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Podcast Interview On US Politics and the Midterms

I sat down with Chris Oestereich for a fairly long interview. He’s split it into three parts.



The Decline Of the European Garden


Understanding Absolute Vs. Comparative Advantage & Why It Matters


  1. anon y'mouse

    nice interview.

    i’m glad you’re still here to speak out, Ian. even if you keep saying that all is lost.

  2. Ian Welsh

    I wouldn’t precisely say “all is lost”, just that some very bad times are coming. Humanity is still odds on to survive.

  3. sbt42

    The latter segment where you comment on healthcare and the reality of the nature of providers, and the comparison of US versus CCP in terms of providing care for citizens within the context of COVID, seems to be right on. It seems like the rich don’t care at all, and they never will so long as they don’t see us as useful.

    I’m living in a rural area right now (as in, tenting 8 months of the year, gardening and chopping down trees and the like), and I’m always keeping my head on a swivel while doing manual labor and using power tools. Recently I nicked a fingertip with an angle grinder and before I could truly assess my condition I was asking myself, “What can be done here, now? I don’t have health insurance.” Even visiting the local clinic-hospital seemed completely out of the question.

    Fortunately, this time it was just a very bleed-y wound. But I wonder what I’ll need to do if/when I lose a finger or something like that. My main concern seems to be staving-off infection from taking hold. It’s the silent killer, completely innocuous at its inception, and when left unaddressed can be lethal.

  4. Purple Library Guy

    I see this thought process going on in our elites. It goes like:
    –I want to get richer.
    –If social problems are so bad that it requires collective effort and sacrifice to solve them, I won’t be able to get richer.
    –Therefore, I must pretend to myself that social problems are not that bad.

  5. Raad

    Good stuff my friend, will look forward to next week!

  6. Trinity

    “Humanity is still odds on to survive.”

    Yes, but which kind? The kind that see the Earth as a garden of Eden that sustains us (and no where else can), or the ones that just see Earth and other living things as resources to exploit as a way to amass power over everyone else?

    Because if the latter continue to dominate, humanity will not survive.

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