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Who Goes To Prison For America’s Crimes? The Whistleblowers.

There’s a joke about the CIA and torture, in that the only person who went to prison for torturing people was the guy who revealed the torture.

Daniel Hale, the guy who revealed that drone bombing killed 90% innocents, is now off to his stint in jail. He seems tough, maybe he won’t be driven to multiple suicide attempts like Manning was by the deliberate mistreatment he will surely experience..

The judge, an enforcer named Liam O’Grady, said,

“You are not being prosecuted for speaking out about the drone program killing innocent people,” O’Grady said. “You could have been a whistleblower . . . without taking any of these documents.”

Without the documents, though, there would have only been a claim, not proof. The documents are what made the “speaking out” work. O’Grady surely knows this, but his job is to put people in jail who don’t deserve to be there, and unlike Hale, his conscience, if he has one, isn’t sufficient to make him change his ways.

There is a certain irony of all this happening now that the US had admitted defeat and pulled out of Afghanistan. At least in that war, what were all those innocents killed for?

(Aside: we do all know, as we have always known, that the Taliban is the natural ruling party of Afghanistan and now that the US is gone they will rule it.)

Hale is a hero but I feel bad for him, less because of the jail sentence, though I’m sure it’ll be horrific, than because his proving that drone murders were even worse than we thought did nothing to slow or stop them, because the American people don’t care and American elites are depraved psychopaths for whom mass murder means nothing.

Unlike American elites during the Pentagon papers: also depraved psychopaths engaged in mass murder, modern American elites don’t believe the public has a right to know, or that anyone else has the right to a conscience. To be rebuked with proof, to them, is beyond the pale.

Note that Obama, the great black savior, was actually the President who really started the crackdown on whistleblowers. To a large extent Bush Jr. didn’t care much, his particular depraved indifference “who cares what you think” didn’t require people to not call him out, he just required that his will was followed and his crimes committed. Wail away, even with documents, who cares what you think?

I hope Daniel Hale comes thru this as well as can be expected. As for everyone else,  your leaders are depraved psychopaths. Don’t expect them to respond to moral reasoning, and since they despise you as weak, don’t expect them to respond to threats. They cannot be reasoned with, only removed, then prosecuted for their crimes against humanity and the world.

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  1. Plague Species

    We’re well beyond whistleblowers at this point. There is nothing any whistleblower can tell me that would surprise me. Now it’s just a matter of what will be done about our predicament if anything, with an emphasis on the “if anything” part.

  2. Chicago Clubs

    Your leaders are depraved psychopaths and your fellow citizens are mainly somewhat less depraved subclinical psychopaths.

  3. Willy

    I think it’s safe to say that the degree to which whistleblowers get punished, directly corresponds to the degree to which those in power are corrupt.

    Only 1-3 percent of any population can be psychopaths (born behaviors), with no more than 10% of the total population being sociopaths (learned behaviors). The latter corresponds to the number of Nazi party members in Nazi Germany (10%). I’ve read that no more than a third of Germans ever even voted for Hitler. So I’ll throw out there that around a third of any given population are gonna be useful dupes.

    As for that remaining 2/3 majority, I’ll assume that they’ll be similar to whatever the hell the rest of the Germans were, back in the day.

  4. Feral Finster

    This is entirely intentional, and the intent is to make an example out of anyone blowing any whistles.

    That said, the fact that the Empire relies more and more on overt repression of dissent is a sign of weakness and fear and not a sign of strength or confidence.

  5. Feral Finster

    @Willy: power selects strongly for sociopathy or psychopathy or whatever you want to call it, for power is to such people what catnip is to cats, what cocaine is to addicts.

    Lean well The Iron Law Of Oligarchy., for what we are seeing now is but the reversion to the mean.

  6. Hugh

    Two points. First, whistleblowers seldom tell us things we don’t already know. They just do it in ways, evidence, personal experience, that our powers that be can’t ignore, smother, or dismiss effectively. From the viewpoint of our PTB whistleblowers have to be crushed because if they aren’t, it could give other potential future whistleblowers ideas.

    Second, the Taliban are a religious mafia. They are and will likely prove the dominant group in Afghanistan because of the cover and support they have received from our great allies the Pakistanis and the corruption of a series of US-supported Afghani governments who had 20 years to prepare for this, and didn’t. I object to the word “ruling” used to describe the Taliban. They didn’t rule the place the last time they were in power and I have seen no indication anything has changed this time around. Afghanistan is a failed state. It was headed that way before the US or Russia ever invaded it. It will stay failed after we are gone.

  7. Perhaps the solution is to ask “how high?” while forcing those not jumping to jump, when these institutions tell us to jump.

    The mass murdering military demands you hate China so they can distract us with a new Cold War. Anyone who learned the lessons from Vietnam, and Iraq need to be insulted as murder supporters if they don’t join the party line. Either we obey the military or China wins.

    Corporations need to be obeyed. So what that they’ve been fined billions for fraud by the same courts jailing people for proving our government murders and tortures innocents. No need to try to understand (162-8)/21,000, do what the corporations filled with psychopaths say.

    The same government who jails whistleblowers while paying trillions to bankers who crashed the economy can be trusted to have your well being in mind. No need to use critical thinking, if they say something is good or bad it is. Censor those who disagree because logic and debate are dangerous things that kill people.

  8. Willy

    Say what?

    Are military contractor corporations running low on business so they’re lobbying the military to buy more crappy products “because of China”? Didn’t Trump increase military spending after Obama decreased it?

    “Trump properly funded our military after Obama-Biden decimated it.” – Donald Jr

  9. Ché Pasa

    I wish the CIA joke were a joke and not a terrible truth, but it is. Those who engage in torture or other serious crimes for the government do not face more than mild opprobrium if that. Those who tell the truth and reveal these crimes sometimes pay with their lives.

    This has been one of the many signs of how corrupted this government long has been, and how far from its supposed moral ideals it is. It is those who tell the tales who are punished, not — really never — those who do or order the deeds.

    Iron law of power isn’t it?

  10. nihil obstet

    Most Americans don’t know about drones or Daniel Hale or Julian Assange or Reality Winner or even Chelsea Manning. I know. You know. What good does our knowing do? What are we supposed to do about it? Write letters? Sign petitions? Attend peace vigils? March in protests? I do all those things because I don’t know what else to do and I think it’s important to keep saying this is evil.

    When I was growing up and the Commies ran a police state, I wondered how anyone could not see their evil. All of us Americans wondered that. It has been fascinating in an utterly appalling way to see us more and more openly mirror the things we claimed were wrong with the Soviet Union.

    I’m not too worried about a war with China, because the electronics parts of our over-tech weapons depend on China. Maybe I’m too much of an optimist, but surely the American PTB can see that they won’t get those parts shipped from China if we’re at war with China. I don’t know. They seem to have no concept of consequences standing in the way of their druthers.

  11. “your leaders are depraved psychopaths” — yet at least half of us trust them when it comes to healthcare advice, which is quickly becoming healthcare authoritarianism. So how many here believe both that these same people, who have no problem with the death of millions (Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan…) are sincerely concerned with the health of anyone. It’s clear to me that their motives lie elsewhere, and appear to be much more than the usual financial rape of the proletariat.

    The vast majority are sheep, afraid to do anything yet willing to put up with almost anything before they’ll stick their necks out. Anyone who has worked with livestock sees the parallels plain as day.

  12. Hugh

    Actually it’s my understanding the Pentagon goes to some lengths to keep Chinese chips out of its weaponry. National security was also used to keep Huawei out of American 5G. A lot of this is comprehensible but still hit or miss. In the face of climate change, we need a comprehensive industrial policy to figure out how much manufacturing we should keep in country and how much we can let go overseas.

    As someone pointed out to me a long time ago, progressives seldom win but we can still resist, and if nothing else we can bear witness. Whistleblowers also bear witness. Perhaps that’s why we identify so closely with them.

  13. Astrid

    What’s progressive about fixating on manufactured problems alleged against countries a Caribbean Sea or an ocean away, who have never done anything against the American mainland?

    Oh, and calling the people who want to focus on the American plutocratic boots currently on American necks Fascists and “-apologists”. Really big amongst self identified “progressives”. It boggles my mind why anyone would want to identify as progressive these days and inadvertently get lumped in with the racist imperialist progressive “Hugh” and outright genocidal progressive “plague species”.

  14. Hugh

    Your mind is easily boggled whenever anything comes in contact with one of your prejudices.

  15. Astrid

    Indeed Hugh. I assumed most people manage a basic level of reading comprehension and intellectual honesty. And enough shame to stop talking after they’ve been righteously slapped down enough time. You have no shame when that happens, you just slink away and resurface on the next thread with exactly the same false arguments.

    Your rampant dishonesty and bad faith argumentation is confounding to me. At least I see plague species is going where his racist projections and America first projections leads him. With you. I would say you’re here to test out slogans that DNC plans to roll out to the rest of the populace soon, except I’d expect those to be a bit more successfully curated than the non sequiturs you usually put out.

  16. Hugh

    Astrid, you should do standup comedy. Meanwhile whistleblowers and truth tellers are being imprisoned in Hong Kong, showing this isn’t just a US thing.

  17. Astrid


    Do you mean the ones who physically assaulted the elderly and women? Or the ones who threw Molotov cocktails at public facilities? Or the ones who stirred up anti Mainlanders hatred by calling them locusts? I might add that the Hong Kong police is more more lawful and nonviolent in how they handle their literally NED funded protesters.

    But that’s really neither here nor there. What China does within its borders is really none of my business. Unlike Hugh, I’m a lot more fixated on how the American political establishment is continuing to persecute its bloody wars abroad and destroy civil liberties and civil society at home.

    Oh, and how its useful idiot Hugh wants to kick start WWIII with China and Russia.

  18. Plague Species

    What China does within its borders is really none of my business.

    Just as what Woody Allen does to children behind closed doors, or even out in the open, is none of your business?

  19. Astrid

    True, in both cases unbiased and expert third parties investigated the claims against Allen and China in Xinjiang and found the claims to be without basis. Sadly, the findings and the vigorous defenses by people in the best position to know hasn’t prevented the transparently biased MSM and assholes like you from repeating debunked lies over and over again.

    China and Allen have plenty to answer for, including some truly unwatchable movies. But I see no evidence to add child abuser or Muslim genocider to the list. Farrow and USA, on the other hand, have pretty clear track records on those points, for which they have not been called to account for.

  20. Plague Species

    Unbiased expert third parties. Too funny. The fact the CCP is in bed with Erik Prince is beyond damning.

    I’m not a Farrow fan or defender or apologist. She had a duty and an obligation to remove Allen from the environment when she first suspected he was doing anything untoward. Her first red flag was when he told her he preferred she adopt a blond girl. She didn’t remove Allen from the environment and she has to answer for that. But that is mutually exclusive of what Allen did and what Allen is. The HBO documentary nailed it. Professional in every way and I’m a tough critic.

  21. Astrid

    The investigators original findings, this testimonial by Moses Farrow, and Allen’s happy current family life is much more believable than random shit Farrow’s younger children claimed to have seen when they were impressionable young children. The Satanic panic show how even good faith misinterpretation of events can result in monstrous charges against innocent people. What Farrow’s younger children believe they saw is not believable in light of the thorough investigation and the known facts and the particular weekend in question.

    Farrow appears to be a BPDtype who manipulated her children to alienate them from a figure of stability in their lives. Her belief of Allen’s guilt may be sincere, but it arises from her own abusive history with her convicted child molester brother, whom she did not disown or take steps to protect her kids from, or from her other failed relationships.


    I’m not defending CPC for its impeccable good behavior, and you thinking I am speaks more to your lack of reading comprehension or bad faith argumentation, than anything I’ve said. I am simply saying the US should leave the world alone and that what’s been told about China in the West is largely a pack of lies.

    I simply haven’t seen any creditable evidence of anything remotely genocide proximate in China’s handling of its Uighur population.

    Rather, in investigating the veracity of this claim, I’ve uncovered a lots of extreme bad faith lies by ASPI, UWC, NED, BBC, etc. They kept repeating lies and doubling down on them, even though all the important claims are fully debunked.

    But you are not actually interested in truth. You just wanted somebody else to hate and feel smugly superior to. Glad I’m not your neighbor.

  22. Astrid

    I got my 80s/90s Satan worshipper trials wrong, d thinking of the McMartin preschool trial, not the Satanic Panic.

  23. Plague Species

    Moses Farrow is a liar. Woody has manipulated him with money. He always had a fondness for Woody because Woody was a adult male in his life during his formative years. It’s amazing what money will make people do. You’re in fine company with the alcoholic pig Alec Baldwin in smearing Dylan.

    Farrow then notes that his brother Moses has expressed similar statements “dating back many years.” That’s at odds with what Moses Farrow wrote yesterday, as he referred to alleged “coaching, drilling, scripting, and rehearsing – in essence, brainwashing” carried out by the actress.

    “After relentless legal scrutiny of my mother’s parenting — and efforts to discredit her — she was granted sole custody to protect us from Woody Allen,” Farrow continues. “We all grew up with offers from him to speak out against our mother in exchange for support. (He made helping to pay for my college education contingent on turning against her and lying. I declined.)”

    He concludes, “My sister’s allegation is backed by a significant body of credible evidence, including physical evidence and eyewitnesses to abuse. I hesitated to speak on this only because I didn’t want to draw attention to a smear campaign that has been running since Dylan’s pediatrician first called the police almost 30 years ago. I believe my sister.”

    I have not seen all of Allen’s movie and truth be told I haven’t seen most of them but I have seen a few and the few I have seen I have liked. But that’s history. I would never watch another Allen movie.

    I will give Allen credit in that he made me laugh harder than I have ever laughed in my life. I laughed so hard I couldn’t catch my breath and nearly passed out. Tears were streaming down my face. It was the seen where Gene Wilder falls in love with Daisy the sheep. To make me laugh like that is pure talent but now I realize it was serendipitous and that Allen just has a fetish for sexual deviance of any variety so that scene was really a yearning he has to have sex with animals and now I feel dirty for enabling his perversion.

  24. Astrid

    Manhattan was unsettling, but I’m not aware of any actors during the entire of Allen’s career who accused him of any kind of abusive behavior towards them, that says something important. If he is an abuser, apparently it was the sort that nobody discovered over 56 years of private life and professional career, with nothing uncovered during the investigation or in the 29 years after. This almost never happens. Abusers might not be discovered until later in life but typically more abuse is quickly discovered to corroborate the initial story. The lack of corroborate is strongly suggestive that there was no abuse.

    And it wasn’t just one of Farrow’s children but at least Soon Yi and Moses, who are also the oldest and thus in the best position to interpret the situation for themselves. And Farrow was indisputably the primary caregiver for all the children, the general deference to mothers in custody case, and given the appearance of ickiness of his relationship with Soon Yi, the award of custody of all the kids to Farrow was a forgone conclusion unless Allen could provide indisputable evidence of abuse, which would potentially send all the underage kids to CPS. No decent person would do that unless they truly believe it was necessary to save the kids from an abusive situation.

    Ronan Farrow was 5 when the alleged abuse incident happened, all he could judge is based on what other people told him many years later. Dylan was 4 at the time. I remember very few things from when I was 4, just impressions that may be from TV or a post or real life. To assume either are in a position to tell truth from fiction over objective adults or observant older siblings, is pretty ridiculous.

    I’m also not aware of Allen providing any financial support to Moses, do you want to provide evidence for your accusation? The article you cited does not mention this and I didn’t find any evidence with a quick Google search. I am aware of the Farrow children often still being depend on her financially, in addition to capitalizing on the notoriety of their media persecution (since what they have obviously would not be allowed into court of law) of Allen.

    I’m not saying that Ronan and Dylan does not sincerely believe that Allen is an abuser. But sincerity doesn’t make the accusation true.

  25. Soredemos

    Sorry, but I don’t agree with putting so much blame on supposed psychopaths. It’s personalizing what are actually system level problems. Not that there aren’t some genuine psychopaths in charge, as in people whose brain chemistry is radically different from normal people, who don’t fully understand emotion and so on. I’m pretty sure Rumsfeld was such a person, and I’m convinced Obama is an example of another. There may even be truth to the idea that psychopaths consciously or unconsciously self-select for more of their own kind so they’re more likely to get concentrated into the upper levels of an organization over time.

    But what’s happening in the world is fundamentally the result impersonal institutional level factors. Pick a bad thing in the world, any bad thing, and you can trace it back to some sort of logic that makes sense to one or more institutions or power blocs. The incentives will continue to drive events in a certain direction regardless of whether the people making the policy are assholes or not.

    The most I can say positive about a psychopath theory of world events is that capitalism provides a lot of incentive for people to become sort of virtual psychopaths, who (probably mostly without even being aware that they’re doing it) disengage their conscience in certain parts of their lives while leaving it intact in others. A perfect example would be neoclassical economics education, which basically trains people to think like narcissistic monsters (while also assuring them that this is actually the natural default state for humans. Weird that you need to train people to think in a way you claim is natural…). This leads to bizarre episodes that reveal how fundamentally damaged many economists are as people, like Larry Summers taking a road trip across the US and lamenting how much ‘unexploited’ land there still is, as if something can’t have true worth unless it’s generating numbers in a ledger somewhere, or Paul Krugman cooped up in a corner of a room gibbering to himself that “b-b-but debts have to be repaid! You can’t just…not pay a debt!” (hat tip to Michael Hudson for this anecdote).

    Her always harping on about ‘psychopaths’ is one of the reasons I’ve come to stop paying much attention to Caitlin Johnstone. She drops the word ’empire’ a lot, but doesn’t seem to really grasp its depersonalized, institutional level logic and seems to think the basic problem is a relatively small number of ‘bad people’. In reality even if you could magically replace literally everyone in government and business with different actors little would change, or at least wouldn’t change for long before underlying pressures would start returning policy back to the old norm.

  26. different clue


    We should re-protectionize our political economy and restore enough manufacturing here so that we can meet a lower definition of more modest needs through manufacturing every physical thing here.

    Because if we “need” it, we will emit carbon to make it. If we pay someone else to make it “there”, we will cause the same carbon to be emitted over “there” as if we had made it here. But then we will cause even more carbon to be emitted by shipping it from “there” to here AFTER if is made. Whereas if we make it here, at least we can prevent the further carbon emissions caused by shipping it here on top of making it “there”.

  27. Astrid


    Caitlin has children and she is more of a cultural critic. So it’s easier for her to fixate on the individual psychopaths to rouse up her readership, leaving the nearly impossible to eradicate without actual revolution and then we still have to deal with climate chaos and resource depletion uncommented upon.

    There really isn’t much real hope of salvaging the current system, but I guess the optimistic amongst us could try to identify systems that discourage and punishes antisocial behavior.

    Me, I’m going to get some quotes for my future doomsday bunker aka tornado shelter aka vegetable cellar.

  28. Astrid

    I think calling out antisocial behavior is useful first step, by de-normalizing it and focus on how not okay it is. But failure to trace it back to uglier and more boring structural issues means it’s more cathartic than practical. I guess we end up in a “if only the Czar only knew” situation where people think if x is fixed or kicked out, things will improve, without noticing that Czar Nicholas II is the worst so things won’t improve…

  29. Plague Species

    So, we have Astrid smearing a whistleblower of a sort, Dylan Farrow, and providing cover and apologia for a monster. What Astrid reveals is the moral bankruptcy of America’s detractors and dissenters. Astrid proves this is why any revolution is doomed to failure. It can be this easily compromised and co-opted.

    Epstein was knowledgable like Astrid is knowledgable. He was also morally bankrupt. Knowledgable isn’t necessarily principled and it isn’t necessarily smart. This Astrid is pushing for communal in another thread and in this thread covering for a child rapist. I don’t want to be part of any commune with the likes of Astrid and those Astrid defends. Can you imagine such a commune where the likes of Astrid look the other way and nay defend the monstrous adults who prey sexually upon the children?

  30. Plague Species

    …but I guess the optimistic amongst us could try to identify systems that discourage and punishes antisocial behavior.

    One telltale sign of a psychopath is a complete lack of self-awareness to the point they cannot comprehend their contradictions.

    Raping a child is surely an antisocial behavior and this screen name, Astrid, is defending a child rapist using the tools available within this dysfunctional system to do so, i.e. smearing the whistleblower and all her supporters and attacking their character with lies.

  31. Astrid

    There’s no credible evidence that Woody Allen did anything wrong. Just because an accusation was made doesn’t mean it’s believe. I took a look at all the evidence available and decided the preponderance of evidence is that nothing happened. I can be convinced otherwise if you produce more convincing proof and specifically asked for it.

    But you are just like all the neolibs, happy to tar anyone skeptical of your groundless claims with the dirtiest words. You would rather that justice system be bent and further corrupted, lives of innocent people (including plenty of whistleblowers such as Murray and Assange and Hale sent to prison on groundless charges) destroyed by false accusations, and our civil liberties completely eliminated, than to ever acknowledge that you might be wrong about anything.

    You’re not just a disgusting troll who knowingly harassed women on this forum for speaking their minds. You and Hugh are dictionary definition of neoliberal scum.

  32. Astrid

    But please PS, go back to your substack. I promise I won’t follow or harass you the way you harass others here. And please take Hugh and (on their bad days) Willy and different clue with you. You’ll get a nice little self righteous anti-Trump foreigner hating circle jerk going, with no critical thinking or facts to get in the way.

  33. Plague Species

    Hey Astrid, were you friends with Epstein too like Woody Allen and the former prime minister of Israel? I could see all three of you gathering together ogling some four-year-olds and comparing your I.Q.’s.

    This thing here, below, is called Birds of a Feather.

    Around the same time, Epstein hosted another dinner at his New York home, where he introduced Allen to a connection at MIT. Joi Ito, former director of the MIT Media Lab, “met other influential individuals at meetings with Epstein, including Woody Allen, a senior executive at the Hyatt Corporation, and a former prime minister of Israel,” according to a report commissioned by the school on its ties to Epstein.

    Who are you really, Astrid? I bet my wife and I have Pegasus on our phones. That’s a hint to who and what you are and must be.

    Here’s something I know will stick in your craw. My wife convinced one of her young assistants to receive the vaccine and she’s working on the other assistant. I know you hate to hear that considering one of your many goals and the goals of your colleagues is to sow doubt about receiving the vaccine so I consider my wife’s effort a highly effective metaphorical smack to your face.

  34. Astrid

    Plague Species,

    Yes, yet again not answering my very direct answer and question to you, but making up ridiculous and wrong lies about me to make yourself feel better. I am unambiguously against the Zionist state and I never ever questioned Epstein’s guilt in any way. I don’t know why you think you’re enough for anyone to pay for a Pegasus license for, but I sure hope that helps cover whatever inadequacies you must feel living next to chicken raising immigrants and having kids that you admit having no empathy for.

    But keep projecting your internal ugliness into others, if you’d like. You and Hugh are useful for showing the small audience here about the true ugliness of racist American neoliberals. You don’t listen, you don’t seek understanding you just blindly hate but want to feel superior in your hatered. You’re just another Gen Xer who pre-soldout and was disappointed by the crappy deal you got.

  35. Astrid

    Of course, if you had any reading comprehension, you’d realized that I mentioned several times that I was vaccinated in April and why I did it despite my doubts.

    I do have a sweet 100% (incidentally an important enough one that I’m far more likely to be targeted for Pegasus than you, but still a tiny cog in the machine so I don’t sweat it) work from home non essential job (so does my husband, and my parents and in laws are well off retirees), so we can ride out all the COVID variations on isolation if we want. We can go back to personal shopper but honestly I may literally have enough food in the house (freezers, fridge, pantry + vegetable garden) that we wouldn’t go hungry if we don’t shop for a year.

    Sucks to be you, obviously paranoid about COVID yet needing your wife’s income to live in a neighborhood that you obviously consider beneath you. Paranoid about public education’s effect on your kids but relying on a public education job to make ends meet.

  36. Plague Species

    I think the chickens are hilarious. I don’t have any problem with them. Every time I see one loose running around out front of their house and in the street I laugh out loud. What makes it doubly funny is I know the rest of the neighbors do have a problem with it or would if they knew, especially the guy next door to the Mexicans. He’s Puerto Rican and he works for the CDC as a biologist. He put a huge American flag on a tree that borders his yard and the Mexican’s yard. He did this after they moved in. He’s a real nazi. He has a cat, fyi, maybe two. I’m sure if he knew about the chickens, he would report them immediately. I hope they add a cow and a goat and a couple of pigs to the mix. That will really stir things up, especially since most in the neighborhood don’t know these folks work for the cartel.

  37. Plague Species

    …obviously paranoid about COVID…

    This says so much about who and what you really are. Like the jerk taunting the doctor at the lunch counter about him being so scared of COVFEFE-45 he has to wear a mask.

  38. Astrid

    Well, considering that you DID advocate for genocide of all Chinese people and for bombing half the world back to the stone age, I can’t say I feel bad for mocking your anxiety/superiority complex, while doing nothing to actually change your actual situation. You’re the one who respond to a basic request for evidence with accusations of genocide denial, rape denial, and Mossad agent.

    Considering that the vaccines are proving to be not that great against the Delta strain, I would recommend buying some N95s while they’re still available at reasonable prices.

    Or don’t. I feel sorry for your neighbors. All of them.

  39. Plague Species

    I feel sorry for your neighbors. All of them.

    Same here. I don’t believe a single one of them has gotten on their knees and prayed God is not just.

  40. Astrid

    I don’t worry about God. If there’s a higher reality that we can’t see, I don’t pretend that I can comprehend it or game it. I just try to live as honestly and treat people around me as well as I can. Far from perfect, but punching bags like you and Hugh help me channel a lot of my anger while figure out the human predicament.

    My neighbors loves us. When we were planning to move pre-COVID, they keep telling us that they hope we could swing our job situations and stay. Turned out that COVID granted their wish. We were planning to move for a closer commute and more arable land, but the nice neighbors and stability of the Harrisburg area (and an incredibly flexible WFH policy post COVID for both my husband and me) convinced us into staying. Well, that and a solid well built MCM house that can be even cooler with about $200k of renovation. All assuming I can book the contractors before the apocalypse hits.

  41. Plague Species

    My neighbors loves us. When we were planning to move pre-COVID, they keep telling us that they hope we could swing our job situations and stay.

    Secret Asian Man grammar right there.

  42. Astrid

    LOL – completely in character for a bigot like you to tie bad cellphone grammar to Asian-ness. I won’t return the favor and attribute your rot-brainess to all USians… Just the TDS infested secret racist contingent.

  43. Astrid

    And why anybody would want to fake an identity as part of the worst people on the planet, the ones doing most of polluting, warmongering, resource degradation, violence and stupidity worshipping, shitty culture, rent seeking…

    I’m eagerly seeking an alternative passport to a slightly saner country. Though most east Asian countries, other than maybe Taiwan, actually listen to their populace and are anti immigration.

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