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Server Issues & Slow Load Times

My hosting service is having some issues with the shared server I’m on. I’m not sure when it will be fixed (heck, as I write the site is loading fine, so it may be fixed now or it might not), but if you’ve been having trouble getting here that’s what’s going on. I’ve talked to them twice with no luck, if issues continue I’ll have another more forcible chat and may wind up moving to another hosting company, though I’d prefer to avoid that as I’ve been with the current one for 15 years and this is the first time I’ve had a problem which couldn’t be solved with one or two calls.


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  1. different clue

    I hope it works out with the current company. ( This time it loaded up for me real fast but that might be pure random).

    The early-stage slow decay of this civilization might well manifest as hard-to-solve problems within the systems of hosting server companies. If they have been a good company for 15 years one wonders if a little more time might be extended to them just to see if they as a company have ” gone bad” or if their equipment and systems have suffered a random difficult problem which they can eventually solve.

  2. Eric Anderson

    Popping along just fine now. But yeah, it was def a slog there for a while.

  3. It’s (sl)OK Ian — you’re worth waiting for!

  4. Mike

    Pretty poor for me right now – 9:09GMT 14/3/24

  5. C.K.

    1994 internet.

  6. C.K.

    At around 10:30 local time trying to reach your site was like trying to reach your site on a 1979 internet. By 12:20 everything seemed just fine. At 10:30 I tried Edge, Opera, Google and Firefox and none would load the page or it took 5 minutes to load the page after repeated attemps.

  7. C.K.

    Then at 12:25 local time the connection was terrible again.

  8. Ian Welsh

    Issue turns out to be that the server I have can’t keep up with all the created content. I either need to delete a bunch or upgrade the server, so… I’m upgrading. Not sure when the server migration will occur.

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