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Marcy Wheeler, aka. Emptywheel, has a new home

You can find Marcy’s new home here.  Her goodbye post from FDL is here.  Bmaz is going with her.  I have added their new home to my blogroll.

If you haven’t read Marcy in the past, you should start, she’s able to dig down into stories and find what matters.  Bmaz’s legal analysis is also excellent and not to be missed, though he writes less often than Marcy.  The last year or so I’ve found that when I visited FDL I spent most of my time at Emptywheel, their blog.


So, compared to McCain, was Obama actually the lesser evil?


If anything like the Gang of Six austerity plan passes


  1. misterpants

    Tbogg sure likes them doggies, a little too much if you get what I mean.

  2. Morocco Bama

    how to account for wages lost in the negotiating period

    From the latest post there. I wouldn’t consider what these perpetual adolescents receive for their highly overrated performances, wages. A wage is what the grunts make, and it’s not a living wage most of the time, so to call what these Prima Donna’s by comparison make the same thing is rather an insult, and yet those aforementioned downtrodden and oppressed TRUE wage earners are the very target market of this quasi-religious distraction and deception called Corporate Sports.

    What took her so long to leave FDL? It’s a holding pen with border collies all about keeping the sheep in line.

  3. Notorious P.A.T.

    Yay, a new blog to read!

  4. I never liked Wheeler much, she can be extremely ideologically rigid when her personal biases are in question. Take her vicious Anti-Toyota bashing campaign during the fake runaway acceleration ‘scandal’; to this day she refuses to concede the point, insisting on vast and nebulous conspiracies against… her, among others. Or her diehard cheerleading for the Chevy Volt, which is a total joke that receives enormous taxpayer subsidies seemingly just to fuel strip mines in Bolivia and a couple battery factories in Michigan.

    I think she has a habit of seeing conspiracies everywhere, and that pays off more than it statistically should in the bloated final days of our American Empire, but it doesn’t represent great blogging for me.

  5. Morocco Bama

    It’s no conspiracy that the U.S. media conspired to impugn Toyota’s reputation by blowing the story way out of proportion and affording it way more coverage than it ever deserved. I find it unfathomable and questionable that a serious blogger would carry water for such a transparent public relations take down and shake down. There was another way to beat Toyota….and that was to build better cars that the customers wanted. Instead, GM, and the Big Three in general, conspired with the Commodity Regimes to produce what can only be described as overpriced Shit.

    Chevy is a redundancy, and GM still doesn’t get it. Chevy and Buick are overlaps, and the Chevy Truck division is an overlap with GMC. GM should be Buick, Cadillac and GMC Trucks….that’s it, and the fact that it’s not shows the corruption at the highest levels of GM. It’s still a corrupt gravy train to this very day. GM is an example of Capitalistic Stalinism, in my opinion. It beat Stalinism at its own game, and let’s face it, Stalinism was always its competition.

    In all fairness, except there is no fairness, Chrysler and GM, if not for Stalinism, should be no more. They’re are Bernie, as in Weekend at Bernie’s, with our Corporate Stalinist state propping them up as though they’re alive, when in fact, they are lifeless corpses being used as a ruse to enrich the cock roaches who are devouring it’s innards in the feast that’s taking forever to end.

  6. Notorious P.A.T.

    It cracks me up to see that about FireDogLake, since the blogs I used to frequent consider it so far beyond the pale that it might as well be in another country.

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