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I see the “progressive” begging class

is fund-raising off of Occupy Wall Street.  Welcome to co-option, whether you like it or not.  Most big blogs and organizations like MoveOn exist to beg, nothing more, nothing less.


Ontario Liberals Win


Revolution Basics #1: Who cares what you think?


  1. Perhaps…this is positive? OWS is reviving the populist left and that can’t be bad.

  2. BDBlue

    They really do infest everything don’t they. Parasites. Just like the people on Wall Street they claim to be fighting.

  3. Anne2

    Most big blogs and organizations like MoveOn exist to beg, nothing more, nothing less.

    The stone , cold truth. …oh and to promise to fight “next time” if you send money now

  4. Jack Crow

    What’s positive about hijacking a movement which rejects the concentration of power in order to turn its imagery and message towards the concentration of power, Raven?

  5. Emocrat

    All I can say is, “Good luck, because they’re going to need it.”

    While I fully expect to see erstwhile “Veal Pen” operations try to capitalize and thusly co-opt the movement, I don’t see them succeeding. MoveOn in particular operates solely to support the Democratic Party. Given the level of disdain for incumbents of both parties, I just don’t see how such orgs can gain any real traction.

    In the end, they will be on the outside of the movement, sniping from the pseudo-left. We’re already seeing it with BS criticisms like, “Where are the demands?” and, “The messaging is so muddled.”

    MoveOn’s leadership is so deeply entwined with the party apparat, I don’t see them breaking free of it. As such, they have no credibility.

  6. Jumpjet

    Any of these groups that tries to make the occupiers think about reelecting Obama is going to totally lose legitimacy in their eyes. The majority of them know that Obama is part of the problem.

  7. Anne2

    Where are the signs saying “Obama is part of the problem” I’d be more believing if there was some mention of Wall Street’s guy in the WH…..MoveOn is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dem party as are the unions…. If they are coming around OWS , they expect this thing to help the Dem party…and it is helping them already by aiming the anger solely at bankers.
    When I hear OWS is beyond politics, it reminds me of how we were told Obama was beyond race….not really .

  8. MoveOn disgusts me, but this is just part of the pattern. It is no surprise that the faux Progressives are trying to co-0pt the Occupy movement; I saw the same thing back this spring here in Wisconsin. One ‘liberal’ site I won’t name, for example, ran stories about how those of us in the Capitol weren’t going to win or accomplish anything, right up until they started running solicitation emails about how they embodied the ‘Spirit of Wisconsin’. Made me want to vomit. Still does. The so-called online left is full to the brim with carpetbaggers.

    And now I’m getting the same sorts of emails now from precisely the same sort of people.

  9. Name the website, John Sears. No fair not sharing. As far as the good thing, Jack Crow, I think he meant that OWS has arrived at a certain stage of relevance now that the fundraising locusts have descended.

    I don’t think it’s such a big deal that the signs haven’t singled out Obama, yet. The whole thing is a glaring indictment of his failure of leadership. Those are many of the same people who were so excited by Obama 3 years ago. Do you see any pro-Obama signs in those pictures? He’s made himself irrelevant (at best) to his former non-elite base. He may start courting them soon, but I think it’s too late for him. His betrayals and the parties betrayals are just too massive and pervasive.

    They are the real reason behind this movement. We gave the Dems majorities and a mandate for change 3 years ago, and instead we got reinforcement of the status quo, plus a superkommittee intent on destroying what’s left of New Deal. How are the Democrats going to seek acceptance of this movement now that the dirty work of the superkommittee will be coming out soon.

  10. Jack Crow

    I know sure being identified as a carcass for the picking is a “good thing.”

  11. If you insist, Guest:

    (I misremembered, it was the ‘Spirit of Madison’, but otherwise here’s a good example of shameless carpetbagging and co-option)

  12. Parah Salin

    Was David Dayen from FireDogLake trying to co-opt the Wisconsin movement?

    Carpet bagging:
    It was used as a derogatory term, suggesting opportunism and exploitation by the outsiders. Together with Republicans they are said to have politically manipulated and controlled former Confederate states for varying periods for their own financial and power gains. In sum, carpetbaggers were seen as insidious Northern outsiders with questionable objectives meddling in local politics, buying up plantations at fire-sale prices and taking advantage of Southerners.

    Manipulation, exploitation? Do you have a problem with fundraising from FDL’s own visitors to keep the lights on? IIRC, dday took a flight out there from CA to report on it. There was no fundraising, or membership drive presence in Wisconsin like you see with MoveOn. Sounds like bitter lemons.

  13. Dayen’s coverage of the Capitol protests was pathetic. He would frequently repeat, without any verification, right wing talking points and lies, get his facts wrong and never update or correct. It drove me nuts. And yes, when there was a real sincere effort to channel money to feed and shelter and support actual protesters readily available online, as I mentioned in the comments there, hawking stupid branded tote-bags instead while touting yourselves as examples of a movement you had nothing to do with save, as you note, one extremely brief stopover visit to take a few bad photos is exploitative.

    FDL’s doing it again right now with the Occupy Wall Street protests, btw. Somehow every major lefty on the ground event becomes a fundraising email from them in my inbox.

  14. Parah Salin

    Well John Sears, you’re a “fabricator.”

    Dayen was there doing on the location reporting from the 23th to the 27th of Feb. it wasn’t a stop over and he was not carpet bagging, holding out the tin cup in Wisconsin.
    There are 21 pages of diaries there with 11 per page of wisconsin diaries alone.

    So you don’t want to support his work, but if his reporting is so awful why are you reading it for free and then complaining about it?
    I don’t know of any blog sites with reporters that don’t ask for financial support for full time journalist(s), and a slew of great front pagers, which even include a few who have doctorates in economics. Let me ask you this: Do you get paid for your work?

    And you didn’t give any examples of those right wing talking points.

  15. silenthill

    John, you’re full of it. FDL has consistently stayed on track with progressive values. They have received a lot of flack from Obama democrats and neoliberals for not supporting the Dems blindly. The only person on that website spewing right wing talking points is Tbogg, and no one gives a fuck what that dog pornographer thinks.

    I do remember David Dayen wrote a questionable piece about OWS when it first started, but it was quickly shouted down by FDL members.

  16. Ian Welsh

    FDL has not always been ideal. That said, they have been better on the issues than any other major prog blog, and deserve credit for that.

  17. Well, Parah, you either can’t read or are trying to put words in my mouth so I have little time for you.

    I said they had nothing to do with the *movement* which Dayen was trying to fundraise off of, NOT that he never wrote anything about it. To the contrary, and you seem to have missed this, I said that he did write on it, badly.

    And yes, compared to people who slept in the Capitol for weeks (not me, though I spent a few nights including the last one before the police got violent), compared to the organizers, the unions, the students, dropping in for some blogging from one of our many comfortable coffee shops is a stopover. FDL was not one of the organizations on the ground, and should not have tried to cash in.

    Dayen was fairly snide and condescending to the capitol protesters, frequently talking them down, stating the inevitability of the Walker victory. He throughout would present press releases as facts (like the one where he confused the Capitol being ordered re-opened with it actually, err, being re-opened) and left erroneous information up and not-updated. His original post about the Capitol being reopened early on March 1st is STILL UP and still wrong after all this time, though he made later entries reflecting reality.

    As for the people who were actually involved, and could have used the money (and definitely were more deserving), the SEIU, the TAA, AFSCME, the People’s Microphone group, or the locals who were taking money to feed protesters like Ian’s Pizza, Willy Street Co-Op, Gotham Bagels, etc… all of whom I saw in the Capitol myself, working day-in, day-out to keep things going.

    But they didn’t have tote bags. *rolls eyes*

    I’m not even going to get into the childish ad-hominems or straw men. I never said FDL should or should not be paid for their blogging, then or now. I was at the time quite unhappy that, instead of directing online readers with money to donate to any of the above groups, who would have actually used it to help the protests, he chose to flog FDL wares. That was crass. Likewise, the emails I get to this day asking for money on absolutely every issue that comes up are crass. Even Moveon is less pushy.

    And no, I don’t read FDL any more. I quit after that fundraising post and found it an easy habit to break.

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