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The Pro-Death Lobby & Pro-Death Protesters

No big post today, though I’ve got some things to say about inflation and policing soonish.

Just noting that the people who don’t want zero-Covid are, objectively, pro-death and pro-disabling. They’re the pro-death lobby and the pro-death protesters. This includes most Western politicians, who, if it were up to me, would be removed from power, tried for crimes against humanity — and in countries with a death penalty, hung from the neck until dead. Zero-Covid works when done properly, anyone in power who doesn’t do it is a mass murderer, and people who protest for the right to not even wear masks are either idiots, fools, or scum. (As with people who insist climate change is a hoax, or who know it is real and oppose doing anything.)

Your leaders, and people like the “truckers,” want you, your children, and your parents to die for their convenience and profit. They are pro-death.


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – February 13, 2022


How to Keep Enforcers Like Police, the Military, and Spies Under Control


  1. different clue

    I completely agree. The elite goverlords of all stripes, whether disguised as liberals, conservatives, or whatever else, serve and advance the Global Overclass agenda of killing 7 or so billion people over the next hundred years in such a way as to make it look like a series of accidents, accidental pandemics, spreading endemic diseases, and fate.

    The decision to spread covid to everyone on purpose fits within that broader Overclass agenda.

    They have different flavors of useful idiot mobs and movements and communities. The Jonestown Trumpanon Truckupationists are one such group of cannibal zombie deathcult worshippers.

    Those of us who would prefer a zero covid policy can only for the moment try to keep ourselves and eachother personally and small-communally zero-covid within the broader matrix of a society engineered and strongly determined to make every single one of us catch covid over and over and over again.

    Ian Welsh has offered other posts with threads where people may bring their best counter-covid advice, information, links, etc. The people at Naked Capitalism have been assembling a lot of such personal survival information, but it is drowned in the millions of words they pour it into each week. A good project for the patient and determined among this readership community might be to go over there, patiently find the counter-covid information, and bring it here and put it in one of the relevant threads which already exist.

  2. anon

    Has anyone noticed that many well-known progressives and populists with a libertarian streak have gone off the rails this year when it comes to both mask and vaccine mandates? Glenn Greenwald, Jimmy Dore, Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar, and Matt Taibbi. To a lesser extent Kyle Kulinski, but he along with the rest of them love kissing Joe Rogan’s ass because a lot of their viewers are Rogan fans. It’s disappointing. I still agree with most of their takes outside of COVID, but I’ve had to take a break from all of them these days. You know that Westerners have completely lost their minds when a significant number of them on the left and right don’t think wearing masks is important to ending a pandemic. That is why Asia will take the lead on the world’s stage because they value the health and safety of their people more than the “freedom” not to wear a mask and get a vaccine.

  3. different clue


    If your analysis is correct, then Asia will make it through the Darwin Filter, and Mother Europe and all her Daughter Settlerstans will fail to make it through the Darwin Filter.

    Those of us living in Great Covid Europastan who want to keep covid-safe will just have to help eachother do the best we can in the midst of this Cannibal Covid Zombie Civilization.

  4. someofparts

    Well, this will only be useful to people in Florida … so maybe nobody in comments here … but here is a link to a nurse practitioner in Sarasota who is saving the lives of everyone who walks through her door with covid, using Ivermectin of course.

    Again, probably not useful to anyone here unless you are, or know someone who is, nearby in Florida. Then again, if it saves even one person from long covid or covid death it is worth sharing.

  5. Soredemos


    Greenwald is a contrarian libertarian with a messiah complex, who somehow still can’t tell the difference between liberals and the left despite being married to a socialist. He’s an opinionated dick who stakes out his hills and dies on them. Often they’re good positions, but at times he takes really idiotic stances. This is one of those times.

    Dore has gone completely off the rails on this, which is a damn shame because he’s been correct on other issues before. He’s wrong here, and I doubt he’ll ever understand that. He also has zero capacity for independent, critical thought. He believes a bunch of bullshit because authority figures like ‘inventor of the mRNA technology’ (a lie) Malone tells him to believe it.

    Breaking Points is a right wing sham, always has been. Ball is the conservative Hill’s pet token liberal, and even there she’s internalized some of the stupidity of her cohost.

    Kulinski is still an idiot kid.

    Taibbi is the one I’m truly disappointed in. He might have the character to one day own up to being catestrophically wrong.

  6. Keith in Modesto

    Naked Capitalism posted this link today. It’s about the risks of long-COVID as well as how COVID really damages our organs and immune system. It’s very much worth a read and I hope Ian will comment on it.

  7. someofparts

    Soredemos – That was thoroughly offensive, not to mention offered without a shred of supporting information. I double dog dare you to post that at Naked Capitalism.

  8. rangoon78

    Here in the States, January 6 insurrectionists issue call-to-arms: “Patriot Guard Riders, our veterans, come on guys. Three Percenters: come on, guys. Oath Keepers: come on guys.”

  9. Ché Pasa

    It’s been clear to me from very early on that once the initial panic subsided, it has been the near universal policy of Western governments to let the virus do what it will because it was seen to be primarily affecting the old, the poor, the already sick, and the black and brown populations — ie: primarily the “useless eaters”, not so much the very “useful eaters” who were not so severely affected.

    As long as the hospitals kept (barely) functioning, those who had insurance and could afford treatment were generally able to get it. Those who couldn’t/didn’t, oh well, too bad.

    The slaughter among the “useless eaters”, especially in the United States, has been stupendous, but certainly not sufficient to delight the survivors. Not enough people have died yet, and the vaccines and treatments available have slowed the rate of mortality sufficiently among the Underclasses that they’ve become uppity.

    There is effectively no mortality cost among the Overclass. When Trump and Boris and Bolsonaro were successfully treated for their infections, it was obvious that even severe cases don’t have to lead to death, no matter your comorbidities. You don’t have to be intubated (which has an 80% or higher death rate), you don’t have to have lingering Covid effects, as long as you can afford The Best Treatments. Otherwise, you can just die in a ditch.

    It was also noticed that most infections are not severe; in fact, many have no symptoms at all. The available vaccines don’t prevent infection, but they do mitigate against severe symptoms and death — ie: can keep you out of the hospital and the mortuary. Good enough.

    So the logic of the death-merchants is that the likelihood of perishing or having severe effects from infection is diminished, though not eliminated, among the Lower Orders and is practically nil among Our Rulers. Ergo, all good, right?

    So, “let ‘er rip” makes almost perfect economic sense. You can open everything, get back to business as usual (ensuring ever higher profits and benefits to the People Who Matter) and barely notice those who don’t make it.

    Those among the Underclasses who adopt the positions of their Overlords may or may not comprehend the deadly policies they are advocating. If they do, then they are essentially going along with mass murder — and probably are hopeful they will escape the Reaper’s scythe. Unfortunately, these things inevitably consume them too.

    It’s very hard to get off this path once you’re on it. Generally it takes an outside force to change course. And I don’t see one in the offing.

    On the other hand, our Blood Adversary Russia is clearly on the same path.

  10. different clue


    ” Rise, covid zombies, rise! Rise and Infect! Tonight we ride!”

  11. anon y'mouse

    i’m pretty amazed that the supposed portion of the “left” that i’m (maybe)in is willing to consign the entire trucking thing to the flames because of who managed to jump in front of the protest march first. do you know how hard it is to get truckers together to do ANYthing? they are the most loner, non-joiner people on the planet.

    for one, Lambert doing a small survey of those quoted in the newspaper is not polling the entire group of people who are there, what their reasons for being there are, or any of that.

    for two, the people who have managed to be heard may or may not be representative of the whole.
    for three, consigning the concerns of these people to oblivion seems really stupid. as far as i can tell, when we as the western society decided that there wouldn’t be quarantines, we decided it period. i don’t have to agree with that stance to realize that the quarantine period on the truckers is excessive and unworkable under the circumstances under which they labor.

    for another, to be willing to concede the entire “petite bourgeoisie” to the right is going to come around and kick all of us in the ass again when it comes time to getting anything done. i have no idea who all is at this rally. it could be small trucking business owners with a few other trucks that are still out earning while the CEO swans around in his customized Kenmore for photo ops. but MOST “independent” truckers are just as much slaves to the system as their employee-driver counterparts, if not moreso because when they take any time off, they actually have to continue to pay for the truck, insurance and various other expenses. meaning, any time off is something that is costing the owner-op money much more than just not earning a wage. i knew someone who did this, and he barely ever took any time off because to do so would be to still owe that truck payment for every day it was off the road.

    this is sloppy writing about others’ sloppy analysis, but let’s just say that pooh-poohing the concerns of these guys because you don’t share them is about like pooh-poohing the poor workers because you don’t share their conditions and can sit at home zooming. these guys can’t do that and can’t afford two weeks of hibernating in their truck, if that is truly what this quarantine represents.

    to pooh pooh them is to basically let the Rightists have them, because at least the Rightists will pretend to take their concerns seriously. this is a replay of exactly how the Dems “lost” (deliberately, to my mind) the working class with their “just go learn to code” shtick when offshoring started.

    almost everyone who does work for others in this country fantasizes about the day they won’t have to. even if that means becoming a mini-capitalist themselves. that is exactly what most of these truckers have done—-what many americans aspire to do. the same impulse drives some to do Uber and whatnot, and the “left” hasn’t resigned to losing those people. many owner-op truckers are in a similar position with a ton more overhead, and perhaps a bit more conviction that they are the ones “calling the shots” than your last Uber guy.

  12. rangoon78

    @Ché Pasa your comment amounts to a mission statement of the overlords. I will use it with attribution.

  13. Soredemos


    Okay, and? Be offended, if you feel like it. ‘By their works shall you know them’, and none of those figures are currently providing good work in regards to covid.

  14. NR

    I’m hard pressed to think of anything that Glenn “Loudmouthed rich guys getting ‘cancelled’ on social media is censorship but Republicans banning books in schools isn’t” Greenwald is providing good work on these days.

  15. jonboinAR

    @anon y’mouse
    That was excellent. The more I consider it, the more I also think that labeling the truckers in the protest as “petite bourgeois” amounts to little more than Marxian-like sneering at them. It’s below Lambert’s usual pretty careful analysis. All the owner/operators I’ve ever known were as much slaves to the bills they owed as any of the rest of us proles who are someone’s employee. I imagine there’s a small-fleet owner or two out there at the protest jam who might be fairly called petit-bourgeios, and acting belligerently with his horn is his way of enjoying his leisure, with but not in the main. I think these are mostly guys who are sick of getting the short end. I understand there must be some greater amount of organization behind it just as there was in the Summer of BLM. I don’t know what that signifies.

  16. someofparts

    Keith in Modesto –

    Thanks for bringing that link. I read that post last night and … wow.

    Ian has warned about long covid and it looks like his concerns are being vindicated in a big way, sadly.

    Soredemos –

    I still don’t see links supporting your assertions. Are you channeling Ned Price?

  17. davidly

    What anon y’mouse said.

  18. anon y'mouse

    “Those among the Underclasses who adopt the positions of their Overlords” probably don’t realize what the implications are of what they are asking for, just that if they don’t continue to go to work, they won’t get paid, will fail to pay their bills, and become homeless in short order.

    that’s the system we’ve made. people have to advocate for the death of others like themselves and possibly themselves too because it is required of them.

    which is the same death by a thousand cuts that the workers have had to deal with all along.

    it would have been much clearer if our rulers had been like the Chinese, but since our rulers didn’t really want to have to do anything that might give us more power, including paying us something to stay at home and truly shutting down everything, this is what we have.

    that was essentially all i am saying about the truckers. indeed, some may know what they are asking for but most of them are just trying to get back to work.

    seeking fault with them is like seeking fault with the restaurant worker because they take zero days off when sick and come to work infectious and spreading contagion
    when they know that they won’t be able to afford rent if they stay at home.

    let us fight the system that requires it and not the fellow sufferers of it, is all i am asking for.

  19. someofparts

    anon y’mouse –

    Full agreement with jonboinAR here. That was a solid analysis and absolutely speaks to the situation of people I know who could be classified as petite bourgeoisie.

    che’ pasa –

    I would quibble with one of your points. You said that our overlords are exempt from the effects of long covid. If you read the link provided by Keith in Modesto, it sounds like no one is exempt from those.

  20. someofparts

    NR –

    Well, Taibbi was included among the list of those being dismissed here. For my money, his work just keeps getting better. His latest post at substack is exceptional.

    It is literally a history of how U.S. leadership decided that not listening to adversaries was the correct strategic approach.

  21. someofparts

    NR –

    Come to think of it …

    ” “Loudmouthed rich guys getting ‘cancelled’ on social media”

    is not really about the rich guys, who are too big to be stopped. It is about stopping the little guys before they ever get started.

  22. js

    Here is a thread on preventing catching covid if someone in your house has covid:

  23. js

    And no I don’t think one has to align with a trucker protest representing a minority of truckers because they are “blue collar” or “working class” or anything.

    The petite bourgeoise who own companies that employ others are no such thing and are often most oppressive employers around, but self-employed people in companies of one are just self-employed people, they aren’t the owners. But it is perfectly rational to look at who one is aligning with even if one agrees with the aim. Sometimes it might be strategic to align with those one has disagreements with, but sometimes it might be very dangerous indeed, and it often is with aligning with the far right. And if one doesn’t even agree with the aim, really why bother.

  24. NR


    Yes, I’m aware that saying “They’re not coming after me, a rich asshole, they’re actually coming after you, the little guy” is a common tactic employed by rich assholes and the people who shill for them.

  25. Soredemos


    No, I don’t feel like putting effort into my shitposts.

  26. different clue

    Here is more evidence that CDC in general and CDC Director Walensky in particular are just more cogs in the Vast Upper Class Conspiracy to spread covid to every American deliberately and on purpose.

  27. someofparts

    Soredemos –

    Oh, okay. You’re shitposting – taking a smelly dump in a public conversation to make the place unpleasant for others who might want to post there.

    Thanks for the heads up. Won’t bother you again. I can scroll past the smell without wasting time from now on.

  28. Astrid


    I appreciate seeing you speak up for Taibbi. I do believe that Dore and Max Blumenthal had gone off the deep end on COVID denial, but didn’t see Taibbi do anything being speak up for civil liberties and against mandating a leaky experimental vaccine.

    Meanwhile, Vaccine mandate seems to be the 3rd iteration of the recent liberal shibboleth. First was Russiagate, then January 6th, and now anyone who resists the vaccine mandate for any reason is subhuman and deserves to die (along with so many exclamation of “I got really sick even though I had shots/booster, but just imagine how bad it would be without…“). It’s amazing how little faith liberals actually have in the bill of rights or other people’s humanity.

  29. different clue

    Here is an account from someone in Alberta minding his/her own business in a store and being harassed by a Jonestown Covid Zombie. I really don’t know what else one could call the accoster.

    Will covid-caution mask-wearing citizens have to carry mace/ pepper spray/ bear spray around with them at all times just to keep themselves physically safe from random covid zombie attacks in public places?

  30. someofparts

    Astrid – Thanks for the perspective, as usual. Can’t really say one way or another about Dore or Blumenthal. Don’t follow either of those folks. Beyond that I think calling Breaking Points right wing is clueless and calling Greenwald libertarian is to not know the difference between libertarian and civil libertarian. Mostly I’m just enjoying the quality of commentary at this site lately and hate to see anyone trash that with offensive, low-quality posting.

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