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Merry Chistmas

I hope you are having a good one. It’s been a long year for me, and I suspect, for many of you. Let this be a good day for us, if we can.


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  1. Joan

    Merry Christmas everyone. 🙂

  2. StewartM

    Merry Christmas Ian. I wish you happiness and peace.

  3. Al

    Peace on Earth to everyone

  4. nihil obstet

    Let’s eat, drink, and remember with gladness that the days are now again getting longer. Merry Christmas to all.

  5. scruff

    Merry Christmas to all, however difficult it might be.

  6. Ian Welsh

    Removed one off topic comment. Let’s keep this thread free of political bickering (plenty of other threads for that.)

  7. anon y'mouse

    Merry Christmas, Ian. I hope next year is a better one for you.

    Thank you for keeping this blog going.

    Get better!

  8. Stirling Newberry

    I am the bear stalking Wall St. It was a good month of December.

    And these are good times, wait till the recession starts.

  9. Ian, You have been a saint and a stalwart for those who would like to understand “What’s goin’ on…” I regret this has been such a rotten year for your health, but do know that the stars — and your readers — are rooting for you at every turn. Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year. You richly deserve both!

  10. Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays to everyone.

    Love you, Ian.

    Thanks for your wise counsel.

    I hope we can enjoy the new year.


  11. S Brennan

    Merry Christmas Ian, I am glad you are doing okay.

    An up & down year here, huge medical bills* from a 3rd world infectious disease caught while down working in LA. Treatment consisted exclusively of IV antibiotics, while I almost died, after day two I could have handled it as an outpatient…but hospital rules MANDATED full-time admittance for any treatment, I left against Doctors orders after 10 days when I finally found an MD who would administer treatment outside the hospital. Full recovery took a couple of painful months.

    While I had “Obamacare compliant” insurance from my 3rd tier contract employer, my out of pocket expense topped 300-G’s for ten days. Defenders of Obama’s “Plantation-Care” on this board [and elsewhere] are full of shit. Obama’s Plantation-Care policies are riddled with exemptions that make them worthless…except Medicaid, which now has claw-backs if one ever gets their life back on track. I know, because, after my impoverishment through Obama’s Plantation-Care, I now qualify for Medicaid, however, I will owe every penny spent on medical care should I die…or win the lotto. So unless you are a loser, medicaid is a loan, don’t take it…unless of course…you’re a loser.

    Hillary & other sundry DNC elites will never get my vote, my vote will always go whomever is most likely to defeat the scumbags even if he/she “is the greater evil”.

    *….that will never be paid in my lifetime.

  12. Ian Welsh

    Very sorry to hear it Brennan. We tried to warn about the problems of Obamacare, but folks would not hear it.

  13. marku52

    Ian, thanks for all the hard work you do. Rest up and get well.

    SB, “Plantation Care”. Well, that’s about right. Notice how well the health InsCos have done compared to the S&P. The ACA did them no harm.

    With a little more time on it, I’m sure we can get to 25% of GDP on Insurance, and still have 10 million uninsured. The Useless Dems will be working full time on it.

  14. S Brennan

    Thanks for the kind thought Ian, let’s hope for a better new year.

  15. V

    May you have well being (health) and contentment in the coming year…

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