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Fundraising Update and Fundraiser Ending Friday the 18th

I want to thank everyone who’s given. It’s been a bad year for anyone not in the top 1 percent or so, and I appreciate the donations and subscriptions greatly.

We’ve raised approximately (some crypto donations have made the numbers not even) $8,925. That means we’ve passed the second tier:

Three more articles, this set most likely on the conditions that create golden Ages, including one on how to create an ecological Golden Age (what we need next.)

The last tier unlocks at $11,000:

$11,000: two more articles, these on the conditions that create good and bad societies to live in; an introduction and conclusion and some commentary and connecting text as seems necessary.

The fundraiser has been going on for almost a month, so I’m going to draw it to a close as of Friday at midnight, and go back to the little message at the bottom of the posts on Saturday.

Again, I’m thankful to everyone who has given. If you’d like to try and push us to that $11,000 goal and only if you are financially secure (please DON’T give if it would mean any hardship to you) then please subscribe or donate and we’ll see if we make it: $2,075 as of this writing. Even if we don’t, rest assured, the money helps.





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  1. Greetings Ian,

    On behalf of the People’s Republic of China I would like to extend our best wishes for the continued success of your innovative and forward thinking information campaign. We hope that our contributions will assist in supporting a glorious people’s revolution in Canada.

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