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War Criminals, I See War Criminals

So, Bush Jr., of Iraq and torture fame, will vote for Clinton. The Clinton team is pleased. Michelle Obama has a publicity photo with her embracing him.

Meanwhile, they are screaming at third-party voters, claiming they caused the Iraq War by not voting for Al Gore?

Bush is a war criminal. Nazis were hung at Nuremburg for the exact same crime he committed. Clinton voted for that war, though she tries to claim she didn’t think she was voting for it. Even if she wasn’t, Libya was another war crime of the same sort. What did Clinton say about Gaddafi? “We came, we saw, he died.”

Yup. He was sodomized with a bayonet, then killed.

Let us be clear: While Trump is a member of the establishment, he is not a member of the political establishment. Bush and Clinton and Obama are closing ranks against an upstart who threatens to change their world, to change how things are done.

You can’t make much of an argument from principle against Trump if you’re kissing up to George W. Bush.

I never believed Obama would have voted against Iraq if he’d been in the Senate, and I sure know he has no strong feelings about Bush. (No, no, his wife did not do a photo-op with Bush that Obama didn’t want done.)

This is a complete farce.

Make your lesser evil arguments. There is no candidate here with even a marginal case for being good.

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  1. Obama would have voted against the Iraq war the same way he voted against immunizing telecoms, terminating all pending lawsuits against them, and vesting whole new warrantless eavesdropping powers in the President in the 2008 FISA bill, which he vowed during his campaign to filibuster against until he voted for it.

  2. EmilianoZ

    It looks like Hillary might get a little thrill out of watching certain things. The correct sequence is probably:

    She saw. He died. She came.

    Human nature is full of strange aberrations. We must not judge human nature.

  3. V. Arnold

    I just finished listening to the whole, final, Obama speech at the U.N..
    Remarkable in many ways; hubristic, hypocritical, and as though the last 8 years of his presidency happened in another reality.
    Every point he made was a stark contrast; in that he failed at every one of those points.
    I wish this were Star Trek; I’d plead for Scotty to beam me up…

  4. V. Arnold

    I see dead people; most professional politicians are dead people.

  5. Brian

    I believe your larger point is correct, and certainly these photos are a depressing reminder that it’s all just one big friendly oligarchy at the top etc, but where did you read that Bush Jr will vote for Clinton? It’s been reported Bush Sr will do so, but as far as I know Jr has kept quiet.

    Of course, Bush Sr voting for HRC also confirms your point so maybe it doesn’t matter.

  6. wendy davis

    Didn’t care to watch his UN swan song, V. Arnold, but I reckon you’ll love this. The Queen of Presidential BlowJobs helps an O-so-moral-and-soul-tormented war criminal to begin his legacy-building juuuuust right. (Keep an airsick bag handy just in case.)

  7. Bill Hicks

    There was a poll out last week which shoed that nearly half of all Sanders voters do not plan to vote for Clinton. If she had 75% of them, she’d have a commanding lead, yet she continually thumbs her nose at them in contempt.

    Meanwhile, in addition to the shit above, Obama keeps aggressively pushing for the TTP. Fuck him, fuck Bush, fuck Clinton. I cannot in good conscience vote for Trump, but I hope he kicks her ass.

  8. Z

    Awwwww, isn’t Georgey a cute little war criminal …


  9. Z

    One of the benefits of Trump winning the election … and no, I’m not going to vote for either one of them … is that it would be a majority rejection of the propaganda coming from that atrocious establishment rag, the ny times.


  10. Ché Pasa

    I shuddered when I saw the video of that embrace before the dedication of the Museum of African American History and Culture.

    In fact, I couldn’t watch any more of the ceremony because that moment of warm embrace said loud and clear — if anyone had any doubts — that they, those people, Our Rulers past, present, and… future?… are all in it together, whatever their differences and disputes put on display for the public.

    I saw some “awww, innt that cuuuuute!” commentary about the embrace, and I practically vomited. Cute? No. It’s hideous. But it a hideous truth. Our Rulers care not whether what they do — and don’t do — is in the interests of anyone but themselves and their cronies, clan, tribe if you will. We, the Rabble matter not in the least to them, except to the extent that we are exploitable by them. If that’s not possible, then it’s Bye-Bye.

    War criminals they are and war criminals they fully intend to remain, chin out, daring anyone to do anything about it. Round them all up, put them in prison stripes, and hang the lot of them after a full and fair trial. Right?

    And you think Trump will do things differently? Not a chance. The difference between him and Clinton is that he’s a gangster and con-man without any mask. She — for the time being — keeps the mask on. They both have their stables of neoLibCons ready, willing, and more than able to implement appalling and destructive policies on the rest of us, because that’s what they do, that’s who they are.

    She will maintain she’s doing it for our own good, he will probably laugh at the suffering he causes to be done as he “Makes America Great.”

    The notion that he will save us from whatever perdition Hillary has in mind for us is absurd. He would do essentially the same things — only harder and faster, because that’s his way.

    Neither of them has the least concern for the public good.

    The establishment is in freak out mode over Trump in almost exactly the same way they were freaking out over Reagan, but oddly, once he was in office, their attitudes changed, and Reagan began his apotheosis. This despite the fact — or perhaps because of the fact — that he, too, was a war criminal surrounded by war criminals.

    At some point we’ve got to come to the realization that this is built in, hard-wired into our system of government, and it will not be changed by elections.

  11. >At some point we’ve got to come to the realization that this is built in, hard-wired into our system of government, and it will not be changed by elections

    It will be made worse.

  12. The responses I saw to the photo were sickening. They ignored the morality of embracing war criminals to defend the good character of the people embracing the war criminal. They ignored the consequences of a public embrace of a war criminals, and how that reflects on liberals, the Obamas, and America and Americans. They ignored the feelings of the Iraq war’s dead, from our soldiers to Iraqi dead and displaced, to the world-wide victims of war also outraged by such acts. Their excuses oozed with authoritarian sycophancy. They should be ashamed but they tell everyone else to chill and go back to polishing their I’m With The War Criminals buttons.

  13. As you can see, I was a little carried away. I don’t think the dead feel, but I do think that anyone who is upset about the dead and destruction should be upset about the photo.

  14. V. Arnold

    @ wendy davis
    September 25, 2016

    You’re right, I read one quote re: Amending Lincoln. Definitely barf material; they’re both disgusting.

  15. Z

    Susan of Texas,

    I’m deeply upset about all those things that you are upset about. Except the photo. I’m not upset about the photo. I’m just disgusted to see how pleased they are with each other and themselves.

    The punishment for so eagerly and selfishly starting that war should be eternal shame.


  16. Z: I understand the distinction.

  17. markfromireland

    @ Susan of Texas September 25, 2016

    Other than that Obama has been a more effective president than Bush there is no difference whatsoever between them. Obama has carried on the policies of Bush more effectively than Bush did. As to the photo – “known by the company they keep” is the phrase that springs to mind.

  18. XFR

    The idea seems to be to make Trump into an effigy of Bush II. That they’re doing this while embracing and lauding the real Bush II is truly glorious in its brazen absurdity.

  19. This wishlist is what comes after the evils of capitalism has done the needed heavy-lifting to get us past the point where scarcity is the main driver of political economy.

    What Middle-Class Canadians Need To Know – A Must-Watch, One Hour Economics Seminar
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  20. Ian,

    I would love to know your thoughts on the video provided in the link above.

  21. markfromireland: I noticed. I bet it’s still killing him that the Republicans prevented him from cutting “entitlements” so minorities can pull up their pants and become self-sufficient.

  22. I’m not disgusted with the photo per se. I’m disgusted with all the supposed liberals gushing over it. Calling Shrub dumb but well meaning. So many excuses for that clown coming from liberals. Do they not remember that he unleashed Karl Rove, Kris Kobach and Hans von Spakovsky on this country? That’s on top of all the other things of course.

  23. Z

    The photo of Obama’s wife embracing Bush is not news, it just symbolically affirms what we already knew.


  24. anonymous

    War criminals. War criminals. When is there not a war criminal? Let’s list all the war criminals:

    Haha, just kidding.

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