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Jeremy Corbyn Re-elected as British Labour Leader

61.8 percent of the vote, after a massive voter purge.

Labour Purge Numbers by Eoin

Labour Purge Numbers by Eoin

Labour Purge #s by Eoin

Labour Purge #s by Eoin

This is a fairly remarkable set of numbers. Even if we take them to be on the high side, a concerted effort appears to have been made to deny people votes, and almost always, from the anecdotes of those purged, they were Corbyn supporters. What is amazing is that even with so many people denied a vote, Corbyn crushed Smith.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) is the body which has the power to execute the purges.

I will suggest, strongly, that with a new roster on the NEC, Corbyn’s allies should re-instate virtually all the purged members, and that they should then purge those who were behind the purges.

There have been calls from neo-liberal Labourite leaders, like Kinnock, for ex-members of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet who participated in the abortive coup to ask to be reinstated and for Corbyn to let them back. Beyond a small number, I do hope Corbyn does not. These are not honest actors who can be trusted to stay loyal to Corbyn, and having lost two elections in a row, even despite the massive purge, they have little mandate.

We will now see if there is a split–many Tories and Labour MPs feel there should be a neo-liberal party dedicated to remaining in the EU.

This is a good day and a good result. Let us see what an actual left-wing Labour party is able to do going forward. For the first time in years, one of the two major parties in a Westminister democracy is actually left-wing, not “center-left” Blairist and neo-liberal.

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  1. tatere

    Sadly they seem to be going the “forgive and forget” route.

  2. AndrewD

    I see it more as “give them enough rope”
    Ultimately it will be up to us in the CLP’s wether Mp’s are reselected or not. I do wish people would read the Party rules specifically Chapter 5 clause 5A which states:-

    If the sitting MP wishes to stand for re-election,
    a trigger ballot will be carried out through party
    units and affiliates according to NEC guidelines.
    If the MP wins the trigger ballot he/ she will,
    subject to NEC endorsement, be selected as the
    CLP’s prospective parliamentary candidate.
    failiure to win a trigger ballot starts reselection.

  3. The party is split – the members and the voters.

  4. Wonderful news, Ian — thank you.

    Lucky for Jeremy that he wasn’t up against Hillary.

    Unlucky for us that our fiddled results gave us the candidate who could lose to the Trump monster, instead of the one people admire and trust. Damn, I miss Bernie.

  5. The problem is, as we have discussed before, that the people who have the “government-skill” were mostly on the other side of this. We shall see how this works out.

  6. Ian Welsh

    You need a leadership/managerial class.

    I suspect Britain’s unions, which backed Corbyn to the hilt, may still be able to provide that. They’re not what they were, but they should be sufficient: and they’ve done it in the past.

  7. Like I said, we’ll see. The problem is that “global issue” stuff like Brexit (which will take years to work through, likely past the next UK election) requires a very specific kind of technical knowledge, and the people who have it are close to 100% neoliberal true believers, it seems.

  8. Peter*

    Corbyn’s speech before this repeat of their elite selection process didn’t seem very left-wing either in form or substance. Calling for a new Green Corporate Industrial Revolution may sound progressive to some people but it was the first industrial revolution that caused GW and a new one won’t solve the problems the first one created.

    Corbyn reminded me of Sanders when he started selling the snake oil of ‘high paying Green jobs’ to replace the remaining skilled and actual high wage union jobs in the fossil fuel industry that he wants to destroy. What he is actually promoting is low wage temporary green jobs installing foreign produced solar products while the big Green industries profit handsomely and this scheme also transfers the carbon and other GWG costs out of the country making it appear to be lowering emissions.

  9. S Brennan

    To Erin Harris’s remark that Trump is the “Monster” we must fear.

    From my FBook entry today.


    A point that can’t be made too often, any ‘spoken’ vulgarity my “liberal” friends attribute to Trump pales in comparison to the atrocities ‘committed’ by Hillary as Secretary of State. One thing for sure is, my “liberal” friends education has failed them if they are supporting this monster.

    “They expressed horror that Clinton’s State Department allowed the Islamic militia after ousting Gadhafi to engage in genocidal violence that was particularly brutal [public castrations, dismemberment, burning, lynchings] against the various black African tribes of Libya.”

    The Libyan tribal leaders said the Islamic militants engaged in a policy of ethnic cleansing against the tribes supporting Gadhafi.

    The jihadists buried their victims in mass graves, raping thousands of women and imprisoning thousands more along with their children, the parliament members said. The imprisoned women were tortured and thousands of young girls were turned into sex slaves.”


    As for your faith in Bernie Erin; he’s 100% behind Hillary, had he not been the sheepdog that Bruce Dixon called long ago, he’d have taken Jill Stein’s offer and in so doing created a viable 3rd party…and perhaps, just as likely, an outright win.

  10. okanogen

    This is good news. We need a Corbyn in the US. Donald Trump is no Jeremy Corbyn.

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