good and useful way to think of the gatekeepers of black politics… And here we are.

    Well, maybe it will still work out.

  135. nihil obstet

    Through the first years of the 2000s, House Bill 676 with over 100 Democratic sponsors provided for Medicare for All. In 2008, the Democratic establishment went on a full out attack against any mention of the bill. In my county, the resolutions committee stripped a resolution calling for Democratic legislators to support it. A “discussion” of health care needs at state party headquarters to which grass roots Democrats were urged to come turned out to be a scripted press conference at which the audience was to cheer for the benefit of the press. Any attempt to call for HB 676 was cut off and no audience members were allowed to speak.

    But somehow, with any mention of an obvious good suppressed, we can have “an intermediary phase that will look functionally like keeping the broken insurance system on life support. . .[which will] lay the cultural groundwork for wide-spread acceptance of M4A.” Next you need to explain why the elites use full-scale relentless propaganda to get wide-spread acceptance of what they want. Why don’t they do things that “will look functionally like” a broken system until suddenly the cultural groundwork changes for them. For that matter, why don’t minorities accept racism which looks functionally like discrimination until proper deference to the majority lays the groundwork for equality?

    How do you know what most Americans think as opposed to what the rich do? Polls show that the majority of all Americans want Medicare for All and were showing that prior to the passage of Obamacare. It took people like you to tell us that we didn’t want it because of our culture.

    In short, Mandos, anytime you start by thinking “this would have made sense” if you didn’t support the establishment, maybe you ought to wonder whether it does make sense despite your distress.

  136. Willy

    What the fuck is wrong with you Mandos? Martin Luther King has an entire day named after him, a national holiday in his honor. Maybe people like you confuse him with MC Hammer but his name is as highly as respected as is Lincolns.

    I’m hearing white evangelicals calling poor people losers. I never heard this growing up. What’s next? Blacks calling MLKs lifes work a waste of time?

    White evangelicals dishonoring the teachings of Jesus and blacks ignorant of the teachings of MLK, are both related. They’re both part of the exact same disease infecting our society. It is not patronizing to call this out.

    Now when you talk about laying cultural groundwork, you start making sense. Are we on the same page yet?

  137. Willy

    Okay, I just read nihil, who usually makes sense. The “cultural groundwork” for invading Iraq took all of about a year and a half. We went from not nation building and uniting not dividing to invading and converting nations within that space of time, with Dubya receiving 80%+ job approval after the fall of Baghdad.

    It seems that sometimes “cultural groundwork” can be done very quickly.

  138. nihil obstet: We’ve been over all of this in great detail before, so I won’t relitigate it in detail again. The inability of the USA to have an adequate health care system goes beyond mere ordinary propaganda, which in any case is made much easier by deep cultural myths and belief systems, personal emotional investments and so on. In the face of that, whatever political machinations were used to suppress a medicare-for-all bill back in the day are mere trivia, as there was no deep groundswell of support for it to force the 60th senator to comply.

    Whatever its intentions, Obamacare was an opportunity to introduce the idea that people *ought* to be entitled to good health insurance, even if the implementation is inadequate. That is a cultural innovation that is paying off — slowly, but the M4A debate would never be where it is in the population itself without having had the Obamacare battle.

  139. Willy: the cultural groundwork for invading Iraq took much longer than that. It required decades of inculcation of the idea that the USA was World Democracy Police. Iraq does not happen overnight, the groundwork is laid much earlier by people who didn’t even know that there *would* be an Iraq war.

    Black people are usually born into a particular racial-cultural gestalt in the USA, but that does not necessitate that they follow a particular set of heroes, beliefs, or ideologies. To believe otherwise is deeply patronizing and does the complexity and diversity of black life in America a disservice.

  140. Willy

    Black people are usually born into a particular racial-cultural gestalt in the USA

    That’s why the black youth vote is going Bernie and their elders Biden. Damned boomers. Not to be patronizing, but we’ve been over all of this (boomers) in great detail before, so I won’t relitigate it in detail again.

    The current gestalt is: “Cant we all just get along (except for with the other side), and between battles why not consider buying a new car! Heck, that beautiful winner 30-something couple living in the million dollar house inside of our ad just bought one, and in fact it being Christmas and all, they bought two!”

    And maybe you’re right, the US military budget didn’t get to ‘more than the next 13 nations’ or whatever overnight. (for their current gestalt, see above but swap out a few words that sound more military)

    But this time something is different. If even Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon say so (are allowed to say so?), this stuff that the current generation wont be owning shit, the gestalt times may be a-changing.

  141. StewartM

    On Obama’s (or whomever’s) intervention:

    Can we get the people who managed this prosecuted for, you know, “interfering with our elections”? I mean, this was orders of magnitude a worse and more impactful intervention than anything Putin could dream of doing.

    I’m no fan of Trump, and would never vote for him, but if Trump actually did “lock these up” I’d not be sorry.

  142. StewartM


    Whatever its intentions, Obamacare was an opportunity to introduce the idea that people *ought* to be entitled to good health insurance, even if the implementation is inadequate. That is a cultural innovation that is paying off — slowly, but the M4A debate would never be where it is in the population itself without having had the Obamacare battle.

    Thought experiment: if in 2009, shortly after taking office, President Obama had done the right thing and pushed through Congress a “temporary” expansion of Medicare to everyone (or ‘for everyone who wanted it’, i.e, who had lost their insurance through layoffs or allowing businesses to keep more people hired by dumping their employee health insurance). And yes, remember it only took a few months to set up ALL of Medicare, so this was very doable. The story would be “this is the patch until something permanent can be worked out”

    Do you think that this would have caused rioting in streets? How would the ACA be more of a acclimation to universal health care than that? And do you doubt even if this wasn’t part of the “permanent solution” what would have followed from that would be far better than the ACA turned out to be? The insurance companies would have CRAWLED to Congress begging for any permanent plan that gave them back customers; the hurt would have been put on them.

  143. StewartM


    So, I have two concerns: 1.) what is wrong with these (entranced?, stupid? vicious? “authoritarian follower”?) people?

    Intellectual laziness. Bad (disinformation) sources (not just Fox, but more CNN/MSNBC for Dem primary voters. For African-Americans in particular, much of their electorate is older, female, and church-going (because of Biden’s crime bill disenfranchising younger male blacks!) who get their news from their congresscritter who assures them Uncle Joe is the best friend black people ever had. There is a direct comparison with these and the older poor whites (often men) who get their FOX fix). The result is that both groups can and do vote against what is objectively, their best interests.

    and 2a.) why does the Sanders campaign and “the Left” have so much difficulty creating a clear message, a clear critique? 2b.) why do Sanders or “the Left” fail to reach these people with a clear critique or message or argument or whatever?

    1) They have a lot of media headwind to fight against. In 2016, I recall a CNN slot dedicated to discussing “the Sanders phenomenon”. Who was invited? Why, some rightwing clown from National Review and Paul Begala FROM THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN, who both proceeded to trash Sanders from their respective perspective. That’s why CNN calls “fair and accurate reporting”. And little has changed.

    2) That being said, I don’t think Bernie is a great spokesperson. Yes, I think he is refreshingly honest and straightforward, and his values are wonderful for a politico (contrasted to Warren; he’s less interested in ‘fitting in with rest of the guys’ than fighting for what he believes, and not caring if he pisses people off when doing so). But he always doesn’t give the best answer.

    For instance: today I just saw an interview of him on FOX where he was asked “why are you against billionaires?” with the interviewer talking about all the ‘wonderful things’ billionaires like Gates and Bezos has wrought and all the jobs they created. Sanders seemed to ignore the question and even acknowledged those things were ‘wonderful’ before going back to his stump speech.

    Me, I would have countered differently–that Gates, for instance, invented essentially nothing himself (his non-billionaire employees did), what Microsoft marketed was largely repackagings of previous inventions, that Microsoft by its deliberate obsoletion of software forcing upgrades raises costs for all consumers, and that Gates got a lot of his wealth by monopolistic practices. I would then conclude that there was FREE, open, software comparable or better in quality and which WAS highly innovative, like Linux, which lowers costs for consumers because you don’t have to rush out to buy a new computer just because of an OS upgrade.

    (I’m typing this on a Linux computer, now 12 years old, and still functioning perfectly ok on a currently-supported Linux distribution. Try that with a Windows box).

  144. nihil obstet

    For instance: today I just saw an interview of him on FOX where he was asked “why are you against billionaires?” with the interviewer talking about all the ‘wonderful things’ billionaires like Gates and Bezos has wrought and all the jobs they created. Sanders seemed to ignore the question and even acknowledged those things were ‘wonderful’ before going back to his stump speech.

    I think Sanders’ response is right. Admittedly, if I thought it was wrong I probably wouldn’t comment, because I respect his political savvy. Don’t let your opponents set the terms of the discussion. Get into a detailed exposition of whether billionaires create good things, and all people will remember is the connection between billionaires and creation. It’s better to keep hitting with your point again and again.

    One of the few things I agree with George W. Bush on was, “See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.”

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