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Police Now Steal More than Burglars

According to Harpers, in 2014 police seized more assets than burglars stole.

From Harpers Police Seizures

This is trickle-down kleptocracy in action. America is ruled by thieves, con artists, and corrupt officials (even if much of what they do is legal).

Police can generally seize any asset they say they think might have been used in a crime. They do not need a warrant, approval from a judge, or anything else. To get that property back, you must take them to court. In most cases, it isn’t worth it. This is one reason a lot of people in corrupt areas (or who have darker skin) don’t carry large amounts of cash.  It’s not the criminals one needs to worry about, it’s the cops.

But they can take anything, including your car, boat, and even home.

This is punishment without trial, and it is dead routine.

Welcome to your dystopia.

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  1. Peter*

    The states have learned from their corrupt business partners that it is much easier to steal using the laws although they still use the old fashioned graft and power for personal gain. The states have even supplanted the Mob by taking over their Numbers racket , with the Lottery while the Banksters have rubbed out the loan sharks and replaced them with payday and title loans, charging twice the interest rate legally.

  2. stephen


  3. markfromireland

    America is ruled by thieves, con artists, and corrupt officials (even if much of what they do is legal).

    Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite

    De Maistre had a point.


  4. V. Arnold

    January 31, 2016

    Is it possible for an English language version to your link?
    I do not use any U.S. based browsers and the one I use wouldn’t translate the format. Normally it’s not a problem.
    As to the forfeiture policies; they’re an abomination as is the government implementing it.

  5. cgordon

    Very proud of my home state of New Mexico where the Legislature outlawed civil forfeiture last year. It’s not stopping the Feds, though.

  6. sanctimonious purist

    The local police or DHS? There’s a huge problem with the latter as well.

  7. Ian Welsh

    I would assume this doesn’t include DHS, but not sure.

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