The horizon is not so far as we can see, but as far as we can imagine

2019 Fundraiser

I am raising funds for 2019. The more funds I raise, the more I write.


The specific goals for this year are:

$5000—10 non fiction book reviews on books which are helpful to understand society.

$8000—Another 6 book reviews to the series.

$11,000—A booklet, “How To Think: Understanding the World.” A lot of people believe thinking ability is mostly about IQ, but intelligence, however it is measured, is only the ante. It’s possible to out-think much smarter people than oneself, because most people don’t know how to think, and good thinking about the world requires us to accept facts about the world which are painful.

This booklet will try to teach this sort of thinking.

Subscriptions will count triple compared to donations. Current subscriptions will be included in the count.



Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – May 26, 2019


The Most Important Climate Change Graph You’ll Ever See


  1. Dan

    Don’t sweat it. Oxygen production will end as the seas and trees die. We’ll all go extinct with our heads wrapped in the big plastic bag we built.

  2. Ian Welsh

    Not before the end of my fundraiser, I’m afraid. In the meantime, I need to eat, till we all suffocate to death.

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