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Quick Takes 8: China Auto, Israeli Mass Murder, Covid Mass Murder & More


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – November 26, 2023


  1. mago

    Stomped on my shadow, shouted get thee gone foul presence but it kept hanging around like The Rolling Stones or imperialism or a toxic fart in a brown paper bag.
    Enjoy your extended weekend.

  2. mago

    Living on an asteroid outside some forgotten star no one knows your name or gives a shit who you are. Dwelling in fog and confusion it’s a wonder you can remember or sign your name. But there you go all made up and dressed to your work space and you think it’s all so real and solid and everyone around you thinks just the same so everyone is verified in their delusions. So it is. Just make sure your necktie knot is tight and aligned enough to kill

  3. bruce wilder

    “Sure, Joe Biden is pretty old: Listen, could you do what he’s doing? . . . . Would it be ideal to have someone younger than 80? Sure it would. But that’s not reality this time around. And that imaginary 45-year-old wouldn’t have the extensive institutional and foreign policy experience that Joe Biden has.”
    Kirk Swearingen, Salon

    Experience that involved deep corruption and questionable moral and practical judgment. Experience he can’t remember anyway.

    The country is now involved on the losing side of two highly questionable wars. The national debt is skyrocketing even as the economic hegemony that made the national debt valuable abroad is evaporating. The Secretary of State – no prize as a statesman himself – has been videotaped cringing as grandpa repeats some stale canard impressed into him when he was intellectually agile enough to plagiarize his rhetoric.

    A Party that would offer Biden as its candidate cannot be taken seriously, does not want to be taken seriously.

  4. Curt Kastens

    I supose that this comment is not very important as it is soon to disapear from the pages of history.

    Generals are to war what Bill Belichick was to the NE football team while Tom Brady was QB.
    Field Grade Officers are to war what the team coaching staff is.
    Technology is to war what Tom Brady was during his time with the Patriots.
    Scientists are to war what the NE talent scouts were during this era.

    I supose that was stupido. People will say that comparing T.B. to technology was stupido.

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