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Obama Claims Right to not just assassinate American citizens without trial but to deny them the right to a lawyer

Seriously, fuck Obama and fuck anyone who defends this shit. Oh, I know, if you’re even thinking of defending this, you’re a moral imbecile, but you should at least be able to understand that unless you’re in the top .1%, you, personally, will eventually have only the rights the least amongst us do.

The government should not (I won’t say “does not” because they do it anyway) have the right to punish anyone without a timely trial before their peers, the right to see the evidence against them and the right to face their accusers.

I will add what should be obvious: while much worse than the no-fly list, this is a linear extrapolation of the no fly list (and a cousin to the idea of plea bargaining virtually everything).  Punishment without a trial.  We will see whether murdering people without a trial is still a step too far for US courts.


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  1. John

    I am reading ‘Americans in Paris, Life and Death in Nazi Occupied Paris” by Charles Glass which follows a theme I have been interested in for the past few years: the gradualism of Nazism in the ’30’s in Germany and even in the French occupation and establishment of Vichy. And how some people got what was going on immediately, from the get-go and others never had a clue. And many found themselves totally collaborating through a continuous and gradual process of self delusion in what they otherwise would have rejected had they known where it would lead.

    Hitler did not win the 1933 campaign on a platform to wreck Europe and gas and burn the Jews. It happened step by step because not enough people could see where it was going and stop it.

  2. S Brennan

    I’m sure Mandos or formally T-Bear can do a better job of this…but here’s my attempt at justifying state execution without trial.

    1] If Democrats are .001% better than Republicans, because they know what they do is wrong and offer up better lies…doesn’t that justify our unconditional support of today’s Democrats?

    2] …why is Obama behaving like a fascist? It must be his advisers, he’s so pure of heart…BTW, did you here his great speech in Nuremberg…, it was just perfect. WORDS MATTER AS MUCH AS SUBSTANCE…vote OBAMA!

  3. Formerly T-Bear

    Just in case this is not on the news there:

    Seems there is active shelling between Lebanese army and IDF. Hezbollah is not involved at this time.

    The guns of August sound again …

  4. Ian Welsh


  5. Formerly T-Bear

    The Guardian: ttp://

  6. jcapan

    Add Geithner’s column and “Obama Drops 2009 Pledge to Withdraw Combat Troops from Iraq” and I begin to wonder if giving the DFHs Warren will be enough. Isn’t it like getting roses from the guy who just raped you?

  7. jeer9

    We’re not going to get Warren. I can assure you of that. The only hope is that being passed over might motivate her to cause some primary trouble for BHO. I’m not sure, however, that she has the stomach for an insurrectionist political campaign (as opposed to the good government reformist appointee route), though she’s built up enough credit in progressive circles to actually rouse the flames of enthusiasm a bit. It’s hard to imagine any DFHs showing up at the polls after two more years of of 10% unemployment, hollow rhetoric, and moronic compromise. A light drizzle might keep me away.

  8. If “we” do “get” Warren, rest assured that Rahm will surround her with bankster weasels for staff. With the Chief Weasel for chief of staff.

  9. Robert H

    But extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice…

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