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The Barbarism of Donald Trump


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  1. Ronald Pimp

    You’ve convinced me. I’m converting to Judaism today. Like right now.

    Seriously though, watching this clip it became clear to me that Soylent Green isn’t people. Money is. That’s what we have to change (pun intended), but we can’t unless we see it first. So long as you have to pay to live and everyone tacitly supports that notion, this System continues unabated. Trump, like all the others before him, will ensure you still have to pay, and pay dearly, to live. And people who have to pay dearly to live are capable of the most heinous crimes against humanity. Against each other. Against your fellow brothers and sisters.

  2. highrpm

    “So long as you have to pay to live”
    what are some feasible alternatives?

  3. AlanSmithee

    Still not voting for Bernie Sanders. Nice try, though.

  4. EmilianoZ

    In times of crisis, life becomes cheap.

  5. tony

    The comments on the previous post had some abhorrent views. But you are read even by people who hold those views. I doubt they are here just to make your life harder, even if that is an effect. I purposefully read people I disagree with and have changed my views many times thanks to it. I’m still full of it, but hopefully less today.

  6. alyosha

    ^In times of crisis, life becomes cheap.

    Life on this planet is cheap. You only have to watch the news for a few minutes to see this.

    Torturing others is just one aspect of the barbarism Trump embodies. There will be all kinds of lines crossed as this man takes power. All sorts of arm-twistings, coercions, and resistance to this, big and small. All kinds of domestic violence of various sorts against those who resist the program. It’s all about what is it going to take to stop this bully, who will manage to get a large chunk of the population behind him, and enthusiastically so.

    Thanks Ian for the analysis of Trump’s economic plan. The fact that it’s likely to work is chilling. I’ve long been intrigued at how strongmen like Mussolini and Hitler took power, and became wildly popular because they fixed the longstanding problems in their respective countries. Trump is truly frightening because of the propaganda machine here, how deeply brainwashed everyone is, the power of the surveillance and control state, to say nothing of the power of our military machine. His ego knows no bounds, he has this infantile belief that he can do anything, and you have a population here that’s ready to give him the chance.

  7. BlizzardOfOz

    Hollywood Jew-victimization schmaltz is not a rebuttal.

    If there’s an argument out there against Trump that is more sophisticated than reductio ad Hitlerum, I’d like to see it. The problem we have is that the lessons of World War 2 are victors’ propaganda — myths, and shabby ones at that (lamp shades made out of skin, anyone?)

    The current Western elite’s official policy is to grind the native Western citizens into the dust. In Europe, Arabs migrants are raping European girls on the streets. In the US, the largest invasion in human history is on the cusp of obtaining voting rights. The only reaction of the elites has been to double down.

    Trump may be our last chance to transition peacefully to the new nationalism (or Caesarism?). Let’s face it, the danger is not from Trump, but from cornered globalists who would rather start another world war than accept defeat. Can WW3 be avoided?

  8. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    How is Trump going to take power?

    By election? He hasn’t even gotten a majority of Republicans yet, only pluralities. (This assumes the Establishment will not rig the voting machines against him.)

    By violence? Hitler had a large, seasoned paramilitary force behind him. Trump does not.

    Also, the German Establishment was willing to strike a bargain with Hitler because they decided they needed him and his Ratzis to protect them from the Commies, who also had a strong paramilitary force in the Germany of that time.

    The U. S. Establishment faces no such militant Leftist force, which might frighten them into sharing power with Trump. The U. S. Establishment has nothing to gain by bargaining with Trump, and much to lose.

  9. BlizzardOfOz


    Torturing others is just one aspect of the barbarism Trump embodies. There will be all kinds of lines crossed as this man takes power.

    The torture line has already been crossed.

    The “bullying” you darkly allude to is a line that has also been crossed. Globalists use the violent underclass as shock troops in a high-low alliance against the middle. George Soros funds violence on the street all across the globe. Do you even know about it, given that the mass media deliberately covers it up? It’s funny how self-styled leftists are suddenly become the great defenders of the regime. Who’s the one who is brainwashed here?

  10. markfromireland

    @ EmilianoZ February 27, 2016

    In times of crisis, life becomes cheap.

    That’s the conventional wisdom and as with much conventional wisdom it gets it exactly backwards. Death and untreated widespread disease are cheap. Life and good healthcare on the other hand cost money.


  11. I also find it odd that you would imagine, after what emerged on the previous thread, that a scene from Schindler’s List would sway anyone. The things you’re finding horrible about Trump are the actual things that make him popular.

  12. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    “George Soros funds violence on the street all across the globe.”

    Did Alex Jones or Jeff Rense tell you that? 😆

  13. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    Also, what Mandos said. The Trump Traits which are vices in Ian’s eyes are virtues in the eyes of the Trump Chumps.

  14. Jeff Wegerson

    Life is cheap? When I try to parse the value of something I imagine first its value going down to zero. As in that thing is so worthless that not only won’t I pay what you are asking for it but you would have to give it to me for free. After that I try to imagine it going negative, meaning you would have to pay me to take it away. When I apply that kind of thinking to life my mind goes nuts with the absurdity of it all.

    So the question for me, relative to the candidates for the U.S. president, then becomes one of who might make the planet a better place and who might make it worse. Of course there is a lot of guess work involved. I take it on faith that the people commenting here sincerely believe that is what they too are trying to figure out as well.

    The torture question then becomes a very strong signal of likelihood.

  15. Spinoza

    Will you be Oscar? Or one of the Jews? Perhaps one of those who brought them together?

  16. Not really OT: It looks like Clinton swept SC, it seems. For many voters, and this is something a lot of people don’t seem to get, it is Sanders who is the Establishment, not Clinton, for all her (certainly quite execrable, needless to say) Kissinger-huggery.

    I’m not saying this is right, so don’t shoot the messenger.

    The sooner y’all understand that deeply, with compassion rather than anger and contempt, the sooner you can have your dream candidate cakewalk. The sooner you can look at an “#ObamaAndKids” glurge photo and understand, genuinely and not cynically, how someone could see a liberatory moment there (and not immediately think of all the kids he’s had bombed), the closer you’ll be to a more united and effective left-liberal electorate. Sorry, that’s just the way it’s going to be. Sanders has still yet a chance of winning, but it will be a slog.

  17. Mallam

    Indeed, Mandos, indeed (to your third paragraph; I don’t agree that they see Sanders as establishment, if anything the opposite). I tried to articulate that in the “Trumponomics would work” thread but I was effectively swatted away.

    As for Sanders, he needs to win ~53% of the vote after Super Tuesday — assuming he wins the states he needs to win (MN, MA, CO, VT). It’s not impossible, but he’s got his work cut out for him. Also he’s trending upwards nationally, and some polls have him leading. If he continues that trend, he very well could win as Clinton’s strongest states will have been behind us. But that’s the difficulty: can he sustain loss, after loss, after loss on ST to continue that trend nationally? Time will tell.

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