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Stirling Update

A number of people have asked for an update on Stirling Newberry.

He’s doing somewhat better, he still has significant aphasia (difficulty finding words) and difficulty controlling his right and left arms.  His personality is definitely intact, and he will most likely moving out of the institution in the next month or so.  He should, with difficulty, be able to care for himself.

One can never say how well someone will recover from a stroke, but I am modestly optimistic that he will make a good recovery.

(One interesting side-note, the aphasia does not effect him when speaking Spanish.)

If you have any acquaintance with Stirling and want to get in touch with him, drop me a note.


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  1. The Spanish thing is interesting. A friend of mine some years ago had a stroke and could not speak normally at all, but could communicate fluently by singing. Eventually he regained some ability to speak, but it remained much easier for him to sing. That sounds trivial, but it was at times quite awkward socially when people did not know.

  2. Jerome Armstrong

    He should just go with the Spanish then– no reason to let English get in the way.

  3. bystander

    Thanks, Ian. Had been wondering. No “acquaintance” w/ Stirling, but please let him know that lots of us “not acquainted” are pulling for his recovery, and wishing him well.

  4. nihil obstet

    Thanks for the update. Do convey our best wishes.

  5. Nate Wilcox

    Thanks for the update. Please let him know we’re rooting for him and miss his writing very much.

  6. steeleweed

    Thanks, Ian,

    Will pass the word to to his admirers at Agonist.

  7. Peter Cowan

    Finally, a legitimate excuse for me to learn Spanish!

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