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Avoiding Mass Ethnic Cleansing Or Genocide In Gaza

So, the Israeli government has:

Of course, that number can’t be moved and if they could, it’d be mass murder in its own way.

I’m going to state this very simply.

The way things are going, the only way to stop Israel from committing genocide or a wave of ethnic cleansing that makes the Nakba look mild (and quite possibly both) is if Hezbollah/Syria/Iran and perhaps other Muslim countries declare war and win.

It’s unfortunate, but the Israelis have gone mad with power and demonization of the people who are primarily their victims, the Palestinians.

Kick your victims into a corner, brutalize them for generations, then they lash out with violence that is horrific but not even close to as bad as what you have done to them, use it as justification for more horror.

I again refer you to the actual death/injury card and remind you that Palestinians did not invade someone else’s land and kick them out of their homes, then live in them.

And children, if you think anti-semitism is bad now you haven’t even seen how bad it will be if Israel does what it’s planning to do.

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I Try To Avoid The Word Genocide


Open Thread


  1. Dan Lynch

    We (in the West, anyway) are ruled by psychopaths.

    An all out Arab war on Israel might end up killing more people, rather than saving lives. Was have a tendency to do that. The “Axis of Resistance” might arrange small scale attacks on multiple fronts, that would hamper and slowly bleed the IDF, perhaps leading to a turning point 10 years down the road, but that would not prevent the IDF from genociding Gaza, which can be done by air power & artillery, or simply by withholding food, water, and medicine.

    I’m guessing the Hamas strategy is something like this: 1) create a shocking 9/11 type incident that causes Israel to over-react 2) let Israel genocide Palestinians (not that Hamas has the power to stop the genocide) so that world opinion gradually turns against Israel 3) then use defensive guerrilla warfare tactics to slowly bleed the IDF year after year until Israel finally throws in the towel. Say 10 years, like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc..

    It would not be impossible for Russia and China to intervene in various ways, but from a Machiavellian point of view it is in Russia and China’s best interest to sit back and watch the West get bogged down in yet another unwinnable imperialist conflict.

  2. Soredemos

    Israeli politics was already a wasteland of far right and further right bile. Now they’ve had their 9/11 and the restraints are all off. They called up 660,000 reservists, in addition to the standing military. This is a kind of ‘what’s the point of having such a magnificent military if you don’t use it?’ moment. Whatever the actual desires or convictions of Israeli leadership (and I still genuinely think Netanyahu is probably relatively more sane and moderate than a lot of the swamp creatures in Israeli politics, and in his own coalition government) the probably irresistible pressure now is to escalate to brutal, total action. No one can tell the army to stand down now even if they wanted. The public won’t stand for it, and probably neither would the army itself.

    Which is not to say that there aren’t plenty of Israeli elites who don’t actively want this and aren’t pushing for maximalist options in the circumstances, because clearly that is the case. But I’m saying events are such that anyone less bloodthirsty likely has no power to change course even if they want to.

  3. Curt Kastens

    You really told the truth on this issue.
    Gaza is so small and so densely populated that even if this war spreads out of control and other countries in the area get involved it will be to late to save the people in Gaza. People can not last long without warer. They can not last long when they are injured without medical care. They can not last long when they are buried under ruble and there is no heavy equipment to free them.
    On one hand widening the war will get even more people killed because in addition to the death toll in Gaza one will have to add the death tolls of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Then on top of that one does not know what the outcome will be. It is possible that all 4 of those countries end up being brought in to the US emipire when the dust settles.
    None the less I would favor an expanion of the war because it would divert US resources away from the, in the short term, more important conflict in the Ukraine. In addition, If I am lucky, the war in the Middle East might mean at least a temporairy end to oil exports from the region. That will hurt the West even more than it hurts China.
    Yes widening the war will get even more people killed. But their deaths will be for a good cause, fighting a political cancer.
    Those who die may say, hell I did not agree to being placed at risk for your crusade. But I will repeat what someone else said here several days ago. There can not be a sensible public health policy without some level of coercion.

  4. anon

    I’m not Muslim or Jewish so my stance has always been for the USA to stay out of middle eastern conflicts. This is what leads to retaliation at home and abroad against American citizens. There will be Hamas sympathizers in the West who will act out accordingly to what is happening.

    I share the opinion that this is genocide. Ironic that it is the Jews now putting people in a concentration camp and killing them after what they went through in Europe.

  5. Carborundum

    Modern memory – particularly Western modern memory – really doesn’t have a good sense of how bad the Nakhba was. To be worse, one would probably have to completely de-populate Gaza, which I don’t think they can get away with – even given how mild the current Western reaction is.

    I suspect the strategic model here is the 2006 Southern suburbs of Beirut – scaled up, with the addition of a significant ground offensive. Essentially the full weight of combined arms against an urban environment with little concern about collateral. The ultimate aim here would be to demonstrate that HAMAS is unable to mount a meaningful defence and that even the most successful possible offensive operation they could ever mount (difficult to imagine what they could do that would be more successful than what they’ve done) only ultimately brings destruction. No idea how that will actually be interpreted by the intended recipients, but I suspect that’s the Israeli aim. Strategically, they are obsessed with deterrence and demonstrating escalation dominance.

  6. Soredemos


    Fundamentally this isn’t a religious issue. It’s a colonialism issue. It gets couched in religious terms, but to frame it as some sort of eternal religious conflict is to obscure the simple fact that it’s about a bunch of European expats who went and built a country in the middle of someone else’s land.

  7. Feral Finster

    “.The way things are going, the only way to stop Israel from committing genocide or a wave of ethnic cleansing that makes the Nakba look mild (and quite possibly both) is if Hezbollah/Syria/Iran and perhaps other Muslim countries declare war and win.

    It’s unfortunate, but the Israelis have gone mad with power and demonization of the people who are primarily their victims, the Palestinians.

    Kick your victims into a corner, brutalize them for generations, then they lash out with violence that is horrific but not even close to as bad as what you have done to them, use it as justification for more horror.

    ..And children, if you think anti-semitism is bad now you haven’t even seen how bad it will be if Israel does what it’s planning to do.”

    The Israeli leadership sleep soundly as long as they have the United States to be their bully boys and to strongarm any countries that speak up into silence.

  8. StewartM


    It seems that all ‘lefty’/liberal commentators are getting hit on this, so you’re not alone. David Pakman (who ‘stands with Israel’ and who I follow on Youtube is getting hit for his ‘stand with Israel’ stance.

    I merely suggested he read your blog to understand his critics. 🙂

    Pakman says he’s worried about this issue on the ‘future of the left’, and on that, I agree. But I agree but with a different perspective. If the Western ‘left’ is virulently and ethnocentrically anti-Muslim (as Bill Maher and his ilk on the ‘ulber-secular’ left are), if they’re against colonialism and ethnic cleansing against Native Americans or Rwandans but for it when it’s done by Israel, then these hypocrisies call into question liberal/left ideology. How can a “Christian nation” touted by Christian nationalists in the US be a bad thing, whereas a “Jewish nation” touted by Zionists be a good thing? How can the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans be a horrible part of US history, but an acceptable outcome in Palestine? How can cultural diversity and a respect for other cultures–a perspective born of the application of the scientific method to the study of cultures, something the uber-secularists should endorse–be both a good and a bad thing, just depending on what cultures and what practices being discussed?

    * Point in fact, I do agree that many practices of Islamic fundamentalism are morally reprehensible, but these are shared just as much by Christian and Jewish fundies. All the Abrahamic religions have this problem based on that one jealous god. A thousand years ago, Islam was the most tolerant and had the most scientific perspective of the three, while it was the Christian Europeans who were the most ignorant, superstitious, and intolerant.

  9. Soredemos

    Israel is really doing it. They’ve given a million people a whole 24 hours to leave northern Gaza, and told the Doctors Without Borders hospital it has two hours to evacuate. There’s then also now multiple reports of Israel targeting convoys doing what they’ve been told to do and fleeing south. Al Jazeera is now reporting IDF ground forces have started making raids into Gaza itself.

    Israel appears to be going for broke. In for a penny, in for a pound; all pretense is being dropped as they for a maximalist ethnic cleansing strategy. The ground invasion is on, the army, having been raised, will be used. The ball is in Hezbollah and Iran’s court for the next move. They’ve both said Israeli troops in Gaza was unacceptable. Will they now back that up? And what will the battered but now very experienced Syrian army do? If they want the Golan Heights back, now would be the time to act.

  10. mago

    Yeah, the anti semitic trope/club is constantly brandished to silence the few dissident voices out there, and it makes everyone run scared. It’s a hyper effective strategy.
    I can only say fuck it to all that.
    The facts on the ground speak the sickening truth.
    Atrocities on all sides, blah blah.
    Who has the weapons? Who has the backing and the money? Who controls the information machine?
    Not the Gazians.

  11. elkern

    Neither Iran nor Syria will attack Israel in any overt way; there’s no reason to believe that Israel wouldn’t reply with Nukes, and they would not risk that.

    Hezbollah has a little more freedom of action, but not much. They aren’t exactly a “State”, but I doubt they will risk the inevitable reprisals on the people and infrastructure of Lebanon. I don’t think Israel would use Nukes on Lebanon, but they could probably count on the US doing much of the [conventional] bombing.

    One could hope that Israel would be restrained from using Nukes by the fear of becoming a Pariah State, but I wouldn’t bet my Capitol City on it.

  12. Eric Anderson

    Been staying quiet on the recent spate of Israel posts, Ian. Lurking, so to speak. Feeling my head out on the issue. I’m finding my head keeps coming back to: “There are no good sides in war.” The Judism v. Islam battle has been raging since the dawn of history. Religion is just a subtext to asset agglomeration.
    Elite class Islam v. Elite class Judaism with the grunts doing their killing (and creating generational suffering from the experience) and the innocent caught in the cross-fire.

    I will never, ever, pick as side in a war because you’re always chasing sides with an elite.


  13. Eric Anderson

    Everyone wracking the big old brains to rationalize the actions of one side or another, when the answer is as plain as the nose on all our faces. If we concentrated equal amount of energy to waging war on the elite, none of this would be happening.

    But no. Let’s do precisely what the elite have always relied on us to do: pick a side a cheer-lead evil.

  14. mago

    May the gods be merciful.

  15. Curt Kastens

    Eric, sorry to burst your bubble, but the forces of the legitimate left are so weak that if they used all fo their power trying to destroy the western elites it would be like a misquito tying to moe the Hoover Dam.
    It is not at all likely that the legitimate left in the west can have any influence on events at all. But its best and really really slim chance is that as a misquito it might be able to help the weaker anti US hegomony elites get in a punch against the stronger and historically much more agressive and hypocritical western elites.
    Realalistically the only slim chance of dong that is to keep telling the truth and hope to god that the truth gets heard by someone in the western securtiy institutions and that the truth actually penetrates their thick skulls, and that the truth takes root and that such people decide to become sand inside of the gears of the system and have the skill to damage the system in ome small way.
    That would in practice mean coordinating their activity with either, the Cubans, Venezuelans, Russians, Chinese, or Iranians. It would also mean that they would have to have the skill not to get detected if they are going to have much chance of doing any damage. There is also a chance that even if they have been detected and who ever it is that they are working with knows that they have been detected and the western agencies do not know that the other side knows that they have been detected some damage can also be done by getting the western intell angencies to believe that the other side has fallen for the false info that has been planted with the known defector (traitor if you prefer)
    The problem with penetrating the thick skulls of the confederate conformists is that they need to be subject to a prolonged deprogramming. There is no organization that can systematically subject confederate conformists to consistent prolonged deprogramming. The legitimate western left can only count on a one in a million chance here and a one in a million chance there to get the targeted audiance to question their authorities.
    Any chance that the legitate western left has at bringing its elites to accountabilty now lies with those outside of the western system. Those leaders outside of the western system may very well also be shitheads. If that turns out to be the case, then the struggle starts all over again, until the collapse of the environmental system brings the collapse of all institutional systems.

  16. Richard Holsworth

    My thoughts on Gaza and the Palestinians. Since the Balfour declaration it was obvious that the Palestinians were expendable. Since 1948 Israel has made life untenable for these people. Now the overt act of genocide and ethnic cleansing are in the open.

  17. Carborundum

    I would definitely agree the facet of Israel represented by Netanyahu is very much elite “Judaism” (really Zionism – unless Bibi has changed, he’s not so much with Temple) but HAMAS is the antithesis of elite Islam. The organization is fundamentally meritocratic and its leadership is drawn predominantly from those of modest means. That’s a big part of the challenge the IDF faces – they would vastly prefer to be dealing with an organization significantly drawn from and influenced by elites. That would be a much, much simpler target set to find and act upon. Instead, they’re fighting counter-network warfare with hugely variable low signature nodes having external ties that are extremely difficult to separate from normal variability (in counter-network warfare, being able to break into the network from multiple outside axes makes things much easier).

    Bottom line, this is what class war looks like at the high end of the conflict spectrum. I’d say be careful what you wish for.

  18. Eric Anderson


    I didn’t say One. Word. About. The. Left.
    For crying out loud, all labels are a handicap anymore. Want to start a successful movement?
    Call it the “I hate the $%#$%^^&!! elite movement.”
    Then it has a chance.

  19. Eric Anderson

    Perhaps because I fight for a living, I more readily identify the underlying drivers of the fight. We all (on the sidelines) make a decision whether or not to “choose sides” and be drawn into a fight. That choosing continues to fuel the fight — to feed the beast so to speak.

    I believe it would benefit all here to take a step back, breathe deeply, and undertake the following mantra:

    Free me equanimity …
    Free me equanimity …
    Free me equanimity …

    … ad infinitum until it sinks in.

  20. DMC

    The notion that Bill Mahr is any kind of lefty is laughable on the face of it. He’s always been a reactionary, he kisses up and kicks down. The only difference between him and Rush Limbaugh is Mahr trys to act cool, like someone you’d want at a party. His utterly witless atheism is all part the act.
    And as has been mentioned, the conflict in Occupied Palestine is between Zionist Colonizers and the native inhabitants. Playing up the religious angle only serves to muddy the waters. Though it is worth noting that there have been increasing outrages perpetrated by radical settlers with army support at the AL Asqa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam and located on the Temple Mount. A faction of radical religious Zionists intends to destroy the AL Asqa mosque in order to rebuild the 2nd Temple. This would galvanize the entire Islamic world against them and be the end of Israel in short order. Yet, there is an approximately 50 million strong “Christian Zionist” movement in the U.S. that supports doing exactly that in order to bring about literal Armageddon. That’s the sub-text to all this.

  21. Soredemos


    How is Bill Maher leftist anything? When was the last time he gave even lip service to any labor issue?

  22. Curt Kastens

    No, I agree, you did not mention the left. But that the legitimate left has to wage war against our own elite is implicit in your suggestion because who else is going to do wage war on the western elites? Certianly not the right that is all right with the system, except were the system is not right wing enough. The independents are certianly not going to do it. The fact that they consider themselves independents shows how confused they are. The Democratic Party people are not going to do it. The left that does not believe in revolution or a military coup is certianly not going to do it. Once all those people are ruled out very very few people are left. And I have the impression that the average age of those that are left is over 60 if not over 70.
    That means that the only positive thing that the legitimate left is capable of for now is trying to put people that serve in the CIA, and FBI, and NSA, and DIA, and their Canadian and European, and allied Asian counterparts in to a state of mind where they say to themselves, fck it, I do not give a shit about my future or the future of my family anymore, I am tired of doing the job of a NAZI, I am not only going to leave the reservation I am going to do something to tear the reservation fence down when I go.

    A really sad thing is that the legitimate left is not even capable of defending this meager capability. Because people like Brain Berletic, and Scott Ritter and Ian Welsh, can easily be shut down with no consequences to those who do the shutting down.
    I surmise that they have not been shut down because 99% of the time they are just speaking to the choir and the occiasional time that they are not those who would object think that they can probably keep the damage under control. We can only hope that they miscalculate on these rare occasions.

    There is one other thing that people living in the US could have done. They could have tried to educate their police forces to be more in favor of left wing causes. But it is to late for that now.

  23. Willy

    I like it. Kiss up kick down politics. A fairly succinct description. Can be done meekly obsequious like the Dems, or all fatly grotesque like a GQP MAGA.

    Anyways yeah, Bibi’s just creating more terrorists. It sure seems that sooner or later, the ill-will will become so intense that the Jews could lose yet again. Unless God steps in to cause locusts, boils, leprosy, and the other bad shit he seems to have given up on centuries ago.

  24. Eric Anderson

    No, Curt. I think we need to wipe the slate clean of the left/right dichotomy and start over. It no longer serves a useful purpose. I’m willing to see the working class of every persuasion as an ally. I am more than willing to look past the ideological “warts” the “left” sees in the right, and the “right” sees in the left to achieve a larger purpose. Real change never happens w/o the compromise of old ideologies. Think about that. It has to be the case. As long as the lines are drawn between neighbors, the elite win.

  25. Eric Anderson

    Finally, Curt, I speak from experience. I describe myself as a Democratic Socialist. I live in Idaho — crazy rightwing. The town I live in is crazier than most. It’s a small town. Everyone knows my political stripes. Very few care. And those that do, are the kind of people that nobody likes anyway. I have a thriving legal practice. All it takes is decent manners, kindness, and the willingness to look at everyone as struggling for the same reason.

    None of these people in this community like billionaires. They know they’re being screwed just like the alleged “left.” There’s no monopoly on the rage by the “left.”

    The tide CAN turn. History demonstrates it happens all the time, and it often happens fast once the dominoes begin falling. Once the emperor is seen naked, it can never be unseen.

  26. Richard Holsworth

    Comparative trauma: during Shock and Awe,I read that Baghdad shelves were empti d of children’s Tylenol.—Parents trying to keep their children calm. Now I read that Israel‘s trauma centers are overrun by anxious Israelis in the wake of the Hamas incursion. Unimaginable, exponentially greater devastation ongoing as a million plus evictees try to escape without water, while being buzz d by US supplied Israeli jets also ng was he way.

  27. Soredemos

    @Curt Kastens

    I seriously doubt Scott Ritter identifies as any kind of leftist.

    I know this qualifies as ad hominem, but Ritter has a lengthy piece where he lays out a bunch of Israeli history, with a significant amount on how it intersects with his own life. To me the dude comes across as a stereotypical Marine jarhead clown. He recounts almost getting into an altercation with an IDF official after the Israeli dared to insult the Sacred USMC (Ritter apparently already had a reputation on campus after having punched someone who said he’d wished the guy who shot Reagan had aimed better, a sentiment I completely agree with).

    Ritter, much like someone like Andrew Bacevich, is fundamentally a true believer in American Empire and that the world is filled with good and evil nation states. He just wishes things were more competently run and doesn’t always agree with who the designated villains are.

    Ritter is an occasionally mildly useful analyst in the context of the Ukraine war, but even there he has a much worse record than a number of other commentators. He’s seriously a third string back bencher.

  28. Curt Kastens

    Eric, in the lead up to the US led invansion of Iraq a bit of hope was reignited in me that it was still possible to turn things around in America. But the past 20 years of history have again smothered that hope under a mountain of sand. Yes we can get rid of thinking in left-right politcal terms. I do not see that that is going to get us anywhere as I do not see any hope at all that large numbers of people of any political kind of politcal thinking in the United States are going to turn against the continuing criminal enterprise that currently runs things in America. The vast majority of the people might know that they are getting screwed but they still worship the Constitution as gift from a God. And there is a catch 22 in the entire affair. The conditions for a revolution can exist without a change in the vast methods of indoctrination and the vast methods of indoctrination can not be changed without a revolution.
    This catch 22 caused me to conclude around 2005 that the only slim hope that America had would be to turn those who are supposed to be the linchpin of the system against the system.
    This occured to some extent in Nazi Germany duing WW2 and in Portugal in the early 1970s, and perhaps to some extent in Venezuela under Chavez. Well, the first one did not turn out well. But if not for the efforts of a Major Riemer who was in the right place at the right time to smother the attempt might have. Then the Portuguese effort had more initial success but was hijaked. Then there is Venezuela, an experiment in which the jury is still out.
    Now I think that we can definatively say that the powers that be saw this play being made even before I was born and had made sure that it would not happen.
    One top of all of these pessimistic but realistic factors is the speed in which the world’s environment is collapsing. It is now obviously way way way to late to prevent the type of collapse the not only kills billions of people, from hunger and dehydration and desease it is most likely to kill everyone on the planet before the end of the century. We should not be surprised if this collapse kills everyone by 2050.
    The planet is still making millions of internal combustion engines per year and those engines will be in operation for another 20 years if there are still people to operate them. Industrial countries do not even take the most simple step to reduce CO2 production, which in my opinion would be to turn off street lights between 1 and 5 am.
    My conslusion is that we are screwed. The only short term distraction that we have left is to cheer for the Russians, Chinese, and Palestinians. I will even cheer for the Iranian Mullahs at this point. Not because I do not have some serious disagreements with them. But I do not see Islam per se as a big problem. Depending on how it is interpreted Islam can be a tolerant religion that works against economic exploitation.
    It is possible to build a more just Islamic society than a secular capitalist society. Yes the Iranian Mullahs currently in charge might need to be overthrown for that to happen. But in the mean time I welcome any support that they give, even if it is just words, to the anti western uprising. And I do not support the overthrow of the current Iranian Mullahs because I have no idea what would replace them.
    A by product of cheering for the Russians, Palestinians, Chinese, and Venezuelans is that our cheers might rub off on someone who is in a positions to do more harm to the US led policy goals than we can.

    Scott Ritter may not consider himself anykind of a leftist. People have many varied ideas of what a leftist is. Leftist for him may have only negative connotations. But he supports the Russians, and the Palestinians. That is a pretty good evidence in my book that he does not support US foreign policy goals. That is the most important issue to me.

  29. change agent

    The only way to avoid the continuing displacement and slow genocide of the native population of Palestine is to follow Walter Lippmann’s directive. Lippmann was the well-known correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune, chief editor of New York World and advisor to President Woodrow Wilson:

    “A war is only lost when one’s own territory is occupied by the enemy, the leading class of the defeated people is convicted in war crime trials and the defeated are subject to a re-education process. An obvious means of that is to implant the victor’s view into the minds of the defeated. It’s of decisive importance to transfer the “moral categories” of the victor’s wartime propaganda into the minds of the defeated. Only when wartime propaganda has found its way into the history books of the defeated and is believed by succeeding generations, only then the re-education can be seen as successful.”

    Zionism must be put on trial before the world the way Nazism was. Who is going to carry out war crimes tribunals for Israeli leaders and their enablers? The “western” world, and much of the “eastern” world for that matter, are swimming in an ocean of Zionism such that any thinking outside of this sick ideology makes people seem utterly out-of-place and crazy.

    In fact, any questioning of this paradigm is considered thought crime and in many areas of the world makes people subject to civil and criminal penalties. In other areas where the law hasn’t been entirely hijacked by Zionists, a person not agreeing with their worldview and historical narrative, and not thinking correctly within their paradigm, becomes a social pariah.

    It is akin to Edward Snowden’s points about mass surveillance and the propaganda that accompanies it: the most pernicious aspect of it is what it does to a person’s interiority: people silence themselves. Zionism has erected an “anti-semitism” radar in people’s heads. They can’t speak out about this because they’re scared of being seen as hostile or indifferent to “the Jews.” It’s so pervasive that people may even be scared of what they may think of themselves for daring to look into or question the surreal amount of power this entity wields.

    This is not a healthy place for an individual, culture, or society to be.

  30. Soredemos

    Well, Ritter seems to want to sort of generically support Palestinian while throwing up his hands and basically declaring a pox on both Zionists and Hamas, as if they’re really just two sides of the same coin.

    But the simple reality is that there is no future for Palestine absent something like Hamas, because Zionism is a totalitarian, maximalist ideology that wants all of the old Hebrew Levant. It’s not going to concede anything just because of BDS or sympathetic documentaries. If Palestine has any future, it’s going to be arrived at through fighting, or at least the threat of fighting (a convienent myth is that Gandhi peacefully kicked the British out of India. He didn’t. The then recent memory of a united Hindu-Muslim Axis proxy army did. That was a taste of the likely future if Britain didn’t get out fast).

  31. bruce wilder

    The lead-up to the invasion and occupation of Iraq on false pretenses marked the moment when the formal integrity of systems was thrown overboard by the likes of Vice-President Cheney. Scott Ritter was one of the casualties in that disposal of integrity and he takes it personally — it is no doubt etched into his emotional being as a loss of innocence.

    For many of the rest of us, that seismic shift barely registered even though it showed up in several remarkably high-profile controversies. On the broad left, erasing it from memory is part of pretending that “it was ever thus” or some such formulation and that erasure from memory is re-inforced by the successor ideology of inherent evil (America was founded with the sale of the first slaves, etc.). The mainstream media doesn’t remember yesterday, let alone 20 years ago.

    American foreign policy since WWII has been carried out with ever increasing doses of hypocrisy until now the last shred of idealism has been extinguished. The U.S. does not even pay lip service to good sense, let alone leftist idealism. U.S. foreign policy is now the outcome of a decayed, deeply corrupt structure financed by a highly concentrated MIC and a globalist financialized corporate business elite. In that structure, the Kagans thru the ISW control the MSM narrative while also directing the State Department. Scott Ritter used to have a Youtube channel. That structure, not Ritter’s idiosyncratic political preferences, is what should draw attention.

    Behind the corrupt deterioration of U.S. foreign policy has been a struggle for power among the coalition of factions and forces governing foreign policy, a struggle that “the left” has scarcely engaged with, since Reagan beat Carter after making a back-room deal with the Mullahs.

  32. Poul

    As for ethnic cleansing I’ve no doubt that Israel would prefer the pure version but I think they will go for a “light” version in the form of Israel taking the northern half of Gaza and then build a new and bigger wall from Negev to the Mediterranean Sea. By increasing the population density from 5,000 pr kvm2 to 10,000 rump-Gaza will be impossible to live in and the Palestinian will leave of their own “free” will.

  33. Curt Kastens

    Bruce Wilder,
    The invasion of Iraq was a watershed of Iraq was a watershed moment for me too. Between 1973 and and 2003 I was constantly bouncing back and forth between the idea that those who lead the United States are stupid or those who lead the United States are evil. Since 2003 I have had no doubt what the real answer is.

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