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Two bloggers who could use a helping hand

Times are tough, all around, and I know that’s true of many of my readers. It’s also true of a couple of good bloggers.  The first is Roy Edroso of Alicublog, who skewers the right in fine style.  He’s down and out, living with a friend and could use a helping hand if you can afford to give it.  He wouldn’t ask for himself, so his friends are doing so.  You can donate to Roy Edroso here.

The second is DCBlogger, who is in some difficulty as well.  She’s perhaps best known for her blogging at Corrente, but she also has a home blog.  She isn’t on the street yet, and it would be nice to help make sure it stays that way.  You can donate here.

Nothing’s really free in life.  No one has to pay to read blogs, but someone does have to work to create the content.  There is always a cost.  If you can give, please do.  If, on the other hand, you’re in trouble yourself, please don’t give.


Centrists don’t want to the do the right thing


The right wing isn’t going to stop violent rhetoric


  1. Thank you!
    If, on the other hand, you’re in trouble yourself, please don’t give.

    truer words were never spoken. we live in hard times.

  2. Thanks for doing this, Ian.

  3. S Brennan

    Ian, I have limited ability and this post has been pretty quiet, please accept my apolgies for going off topic and do a little policing up of left Blog-o-Stan:

    Since I am watching left Blog-o-Stan meltdown [once again] with Sarah “look over there” Palin syndrome let me point out the shooter had developed animosity against Gifford in 2007, a priori to Palin showing up on the nation scene.

    Not that the facts have any influence over any bloggers [present company exempted] since 2003, I just thought I’d mention it for those care about reality.

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