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Quick Takes 4: Covid Mental Illness, IMF Admits Greed Sometimes Bad, & More


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – July 2, 2023


  1. Tallifer

    God save the Kingdom of Canada! Her birthday today.

  2. Mark Level

    Chrystia Freeland’s Birthday, July 1? Or somebody else? Chrystia was in line to replace Stoltenberg as NATO chief but evidently too clearly allied with certain swastika waving characters, she’ll stay as Canadistan’s deputy PM, JS “delayed” his departure for another year– Thank you John Helmer!!

    Also, Are We the Baddies?
    Thank you, Mitchell & Webb!! A bit of circumspection never hurts.

  3. bruce wilder

    He didn’t even mention the “intelligence community” or their plan to make the possession of knowledge supported by verified facts illegal thru “classification”.

  4. mago

    Tallifer invokes God to save the kingdom of Canada.
    And here I thought that northern land was a vassal of its southern neighbor, not a kingdom so much.
    Down southern way it’s another political holiday called the 4th of July. Buckle your belts for bbq, fireworks and other kinds of fire and shooting events.
    USA USA! Go team!

  5. KT Chong

    Western observers have missed the BIGGEST reason why China’s demographics is collapsing. China’s falling birth rates — AND marriage rates — are caused by the old practice of BRIDE PRICE that, once abolished by the CCP, has made a comeback and more. The bride or/and the bride’s family demands the groom the pay a bride price before marriage, and bride prices have skyrocketed beyond what most Chinese men can afford. Chinese men almost always have to borrow money and get into debts to afford bride prices and marriages.

    The most ridiculous thing is that, unlike in the old days, now even divorced women and single mothers (with multiple kids even) are demanding a price price, which obviously men find insulting and unreasonable, (and frequently complain about it on social media.) Men are unwilling to pay, so women are unwilling to marry without being sufficiently “compensated”. Lots of couples who had dated for years broke up because the the men could not afford to pay the bride price.

    It is a fascinating phenomenon that has not yet being reported in (or discovered by) the Western media even as the West has frequently reported on China’s demographic collapse and China’s so-called “leftover women” and “leftover men”. There are LOTS of videos on this phenomenon, including on YouTube, but they are all in Chinese.

    You can search for “”彩礼”” (bride price) on YouTube and Google. You won’t be able to understand the contents, but you will see just the explosion of Chinese articles, videos and discussions on this topic.

  6. Willy

    I know certain online influencers are the baddies by the swords, guns, swastikas and photos of Nickleback posted on their backdrop walls.

    As for the last one, maybe not enough to invade Canada yet, but should their music sales wane and they go into the influencer podcasting business, that nations’ done crossed the line for me.

  7. different clue

    It looks like someone or someones is beginning to prepare a counteroffensive against MAGApublican moral panic aggression and the Crusade Against Gay Woke and etc.
    I found it here on tiktokcringe and it is titled ” who is really hurting children”.

    Here is the link.

    I think I once mentioned here about how santorum was made into a word. I think another good word we might decide to invent and elevate would be ” johnrobb”, from the name John Robb of the blogsite Global Guerillas. His blog has been about what he calls ” Open Source Warfare” and he has expanded that to include various forms of mass leaderless digital-platform and service attacks against certain human targets. All forms of doxxing, “Anonymous” attacks, etc.

    Perhaps the use of all of these methods, each and every one of them, in co-ordinated attacks against targets, could be called ” johnrobbing” in honor of John Robb who has written so much about this. ” They johnrobbed his ass good.”

    It sounds like the people behind this little tiktok report are getting ready to name and describe people who need to be johnrobbed into functional neutralization and social oblivion.

    johnrobb/johnrobbed/johnrobbing . . . . a good new word nominee which could become a real word if enough people start doing enough of it to enough of their tormenters and oppressors that the thing described by it becomes a widely understood process and set of actions.

  8. Carborundum

    It’s a Dominion not a kingdom.

  9. bruce wilder

    Officially, it is just plain, Canada.

    “Dominion” is an obsolete title. “Commonwealth Realm” is what an English courtier might say in its place.

  10. Willy

    I have an idea about the social psychology behind conservative evangelicals strange overfocusing on designated harmless targets, currently the trans.

    We all remember the “Sharia Law is coming!” panic, as if we were all supposed to be persuaded that less than 1% of USAian repressed population could ever come to dominate everybody else, including our plutocrats and corporate elites. Oh, oh, oh Ozempic, Allah be praised. Yeah right. Be easier to just not golf with the Saudis.

    Obviously it’s all about deflection and projection. We also remember their “Legislating from the Bench” scare. So who was projecting what now?

    Conservative evangelicals think themselves superior to outsiders, as our God-designated keepers of America’s cultural flags. So when one of them realizes that their child molestation impulses could be discovered with the possibility of shunning, they’ll try to focus observer attentions elsewhere. Same as anybody else. If caught, the old ‘sin now beg for forgiveness later’ ala Jimmy Swaggart has since Trump, been discarded for ‘deny deflect deny blame those commie Dems because they don’t even know what a woman is’.

    A problem is that most of the scientifics, rationals, academics and humanists which used to guide large organized religious movements have left that tribe, creating a cultural imbalance for the remaining traditional thinkers and authoritarian enablers. They’re a very large group of followers looking for a Dear Leader, with nobody to tell them that a reality TV conman sociopath might not have been God’s first choice to lead his anointed.

    Would johnrobbing work on their kind? I think they’d need a face-saving alternative place to escape to. Another tribe with another Dear Leader who makes more Christian sense perhaps.

  11. different clue

    When I say “johnrobbing” I mean social destruction and napalming their image in public, among other things.

    When we can get society to the point where “Evangelical” MEANS ” child molester / child groomer/ etc.” then the battle against these human sewage will be half-way won. It is about destroying their power down to zero. And not just them. Also the Republicans who use them.

    And if the methods are perfected, they can then be used against fossil fuel company executives, apologists, supporters, think tankers, spin millers, etc.

    Of course the subhuman pacifist kumbaya liberals will object. That pacifiss foke-song writer whose name I can’t remember just now might even wright protess songs against it.

  12. Willy

    When I say “johnrobbing” I mean social destruction and napalming their image in public, among other things.

    There’s an influencer who was part of the atheist community of the ’00 years who proclaimed that his community had successfully battled their online religious right opposition until it was on the ropes. They’d used “logic” and to some degree “johnrobbing” to successfully gain support for the idea that right wing evangelism had become an existential threat to the nation as well as humanity. Where they’d once been happy to coexist with the religious right, they now despised them for having become that threat, and were working together to successfully gain support for that idea.

    Then the influencer said that something strange happened to his atheist (and he assumed leftist) community. He called it a “mind virus”. Some amongst them suddenly turned against “wokism”. Some amongst them suddenly turned against the idea of trying to use secular government to solve problems for the living. Then he himself came under so much attack from some of his own former allies that his own channel was ruined.

    I’m not sure what the reasons for that might have been. Maybe his fellow influencers had been disingenuous, only in it for the YouTube money and without any cohesive political values. Maybe they’d gotten bored and wanted something new to have fun attacking. But a part of me suspects that, knowing how plutocratic-dominated power games are played, outside forces knew exactly how to manipulate that once cohesive atheist community into devouring itself to become irrelevant.

    It seems that successful johnrobbing has to have a focus which armors itself from such cunning.

    When we can get society to the point where “Evangelical” MEANS ” child molester / child groomer/ etc.” then the battle against these human sewage will be half-way won. It is about destroying their power down to zero. And not just them. Also the Republicans who use them.

    Maybe, but most of the supplicants will need another place to go. Those emotional needs are just too great. I’ve tried persuading them to go back to where they once were back in better managed times, a place of truer Christian values. But sometimes somebody shows up to tell me that this isn’t possible. Yet strangely, those people are never able to clearly explain why this isn’t possible.

    Of course the subhuman pacifist kumbaya liberals will object.

    Cowardly, weak, naïve, easily mind-virused… perhaps. But would calling them “subhuman” get them to realize that sometimes one just has to fight, to be learn how to ascertain when they’re under some kind of well-coordinated and cunning attack which knows exactly how to exploit their basic human weaknesses, or render them FUD worthless?

  13. Curt Kastens

    In March of 2020 my impression was that the quickly spreading Covid19 illness was a Chinese biological attack designed to delay that outbreak of WW 3 which it seemed we might have been on the verge of not only after the US attack of January 3rd upon what should have been soverign Iraqi territory, but especially after the shoot down of the Ukranian Airliner filled with Canadians over Iran which was clearly engineered by US officials in the Ukraine so that the events would coincide and create a propoganda firestorm in both the US and Canada.
    An obvious counter to this understanding would be that the Corona Virus outbreak started before January of 2020. But I eplained that in my own mind by figuring that the Chinese had prior warning as to what was going to happen and a rough estimate at least of when it was going to happen.
    My initial understanding was clearly wrong. But most orthodox explinations of what has happened and what is happening in reference to the Covid 19 incident have lots of holes to fill as well.
    Filling these holes can not be done scientifically. It can only be done artistically. That is because to understand what has happened and what is happening one must be able to connect the dots. That means the process is one of astrology not astronomy because there is no scientific way to say what dots should or should not be included in drawing out the constellation to its end point.

  14. capelin

    “… these human sewage ….”
    “… destroying their power down to zero…”
    “… subhuman pacifist kumbaya liberals”

    On display, the mindset of othering; without which no war could be fought.

    Textbook, actually.

  15. Curt Kastens

    The Russians and the Ukrainians are both pointing their fingers at the other ones saying that they are making plans to blow up the nuclear power plant that sits in the middle of the Mississippi River between Iowa and Illinois.
    It should be pretty obvious what the heck is really likely to happen. Because of the lack of cooling water there could be, I do not know how likely it is to happen, an accidental explosion at the facility. Therefor each side has prepositioned themselves to say that the other side did it deliberately. To attempt to get a few propoganda points out of the accidental discharge of massive amounts of radiation is all that they can do to squeeze a little positive out of a big negative, for both sides.
    If it does not happen then each side will claim that they prevented the other side from doing it by making public their plans to do it before they could actually do it.
    We will never know who if anyone blew up the dam downstream as that to could have just been the result of damage done to it earlier in the fighting.

    Just a small after thought. Those people who were on that Marine Corp University Video discussing the Pregoshin incident had to actually know that there were not really any aircraft shot down proving that the whole thing was a hoax. Therefore one if forced to deduce that they were pretending for some reason that I can not understand that they were fooled by the whole episode.

    Another thing that I do not understand is after being forced to go on the offensive against Russian positions without even artlillary supiriority let alone air supiriority the people in the Ukrianian army can not see that as a pretty strong clue that the institutions of the US led NATO nations are controlled by people who are only pretending to be friends of the Ukrainians. Or, with friends like the American and the Polish and Germaniac leaders who needs enemies?

  16. different clue


    I show you the moon and all you see is my finger.

    –old Russian proverb.

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