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Colonization, Conquest, and Our Unconscious Civilization


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – March 14, 2021


  1. NR

    Here is a chart detailing who got the benefit from the biggest pieces of legislation from Trump’s and Biden’s presidencies:

  2. Ah-h-h-h, shouldn’t you be comparing a Trump era covid relief bill to the American Rescue Plan?

    A Trump tax cut vs. Biden tax cut/increase comparison would be fair. Personally, I’d be most interested in how the middle class fares.

  3. Tucker Carlson finally aired an interview of the Babbitt family lawyer. This nothingburger of an investigation was less than 4 minutes. That’s probably 4 minutes longer than Carlson has ever presented on the collapse of the WTC 7 at free fall speed, on 9/11. I.e., another obvious false flag event.

    Here’s to hoping that Honore stays off-script, and does a real investigation, no matter where it leads, and no matter which individuals and organization conspired in the false flag events of the Capitol Hill riot.

  4. NR

    The comparison was specific to the biggest pieces of legislation that came from each president, but you could certainly compare the COVID relief plans if you wanted to.

  5. Hugh

    metamars shows us once again that the fascist Right will go to any lengths to avoid taking responsibility for pretty much anything. The only false flag I saw was the Confederate one carried by a Trumper in the Capitol.

  6. Shawn

    The men seen celebrating the World Trade Center attack were traced to Israeli Mossad and were found to have knowledge the event would occur. Larry Silverstein’s Building 7 won’t be reported on or properly investigated either.

  7. General Honore, the lead investigator assigned by Pelosi, has remarked unambiguously about signs of collusion by the Capitol police, with the rioters. He has been verbally smacked down by the likes of Tucker Carlson and Senator Josh Hawley.

    So, we can observe prominent right wingers opposed to inquiry into collusion. But where are Pelosi, Schumer, and the other Democratic clowns who crowed about “Russian collusion” for years, based on garbage? If they suspected real right wing collusion, they would be harping on this louder than Honore. But, based on their ‘performance’ as expositors of “Russian collusion” garbage, the veracity of a claim of right wing collusion is not a constraint on their breying, even if it was to attenuate it, somewhat.

    And yet…. I don’t hear a drumbeat from our Democratic luminaries for getting to the bottom of any right wing collusion involving the Capitol police, SWAT guys, etc., either.

    I conclude that the Democrats don’t want to draw attention to any collusion with law enforcement insiders, any more than Tucker Carlson or Josh Hawley do.

    Where have we observed this sort of “see no evil” behavior, before, by prominent journalists and politicians. Specifically, by “evil”, I mean evil done by elements of the government, itself, generally; and evil done by relatively hidden elements of the Deep State, in particular.

    Wh-h-h-h-y, 911 leaps to mind. Hey, how about the coverage of the Martin Luther King family against the US government, in a court case where media was on the scene, but failed to report, in detail. You know, the case that the King family won?

    So, one of our resident apparent fanatics wants to promote the narrative of a “Confederate” false flag, though even there he obscures what role the “confederates” who worked as Capitol Police did, exactly, and under what mechanisms of collusion. In other words, this apparent fanatic has no interest in identifying the conspirators, much less finding out their affiliations. An analogy would be tracking down John Wilkes Booth, taking him alive, but then not bothering to ask him any questions, especially those dealing with his co-conspirators.

    Once again, I hope Honore will get to the bottom of this, no matter where it leads. Those who resist such an honest inquiry have agendas that they don’t want to be honest about. Whether they are looking to protect themselves from the Deep State, first and foremost; or whether they are primarily looking to protect the Deep State, matters little in terms of how toxic they are to democracy and the rule of law.

  8. Willy

    Flat earthers have been proven by NASA to have been correct all along. It was a hoax aimed at hiding the Khrushchev – Kennedy love affair.

    Nutjob Libertarians unite! We must ensure that no government ever has enough power to waste such taxpayer money ever again!

  9. Joe

    Politics aside for a brief climate news flash. Climate in California has been foremost on the minds of those worried about wildfires this coming summer and fall. Trees and brush have virtually no moisture in them even now as the winter has been very dry.Currently a tree will burn in the fireplace five minutes after it is cut down in much of the state. I believe we can expect another terrible fire year throughout.

  10. different clue

    For California and future super-tinder-dry zones, hard times will include times of bad burning.
    Surviving through hard fire times might well be a relevant category for the Surviving Hard Times thread.

    Collective action to de-warm the global if that is even possible any more might be suited for the end of the Wikrent Weekly Wrapup, once the more strictly economic comments have been offered.
    Because such collective action would involve offensive economic combat more than defensive hard times survival. Thought the deployment of weaponised survivalist skills and methods by hundreds of millions of people could play a role in offensive economic combat.

  11. bruce wilder

    I wonder if the Tory Brexit might entail Northern Ireland seeking to formally accede to the Republic.

    Elections in May could mark a decisive shift away the UK. Irony? Boris does not do irony! Or, does he?

  12. Mark Pontin

    Bruce W wrote: “Elections in May could mark a decisive shift away the UK.”

    To be clear, Bruce, most everybody in the mainland UK would consider that a consummation devoutly to be wished for. NI is a gigantic cash drain and source of trouble. RoI doesn’t really want the responsibility either.

    Trust me: I have a UK passport and citizenship, and grew up in London.

    “Irony? Boris does not do irony! Or, does he?”

    Hard to say. Given that there’s not a sincere bone in his body, Boris’s schtick is arguably nothing but irony.

    I do suspect that if NI doesn’t rejoin the rest of Ireland, the Johnson government is going to increasingly use NI to goad the EU into putting up border and customs stations on the EU’s own dime, while doing nothing of the sort itself and then attacking the EU for breaking the Good Friday agreement.

  13. someofparts

    I’m so grateful that our weird country is at least next door to Canada. Sometimes the bits of Canadian culture that drift this way are the bright spots that make living in the U.S. tolerable.

    This great website from Ian is one of those.

    Another great one is the Trailer Park Boys and yes, I have the box set of the entire series. I will be binge-watching the Boys the weekend starting about five minutes ago. I already feel better.

  14. someofparts

    “around here, it’s all for all and one for one”

    if you aren’t from the trailer park, that is

  15. edmondo

    “Here’s to hoping that Honore stays off-script, and does a real investigation, no matter where it leads, and no matter which individuals and organization conspired in the false flag events of the Capitol Hill riot.”

    Isn’t the report already written? All we are waiting for is for the commission to meet and sign what Nancy wrote.

  16. Hugh

    edmondo, maybe you and metamars can write the “real” report, Martians and all.

  17. S Brennan

    …as Hugh fades evermore

  18. bruce wilder

    The politics of NI has been deeply weird on the Protestant/Unionist side for a long, long time. 1972-2016, they were often as hostile to England and the Tories as to the Republic, politically and culturally. The UUP, the senior party and dominant till 1972, has faded to nothingness, its base in class deference and Protestant Ascendancy gentry long gone, while the leading party of the struggle against powersharing, the DUP, based in a small Presbyterian sect that is itself a strange subculture even by NI standards, is suddenly Tory again, welcoming lectures from the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, a reactionary Catholic.

  19. Mark Pontin

    @ Bruce W.

    Yup. Agree with all of that.

    You mention the the Rees-Mogg — what a strange critter! The honorable member for the 19th century. I’ve seen an old BBC interview with him from when he was ten and at Eton/Harrow, and he’s talking with preternatural seriousness about his investment portfolio.

    The Tories as a whole are kind of interesting right now. These aren’t Thatcherites at all any more, the next PM will quite likely be Rishi Sunak, and there are more brown and black faces than ever seen in a UK cabinet — which isn’t to say they aren’t horrors i.e. Priti Patel, the home secretary, makes her predecessor Theresa May seem a model of humane charity and charm.

  20. Synoptocon

    You may be grateful to be next to us, but we are increasingly not grateful to be next to you. The reflexive impulse to capture government largesse while invoking individualism to keep it for frivolous purpose keeps seeping North and contaminating the political groundwater.

  21. different clue


    I thought I had better think about your comment a couple days before responding. According to your theory of nation-to-nation political influence, political culture seeps over a border and contaminates the recipient-nation’s political groundwater. If that were true, then your Canadian culture of Single Payer would seep South and contaminate our political groundwater down here.

    But it doesn’t. And it hasn’t. So your theory does not work.

    It looks as if those fully mature adult Canadian citizen grown-ups will have to take their own blame for their own conscious decision to adopt neo-liberalist reflexive impulses to capture government largesse while invoking individualism to keep it for frivolous purpose.

    I know one thing which should seep North but hasn’t. And that is your fair share of the Naftastinian refugees from Mexico co-created by your co-conspirator Prime Minister Mulroney, who co-equally co-conspired to perpetrate NAFTA along with our Reagan-Bush-Clinton and Mexico’s Salinas de Gortari. Your fair share would be 1,100,000 Naftastinians and if I were American President I would seep them right North over the border into your country because Fair is Fair.

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