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Consequences of the British Election


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – July 07 2024


  1. A 10 year study published in 2022 found use of any antidepressant increased all cause mortality by 86%-223%%(1).

    This study replicates a shorter length meta-analysis which found that when adjusting for pre-drugged levels of depression the drugs increased all cause mortality by 49% for the most widely used drugs(2). This meta-analysis contained corporate funded studies.

    The 2022 study was a very large study containing over 220,000 people.

    Pro-drug biases/flaws
    1- Excluded participants on antidepressant polytherapy
    2- In figure 1 they show they excluded people who took other psych drugs after being exposed to antidepressants.
    3- The “baseline” the 10 year study used occurred after 5 years of antidepressant use (table 1).

    Confounders adjusted for:
    depression, age; gender; body mass index (BMI); waist/hip ratio; smoking and alcohol intake status; physical activity; parental history of outcome; biochemical and haematological biomarkers (apolipoproteins A and B, vitamin D, triglycerides, haemoglobin A1c); socioeconomic status (accommodation status, number of vehicles per household, employment status, benefits status, urban/rural status, education, household income) and self-reported long-term illness, disability or infirmity

    “evidence of a dose–response effect (Table 4) for all-cause mortality, with higher doses associated with an increased risk”
    Table 3 results:
    Use of any antidepressant increased mortality by 86% when using the 5 year baseline adjustments.
    Use of any antidepressant increased mortality by 223% when just Age and gender were adjusted for.

    For comparison smoking tobacco for 10 years increases all cause mortality by 80%.


  2. mago

    I visited the sole spirits dispensary here today to buy myself a beer, because the future’s uncertain and the end is always near.
    For those without reference points, that’s a reference to lyrics from the Doors who I belatedly cop to as a bad band. (Used to listen to the long version of Light My Fire played on late night radio while snuggled under the covers.)

    Long 4th of July weekend wrapping up in the USofAmnesia.
    The dude behind the counter where I bought my brew told me they’d racked up 248 sales on the 4th—a record. (Small town.)
    And it just kept rolling.
    Tomorrow’s another day, the weekend is over, while the madness rages unabated.

  3. bruce wilder

    I had two beers and two plates of calamari (and a lot of water) and I enjoyed it. Take that apocalypse!

  4. mago

    Gotta love that deep fried squid and something to wash it down with . . .

  5. Revelo

    I suggest everyone here replace “oligarchs” and “plutocrats” by “donor class” when referring to who actually runs the USA government. The terms are effectively synonymous, but it’s common courtesy to refer to people by whatever name they prefer to use to describe themselves, even if you consider these people your class or political enemies/opponents.

  6. Chuck Mire

    They Thought They Were Free The Germans, 1933-45 Milton Mayer:

    Relevant for today’s times

  7. Curt Kastens

    Hrayy for France, kind of. Leftist won a election a Greece a number of years back and they were totally sabotaged by the EU. France is a much larger and more powerful country that Greece is. But I will still not get my hopes up very high. The victory of the left was relative not absolute. And I have doubts about how left some facations of the leftist alliance really are. I wonder if the Socialists for example are really just the UK Labor Party by another name. Perhaps Zip scan set me straight.

  8. mago

    The local raven community has been circling, squawking, diving up down and every which way in a choreographed display that I can only attribute to mating maneuvers even though it’s midsummer and beyond such rituals.
    So I don’t know.
    And that’s my mantra: I don’t know.
    Many think they know and attempt persuasion to the like minded.
    The sun has set.
    The western horizon fades to dirty orange.
    Amazing, the birds still peck at the suet feeder past their bedtime
    Trouble everywhere and the world has gone astray. . .

  9. Willy

    donor class

    The English language often comes up short when trying to describe dysfunctional human social processes and role players in the simplest possible terms, aimed at a common understanding for most.

    One problem with “donor class” is that this is too broad of a categorization, which can (and will) be used euphemistically as a cover for actual, intentional evil. That term includes philanthropists, which is generally seen by most as a positive description. A philanthropist may still be a “useless eater”, an heir to some fortune which they did not and/or cannot earn, but true philanthropists will be cognizant of this and have dedicated the contributing of most of their fortune towards what is generally seen as some common good.

    We don’t usually bitch about their kind around here.

    I think we’re trying to narrow down terms to include only the primary power player ‘influencers’ and ‘manipulators’ within a political power dysfunctionality, described as such because it objectively benefits the few while disadvantaging the many, regardless of what its power player goals, intentions, or beliefs may actually be.

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