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Open Thread

Today has been one of those days dedicated to jumping through an intricate combination of bureaucratic hoops, so, alas, no proper post.

Use this post to discuss topics unrelated to recent posts, and remember that I have a fundraiser going on, with nifty goals and a determination of how much I’ll write in general, if you care to give.


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  1. Chiron

    If war with Iran really happens I predict that is gonna be the last war of the American Empire, the last hurrah for the ZOG and all the rats in Washington that kept this system afloat.

  2. Tom

    I don’t know who the DoD is trying to fool with grainy drone footage that looks like it was taken in the 70s and contradicts the Japanese Crew’s account that they were attacked by a flying drone, not a limpet mine.

    Oh and I just remembered this:

    The US can’t even keep its drones from being hacked. Everyone remember back in 2011 when Iran hacked the very drone used to find Osama and the DoD kept saying it wasn’t hacked.

    Watch the drone footage, notice the clarity is inferior to other US Drone Feeds and you can’t actually tell what was taken off.

  3. Sid Finster

    Further to a lot of things Mr Welsh has said, but in particular, the infamous Seven Rules for Running a Real Leftist Government.

  4. Wag the dog. Can\’t these creatures come up with something new?

  5. Temporarily Sane

    Michael Klare over at Tom Dispatch (link below) thinks the Pentagon isn’t too keen on war with Iran. If ordered to do so, the US military would of course attack the Islamic Republic but the Pentagon brass would rather not. In fact, they would like to get out of the Middle East altogether. That might sound like hopeful news, but it’s not really. While the Middle East has fallen out of favor with the generals, China most definitely has not. Quite the opposite. According to Klare, the Pentagon has had enough of fighting rag-tag bands of insurgents and guerillas but is very eager to put the US war machine to the test against more equally matched ‘great power’ opponents. And that means China (and to a lesser extent, Russia).

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