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Stopping Donald Trump at the Convention

So, this is the plan. All the major candidates stay in the race, strategic is encouraged, and if Donald doesn’t have the majority of delegates at the convention, only a near-majority (because, don’t kid yourself, he’ll be close), they’ll vote for someone else.

If Clinton took the nomination from Sanders using super-delegates, well, that would cause a lot of Sanders supporters to refuse to vote for her.

But if Republicans do this, there will very likely be riots and the Democratic nominee will almost certainly win the ensuing election. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump ran a third-party campaign.

The Republican establishment response to this has been more than tone-deaf. Using Romney to attack Trump?NeoCons writing a letter claiming he’d be bad for foreign policy?  (Worse than them?)

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All they are proving is that they don’t get it. They’re saying that the shitty world they and the Democrats have created is acceptable to them, and telling people to vote for Trump.

This has been brewing for a long time. I’ve warned since I started blogging that the US had set up the conditions for a hard man of the right or left, or a man on horseback. People wouldn’t put up with a shit economy forever. And because the right is stronger in the US, it seems likely to be Trump instead of Bernie.

And if Trump does fail this time? Doesn’t much matter. He’s shown how to do it. Someone else will.

The US economy sucked before the financial crisis.

It fell off a cliff after that and never recovered for ordinary people. Bush’s economy was trash, yes, but a lot of people got to participate in the housing bubble until it crashed. The current property bubbles are elite ones in a few cities like New York and San Francisco. The stock market, which is one of the best bull markets in history, is not something most ordinary people had much skin in (no, your pension or 401K does not cut it).


Last time the US got FDR. This time… not likely to be so lucky.

(Note: Also, “Wall Street going nuclear on Trump.” Yeah, that’ll convince people not to vote for him. Because he opposed free trade? These people are so disconnected from street reality they might as well live on Neptune.)




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  1. V. Arnold

    It’s far too early to be making predictions; a Clinton aide, who installed her private server was given immunity to testify. He previously took the 5th amendment against self incrimination.
    Romney has gone after Trump’s university; which is the pot calling the kettle black. Romney is also guilty of fraud for the exact same reason. He backed a for profit, Full Sail, university.
    It seems the only honest broker is Sanders.
    The rot runs so deep, as to discredit the entire U.S. government and all of its minions.
    Very few exceptions, excepted…
    It’s all a joke really; but mostly on the fools called citizens; you allowed it; you live with it or by god damn; change it!!!!!

  2. anonymous coward

    Just when you think things can’t get any crazier, now they are debating how many angels can dance on the head of the Donald’s schlong. When does the Army step in to restore order?

  3. highrpm

    ” NeoCons writing a letter claiming he’d be bad for [their] foreign policy? ”
    their policy:
    * israel is above reproach
    * bomb anyone israel does not like

  4. anonymous coward

    But setting aside the (alleged) dick size spats going on among the Republicans, this Romney outburst shows that Republicans would rather lose with whatever Big-Bidness-&-MIC approved stiff they dig up at a brokered convention than to win with a populist candidate like Trump. (Hillary would win it easily. Both in the general election against a straw man Republican and also in the schlong tournament.) It’s very like what people have been saying about the Democrats – the Democrats would rather lose with Neoliberal klepto-crony Hillary Clinton than win with true blue FDR-liberal Bernie Sanders. When the “center” fails so spectacularly, and the little volk catch on and get angry, but their voices are then systematically shut out, anything can happen including -eventually- military solutions.

  5. The media, following the establishment as usual, says Trump is popular because he in anti-Muslim, that his followers are racists. They ignore that he is popular because he is anti-establishment, that his followers are pissed off at the status quo in the “Beltway.” The establishment quite literally does not get that.

    The illusion of control is so complete that the government no longer even pretends that it is not lying to us. They used to at least try to make their bs believable, now they say things like, “we are denying them space in which to plan their attacks.” They do not care that we know they don’t care about our opinions.

  6. anonymous coward

    And if Republicans actually commit to this plan, then there is no reason from this point onward for Democratic voters who prefer a real Democrat, instead warmongering, bankster lovin’ Repub-Lite Hillary, not to vote for Bernie Sanders, as the Republicans will be gaily throwing 2016 to any candidate who is not the choice of their own voter base.

  7. speaking of ‘living on neptune’, only recently i have become acquainted with one of jimi hendrix’s posthumously-released songs that i really like – and the video is good too – ‘valleys of neptune’

    speaking ‘when does the Army step in to restore order’ – we will have to wait and see – i grew up as a military dependent – ‘army brat’ -and i know the social norms of the officer corps are or were strongly against such a coup (here in the states – overseas it’s sometimes necessary, don’t you know), but as things fall apart and the center cannot hold, the harvard law of social behavior once again asserts itself – under carefully controlled experimental conditions, the organization does what it damn well pleases

  8. batalos

    btw, what exactly in Donald’s position is so anti-establishment? 🙂

  9. DMC

    Mostly its anti-free trade, though I seem to recall that he scares the neocons as well. Really, its because he might engage in any hyperbole at any given moment but as to what he’ll actually DO, that’s what nobody can really say. He’s like a bucket of dice where the MICs are used to people who know how to follow the script. Its that sense that Trump might kick over the whole table either out of pique or just purblind ineptitude. They’ve built up a highly profitable version of the long con and the last thing they wanted was some joker like Trump trying to wise up the marks.

  10. Lisa

    A very interesting comment:

    Trash the Party: One Wing of the Duoploy Almost Down, One to Go
    ““Although the Democrats may avoid an open rupture with the Sandernistas in Philadelphia this summer, Hillary Clinton’s corporate machine will move quickly to reposition the party to the right in November so as to absorb the white ‘moderate’ exiles from the Republican rubble – thus, further alienating Bernie’s insurgents [Black Agenda Report]. “Black voters, who are fully aware that they saved Clinton from ignominious defeat in the early primaries, will in very short order be pushed back in their ‘place’: the captive constituency. But this, too, is unsustainable if even half of the duopoly comes undone, because the duopoly system is the cage that traps Blacks inside the Democratic Party.””

    “The Democrats are hoping that the Trump phenomenon will give them the opportunity to create a kind of “super-party” that would corral almost everyone except the most racist elements of the white electorate. In practice, that means Clinton and her corporate crew are already gearing up to lure hordes of panicked white “conservatives” that cannot, for one reason or another, stomach Trump, into the Democratic “big tent.” That’s why, in the near term, the split in the GOP will result in a more pronounced attempt by the Democratic Party leadership to shift to the right, which is their intention in all seasons.”

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