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The Logic Of Bootlickers Is The Logic Of Too Many Americans

This is sweet and lovely in the purity of its boot-licking authoritarianism:

The account then goes on to insult those who do not worship at the Biden altar.

The authoritarian personality is simple: it slurps up; kicks down. You know the type. You’ve seen them wherever you’ve worked, and you loathe them.

What is true is that Biden, Harris and Pelosi people are good at politics. They are good at seeking and getting political office.

But this is a category error; a profoundly stupid and harmful one.

First, this says nothing about their intelligence. Trump became President, is he smarter than you? (Or, if you’re dumb, smarter than many philosophers, scientists and so on who never earn any political office?)

What about George Bush Jr. smarter than you?

These people are good at getting political office, that doesn’t mean they are good at anything else. Pelosi is good at raising money and intra-caucus politics, but the House Democrats haven’t had a great electoral record while lead by her. She also passed almost all of Trump’s bills, including terrible ones like massive tax cuts and so on. She has renewed the Patriot Act multiple times. She refused to reign in George Bush when she got a majority in 2006.

She may be a good politician, but so what?

Harris did terribly in the primaries. She attacked Joe Biden as a segregationist (he was) and earned the VP slot, as best I can tell, by a campaign of backstabbing all the other possible candidates. She helped keep people known to be innocent in prison when a prosecutor.

Biden, in addition to being a segregationist, was one of the main Democratic boosters of the Iraq war. He was a driving force behind the bankruptcy bill which made it impossible to to discharge student debt. The Patriot Act was based on a bill he tried to pass in the 90s. He threatened Cuba with devastation if they dared give Snowden asylum. He’s apparently a great boss and a loving family man, but he’s filth. He’s also a known plagiarist.

Being able to get political power implies nothing more than an ability to get political power. Becoming rich implies nothing more than an ability to become rich.

Being good at A does not mean you are good at B to Z.

It certainly doesn’t mean your getting political power or money is good for anyone else. In most cases, the rise of most billionaires has been bad for other people. They have made money because they found a way to impoverish other people. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are exceptions.

Grow some self-respect and a spine. Your leaders are only better than you in one sense: they are better predators than you are.

“Oh, I so admire the wolf,” simpered the sheep.

In fact, much of why you aren’t them is because you have morals. You aren’t willing to lock up people who know are innocent, like Kamala. You aren’t willing to destroy a foreign country and kill a million people like Biden. You wouldn’t go along with Trump’s massive tax cuts like Pelosi.

You have some ethics; some morality. You wouldn’t run a huge scheme to defraud millions of people and/or steal their homes like almost everyone senior on Wall Street. There are limits on the evil you are willing to do for money or power, and that means, in America, you can’t have either.

Whenever someone who has ethics gets anywhere near power, (Corbyn or Sanders) everything possible is done to destroy them. The media lied over 75% about Corbyn. Every single candidate dropped out in a period of a day to deny Sanders the Democratic nomination; an effort coordinated by Obama (who may well be smarter than you, and whose evil was carefully concealed behind his smiling sociopathy.)

The elites have spent the last 50 or so years driving 97% of Americans into the dirt, and rewarding themselves with billions. They are predators, and nothing else. You are the sheep, and the cops and military are the sheepdogs: still animals, and discarded the moment they aren’t useful. (Check those military veteran homeless stats.)

Biden, Harris and Pelosi (who cares about Carville?) aren’t smarter than you, odds are, and unless you’re Stalin reborn, they’re worse people than you in every way except their ability to get and hold power and use it against the American people and foreigners.

Hopefully they’ll be less evil rulers than Trump (though note, he didn’t start any new wars), but that’s not a bar.

Have some self respect. Your system elects not the best of you, but the worst.

Thinking the worst are the best: that’s the problem. They’ve indoctrinated you like farm animals “they feed us, and I’m sure the beating are because they love us, and I’m sure when they loaded Thelma and Fred and George on the truck last week and they never came back, well they were taking them to a better place.”

Except you don’t even get that good a deal, since they’re happy to see you starve and don’t try and heal you when you’re sick.

Grow up.

These people feed on you, and that’s all you are to them.

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  1. John Emerson

    The worst disasters of the my lifetime, starting with the Vietnam War, have been planned by the smartest guys in the room. So who cares if Trump or Biden is smart?

  2. John Emerson

    For example, Robert Macnamara and Larry Summers. And Cruz and Hadley are Ivy League smart.

  3. Anonymous

    Here, here, yeah, I’ve been pissed off too, as long as I can remember.

  4. Jerry Brown

    Not even two days past the inauguration and you have determined it is all useless and they are all evil. You can’t wait a couple of weeks to see if they actually do somethings right? What are you on some kind of deadline where you need to be the first to break the bad news you are sure is coming?

    Well Ian, I hope you are wrong this time.

  5. Willy

    Didn’t somebody do a study, where there were two groups, something like “the workers and the hobnobbers”? At the end of the study it was concluded that the reason most workers went nowhere, was because they were working hard at working all the time. Meanwhile the hobnobbers went places because they spent most of their time hobnobbing, improving their hobnobbing skills, and got to hobnob with their PTB and then got moved up.

    I think Trump is a super hobnobber. This is why as a workplace incompetent whose resume includes six bankruptcies, two impeachments and one failed national insurrection attempt, he gets to move and shake all over the place. I forsee great things for him.

    On the plus, Jomala, Nancy and Jim may be feeling some heat from the workers right about now.

  6. John Emerson

    I hope he’s wrong, he hopes he’s wrong, and I hope I’m wrong. But Biden’s associations don’t inspire optimism, and we can’t make him better than he is just by shutting our eyes and pretending.

  7. anon

    Biden’s not even a good boss if you believe the allegations of sexual assault and harassment:

    I used to be like SilentAmuse when I was a kid, then I grew up and my eyes opened up to reality. Some people like SilentAmuse still want to believe in what they taught us as kids in school. To admire people in power and assume that because they are successful and rich, they must be really smart and worked hard to be in the positions they are in. Anyone who has lived long enough in this world without being sheltered in an elite bubble know that is patently false.

    A good friend and I were just talking about these issues today. That many of the companies we’ve worked for had CEOs that bring in their own people. Many of their friends/family/confidants do not have the education, experience, or talent for the role, but they are highly paid and among the most powerful within the company. Some similarities I’ve found among these people are that, as Ian has pointed out, they slurp up and kick down. Many of them are snakes who do the CEO’s dirty work. They are kept around and paid a lot because they are not good people. They are snakes with little morals or ethics.

    I have had friends who have asked me if I was ever interested in going into politics. I tell them that I’m not a good liar, so how am I expected to succeed in a profession where most of the people in it are professional liars and backstabbers? That is why Pelosi, Harris, Obama, Biden, the Bushes, the Clintons, and everyone else running mega corporations succeed in politics and business. You don’t have to be smart and you don’t have to know what the hell you are doing most days. Nepotism and corruption allow these people and their families to continue to fail upward.

  8. BlizzardOfOzzz

    Speaking of bootlickers … I wonder, will Hugh and the other DNC shills here continue talking about the “coronavirus death toll” (more than all our wars combined!!1 tear emoji), or will they follow their betters in The Party and drop the subject entirely?

  9. They actually aren’t even good at getting elected. They have campaign managers who tell them what positions to take, when and where to campaign, what to support and what not to, and even on what clothes to wear. They have speech writer to tell them what to say and how to say it. When speaking extemporaneously they sound like idiots.

  10. Hugh

    For BOO, the choice between spitting on the lives of 400,000 dead Americans or licking the boots of the Donald one more time is no choice at all. He was born a bootlicker and he will die one.

    It was in 2006 that Pelosi made her famous dismissive remark, “They are advocates. We are leaders,” concerning those criticizing her lack of pushback to the war and occupation of Iraq. It exemplified Pelosi, liberalism, and Democratic party leaders. She wasn’t there to listen to the rubes. She was there to tell them what they should shut up and want. In the event, that was nothing. When Obama finally left Iraq, it was on George Bush’s timetable.

    The Ivy League is not about intelligence or education. It is about class and connections. Those I met from it were intellectual mediocrities. They are the entitled, not the better than.

    There is a lot of relief in the country that Trump’s madness is gone for now, and the media and Establishment are intent on manufacturing a narrative of a return to normalcy, that normalcy being the last 40 years of Establishment misrule. And that is the choice we get: madness or misrule.

  11. Plague Species

    Biden is telegraphing he is dead set on, firmly committed to, using the Clinton philosophy of trying at bipartisanship and failing versus not trying at all. Obama in his memoir claimed he did the same thing in 2009 and he regrets the decision to go with that strategy, but apparently Biden hasn’t read Obama’s memoir or has and doesn’t care to learn from Obama’s mistake if it was a mistake at all and not just an excuse to avoid any meaningful legislation in favor of the unwashed versus the oligarchy.

    Biden is going to give obstructionist power to McConnell and the Republican goons, who are on their heels and on the ropes by the way, and use that as an excuse not to pass any legislation that will improve outcomes for the unwashed. By doing so, he is greasing the skids for the next fascist putsch. He will lose his tenuous progressive support entirely. His gamble is he will replace that loss with moderate Republicans from the suburbs. He and the Dems are going to lose that bet and lose it big time. Biden is America’s Paul von Hindenburg. He is wedded to an establishment that can no longer govern and is in free fall collapse. He is feckless in the face of this rising tide of fascism. We’re f*cked.

  12. Plague Species

    Believe me, I as much as anyone want to be wrong about this, but I don’t think I am. This is the last chance before it’s over for good, and it looks less than promising at this point. I never really held out any significant hope it would be otherwise. I held my nose and voted for Biden and for Ossoff and Warnock, and here we are. It’s playing out exactly as I anticipated it would. I told my family, my wife and children, this is exactly what the Dems would do and they’re doing it right out of the gate. It doesn’t even matter that Ossoff and Warnock won. It would have been the same either way. It’s a hollow victory.

  13. someofparts

    ps – I live in Grant Park. Are you and your family in the city?

  14. bruce wilder

    Studies of the psychological attitudes shared by “authoritarian followers” (a type in social psychology) interestingly show that while they choose to admire demagogues, who are often obvious fakes and conmen (e.g. Trump, some famous preachers), they can also be deeply cynical about politicians in general. They combine vulnerability to a style of leadership easily adopted by conmen with an immune resistance to good leadership by sincere, wise and prudent leaders.

    Ian does not appear to be talking here narrowly about only “authoritarian followers” as defined by social psychology, but the point remains: the political ecology that favors and elevates sociopathic politicians also disables and handicaps ethical and dedicated ones. That ecology is produced deliberately by self-interested big money, as we know, cooperating with the subversions of the career professionals who serve big money with “technical expertise”. But, it is also produced by the resistance of the sheep to being led by good shepherds.

    Corbyn was given as an example of the “system” attacking sincere left leadership: the lies were frequent even in the Guardian, which has gone neoliberal driven by business decisions. That works partly because lots of people are willing to credit accusations of a certain form. Anti-semitism! Pro-Palestinian. Pro-IRA.

    The long and despairing campaign for M4all in the U.S. founders on the inability to maintain mass popular insistence against cynical criticisms generated by lobbyists and the anxieties of people embedded in the existing system.

    The U.S. has miraculously produced some remarkably good Presidents — Lincoln and FDR stand out — but lots of people seem unable to discriminate. Reagan is spoken of worshipfully by whole classes of people who benefitted without much acknowledgment of his shortcomings even while Reagan is regularly denigrated by critics. Lots and lots of people just go along with all of it without understanding any of it.

    Not enough blame falls on the educated, professional classes, imo, and too much is heaped on the peasants. The “bootlickers” are in the professional and managerial classes. Yet, we blame the peasants and working class of our imagination. And, we do not credit enough the cynicism as pathological as belief.

  15. O/T I’ve read a significant chunk of the comments to a the Gateway Pundit article “After Two Weeks the Identity of the Capitol Policeman Who Shot Unarmed Ashli Babbitt Dead Has Not Yet Been Released – Why Is That? (VIDEO)” At least 2 of my comments appear censored. The one that didn’t get censored was 2 sentences, with no links. In fact, I don’t see any comments with links, which is incredible, given that the Babbitt incident was caught on multiple videos, and a lot of the discussion is about what actually happened, that was observed on video. It’d be nice to be able to refer to the exact video one is talking about….

    This can’t be an ‘accident’, though I’m not sure if the censorship is at the disqus level, or the level of the website moderators. In either case, my conclusion is that is to right wingers what is to left gatekeepers. I.e., a right gatekeeper website. See the waybackmachine (, search for “”, then select an early date, like Dec 7, 2003, if you want to know what left gatekeeping is all about.

    The most interesting comments, that survived the censor, that I’ve run across in this context, were by “David Michael”

    IMHO. This woman was pretended to be murdered to.push political pschops planned out by.Democrats.I used to work.with a company that collected from estates .You can find obituaries for just about anyone online by name and city
    There is none for her ,just same old ,same old stories.You usually can find a posting for the funeral home services ,viewing obit ect.

    Two months(sic) a Friday night press release excessive force case closed no charges , a federal officer just enough info that it could be him.,End of story


    This woman was pretended to be murdered to push A political narrative by democrats. I used to work in a company that did Estates Collections.You can find Just about anyone in an obituary if you have name city and state.
    You can usually find a list of relatives,funeral home ,service, viewing.
    There is nothing for this girl but wire service stories.

    Interestingly of the 57 Las Vegas victims only 4 stories that kept being repeated.,no obituaries.A 45 year old woman was supposedly killed from.Martinsburg WV .
    I am.very familiar with Martinsburg and the town paper the Martinsburg Journal .Not one story in the journal about a local killed ,nor an obituary.
    I looked up 5 other victims from.the list that appeared to be small .cities rural.towns and same thing. ,no local stories nor obits.

    It also appears that none of her social network has been interviewed. I’ve read quotes by husband and brother, and saw a clip of her grandfather, and that’s it (though did not search through any mainstream article, e.g. in

  16. Ché Pasa

    Here we go. After most of us just lived through four years of Trump’s insanity and we’ve been watching the Republican Party and its leadership tear itself apart and literally disintegrate in real time, the internet Ur-obsession is how corrupt, craven and evil the Dems are and always will be.

    Yes, we know. Really. We do.

    What is the more useful story for Internet Progressives? That the Dems are (still) corrupt, craven and evil, or that the Rs are eating their own at a banquet of rage and recrimination, and if given the right sort of push, the Rs will self-destruct? Despite their continued political power at the moment — and it is considerable, particularly at the state and local level — the Rs are at a tipping point, and their demise could be assured if Internet Progressives could focus a tenth of the energy they expend on excoriating Dems on the Rs. But that’s verboten. No, no, no! All rage must be focused on the Dems, forever and ever, because… well, something, something HillaryObomba.

    From initial indications, Biden is a much wilier politician than I have given him credit for. He’s more alert than those who insist he nothing but a reanimated corpse. He’s frail, he’s old, but he seems to be using what time remains to him to do as many good things as he can for as many people as he can and do as little harm as he can while serving as temporary Emperor. He doesn’t have much time.

    Part of what he has been doing all along is calving off a segment of “sane” Rs and bringing them into the Dem Party, either as members or as silent partners. That was a Dem objective from way back, as we saw under Clinton and Obama. Well, it’s happening now. Because the R rump is the Trump Party, there’s nowhere for the Other Rs to go, so for them, it’s Biden or Bust.

    As I’ve said, the Democratic Party is a conservative party, has been all along. The Republican Party is a radical reactionary party that went bonkers under Trump, and in my opinion needs to be eliminated once and for all. If I’d had my way, that would have happened 20 years ago, but oh well.

    With the radical reactionaries out of political power, there’s a sterling opportunity to form and cohere a responsible progressive or even progressive populist party to fill the breach. In fact, that ideal and opportunity has long been available.

    Now is the time.

  17. @John Emerson and @Ian

    Sorry for the fully accredited plagiarism that follows. Feel free to delete/disappear if either of you is offended. But John Emerson’s post, that appeared on now-defunct was so insightful, and somewhat relevant to his comments here, that I thought it better to ask forgiveness, than permission. IMNSHO, should be promoted to it’s own diary.
    We’ve seen a very recent example reported of Pelosi and McConnell conferring to sideline any challenge to the electoral college vote. (In fact, I think they had foreknowledge and acquiescence to the false flag “storming” of the Capitol, which conveniently curtailed debate and moved it out of primetime; plus was used to demonize Trump and his MAGA followers. But I am mostly speculating on this point.)

    Indispensable Enemies
    by: John Emerson
    Sat Sep 26, 2009 at 11:30
    (Another in John’s series on the dark side of party politics. – promoted by Paul Rosenberg)

    Indispensable Enemies, Walter Karp, Franklin Square Press, 1993 / 1973
    Indispensable Enemies is a wild ride, and very few will want to stay on all the way to the end. Karp has no respect for either of the major parties, and his low opinion extends to such Democratic heroes as Woodrow Wilson, FDR, JFK, LBJ, and even McGovern. He was politically unaffiliated, but identified with the Progressive and Populist traditions, and  nowadays he seems to be admired mostly by paleocons and right-libertarians. But his insights into the two-party system can help dissidents of any stripe understand what’s wrong with our political process, and more specifically, what’s wrong with the Democratic Party.
    The basic idea of the book is that when you’re trying to understand American politics, you don’t want to start with the candidates and elected officials, or with the voters and public opinion, or even with the lobbyists or with the media, but with the political parties. Karp overstates his case considerably, but there are few who could read his book without learning something from it.
    The parties and the pros work for themselves first, last and always, and a party’s ruling group would always rather maintain control of a losing party than win and lose control. Parties do not depend on elected officials for funding. Quite the opposite: elected officials who don’t have their own organizations and who can’t self-finance are pretty much dependent on the party. (This is especially true of low-seniority members of the House, who are little more than but peons.)  The party gets its funding from donors, and donors give money as often to prevent action asthey do to get action: sometimes all they want is nothing.
    By and large party leaders do not want reform, progress, or change, since anything new makes  their job harder and threatens to bring in new and competing leaders. The two party oligarchies support one another against the dissident forces in either party, and often their disputes are choreographed dog-and-pony shows leading, like pro wrestling, to foreordained conclusions — as we have seen with free trade, tax reduction, and deregulation, often the two parties are in agreement on the issues.
    Some examples of what party leaders will do in order to keep control:
    A. Sabotage a popular candidate of their own party, either because he is in some way dissident on the issues, or just because he seems likely to try to take over the party organization.
    B. Concede small or large areas to the “opposition” party, ensuring a standoff whereby the leaders of the two parties are able to broker deals at the expense of their own supporters. After the Civil War the Republicans conceded the whole South to the Democrats by accepting the disenfranchisement of black Americans. In many states, the party machines divide the state on an urban-rural basis. Once the nation or the state is stabilized that way and a standoff achieved, the leaders of the two parties can happily do business.
    C. Split their own party so that one faction can be played off against the other. For decades, even during periods when liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans had the votes to end segregation, the Democratic leadership (by honoring seniority rules, the filibuster, etc.) allowed the Southern Democrats to block progress. The sacred rules of Congressional procedure are nothing but the devices by which the party leaders manipulate and control Congress. None of them have the sanction of law, and many of them aren’t even very old.  The plain fact is that before LBJ the party leadership, including the northerners, never wanted to end segregation and were perfectly happy to let the South run the show.
    D. Build campaigns around wedge issues, peripheral to the real business of government, which set a bloc of voters in one party against a bloc in the other party. Wedge issues aren’t a Rove invention: for decades after the Civil War, the most visible issues were prohibition, foreign-language schools, and anti-Yankee or anti-Reb sentiment. Wedge issues cost little or nothing, and if the level of animosity can be kept high enough they’re the gift that keeps on giving.
    For example, the Republicans have been flogging abortion for three decades now without delivering much of anything. They do not really want to win, because if they do, they’ll not only anger their own moderate voters, but will also lose their leverage with anti-abortion voters.  Peripheral issues of this kind are decoys allowing allow the two parties to quietly achieve goals that they really care about.
    E. Neglect or sabotage outreach. The party pros do not want enthusiastic new supporters if the new supporters seem likely to make new, inconvenient demands. What they want is predictable, tried-and-true party regulars making specific, limited demands. Voter enthusiasm is not a good thing, but rather a problem to be solved: often the party must figure out how to fail in a non-obvious way, without angering its voters.
    The two parties, and the liberal and conservative wings of each party, often secretly cooperate with one another by killing inconvenient measures that their adversaries need to seem to support, but do not want to see passed. When you see support for a popular bill mysteriously evaporating, or when you see factional disputes within the dominant party or faction delivering victory to the weaker one, this is often what has happened.
    F. Bipartisanship. Need I say more? The bosses  deal, and Broder rejoices.
    Karp makes one point that I can’t develop here, but which is dear to my heart. He asks the reader to assume that political players are agents and know what they’re doing, so that if the players’ actions don’t make sense in terms of their professed goals, we should conclude that their actual goals are different. This goes against fifty years of lumpen-wonk truisms about how politics works. Wonk Democrats seem to be fanatically committed to the idea that blind forces decide everything and that no one ever really knows what they are doing or why, and they automatically accuse anyone who believes that politicians do things for reasons of being a paranoid conspiracy theorist.
    This is very strange, because the same wonks who so strongly claim to believe in blind forces also believe that the wise Democrats they support are doing magical things behind the scenes, and that we should just stand behind them without asking what it is that they’re doing.  It’s almost as if the wonks are putting up a smokescreen of conspiracy-theory accusations specifically for the purpose of diverting our attention from their own backroom politics.
    Karp makes a vivid case, and every reader has to decide how much of it he accepts. It’s partly outdated: his book was published in 1973, and since then our politics has been transformed by think tanks, talk radio and TV, the conservative colonization of  the serious media, PACS, and so on. I’m not sure that the Gingrich-Delay-Rove Republicans fit into the pattern described by Karp, and the fact that today’s Democrats do seem to fit the pattern might be evidence that they’re living in the past and still haven’t figured out what hit them.
    I strongly recommend that everyone read this book. This post gives you only a very sketchy idea of what Karp has to say, and in the book itself he provides a wealth of concrete examples of the kinds of things that I have only been able to summarize.

    John Emerson :: Indispensable Enemies

    The simple truth is, the party organization will dump an election whenever its control over the party would be weakened by the victory of its own party’s candidate…. Fear of the party’s own elected officials is often a determining feature of party politics regardless of who holds the office…. Party organizations cannot afford to take chances. They will even try to defeat a party hack if his victory would prove inconvenient.
    In many states the contest between the majority party’s regulars and its uncontrolled elements is the only real electoral competition that state parties, despite themselves, provide…. minority parties help the ruling party regulars in many ways, first and foremost simply by being a fake opposition…. Anything that stirs up the electorate, anything that rouses their interest in politics, is harmful to party organizations and, most directly, to a state’s ruling party.
    Given every opportunity to crush an influential Bourbon [William Colmer, a conservative Southern Democrat who had deserted the Democrats in two different Presidential elections], the non-Bourbon Democratic majority elevated him to the highest of Congressional stations [Chairman of the Rules Committee).
    The Northern wing could then split its vote four ways and hand Boggs the victory. This sort of manoeuver is usually attributed to the inherent disunity of Northern liberals, but there’s nothing inherent about it. When reporters asked Udall what caused his defeat, his answer was simple: “the big-city boys”. As Jim Folson, the anti-Bourbon former governor of Alabama, once put it, “The Yankees and the Southerners give each other hell up in Congress, and then they get together in the back room and say, well, we put it over on the folks again. It’s been going on for a hundred years.”
    Then came the depression, and Republican voters started casting their votes for Democratic legislative candidates, whoever they might happen to be. By 1934, the Democrats in ten Republican strongholds held 42 percent of the legislative seats, a historic, if unwanted resurgence. Little boodle parties suddenly found themselves saddled with flocks of freshmen legislators and all sorts of unwanted ambitions that threatened the regulars’ control.
    The Bourbons could not have enacted these measures [the disenfranchisement of black Southerners after 1896], would not have dared to enact these measures, had the Bourbons even expected the Republican Party to protest. Republican bosses and Republican Presidents did not protest. They saw their Republican voters decimated by disenfranchisement, they saw their own winning party in NC ruined by disenfranchisement, yet they let this constitutional degradation of American citizens pass unopposed.”
    So there it is: two national apogees of reform and two unexplained blunders that brought reform to a halt. What no one, to my knowledge, has suggested is that.these blunders were not blunders at all, that each was the deliberately chosen means for achieving the very end it achieved: bringing reform to a halt.
    Kennedy was carrying out a basic political strategy for killing pledged reforms – the creation of what political observer Martin Gelfand has termed the “indispensable enemy”, the opposition required to prevent you from doing what you must appear to want done.
    His administration declared that it could not pass programs through the Senate without Republican votes and – what was palpably untrue – could win them only if Senator Everett Dirksen gave his approval to Kennedy legislation. Accordingly, Kennedy made elaborate public efforts to win over Senator Dirksen and an “extraordinary rapport” was established between the two men.
    On the other hand, those who make blanket condemnations of “conspiracy theories” base their own view on a farfetched theory indeed, namely that whatever men in high office actually do, they are essentially men of goodwill.
    Whenever the results of deeds are divorced from the deeds themselves, they lose their political character and appear to be the results of happenstance, of larger social forces and historical trends, or even of the providence of God. Although they are the consequences of political action, they will appear beyond reach of political action, since what men do not appear to have done, they appear incapable of undoing. To those who wield irresponsible political power, the advantage of hiding deeds is obvious and profound. By divorcing deeds from their results, they can produce results which serve their own interests yet bear no responsibility for them, for what appears to just happen, or what appears to issue from social and historical processes, is the specific responsibility of no man.
    As Alexis de Tocqueville long ago observed, a despot does not care that his subjects dislike him as long as they dislike each other, for then they cannot act together and so remain impotent.

  18. someofparts

    Yesterday I was watching a post-inauguration Katie Halper/Matt Taibbi interview with Thomas Frank. At one point in the conversation, Taibbi and Frank were sharing observations about the tone of the press during the Trump administration. Something about those events had bothered both of them. Taibbi said it was like being around children who were ganging up on a weak kid. Like a bunch of kids taking turns tricking and laughing at some kid who couldn’t too simple-minded to defend himself against mockery.

  19. Plague Species

    someofparts, no, we live in the burbs, or the burbs of the burbs. My wife and son work in the city though. Grant Park is a beautiful area. Our neighborhood is a diversified mix though, at least along racial/cultural lines. We have folks from Korea, from China, from India, from Mexico, from Latin America and many blacks. It is not predominantly white by any means, but many of the whites who do reside in the neighborhood are of the conservative variety. Some of the others may be as well. One of them, one of the whites I mean, is the president of the homeowners association and he’s a real Nazi, so much so, he’s a caricature practically.

  20. GlassHammer

    I read the tweet a bit differently.

    I saw it as yet another scuffle between the defenders of the intellectual vs. defenders of the anti-intellectual. (Keep in mind I am just using simple labels and they are imperfect descriptions of these groups.)

    This happens when leadership changes hands especially when the new guy is being sold as more competent and or intellectual then the last guy.

    An old and very meaningless fight in the U.S.

  21. Hob Knob

    PS and someofparts:

    I live in a cardboard box on the edge of Grant Park. Please help me.

  22. Hob Knob

    I’m in Nassau County. Are you guys in Chicago? I hope someone can help me.

  23. NL

    Dave Chappelle, whose performances I like, got COVID-19 after hanging out and snapping pictures with Musk and Grimes (without surgical masks naturally). That’s one thing one may get in a nutshell for hanging out with the elite.

  24. Willy

    Frank Luntz helped make them, but he apparently cannot remake them. He said his MAGA focus/therapy groups just kept going off the rails. It must suck to be him right about now.

  25. NL

    bruce wilder
    Studies of the psychological attitudes…

    Psychology is so full of fraud research and fraud researchers that it is effectively no different than fantasy and fiction. The approach there is to come up with an amusing and instructive story and then fit data to it. The other half (like Stanford Prison Experiment) is deliberate propaganda to justify our unjust arrangements. So, sure sure, people you do not like are evil as has been ‘shown’ ‘scientifically’ by psychology. Of course, your opponents consider you evil as has been ‘shown’ scientifically. In the end, ‘science’ can settle nothing.

  26. Plague Species

    Dumbasses. Fear Factor. Playing with COVFEFE-45 like it’s synonymous with eating maggots and they got burned. Rogan needs to lay off the steroids. That sh*t will kill you if the virus doesn’t.

  27. Willy

    Bias is a strategy for conserving cognitive resources. I’d add emotional resources to that as well.

  28. Feral Finster

    Someone confuses “smart” with a certain animal cunning.

    Some dude named “Welsh” or “Welch” or something wrote something about how Trump was not smart in an IQ test sense, but that he was very good at getting what he wanted. The examples of crapping in a gold toilet and also screwing multiple supermodels were provided by the author, I think.

    That description is accurate. Trump isn’t omnipotent, but he is very good at getting what he wants. The same could be said for the Team D luminaries that Silent Amuse fellates. They are probably even better than Trump at this.

    The problem is that none of them want what is best for us, except perhaps in the sense that a rancher wants his cattle to do well enough so that they may be better butchered or milked dry.

  29. NL

    bruce wilder
    “Not enough blame falls on the educated, professional classes, imo, and too much is heaped on the peasants.”

    A little known and appreciated fact — when the peasants of the Soviet Union became literate and numerate, they decided that hey know better than their parents (whom they of course treated with disdain as uneducated bumkins) and the communists (whom they also despised), and then destroyed the very system that educated them (i.e., the Soviet Union) — ironic.

    Well, just because you can plug numbers in some formulas or put together a couple of sentences together that sort of in a very general outline make sense, does not make you smart or intelligent. It is all wrong to think that manual labor is inferior to brain labor in complexity, I mean it is inferior in that manual labor will age your body quickly, and you may look dirty and not have a clean office and some such, but manual labor is just as mentally demanding as mental labor. I could talk about highly skilled machine work — few people would know what I am talking about.

    How about dancing – a manual labor, right, try dancing, go a 4-year institution in dancing, and then dance for us. Taking dancing classes will make you dance better, but you will still look goofy and clumsy in comparison with better (what we call professional) dancers.

    Well, your thinking looks just as silly and vacant as your dancing…

  30. NL

    In a moderated post, I use the pronoun ‘you’, but it is not aimed at anyone in particular, just a speech usage to address everyone.

  31. Eric Anderson

    When the lights go out … we’ll see who’s “smart.”

    Ain’t gonna be 99% of the ghouls in DC.
    And it ain’t gonna be 99% of the keyboard jockey’s commenting here.

    Smart people are investing in simple, sustainable, means of staying alive during the coming collapse.

    If you’re not preparing, you’re dumb.

  32. Hugh

    Didn’t Taibbi hit his sell by date some time ago? And isn’t his style of whale away at journalism the kind he is now criticizing? Nor do I get giving Trump a pass as if he was just some dumb schmo instead of having been the President and most powerful person on the earth. Part of Trump’s brand was to make war on the media, with his fake news and it’s a hoax lines. What? The problem is the media weren’t respectful enough toward a deeply corrupt, mentally ill, constantly lying, twice impeached insurrectionist President?

  33. kråke

    Che has the right of it.

    Biden is a corporate running dog, no doubt. But he’s also a decent enough guy to actual try to help do some good. Not that this lends moral weight to endless wars, the crime bills or the surveillance state. It doesn’t. It can’t. It won’t.

    Let’s be clear: the technologies of control are produced in a corporate state partnership that never needs any one politician. It’s systemic.

    Want it to change?

    Win. Who the feck cares if some lapdogs mewl for their masters?


  34. GlassHammer

    “It’s probably more effective to stop the pipeline that radicalizes ______ and that includes addressing economic misery.”


    “Forget the Economic misery and the pipeline, if _____ were radicalized they don’t deserve to be helped.”

    ^This is the conversation we seem to be stuck in. Just insert your own preferred radical group (religious extremists, Trumpers, communist, terrorists, QANON, etc…) it covers all of them.

    What sits under this conversation is the thought some people are and should remain damned (unredeemable). I got to say it’s hard to ignore the religious characteristics at play here.

  35. Plague Species

    Win? How do you win when the system you describe has put controls in place to mitigate you ever winning?

  36. kråke

    If you self-defeat like a medieval serf afraid of divine judgment (the rigged ‘system’), you can only lose.

    The people who took Alcatraz, ir Fed buildings in the 504 sit, some decades ago understood this without any schoolboy complaining to get in the way.

    If you want to actually goddamned win, work the refs, or shoot them, crowd the court, or burn it down. Stop whining and scare the people who pay for the pols. Scare ’em so bad, they offer concessions to make the nightmares stop. Then, take more. Actually just take their stuff. Ignore the rules, decorum and self-respect; spread doubt about the rules, shame about decorum and mockery about respecting the system or the bougie self. Hurt the enforcers, and go after their funding.

    Organize labor, collect or ‘borrow’ strike funds, squat, break, and sabot…,wildcat and strike, set brush fires and take over school boards.

    Anything that works, which never ever fecking includes whining about ‘the system’.

    All this mush-mouth garbage about how big and powerful and in charge ‘they’ are is timidity, it’s a very specific kind of signaling: it publically declares that a whiny loser wants the bully not to treat him like a whiny loser.

    When the way to stop a bully, in the short term, is to punch or kick him in the dick so hard he spends the next three days vomiting on his one remaining swollen grapefruit of a testicle.

  37. Plague Species

    Once again, I’ll ask, win how if the system is designed to mitigate you winning? I’m not self-defeating. I’m genuinely interested in how to win all things considered.

  38. Plague Species

    Eric Rudolph wasn’t a whiny little bitch, was he? He took your advice and kicked abortion doctors and women receiving abortions in the balls, didn’t he?

  39. Plague Species

    So Marx was a whiner? Do I have that correct? Because his noteworthiness is, a long slog whine about capitalism, right?

    A critique of the system is as important as opposing it and deposing it. It you don’t know what you’re up against, you do not stand a chance.

    We’re not up against abortion clinics, but many of the unwashed are. I will never be on the same team as some scum who wants to blow up abortion clinics or who wants to storm the Capitol because he or she believes the Bidens and Obamas and Clintons and Pelosi and Schumer and the pope and the prime minister of Italy are satanists who have sex with and eat babies.

  40. Thomas Golladay


    In other words, so long as brown and black people are killed abroad, better Biden than Trump.

    Given the Coronavirus Epidemic Response was undermined by the States and Deep State refusing to implement pre-hospital care of HCQ + Z-pac or Ivermectin + Doxycycline which are proven drugs used in South America, Africa, and Asia but blocked in the US and Europe except in cases where doctors are brave enough to risk their licenses and dispense it.

    Therefore it is wrong to solely blame Trump for Covid-19, the Governors and Deep State are just as much to blame and more so.

    Thank you for revealing your racism and why it is impossible to have an adult conversation with you.

  41. Feral Finster: “Someone confuses “smart” with a certain animal cunning.”

    There’s a Hiberno-English (Irish) expression: “CUTE HOOR”.
    This person is not cute, nor a whore. Former Irish PM Bertie Ahern (who ran the country into the ground, and was up to his oxters in financial corruption, and never spent a day in jail, is a “cute hoor”.

    phrase used in Ireland to describe a slippery customer, a rogue, a charlatan, someone who seems upstanding or innocent and mild but who never misses an opportunity to screw you over, scam you, rip you off or hide their farcical f**k ups, blame everyone else for the s**t they cause and generally lure you into their Machiavellian trap… unsurprisingly generally applied to cowboy politicians, corrupt rich tax evaders and their ilk

  42. Plague Species

    Thomas, the only point you make with that latest comment is that they are our only choices. You, obviously, choose to murder Americans. That makes you a traitor. It makes anyone who supports McDonald a traitor because they support the murder of Americans versus brown, black and yellow people abroad.

    I guess Yemenis don’t count, right? Plenty of them were murdered, genocided actually, during McDonald’s tenure as he sucked up to SA and MBS and continued to allow the CIA to provide SA with intelligence so MBS could murder Yemenis with glee and at will more easily.

  43. NL

    Surgery is a manual labor. Surgeons take long to study and retire early. How unfair.

  44. Plague Species

    I don’t want my tax dollars going to protecting this bastard until he passes away. Let him hire his own personal security at his expense. Or put him in jail for life as justice demands.

    And, I don’t want my tax dollars going to a war with Iran. McDonald brought this on himself by assassinating Soleimani. He now has to suffer the consequences of that ill-advised decision. Meaning, Biden better not retaliate against Iran if they take out McDonald. Her is not worth defending.

  45. S Brennan

    I agree with SOP’s point;

    We saw four years of mindless bullying, an attempt to shout down anyone whose view was not in line with the neoD’s narrative. And when I say that, I don’t mean, just the media, just the National Security State [NSS], just the rump Republicans, no, I mean people who consider themselves “intellectuals” people who decry bullying in others when they don’t have power, but, happily employ it when they do.

    Watching self-described intellectual neoDs “leftist”, “liberals” & “progressives” fall all over themselves to put their spin on the “Trump=Hitler” meme…watching them put their spin on the “all Trump voters are Nazis” meme has been a real eye opener.

    Trump has done one undeniably great deed, he has shown that people who self-describe as intellectual “leftists”, “liberals” & “progressives” are complete frauds. Trump isn’t any approximation of Hitler, Trump voters are not any approximation Nazis and all the attempts to sell that narrative by intellectuals has proven false over and and over, again and again.

    Indeed, Ian was surprised that their wasn’t a 50 state protest and that’s because he has nobody in his circle knows anybody, who knows anybody, who is a Trump voter. Why? Don’t know in Ian’s case but, the neoDs back in 2016 began, cleverly I think, telling people that they should “de-friend” all acquaintances that don’t support Hillary…that way all the information “leftists”, “liberals” & “progressives” get on Trump voters passes through the DNC’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment*.

    Thanks to the results of the 2020 election, the next shot at reform the neoD party will have is 2036, 16 years from now…and realistically that’s political eternity and with the neoD’s, NSS, Rump-R’s using the same tactics employed 2016-2021, the same bullying shown Yang, Trump, Gabbard, ANYBODY – who questions the narrative.

    No, Ian’s man on a horseback will not make an appearance in 2032 or 2036, nor any strong silhouette that is an easy shot, no, a fanged serpent to come to power in the mindless swamp that the intelligentsia has created. No bugles will herald the arrival, no one will know when the snake arrives to feast on the dying corpse..hell, that keres might already have made it’s lair.

    *2016 election, within a two week period about half of my friends posted a message that read like this, “support Hillary over that [racists/Russian-Spy/rapist/] Trump…if not please defriend me”. That’s dozens of people having the “same idea” in a matter of a few weeks…what are the odds of that?

  46. @Thomas Golladay

    Therefore it is wrong to solely blame Trump for Covid-19, the Governors and Deep State are just as much to blame and more so.

    Your list is probably correct, but lacking a key villain. The Medical Mafia long preceded coronavirus, and it’s easy to see that suppression of useful therapeutics was not limited to the US. (See France.) From this and other lines of evidence, we can infer that the Medical Mafia is international in scope.

    Your list also leaves out hospital administrators and state medical boards, though disambiguating them from the Medical Mafia is not worth attempting

    IMO, everybody should be aware of a few of the details of the persecution of Dr Burzynski, by the Texas State Medical Board. Burzynski was doing research that had the approval of the FDA….

  47. The Vig

    Current money line on S Brennan’s predictions: -$1000.
    Updates on the hour.

  48. progressive youtuber Kim Iversen, in “Kim Responds Directly To The Rising’s Reports On Sweden”, claims that Sweden’s 2nd wave is or was only 1/3 as lethal as the first wave, which is basically what I had predicted, by extrapolating from UK infection rate data. Other countries, with stricter lockdowns, have had worse 2nd waves.

    I haven’t had time to check this, and was burned by quoting her previously, in fact regarding Swedish data.

  49. Cancer Survivor

    Dr. Burzynski’s pee saved me.

  50. different clue

    I would like to see someone parody the once-famous ” Acres of Diamonds” article. Here is the
    Acres of Diamonds article.

    I would like that parody to be a politically motivational parody. I would like it to be able to inspire people living within the system as it is to see opportunities to use little pressure points and pain points within the system so as to achieve this and that.

    If I could write such a parody myself, I would call it ” Acres of Tire Irons”

    There are a thousand tire irons lying all over the ground. The System has a thousand knee caps. There is a tire iron for every kneecap and a kneecap for every tire iron.

    That would be the essential motivational inspiration of the parody.

  51. S Brennan

    The Vig said: Current money line on S Brennan’s predictions: -$1000. Updates on the hour.

    Fair enough Vig:

    Ian has a emailed [and shared here] prediction of mine that outlined the infection/date rate of SARS II in the northern hemisphere particularly above the 35th parallel. In it, I predicted SARS’s II decline and subsequent rise. The key here is..the prediction was not just the events themselves but, exactly when they would happen. It was, as they say, a deadly accurate accounting of what was yet to happen…and counter to all the popular predictions at the time.

    Genius? Intuitive? No, not at all, just a simple search through historical data and…a willingness to follow data sets, [wherever they lead] and…i can’t stress this enough…a willingness to ignore mindless popular opinions formed through the machinations of the neoliberal’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment.

    Oh, BTW, do we see neoD’s enacting a national lock-down now that they have absolute power? No, no we don’t…and nobody here can bother to ask themselves why…isn’t that odd that when the media stops pumping a story, interest in the subject disappears? Why if I didn’t know better I’d say we were being manipulated…eh?

  52. Stirling S Newberry

    Hank Aaron has died. He was better at playing ball and marshaling his words about racism.

    Cruz was not smart. Pelosi is. Biden is not. Harris is smart. Bernie is smart. But as many people have pointed out, this does not matter. The intelligence is not a major factor.

  53. Stirling S Newberry

    Mira Furlan has died. Babylon 5. Lost.

  54. Hugh

    From an article form Sept. 4, 2020 in The Lancet,

    “To date, randomised trials have found no evidence of a benefit of hydroxychloroquine compared with placebo at any disease stage for COVID-19”

    and re azithromycin at least in severe covid cases, “found no benefit of azithromycin on clinical outcomes, including clinical status or mortality, when added to the standard of care regimen”

    Thomas, as your once and future Führer is never responsible for anything, what use is he? Still as a good Trumper, you are no doubt dutifully injecting bleach under a sun lamp, amirite?

  55. NL


    SpaceX Plans to Drill for Natural Gas Next to Texas Launchpad.

    I am speechless!

    They will pump natural gas out of the group next to the launch pads right into the space ships! Wow.

    Or may be not.

    Bill Gates is the largest owner of agricultural land.

    No, it actually all makes sense.

  56. Hugh

    Delenn from Babylon 5: “We are the universe trying to understand itself.” Although Trumpers are an interesting example of the contrary.

  57. NL

    Who would guessed that Space X has a land-acquisition arm

    Dogleg Park LLC

    or a subsidiary Lone Star Mineral Development.

    I mean if these subs were for acquisition of land and mineral resources on Mars, I can see that, but Texas ain’t Mars.

    Or may be it is… sand… dunes… it’s all the same.

  58. NL

    I will take credit for predicting the obvious, obvious to those who can see.

    China Pushes for High-Level Meeting to Ease Tension With U.S.
    Beijing plans to pivot from trade issues to climate change and the pandemic in an effort to overcome divisions

    Aha, détente, its coming, its here.

    If you ask me, I like South Korea more. Soju, pork belly and kimchi are not that much off from beer, sauerkraut and knuspriger schweinebauch, climate is also similar — I can live like that.

  59. different clue

    There is nothing wrong in theory with a high level Chinamerica detente. So why not address some pandemic stuff and climachange stuff?

    But in the longer run, Free Trade is a major cause of global warming, and part of de-warming the global will involve abolishing Free Trade and re-localising or at least re-regionalizing production and consumption of all different things and stuff as much as is feasible.

    And that can’t happen under the the Corporate Globalonial Plantation System and its Forcey Free-Trade regime.

    If the American government can be conquered by people who intend to use it to make America into its own Metropole-Hinterland system, then tension with China will remain inevitable as long as China wants to make America into a Hinterland serving the China Metropole.

  60. NL

    different clue

    Or practice for that matter. I am not against a détente. This will be good for everybody. Look, I am re-orienting to East Asia in my own business, that’s where the future is for the time being. That’s where the demand will be and a large fraction of progress.

    I am just noting that the new ruling grouping will go with a détente as expected and as I expected. And with the détente will go the ’empire’ that was not. People mistake a colony with an empire. British and us, we have never had an empire, only colonies. Roman were cosmopolitan, we are tribal through and through. Rulers can not simultaneously fight their people and an external threat. That’s what even Machiavelli said, as I argued here over soju some time ago. And the incoming leadership wisely chose a détente, which is a good decision even if it is taken for a wrong preseason.

    Free Trade can be good or bad, it is what we make of it. We could be trading in climate and nature preserving technologies.

    The last paragraph I do not understand. A ‘government’ is an abstraction, and an abstraction can’t be conquered, I guess I suppose by another abstraction.

  61. S Brennan

    An update, for our beloved lick-spittles who haven’t kept up with the Ministry of Public Enlightenment’s daily bootlicker-briefings. Hugh, you need to pay attention…your comment makes clear you missed an important bootlicker-briefing:

    “Pre-election – hydroxychloroquine bad. Post-election – hydroxychloroquine good”

    Now run along and remember, check with the Ministry of Public Enlightenment’s daily bootlicker-briefings before reciting your opinion !!! Remember your training, write your thoughts exactly as the Ministry tells you…don’t try to be clever and think on your own!


    Special Meeting AMA- Resolution 509, 30 Oct 2020, for public release after 02 Nov 2020 election.


    Whereas, A proposed regimen to treat COVID-19 for Stage 1, includes 10 days of 27 hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, zinc, and Vitamin D (6);

    Whereas, This regimen is not being advocated for Stage 2 and Stage 3 COVID therapy;

    Whereas, The original studies published in The Lancet and The New England Journal of 32 Medicine(NEJM) initially citing harm due to hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine use were 33 retracted by said journals due to dubious research methodology and incorrect conclusions34 (7, 8, 9);

    Whereas, AMA policy H-120.988, “Patient Access to Treatments Prescribed by Their 37 Physicians,” supports a physician’s autonomy to prescribe medications the physician believes to 38 be in the patient’s best interest, where the benefits outweigh risk and the patient consents;

    Whereas, Physicians have used off label medications for years and this use is supported by 41 existing policy;

    Whereas, Data regarding harm have been limited due to poorly designed studies or studies 44 usually in Stage 2 or later, or stopped without harm but no effect in phase 2 and hypothesis 45 (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12);

    Whereas, There are many studies that indicate that the use of Hydroxychloroquine is effective and front-line physicians are using the therapy where permissible;

    RESOLVED, That our American Medical Association rescind its statement calling for physicians 4 to stop prescribing hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine until sufficient evidence becomes 5 available to conclusively illustrate that the harm associated with use outweighs benefit early in 6 the disease course. Implying that such treatment is inappropriate contradicts AMA Policy 7 H-120.988, “Patient Access to Treatments Prescribed by Their Physicians,” that addresses off 8 label prescriptions as appropriate in the judgement of the prescribing physician (Directive to 9 Take Action); and be it further

    RESOLVED, That our AMA reassure the patients whose physicians are prescribing 18 hydroxychloroquine and combination therapies for their early-stage COVID-19 diagnosis by 19 issuing an updated statement clarifying our support for a physician’s ability to prescribe an FDA-20 approved medication for off label use, if it is in her/his best clinical judgement, with specific 21 reference to the use of hydroxychloroquine and combination therapies for the treatment of the 22 earliest stage of COVID-19 (Directive to Take Action); and be it further

    RESOLVED, That our AMA take the actions necessary to require local pharmacies to fill valid 25 prescriptions that are issued by physicians and consistent with AMA principles articulated in 26 AMA Policy H-120.988, “Patient Access to Treatments Prescribed by Their Physicians,” 27 including working with the American Pharmacists Association and American Society of Health 28 System Pharmacists.

  62. Lickspittle

    Who is this Brennan scum? He’s so eloquent!

  63. mago

    An asshole I worked for sneered behind my back just loud enough to make sure I heard that he didn’t trust anyone who prefers the company of dogs to people. Reading many of the comments here reminds me why I do. That particular asshole btw openly proclaimed that he always considered himself the smartest person in the room. If the shoe fits . . .

  64. js

    You get a feeling that Silent Amuse is just going to fallacy you to death until you scream for mercy.

    “As soon as Bernie Bro wins an election that matters” but no definition of “what matters”. So you might say, well how about city council in a large city, because heaven knows the DSA has a few wins. And it would be “no that doesn’t matter … ” How about The House, what about AOC, Ilhan Omar, Jamaal Bowman etc? No the House of Reps doesn’t matter. Ok, ok, No True Scotsman, I got it, only the Presidency or Senate matter. Well there is Sanders himself. No, that doesn’t count.

    Yea well noone thinks progressive people control the Fed gov, well maybe some crazies on the right seeing left-wing extremists and socialists under their beds, but that’s about it. So no argument there.

  65. Mark Level

    Ian, thank you as usual for a great piece that highlights the sycophancy of the pundit-courtier class, with the anger that the subject deserves. It’s amazing how ingrained worshiping-at-the-throne-of-our-betters has become in US social attitudes and of course TPTB, the Masters of the Universe can be satisfied at all the free propaganda protecting them.

    Your coverage of Kamala is good, but it doesn’t include all of the things she did. As a local (living in Oakland when she became the S.F. prosecutor) I’d like to share one incident not mentioned here (mia culpa if I missed it in comments, as I didn’t read them all).

    The SF business & political Elites (incl. “progressive” John Burton’s Dem machine) ousted the “Red” prosecutor Terence Hallinan (for those who don’t know about Hallinan, I expect he and his family have a wikipedia page, they were true anti-capitalists for decades) & replaced him with Willie Brown’s concubine, Kamala (either at the time or just previous; Willie boasted of the expensive car he’d bought as a “birthday gift” for her services in his regular SF Chronicle column. Terence not only kicked against the pricks of capitalism, as an Irish-American he took the Catholic Church down a peg by gathering substantial evidence of the church’s long pedophilia abuse of children, which he shared with local victims and lawyers as needed. One of the first things Kamala did in office was to take ALL of that material out of circulation to protect the politically powerful Church. F–k the victims a 2nd time, I guess, on behalf of their “betters” in the clergy!!

    Here’s a link on that from the Intercept. Additionally, many right-wing sources have decent articles on this as well which I have not bothered to add, but are easily found–

  66. different clue

    Since Obama and Harris are male and female versions of the same person, what nickname might we give them?

    Count Draculobama and the Countess Draculama?

  67. Thomas Golladay

    Mira Furlan, she will be missed, very few of the main cast left now. this will need to be updated.

    That said, Antifa and BLM accounts are getting nuked by Big Tech, they outlived their usefulness.

    Big Tech itself is on the way out. Amazon will survive as its diversified enough, and youtube as well, but the rest will implode. Blockchain and open source are the way to go and their explosion in use after Trump’s ban spells the doom of Big Tech’s power.

  68. NL

    Amazon is in the consumer discretionary sector, google and facebook are in communication services. None of these are in the tech sector anymore. They have been re-classified.

    And all of them will happily survive at least for now. The détente that I mention above will include a clause protecting them from Sino-competition.

  69. NL

    That’s why they dumped Trump! Trump’s bans on TikTok and WeChat, etc only invited retaliation against US corporate interests in China – hello, Elon Musk and his Tesla factory in Shanghai. The Chines communist likely promised protection from TikTok and the likes, and Trump was toast. I admire Musk who saw this all coming through years ahead.

  70. greetings and salutations

    fuck all of you. best.

  71. different clue

    Someone with a Twitter account should post exactly this particular Ian Welsh article and its thread over to this very Tweet thread featured in the article.

  72. different clue

    Well, I went and read on down through the Tweet thread to that first TwitterTweet. So far, every single reply is from someone who does not lick boot, and does not respect people who do.

  73. different clue

    I dig around a little in Silent Amuse’s Twitter Account homebase and discover that one of her Twitter Egos is this . . .

    She must be a Clintonite.
    And a PKKK Democrat. ( Pink Kitty Kap Klintonite Democrat).

  74. different clue

    And just now at NaCap I see this same TwitterTooter discussed in a comment. Which leads me to this HuffPo article about how this person was part of a Clintload of co-ordinated fake accounts and was kind of removed, and has been allowed to slither back on. And I was right. This person is indeed a PKKK Democrat and a Clintonite. Here is the link.

  75. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

    Hey Hugh and Willy, thanks for the votes in November and for the good work you guys do promoting my Party. The DNC owes you guys a self-serve all you can eat socially distanced brunch. Contact Neera before February 28th for your free vouchers.

    Ian, c’mon man don’t pretend you’re smarter than me, son. That’s just not cool because, you know, the thing, uh, the thing that makes the world tick like clocks, well I got it and you don’t. So drop the Cornpop act and learn some manners. Now I know you ain’t black because you didn’t vote for me but that just makes you a dog faced pony soldier. Nothing to be proud of young man. You need to learn to respect your elders and gently sniff the, uh, hair of my wife’s sister’s friends. While you keep a blog I’m building back better, man, and you better believe it. Now get out of my pool, kid, and let me run the country like only a real, uh, man, real man can.

  76. kråke

    Karl Marx is a bad example. Man participated and organized across decades.

    I don’t have a problem with Eric Rudolph acting towards his goals; his goals were stupid, his tactics stupider, his lack of strategy worst if all.

  77. Authorities and authority figures are little more than surrogate “abusive parents” and behave as such.

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