… and that’s reason for cheer.

I often write about scenarios, likelihoods, that are pretty grim. Climate change, ecological collapse, war, and revolution.

Fun stuff.

Some readers find this depressing.

You were going to die anyway. So is everyone you know and love, or know and hate, or don’t know. Every country will fall, all cities will be abandoned, the Earth itself will eventually be destroyed.

It’s all here just for a time, and if one thing doesn’t end us, something else will.

This isn’t cause for depression, this is cause for freedom. It’s all lost anyway, so relax. Just figure out what you’re going to do, and run with it.

Nothing has really changed if we wind up dead due to A, B, or C. In all cases we’re dead. Same for our family and friend and enemies.

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Figuring out what’s likely to happen, what the risks are, lets us navigate them and try to have a better life. If it’s not one thing, it’ll be another, so figuring out what the risks are matters so we can have a better life, not because doom, doom, doom.

It remains true, by the way, that the single biggest thing you can ever do to safeguard  yourself other than living a healthy life, is to have friends–real friends. The more people who think you’re just aces, the more people who will do what it takes to keep you alive, healthy and happy, because you’re the shine in their eyes, the more likely you are to survive whatever catastrophes come down the line, whether they are the big, society-shaking ones, or the small personal ones (both of which are just as good at ending your world).

Life ends. Knowing the risks lets you enjoy it more and longer is reason for happiness, not gloom.