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Launching Ian Welsh’s Blog

Clio, By Giovanni Baglione

Clio, By Giovanni Baglione

This is the home blog of Ian Welsh.  It seemed like time to make one since as a peripatetic author and editor for hire my writings are scattered all over the web and in many cases have disappeared as the blogs they were on went out of business.

If you want to read what I’ve written in the past, you can find partial archives at Firedoglake, The Agonist and the Huffington Post.

Going forward, everything I write will be published here, though it may be published at another site as well.  There will also be content here that is not found elsewhere, so do check back, or sign up for newsfeed or email updates.  I will also be showcasing previously-published articles that withstand the test of time, as many of the older ones were read by very few people when they were originally written, and sadly remain pertinent today.

I hope you will contribute your comments and I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

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  1. Shaula

    Congratulations on launching your own blog, Ian. High time!

  2. Eureka Springs

    Very good news and nice new digs, Ian. Placing you at the top of my overwhelming list of must read blogs.

  3. how cool! love the look and tone of the blog, ian. i’m blogrolling ya over at my wee place and adding ya to my daily must reads.

  4. Good to see you with a permanent home, Ian. And you seem to have hit the ground running.

  5. Stirling Newberry

    Welcome Ian, look forward to reading this blog regularly.

  6. Cael

    Excellent news! I’m really looking forward to this.

  7. Peter


  8. Oaktown Girl

    Hi Ian-
    I have (had?) you bookmarked over at FDL and get emails from HuffPo when you post there. The HuffPo email updates have been suddenly coming fast and furious, so I was wondering about the sudden frequency of posts over there. Then I saw your info linking to this personal website, so here I am.

    I don’t know anything about the inner workings of large blogs, but am curious about why you’re no longer managing editor at FDL. Anyway, it seems like a big loss for FDL, but maybe you’ll still be posting over there too.

  9. Oaktown Girl

    By the way, I really love most of the pictures and artwork you have chosen to decorate the blog.

  10. Ian Welsh

    Oaktown Girl,

    thanks for following me over. I stepped down as managing editor of FDL February 28th, then went on a holiday. 🙂 I expect I’ll be posting there occasionally, but how often remains to be seen. FDL is a very closely scheduled blog, and I’m not one of the people doing the scheduling any more.

    Also have now had two of the blogs I used to post on go under, so I figured I need a “home” blog, no matter where I wind up posting, if for no other reason than as an archive.


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