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2016 Fundraiser

I am raising funds for 2016. The more I raise, the more I’ll write.


There are also two specific goals this year:

  1. $6,000: I will write a series of eighteen book reviews. Twelve will be on books which have influenced my political, economic, and social worldview. Six will be more contemporary books about our societies and our future. If readers want me to review particular books, let me know in comments or e-mail me.
  2. $9,000: I will write and release an e-booklet (thirty thousand to fifty thousand words), The Construction of Reality. This book will explain how ideology, technology, geography, and other factors create the world we live in. This book will be free to anyone who donates during the drive (and available to others for a small fee).

You won’t, most likely, be receiving The Construction of Reality cheaper if you donate, mind. You will be ensuring, instead, that I write it. Some content will be familiar to long-time readers, but other ideas will be new and the entire booklet will be put together as a single, coherent piece.

Subscriptions will count triple for both goals.



What Sort of Person Does Evil or Stands by While Evil Is Done?


Sanders and Trump Win in New Hampshire


  1. Manny Katz

    I like your writing. I do want you to write more. However, sometimes you write w/o links or references (a lot of links is very distracting) so I don’t understand what you are saying. I can’t reference a particular piece right now–oh, when you were writing about Canada or Greece, I couldn’t understand all the economic theory therein. But I’m 78 and not as sharp as I once was. I like your stuff on hatred and anger. Good Buddhist principles there. I’d like you to write more on the election with more and deeper analysis of the positions and the slight of hand of election PR and strategy. Perhaps something on vote swiping, along the lines of Greg Palast. You are a gifted writer and thinker. My hero in these realms, though, is Christopher Hitchens.

  2. Mark

    Been meaning to send you some cash, but your post today (25 Feb) overcame even my world-class inertia. $25 isn’t much, but I’m running on 150% of the poverty level for a single human; I think I can afford that. You’re thinking/writing is excellent. Keep it up.

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