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2017 Fundraiser

I am raising funds for 2017. The more I raise, the more I’ll write.


There is one goal this year, in stages.

For some time, I’ve felt that it’s a problem that fundamental articles I’ve written, over many years, aren’t available for reference. Even long term readers may not remember them well, or be able to find them, and new readers have no easy, good place to start to understand a world view that is foreign to most.

A lot of pieces I write are just responses to the moment, but many of them are attempts to explain fundamental issues about which people are confused. Why beliefs matter, why ideology is important, how the unemployment rate is used to crush wages, how the international trade and finance system is intended to keep radical governments from succeeding, what money actually does, what money measures, and so on.

So, the goal this year is to put together a collection of such articles, with commentary on each piece: Why it was written, what is meant to be learned from it, what else to read. I will do one every three weeks or so and at the end put them into one document, available to all, and linked to prominently on the front page.

Goal thresholds are as follows:

  • $6,000—12 articles with commentary, an introduction and concluding remarks.
  • $7,000—2 more articles.
  • $8,000—2 more articles.
  • $9,000—A new article on how to design a stable, fair, kind & prosperous government
  • $10,000 – A new article on how to evaluate personal risk in the events to come.

As always, please don’t give if your personal situation is precarious with respect to food, housing, or medical care.


Note: bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum wallets are listed at the bottom of the donation page.


How to Think


Puerto Rico: Late Imperial Possession

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  1. Ed

    Don’t always agree, but enjoy the perspectives that often either provide education or stimulate thought.

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