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Protect Yourself from Retaliation After the Riots

In the years since the Ferguson riots, prominent protesters have been systematically killed. Nobody knows who is killing them, and police somehow can’t catch anyone.

The most likely explanation is that they are being killed by cops.

In New York, the man who filmed the choking death of Eric Garner was repeatedly hassled by cops, and is now in jail.

After the Minneapolis riots, the police will take revenge. If they know who you are, they will come for you. If they can find a way to get you legally, they will. If they can’t, they’ll take care of you anyway.

Fortunately, we are in the age of Covid-19.

WEAR A MASK. During the day, wear shades as well. Do not carry your phone, it is a tracking device which the police can use, retroactively, to see exactly where you were at all times. If you must have a phone, use a burner. If you are going to take pictures and video and upload later, make sure you don’t have people’s identifiable faces in them. Do your research into how to upload data safely, in a way you can’t be identified. To begin with, do NOT use a US-based VPN. I suggest a VPN from an unfriendly country: Vietnam, Russia, whatever.

Also, if you are willing to destroy property, make sure to destroy all surveillance cameras first. Every camera you destroy may save multiple people from jail or death.

Insurrections such as this one come to an end. The cops will want revenge, and they will take it.

Protect yourself.

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  1. krake

    Maybe also wear a light, easily removable top layer of clothing. There are smartwaters and synthetic DNA sprays starting to come into wider use, naturally, by municipal gangsters.

  2. Ché Pasa

    Looks like we’re in for a long and deadly summer, fractured and chaotic through Labor Day at least, with much destruction in the cities, the cities where so many have already died thanks to the virus and many more will become victims before this phase is over.

    The National Guard has been activated but not deployed? What’s that all about? And our media seems to have given up on their usual defense of authority no matter what. In fact, authority is being subjected to public and media criticism like I don’t think I’ve seen for 50 years. Something is definitely afoot.

    The riots are spreading as far as I can tell. A significant percentage of the rioters are white. Almost all are young or young-ish. More property and business owners seem to favor the rioters

  3. Ché Pasa

    oops, my finger slipped.

    At any rate, those who say ‘this time feels different’ I think are right. Where it will lead, who knows? It’s too diffuse, too much rage from too many different quarters, and no organization. But there is a lack of fear among the insurrectionist, a “fuck it” attitude that is striking and new.

    We saw the Occupy movement be allowed to run for a while and then get violently dispersed. The attempts at suppression of the current riots are spotty at best and largely failures. So what comes next?

    More force? Or? Just let it run?

    The cops, as Ian says, are known for taking revenge. True enough. But what happens if they change sides? I don’t expect them to, but these are strange times, and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. What if they turn against their masters, eh? Then all bets are off.

    Meanwhile, yes, self-protection is necessary. Masks, disposable clothing, quick wits and feet, anti-teargas and pepper spray solutions, determination.

    Yes, there are provocateurs out there, too.

  4. Arthur

    I visit a number of sites. Some far removed from cops and riots. But what I sense on them all is a growing sense of nihilism. The game really is over and everyone on some level gets it. What comes next is the breakup of the US. How long that takes and how it plays out is the only question.

  5. wendy davis

    a new video has surfaced, showing showing not just chauvin, but 2 other sociopathic pigs kneeling on him for 8 minutes, actually.

    chauvin’s being charged with 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter, so protestors around the nation are going even more wild with outrage, on twitter: #IncreaseTheCharges

    this ain’t gonna end well with the national guard being deployed in however-many venues, and trump’s have ordered military police into minneapolis ‘if…’

    but these protests (and maybe looting) were made inevitable, as they the are one way the poor ad permanently disenfranchised can make themselves heard.

    it may not be the polite thing to , but i’ve added lots of content over the past few days where i cross-post.

  6. anon

    I’ve watched dozens of videos on YouTube of Minneapolis protestors speaking on camera maskless while buildings burned in the background. It makes me shake my head. I’m thinking the entire time, your life could be potentially ruined by this video footage. The police will be combing over videos to prosecute the protestors and looters. AG Barr has expressed his plans to prosecute the protestors under the federal Anti-Riot Act. I’m expecting hundreds of people to eventually be arrested and charged.

    Even if some of those protestors aren’t arrested, they still may find it hard to get a job, or they could be fired if someone reports them to HR years from now once a video resurfaces of them insulting the police/government/establishment. Goodness knows how much worse this world is going to look like and how many more of our civil liberties will be stripped away in the near future.

    I went to protests in DC at a time shortly before every little thing was filmed and uploaded onto Twitter/ YouTube/ Facebook/ Instagram. I preferred the anonymity and not having to worry that a video could mean the end of my career. Social media will be used by law enforcement and the right to go after left-wing protestors now and in the future. And it’s not just about being charged or being barred from employment. As you stated, I also believe that some of the protestors at Ferguson were later killed by the cops. Now that they have the Trump administration on their side, law enforcement will be even more emboldened to retaliate and kill again once everything comes to an end.

  7. Dmitry Plotsynopsis

    I protested Vietnam, and I\’ve watched the wave break again and again. This time? Qualified maybe.
    I hope we are witnessing a phase change, but until el repugno goes down all bets are off.

  8. Dan Lynch

    Unfortunately the darkness and the masks are allowing nefarious (mostly white) people to show up at the protests and cause trouble.

    MofA has a post on the “Boogaloo Bois”, a mostly right-wing, pro-militia tribe. They don’t have a cohesive ideology but they seem to long for a civil war. Seriously.

    There is a saying “a movement is defined by its demands.” OK, so what are the demands of the George Floyd protesters? I get the “no justice, no peace” and I get that cops who murder need to be sanctioned, but neither of those things is a tangible demand. Chauvin has been charged with Murder III, but it’s doubtful that a Murder III charge will hold up in court, especially given the medical examiners wishy-washy report. It looks to me that the prosecutor is deliberately “throwing” the case.

    The George Floyd case may be a lost cause — and if Chauvin walks on Murder III it will be like pouring gasoline on a fire.

    One demand should be tough restrictions on police use of force, and perhaps even take away their guns. No use of deadly force unless there is an immediate threat of serious bodily harm.

    Another demand should be tax the rich and redistribute the wealth, because much of social tension has inequality at its root.

    Meanwhile, I don’t see anything good coming out of these protests. I say that as someone who is generally supportive of protests including not-so-peaceful protests. The demands are unclear, the protests are being hijacked by shady groups, and the street violence plays into the hands of right wing politicians. If it were me I would call a time-out on the protests. A national strike linked to meaty demands might be more effective.

  9. krake

    ‘Outside agitators’ serves power; it conceals the rightness, the righteousness even, of burning corporation wage-slave outlets, or police stations, or patrol cars. It reconfigures the story, back into the gloomy corral of obedience to capital, property and its agents.

    Are neofascists drawn to street violence? Yup. Always will be. That’s why a lot of them put on a cop uniform. It’s why the rest adhere to the cracker dress code.

    So what? Insurrection isn’t orderly. Opportunists and thrill seekers are drawn to disorder. The response should never be to join with capital’s moralizing scolds. Never. Do not demoralize.

    Organize, damn it. As Mr Lynch notes, above, strike. Form mutual aid groups. Copy cell structures. Form neighborhood/block eviction resistance networks. Stop the sheriff from getting to the door. Stop the squad cars from getting to the jails. Learn the side routes to every clinic and hospital. Reappropriate any foods you can. And then anything bigboxed that makes bandages, blankets, splints, first aid. Stop paying rents, mortgages, leases, car payments. Overload property’s enforcement mechanism. Make them try to stop evictions and tire fires and off-network samizdat. Make them forget sleep. Run, when you have to. Live. Care. Give a damn. Feed the shut-ins, the elders, the sick. Learn how to listen, then remember. Become the Long Memory. Be afraid, feel the fear, then turn into it and discover what universal non-cooperation does for your courage.

    Don’t go chasing ghosts or provacateurs. Know your own cells, affinities, friends. Trust that your own humanity, however compromised, is vital.

    And fight. Now.

  10. nihil obstet

    Amnesty International USA has had a campaign against police use of lethal force for several years now. Here’s the website: Unfortunately, it’s milder than it used to be.

    There are very specific things that protestors can ask for. Here’s from my talk to my city council last year (it’s very brief, because we get only 2 minutes)

    In 2015 Amnesty International USA completed and published a study of police use of lethal force in the U.S. It found that the U.S. does not have a legal framework for police action that meets international standards contained in the treaties we have ratified. We are therefore advocating that all levels of government adopt appropriate standards.

    The Amnesty study recommended that local police forces review and revise current policies to bring them into compliance with international standards, to review and revise policies and training related to race and policing diverse communities, and to publish regular statistics on persons injured and on internal disciplinary processes.

    Of especial importance is limitation of the use of lethal force to a last resort effort necessary to prevent imminent harm to persons. Lethal force should not be used to stop a person who is fleeing unless that person poses a threat of death or serious injury to others, and only as a last resort.
    -All uses of police force that result in injury or death should be investigated by an independent oversight board with necessary legal investigative powers.
    -Police training should emphasize de-escalation of tense situations.

    To say that the police department and the city council are resistant is a screaming understatement. We’ve seen every defanged pretense at meeting our requests by setting up another level of apologists for whatever the police do. I hope the protests tonight help move the needle.

  11. Hugh

    While I have heard stories that some rioters weren’t locals, the Democratic Governor of Minnesota’s contention that 80% of them were seems false on its face. Meanwhile our fascist Republican AG Bill Barr is blaming far left groups. The idea that a lot of people are fed up with militarized police and no justice–naw, impossible. Quick sweep all that under the rug.

    In Louisville, a (white) TV reporter and her cameraman covering protests of a young black woman having been shot repeatedly by police in her own home were shot repeatedly themselves with pepper balls on live TV by a policeman on the same force. Seems the police learn absolutely nothing from these episodes, which makes sense since they keep happening.

  12. Ché Pasa

    I say that disbanding police forces that are this prone to murder and violence — MPD has been notorious for many years — is the necessary action by public officials, but it’s almost impossible to accomplish through any normal process. Too many institutional constraints. And the overclass needs its paramilitaries too much.

    One of the potential demands in Minneapolis is defunding the police. Cut them no checks. Then they go on strike, right? And then? Maybe they get fired for striking. Interesting.

    Direct confrontation with police forces generally doesn’t work. But keeping them engaged in suppressing protests is effective in preventing some of their other actions. There are only so many cops, and a restive citizenry that refuses to go home and shut up keeps them very busy.

    The question of who is actually rioting has been raised. As has been noted, many of the supposed protesters and rioters are white. Some I’d say are genuine allies. Others, nah. It’s not that hard to sort out who is who.

    In the meantime, power is trembling.

  13. Z

    These protests are about a lot more than George Floyd and that is why they’ve so quickly gained force and momentum. Their primary energy comes from young people who have little and therefore little to lose who are rebelling against a system they know is unfair and immoral and furthermore has no future for them. I’d about a 100% guarantee you that these two things are most common among the protestors, especially the violent ones: their age and their income, not race.

    There are also plenty of elements that were recently added to this powderkeg that someone of vision, certainly not Trump, a man who runs strictly on instincts … and just as certainly not one of the corrupt and venal democrats, except Sanders … could have foreseen and headed off.

    -Tens of millions of people are recently unemployed, a good percentage of them young because so many work in the service industry, so they have more time on their hands and no responsibilities. College is out too.
    -With Sanders out of the democratic party race, cheated out of it in some ways, there’s no political channels for young adults to funnel their energy through, no hope of getting positive change done politically.
    -The protestors have pent up physical energy due to the social quarantining and not working.
    -Due to the virus, almost all of them are also hiding behind, and are emboldened by, the anonymity afforded them by the masks.

    Then, of course underlying it all, burning in its core, is the deep-seated anger at a system that a blind man can see offers them little future, literally, and is heavily tilted towards the dirt bags on Wall Street. For f*cks sake, look at the stock indices and look at the unemployment stats. It’s right there.

    And Wall Street will be where it goes next, the devil’s den, and justifiably so.


  14. Z

    Remember too that there was an element of the Occupy Movement that got radicalized by the Obama Administration’s federally coordinated crackdown, which he’s never had to answer a question about from the media as far as I know.

    Some of those protestors, who were for the most part peacefully protesting, got themselves felony convictions from it so their future prospects are already tainted and they’ve been taught that they’re going to get roughed up regardless. Think they ain’t got a grudge to bear?

    I saw video of some dude knocking out a Oakland cop today. Oakland was one of the places that the cops most aggressively cracked down on Occupy. The dude walked up to the cop, there were cops on either side of the cop too, bumped fists with the cop, the cop aggressively pointed him away, and the dude sucker punched him and took off on foot with his skateboard and it looked like he got away, and it looked calculated on his behalf, like that was his plan all along.


  15. bruce wilder

    I do not pay much attention to the news so I was only vaguely aware of protests in the wake of the police murder of Floyd. But, tonight in LA’s Fairfax district, it was hardly necessary to consult CNN. The scale of this riot must be enormous.

  16. Z

    If Biden had any brains, and he obviously has less now, but never had much to begin with, he’s always just been a doped up, self-delusional, grifting showman living on his smile, but if he did he’d drop out of the race.

    He is absolutely NOT the man for this moment.


  17. Z

    Apparently the primary perpetrators of the riots are members of a byzantine anarchist group who are engaging in a complex strategy of attacking cities in states they don’t live in … and are also reportedly either directly tied to or being heavily manipulated by Putin.

    Details to come never …


  18. Mark Pontin

    anon wrote: “Even if some of those protesters aren’t arrested, they still may find it hard to get a job, or they could be fired if someone reports them to HR years from now once a video resurfaces of them insulting the police/government/establishment. ”

    Come on. What kind of jobs under what kind of conditions would they be headed to anyway with how the U.S. has been looted out by elites? There’s at least as many whites as blacks and browns out there, and they — we — all know that much.

    “I can’t breathe.” Indeed. Here on this site plenty of posters were saying that Washington DC pols and elites were out of their tiny little minds in thinking that given the massive unemployment from COVID19 they were just going to feed billions more to the rich while letting the mass of the populace go under, and that there’d be riots at the summer’s end.

    Well, they kicked off early, thanks to one (among the many) sociopaths employed in police departments across the U.S.

    Bruce Wilder wrote: “…tonight in LA’s Fairfax district, it was hardly necessary to consult CNN. The scale of this riot must be enormous.”

    It’s most major U.S. cities. It’s worth looking at the pictures and videos that — and I almost hate to concede this — the DAILY MAIL is putting up, because being in the U.K. they’re showing things that the U.S. MSM wouldn’t and you get an idea of the scale of it.

    The American people finally grew a pair. I thought it’d never happen.

  19. krake

    I don’t know if it goes without saying, but please do your damndest to stay out of covid-19 incubation pens like jails.

  20. Stirling S Newberry


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    From a region in my mind.

  21. anon

    Mark – most would not be headed to elite jobs but there are college students in those crowds who might want one of the few decent paying jobs left someday. Having a criminal record can bar you from blue collar work too. I’ve seen people with a criminal background who could not get a job at a supermarket or were later fired after it was revealed they had done something criminal years ago.. A criminal record or just one incriminating video can destroy your life and prevent you from getting a minimum wage job.

  22. Guest

    Also, let’s stop this talk about any radical defunding police I am hearing all of a sudden. Masses of unemployed cops is a prescription for a society run by paramilitary gangs and dictatorship . Reform and demilitarize them so we have some good cops to protect us from the bad ones. But maybe it’s too late. I wonder about de blasio and others like him. Was he already a traitor at heart or is the system really just so owned by the billionaires and organized crime (tomayto tomahto) that they put a horses head in in bed or something.

    What does Ian say about police unions? I’m very pro union, but after the military, I think the police are the 2nd to last group that should be allowed to unionize.

  23. StewartM

    “Outside agitators”? So Democrats and MSNBC pundits are now using segregationist-speak?

  24. krake


    It’s authority, (R) and (D), or in the case of police chiefs, cops and AG Barr, (F). Even the corporate press has largely avoided drawing the explicit conclusion.

  25. KT Chong

    Finally, Black and Occupy protestors have figured out how to protest, riot and loot properly. You do NOT protest, riot and loot in your own neighborhoods or another poor ethnic neighborhood.

    You go to RICH WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS, like Beverly Hills and the Fairfax district (i.e., “Melrose Place”,) and you protest, riot and loot THERE.

    The people who have power, they do not care if you protest, riot and loot elsewhere: “Whatever, it’s not my problem.”

    However, when you go to their neighborhood to protest, riot and loot, you set their businesses, shops and arses on fire, and you tell them that you want to eat them and hang them, that the French Revolution and Reign of Terror is coming for them, terrorize them a bit, that is when you give them the incentive to change and fix thing.

  26. someofparts

    Well if the states go broke, wiping out pensions for public employees, in addition to laying off many of them, I wonder if that will impact the police? Would they spare the police those depredations while they inflict them on everybody else working for the government?

  27. Z

    Well if the states go broke, wiping out pensions for public employees, in addition to laying off many of them, I wonder if that will impact the police? Would they spare the police those depredations while they inflict them on everybody else working for the government?

    Of course they’d pay the cops and pay the cops in full over anybody else in the cities.

    They’re their street enforcers.


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