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Regular Posting to Resume Soon

Yesterday was a travel day and one of those cases where a four and a half hour itinerary turned into a 16 hour trip, to be topped off by someone doing some sort of machine work outside the window of my new place during the day. I’m operating on about seven hours sleep for the past three days.

Airbus sure knew what they were doing. Air travel really has become like traveling on a Greyhound, but with the extra joy of intrusive security checks.

Hope y’all are having a better beginning to your weeks!


Noam Chomsky Owns Sam Harris and Indicts Bill Clinton


Alberta Elects the New Democratic Party (NDP)


  1. de castro

    USA was once described as a country with “culture of death” by my late brother.
    My grandmother warned ” money the root of evil “….
    Why is USA heading to Armageddon ? They won the WAR….didn’t they ?

  2. de castro

    Why does ROW “love to hate” or visa versa…
    Jealousy, envy , despise ?

    Answer those questions honestly and voila !

    Que Sera Sera

  3. Ian Welsh

    These comments are kind of odd, given the post topic.

  4. Barry Fay

    Yes they are odd! I was going to say something about the movie “European Vacation” (which in Germany is actually called (translated) Help, the Americans Are Coming!) – probably because the the list of inconveniences reached humorous proportions. Hang in there!

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