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May 31st US Covid Data

And the cases and deaths just keep piling up.

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Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – May 31, 2020


Policing the Police


  1. S Brennan

    File Under: Gee ya Think; TREATMENTS, not Cures, not Vaccines…

    “Since the world might wait years for a coronavirus vaccine, drugs that can mitigate its effects are now in the spotlight…

    …Health centers in China and Japan have been studying favipiravir as a Covid-19 treatment for months.In one clinical trial in China, patients taking the drug tested negative for coronavirus after a median of four days, less than half the 11 days it took for patients in a control group…Japan approved favipiravir in 2014, but not for seasonal flu. It was given the OK for novel or reemerging influenza viruses when other antiviral drugs don’t work…Japanese researchers began administering favipiravir to Covid-19 patients around the end of February. Fujifilm itself began a phase 3 clinical trial in Japan in March with about 100 patients, TARGETING those with MILD TO MODERATE symptoms”

  2. Zachary Smith

    60,000 doses of avifavir, a COVID-19 treatment, to be delivered in June

    This looks promising:

    Avifavir, originally developed to combat severe forms of influenza, demonstrated the ability to disrupt the reproductive mechanisms of COVID-19 in clinical trials. It has also been approved for use against influenza in Japan since 2014, so its safety is well established and studied.

    Good news is a nice change of pace.

  3. According to wikipedia, favipiravir became a generic drug in 2019, though there’s no citation.

    According to a link at, “Avifavir has received a registration certificate from the Russian Health Ministry, thus becoming the first Favipiravir-based drug in the world approved for the treatment of COVID-19, according to the statement.”

    So, possibly avifavir is still under $patent$, hence Tony Fauci might actually embrace it, like he did with remdesivir. I think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell he’ll embrace favipiravir.

    HOWEVER, if a Russian company owns the patents, that little Nazi might pretend that there’s no evidence, only some anecdotal claims of no worth. Ya know, like he did with hydroxychloroquine.

    So, in such a case, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one, unless the hypothetical Russian owner strikes a deal with a Western pharma company.

    In one of his programs, Dr. Chris Martenson did a detailed comparison of modes of action, between remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine. Remdesivir has only 1 mode of action (I don’t remember the details), which hydroxchloroquine also had. However, hydroxychloroquine had a number of additional modes of action.

    Maybe Fauci heard this program, because he changed a clinical study of remdesivir vs. hydroxychloroquine to remdesivir vs. placebo.

  4. S Brennan

    But Metamars it’s important that the concept of a TREATMENT seep into the conversation.

    As you can see from this comment section, there is an “ideology” being sold that we should use the early detection that testing provides ONLY for isolation and not TREATMENT. It’s hard to reconcile the idiocy of such a thought process outside of a political need to devastate the country in order to make Biden/neoliberalism’s-DNCers seem sweet enough to swallow.

    BTW, I agree with your take on Fauci, it is hard for me to watch this blog give aid & abet him.

  5. S Brennan

    Anyhow, I am little people, by waiting until fall arrives before making manufacturing preparations, Fauci ensures we will face the winter onslaught at the mercy of his pharma benefactors.

    That is why I have started stocking up on Zinc/Vitamin D3/and organic quinine, I know under Fauci direction I will be left behind to fend for myself.

    But I ask Ian how is it that a Fauci can purposely cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands and not suffer a single line of condemnation and yet one man’s murder brings the nation to the streets? Perhaps Stalin’s quip “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic” applies but, the wry humor of it seems hard to swallow when the million deaths will be those that you hoped to grow old with.

  6. @S Brennan

    “As you can see from this comment section, there is an “ideology” being sold that we should use the early detection that testing provides ONLY for isolation and not TREATMENT.”

    I suppose you mean “comment section of this blog” (as opposed to “comment section of this post”).

    Well, you and I are allowed to comment here. And we cam comment on not just hydroxychloroquine, but also vitamin D. Some posts don’t make it, but most do.

    Compare that with Fox news. I’ve seen quite a bit on hydroxychloroquine, probably most of it by Laura Ingraham. However, I’ve only heard of a single, fleeting comment (by Tucker Carlson), regarding vitamin D; and I vaguely recall something by Dr. Oz, though that might have been just on his video.

    Speaking of Oz, he seems to have gone silent on hydroxychloroquine. This started right around the time I read a headline about some people asking that his medical license be revoked. Checking his youtube channel, “hydroxychloroquine” doesn’t appear in any title less than a month old.

    The crimes of what I call the “medical mafia” long predate the covid epidemic, and enforcing omerta is common to all mafias. They don’t want liberals talking, they don’t want conservatives talking, and they don’t want anybody else talking. Especially on main stream media. I’m surprised Laura Ingraham still appears to be discussing hydroxychloroquine openly. It’s pretty clear that she correctly understands, like you and I do, that successfully reopening (i.e., with minimal additional deaths), requires ubiquitous application of successful therapeutics. (BTW, I recall reading about successful treatments after the cytokine storm hits, but couldn’t find the source. I think I saw it on Since even asymptomatic infected people can get ‘permanent’ lung damage, I think early intervention is still greatly preferable.) I would argue that vit D is just as important.

    The United States is not the only country suffering from a medical mafia. Macron met with Raoult for over 3 hours, yet France recently banned the use of HCQ for treating covid-19. From politico:

    “On Tuesday, the country’s public health agency advised against using hydroxychloroquine outside of clinical trials. Shortly after that, the national medicines regulator suspended its use in clinical trials.”

    Notice the 2nd sentence, especially. Just disgusting.

    I’ve gotten deflected from my latest activist indulgence, in this sphere, but bear with me. (I was researching vit K2, to be used in conjunction with D, mostly for my artherosclerotic brother. While the evidence isn’t nearly as strong as for vit D, it’s upsetting to me to note that his doctors didn’t have him taking any K2. Some people fear that taking high vit D3 without vitamin K2 could be dangerous.)

    We need mass dissemination of relevant knowledge, that can’t be choked off by various filters (as Chomsky would call them) of the media. We also can’t depend on using social media.

    We’ve seen how lockdowns and social distancing were just ignored, when large numbers of people chose to ignore them. Historically, only a few percent of the public ever protests anything.

    We should start by educating a few percent of the public on what the medical mafia has inflicted on them (yes, with typically Democratic politicians and liberal influencers as willing accomplices).

  7. via

    “The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the country’s apex body in the field, has found that consuming the drug hydroxychloroquine reduces the chances of getting infected with Covid-19.

    As a result, ICMR released an advisory Friday to expand the usage of HCQ — an anti-malarial drug — as a preventive treatment against the novel coronavirus.

    The conclusion has been drawn on the basis of three studies conducted by the ICMR.

    The advisory suggests surveillance workers, paramilitary and police personnel, as well as medical staff working in non-Covid hospitals and blocks to start consuming the pill as “preventive therapy”.

    source:, May 22

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