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May 29th US Covid Data

There is a slight worsening in the rate of new cases. Given the fact that Covid-19 takes time to kill, that will not show yet in the data.

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  1. Keith in Modesto

    The LA Times has a page up on COVID-19 stats for California. One chart shows number of new cases per day since February (bars for each day & a line for a 7 day average). A few weeks ago it looked like it might be leveling off, but the trend is now pretty clearly increasing.

  2. S Brennan

    Metamars, Good video. It is amazing to watch the willing acceptance of dogmatic thinking by those who like to think of themselves as having a liberal mind…sad too. I’d write more but…

  3. @S Brennan

    We need ‘all’ hands on deck to fight the up/down battle for honesty (leading to cost/effectiveness) in health care. That honesty is missing in both liberal and conservative main stream media. Doubtless, many people internalize exactly the distorted beliefs that said media want them to. So, when it comes to conservatives, those who consumed conservative media were more likely than others to internalize the BIG LIE that the United States had the best health care system in the world. (This was a common talking point in 2008/2009). Wouldn’t want to mess with the best, now, would we?

    The tribalism innate in human nature, and exploited by the powers that be, through the media, and otherwise, is a given. I, personally, would avoid being overly judgmental about our fellow citizens’ particular endowment/orientation of tribalism.

    We need them to get out of this mess, and they need us.

  4. S Brennan

    “a liberal mind” is not a political position, it’s the ability to give consideration to ideas that are foreign to one’s self.


    “a conservative mind” seeks to preserve traditions & practices that have proven themselves useful over time.

    All good people incorporate both into their daily lives.

    When I use the term “liberal” as opposed to liberal as an adjective, the quotation marks are meant to designate, people who think of themselves as liberal but, are in fact, are just engaged in public virtue signaling. Their belief system is transitory and completely self serving.

    Do people who call themselves “conservatives” engage in the same behavior that I mock in “liberals”? Yes, yes they do but, their rhetoric tends to be more closely aligned to their unkind practices. So their is little point in “exposing” them. I have no problem with genuine liberals but, they are a tiny percentage of people who call themselves liberal.

  5. S Brennan

    BTW Metamars; in my life I have watched labels and positions reverse in my life, genuine liberals, in the not so distant past were against, massive-immigration, needless-foreign-war, globalism and so on.

    After Bush, [the 2nd] conservatives have turned against foreign intervention, while liberals only oppose military intervention when there is a R in the presidency. With a D in the White-House, foreign wars are an essential part of the American diet. It’s now “conservatives” who oppose globalism, while “liberals” embrace the ecological destruction that is inherit in globalism. Likewise, Barbra Jordan, the most eloquent D speaker after JFK’s was quite outspoken on immigration’s deleterious effects on FDR’s liberal institutions and she was not alone, RFK, Caesar Chavez, Jimmy Carter, McGovern et al held a similar view that is now only espoused by Tucker Carlson.

    Is it any wonder I mock today’s “liberals”?

  6. Harry Lime

    I have this suspicion that they deliberately underreported the numbers for the several days prior to the death toll reaching 100,000. This was so the media could prepare everyone for the milestone. Note the rate of increase went back to the 1,000+ per day afterward.

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