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Methane And The Point Where Humans Are No Longer In Control

I’ve been talking about methane release from the permafrost (and perhaps arctic) for a long time now. Back in 2013 I wrote:

Various processes are past the point of no return; we are going to see huge methane releases from Russia, for example. We are going to have worse global warming than the worst mainstream predictions.

Climate change will continue to present itself as more and worse extreme weather events, like the nasty hurricanes we’ve been seeing hitting further and further north. We are going to also see changes in rainfall patterns; these will continue to devastate agriculture.

Back in 2013, in theory we could have stopped this, but in practice we weren’t going to because none of the major governments then or now was going to do what it took. In fact, Barack Obama was busy increasing oil production, much of it thru fracking, as fast as he could, as deliberate policy.

“I know we’re in oil country and we need American energy.”

“You wouldn’t always know it ,but it went up every year I was president,” he said to applause. “That whole, suddenly America’s like the biggest oil producer and the biggest gas that was me, people.”

Obama: “Suddenly America is the largest oil producer, that was me people … say thank you.”

The irony here is that he said this just after saying how proud he was of the Paris climate accords, which while they had “targets” had no enforcement mechanism and which EVERYONE with any sense had to know were a dead letter, even if they had been adequate, which they weren’t.

Back to the methane. Every time I talked about this people would tell me I was full of shit, the science didn’t support it, etc… I know it’s considered in bad taste to mention this, but they were wrong, and I was right:

Now, here’s the important thing. Humans have driven climate change BUT there is a point at which we will no longer be doing so. While the number includes underwater methane as well, there is effectively more carbon in permafrost than in the atmosphere.

The more methane and carbon released, the higher temperatures in the arctic are and thus the more carbon and methane is released.

At that point (and it’s not the only feedback cycle, the Amazon is now releasing carbon, not sinking it) humans are no longer in primary control of climate change: the upward spiral takes over. There will be a new equilibrium point, but we don’t know what it is. We can guess, from previous geological eras, but none of that news is good news.

Will humanity survive? Probably. Will civilization as we know it survive? No. We may have an advanced technological society at the other end, but it will look a lot of different from what we have today, and there are good odds of a long decline with most people dropping out of hi-tech society. At the least we can expect mass migrations of literally billions of people, and (while it’s a guess) a drop in world population by half to 80% or so. Extreme climate change will drop the carrying capacity of our world significantly.

The last real chance to mitigate this passed when American and British elites colluded to destroy any chance of either Bernie Sanders of Jeremy Corbyn running America or Britain. By the time we have another shot at non psychopathic leaders (yes, Biden is a psychopath, based on his actions over his lifetime and so is Johnson) it will literally be too late.

But then, it was too late back in 2013, really, because the politics are what they are. It’s hard to overstate just how hard elites came out against Sanders (every candidate dropping out at the same time, except Biden/Sanders) or Corbyn (lying about him over 80% of the time and smearing him as anti-semite when he’s been an anti-racism campaigner all his life and would be the first to die to stop a new Holocaust.)

Our elites are, functionally, psychopaths. They aren’t, mostly, stupid (though some are deficient, like Bush Jr. and Biden (senile) and Johnson), but many are quite smart (Clinton and Obama were both borderline geniuses.) They just don’t care. They don’t believe that they will personally be effected by severe climate change (remember, they’re OLD) and to the extent they care about their children, they figure money and power will obtain protection. As for you and your children, you matter not at all. You are sheep, to be shorn while your continued living is beneficial to them, and culled when you no longer produce.

Meanwhile, permafrost methane release is real, it’s happening NOW not it in 2090, and it’s going to get worse.

The mainstream consensus forecasts for climate change were all wrong, and all wrong on the optimistic side.

I have been writing about this over and over again, not because I expect to change public policy, I don’t. I am writing about it so that those who read me know what is happening with sufficient warning to take steps to protect themselves and others they care about, to whatever extent they can. For many, who have few resources, there may be little they can do, but almost everyone can do something.

Winter isn’t coming. Summer is. And we are not going to like it.

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  1. Stormcrow

    I am writing about it so that those who read me know what is happening with sufficient warning to take steps to protect themselves and others they care about, to whatever extent they can. For many, who have few resources, there may be little they can do, but almost everyone can do something.

    Not really sure what anybody can do, when the Climate Wars go total, which they eventually will, even if they don’t start that way. When nukes start flying, with engineered bugs for chasers, there’ll be literally nowhere to run.
    Hardly matters for my own part. I’m 70+, and ageism sent my information security career down the toilet at the same time the money I’d put away was devoured by the consequences of the 2007 crash, so I’m not going anywhere. I consider myself lucky just to have a roof over my head, with reasonable assurance it’ll stay there for the foreseeable future.
    When it comes, I just hope it’s quick.
    One thing I am happy about: I don’t have kids.

  2. Joan


    I’m glad you’ve got the roof, and I generally think fewer kids these days is a good idea. One thing I’d counter, though, is the nukes flying, etc. I don’t think things will be globally apocalyptic, especially regarding nukes, since they come with mutually assured destruction.

    Apocalypses do happen, but they’re local. Anyone who survives a direct hit from a tornado has survived an apocalyptic scenario. Hurricane Katrina is another. Scale up: the bombing of Hiroshima, absolutely. But even when an utter apocalypse is happening somewhere, there are people elsewhere in the world having a regular day.

    The downward curve on the Limits to Growth chart for population and food is definitely something to keep an eye on, especially if billions go on the move, as Ian predicts. I say that as something sitting in the direct path of a very likely migration crisis, yikes.

    That said, there’s plenty people can do, and as someone half your age, I intend to help as much as I can. Even if I’m just scooping soup at a food bank or volunteering at an overrun orphanage, I’m heavily invested in the present, and I’ll do my best in the future.

  3. TimmyB

    The “billions on the move” will be moving from living to dead. Climate change means the food crops we humans require to feed ourselves will fail. That means mass starvation in places that seem food secure today. As in Europe and the United States.

    Volunteering somewhere isn’t going to change that future.

  4. Hugh

    We live in an age where people are going to believe what they are going to believe. In the choice between their fantasies and reality, reality is going to lose every time. So with global warming, it either doesn’t exist or it’s no big deal. There have always been people whose reaction to a problem is simply to deny it. But nowadays that is the go-to first response of a lot more people than I can ever remember.

    So far there have been a few promising signs, like with renewables, and a slew of promises, with at least the 2030 timeline becoming more important, but there has been zero fundamental change anywhere. Nor a mention of a coherent plan, not for individual countries, certainly not for the world. Meanwhile we see the American West and Southwest burning up, and the East and Gulf coasts getting hit by more and larger hurricanes and flooding. And the US is still a wealthy country. Think what is happening in the not so developed world. Climate is already playing a part in the migrations we are seeing from Central America and Haiti. We are going to see more, and a lot more immigrants, and the question everyone is ducking is what we should do about them. We can’t accept them all and we can’t not help them. But I have seen zero discussion of what we should do.

  5. Trinity

    A timely and excellent topic, Ian, given that the pandemic seems to eat up a lot of bytes.

    The lying about climate change goes back to at least 1959, according to Truthout. They also cover the lack of media coverage, issues with the IPCC reports, and how long they’ve been lying, among other things.

    “the [IPCC] reports are largely reiterations of the scientific facts that have been long known, and they consistently omit the social causes of the problem, i.e., the political obstruction, misleading information and distorted framing of the problem. Because these are absent in the reports themselves, the press, adhering to those same strictures, also fails to supply readers with the broader context, or explain “what’s blocking action, what’s slowing things down.”

    At my work, the pandemic exists and is frequently talked about, but climate change does not. It’s never mentioned. Ever.

    I heard FB and all it’s sister apps were down today. Since I don’t have an account there anymore, or ever visit it, or use it to log into other sites, I didn’t even notice. And I care even less, except to hope this becomes a regular occurrence. It needs to be shutdown, it does much more harm than good. I wonder how much energy would be saved if just FB and it’s apps shut down for good?

  6. Lex

    It’s a depressingly salient point because the political “solution” seems to be “we’ll solve it when we have no other choice”. But of course by then we won’t be in control of the feedback loops. I’m mostly comforted by the idea that we can’t really destroy life or the earth, just ourselves. But sometimes I worry that we’ll try some last ditch ideas that really mess things up.

  7. different clue


    If the ChinaGov sees the choice being limited to the stark binary of accepting heat death or doing geo-engineering to reduce incoming sunlight, the ChinaGov will do geo-engineering to reduce incoming sunlight. If anyone dares to object, China will invite them to start a war to try stopping them.

    The likeliest method would be spreading sulfates or sulfuric acid droplets or some reflective sulfur thing over the upper troposphere, in imitation of how volcanoes do it.
    And it could work.

    As we starve and freeze and die,
    beneath a silver-yellow sky.

  8. different clue

    Perhaps the Big Heat Rising could be considered as part of what James Kunstler has called The Long Emergency. It could be the background against which The Jackpot plays out.

    Perhaps we should start speaking of The Long Jackpot. People should do what they believe in the most, because that is where they will do their best work. People who believe in “controlling global warming” should keep on trying to “control it”. Even if they don’t succeed, its where they will make their best effort in the meantime and give/find meaning to their lives.

    People who believe in surviving the Long Jackpot should try planning/doing to survive the Long Jackpot. Perhaps they can find other wannabe-survivors of the Long Jackpot and they can form Jackpot Survivalist groups together.

    Perhaps some people might do a little bit of both. Saving the world on M, W, F and planning to survive the future on T, Th, Sa. And take a rest from it all on Su.

  9. Jim Harmon

    Some folks were aware back in 1970 that we’re killing ourselves off.

  10. hahacharadeyouare

    LOL Geoengineering would destroy the ozone layer making agriculture impossible on Earth, you idiot. That’s why no one’s attempted it or even advocates for it except extremely dumb people. You don’t think Libertarians would be promoting an idea like geoengineering, but they don’t because even they are not that dumb.

  11. Hugh

    The kind of geoengineering that concerns me is of the unintended kind as with a regional nuclear war between India and Pakistan. Global warming is already messing with the monsoons. Both are overpopulated, not particularly stable, trending toward greater extremism, and nuclear-armed. I am not optimistic about the survival of either in the face of climate change.

  12. Gaianne

    A very clear description!

    Thanks, Ian.

    It is long past time to quit worrying about what “somebody” will do, especially if they are government or business leaders–except to get out of the way of the half-baked harm they will do.

    Reduce your dependence on all complex systems, any way you can. Cultivate friendships with people you can work with on practical matters. Industrialized food, water, and shelter are all going away, quickly or slowly. Learn how to manage these things yourself.

    Security is also going away. You will learn to manage this. Weapons of violence are your last choice–not saying you won’t use them, but definitely your last choice, after everything else. The reasons will commend themselves to you as you think about it.

    What food is changes as the climate changes. You can anticipate much of this, just don’t assume one particular outcome or future. Diversify.

    If you live in an area that will become uninhabitable during you lifetime, leave now–or as soon as you can. Every day you spend not arranging your move is a day lost.

    Money will always help you to buy your way out of situations, but money is one of the things that is going away. Plan for that to.

    There is no formula for any of these things. You have to think about them.

    Most people won’t think about these things. Some people will refuse to think. Don’t waste time or energy on this latter group. Stay out of their way.


  13. Joan


    Well, then I might be starving rather than helping my community during a migrant crisis. My point is that there is still plenty that I can do, not to prevent the big picture, but to help the people around me. Imagining apocalyptic scenarios is an excuse to do nothing, so that’s why I was countering that point.

  14. Chipper

    I still see car-dependent suburban subdivisions being built on cleared land. To me, nothing says we’re not serious about climate change more than that.

  15. This dude, who is as serious as a heart attack, believes the government has been mucking with the climate, to stave off global warming, but to disastrous effect. He talks about methane release from permafrost:

    The Gary Null Show – 09.29.21
    September 29, 2021
    Dane Wigington is a geoengineering scientist with a background in solar energy who is highly regarded as one of the foremost experts and commentators on stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and solar radiation management. Dane is a former employee at Bechtel Power Corporation and worked on the first commercial solar plants in the United States. As a climate researcher, he has been studying anthropocentric climate change, geoengineering technology and operations for 15 years. He has appeared in many documentary films and public appearances educating the public about the adverse effects of weather modification. Earlier this year, Dane released his groundbreaking documentary “The Dimming” — which exposes global weather intervention and engineering operations and their observable consequences. Dane hosts the weekly radio broadcast Global Alert News every Wednesday at 2 pm Eastern Time on the Progressive Radio Network and directs the website GeoEngineeringWatch. org for the latest updates and commentaries on geoengineering science and its adverse effects.

  16. Ché Pasa

    Re: Apocalyptic

    I’m traveling through California right now; haven’t been here for years. We arrived at the Colorado River border, crossed the Mojave Desert, and over the mountains into the Central Valley at Bakersfield. Smoke. Smoke everywhere. Smoke getting thicker, thicker and thicker as I drove north on Highway 99, until some places around Fresno were so thick with smoke it was hard to even see the exits or recognize where you were. The sky was a thick grayish orange, and you could feel, see, smell and taste the smoke everywhere. I’m out of the worst of it now, but I can still taste it. My eyes still burn.

    This is the reality tens of millions of Californians have been living with to one extent or another for years. It doesn’t get better. It compounds and gets worse every year.

    But the people we run into are used to it. They’ve lived with it so long, it hardly seems unusual. They’ve adapted. Just as those who live in tornado country, hurricane country, earthquake country and war-torn countries get used to it, adapt, and carry on — until the point they can’t.

    Just so with so many aspects of the climate crisis. People get used to whatever they are facing, they adapt to the extent they can and they carry on.

    It’s right to be furious with Our Rulers for allowing things to deteriorate to this point, but there is yet no popular uprising about it. No. People keep carrying on as best they can.

    Frustrating as hell. And when I said to a friend these conditions are apocalyptic, I was looked at as if I’d gone completely mad.

  17. Hugh

    Where does metamars find all these nuts? Gary Null is a kook with a radio show who thinks that AIDS and anything else can be cured with dietary supplements. He doesn’t believe in vaccinations. So at least that could explain metamars’ interest in him.

    As for Dane Wigington, he thinks the Pentagon is manipulating the contrails on jets to weaponize the weather and that it is responsible for Fukushima, hurricane Maria which devastated Puerto Rico, the fires in California, and the cold weather in Texas.

    Looking at metamars’ sources, you always end up in cloud cuckooland, and it’s not just these sources. You come across this whole ecology of conspiracist sites who feed off them and each other.

  18. Willy

    Maybe conspiracy theories makes one feel that they’ve been held down by The Man? If so, maybe we should find this Man. We should ask this Man questions. We should determine his motives. And finally, we should shun this Man.

  19. Plague Species

    Give a smoot, don’t pollute.

  20. Plague Species

    Uda Man!!

  21. Stormcrow

    metamars is clearly a professional troll. Don’t know whether he’s working for money or ideology or both, but he’s a pro. The “tell” is, he keeps right on coming back here even though he almost certainly knows his cover was blown years ago.
    And wingnut-land has a massive propaganda apparat, built out over the course of the last half century. He’s got content for his cut-n-paste bullshit lined up clear around the block.

  22. Joan

    @Che Pasa,

    I used to have family who lived in Fresno. I hope your trip gets better! And yes, I think eventually the West Coast will end up as desert. The redwood forests can’t survive burning every summer.

  23. Joan

    @Chipper, I definitely agree with you on that!

  24. metamars is clearly a professional troll. Don’t know whether he’s working for money or ideology or both, but he’s a pro.

    Well, if I’m a “professional”, it’s clearly not for money. This year, I’ve attempting to revive my abandoned “Voter’s Revenge” app, but after getting charged $560 for 3 separate sub-projects, @, I have precious little to show for it. In fact, I’ve incorporated this hopefully temporary failure into my pitch, which has yielded 0 substantive replies, from people who ‘should’ be interested. That’s about the same amount of money as my crowdfunding page has produced, viz., $0.00. So, echoes of 2016…. At this point in time, with relatively ample summer uber income having nosedived, I’m not willing to spend more of my own scarce cash or credit.

    Here’s my pitch! You’re welcome!

    Hello, { hopeless prospect }

    I am looking for support to complete the development of a Voter’s Revenge app, which is designed to increase populist political muscle. I believe it could make a huge difference in facilitating the organization of the public into entities (“punitive voting blocs”, to be specific) with real muscle. I mostly completed a proof-of-concept back in 2016, which I then abandoned when the primary season was mostly over. In this past year, I’ve tried reviving it, starting with a re-imagined interface and basic structure.

    There’s an ask, here. Sorry, not sorry. 🙂 We’re all in this, together. I’m willing to design and outsource the project, but I’m currently not willing to code it. (Partly, this is because the re-imagined version uses a newish, sexy Javascript framework called vue, and I don’t know it too well. I wrote the original version with mvc). So, I’m looking for people to fund the sub-projects that I define. They can even do this directly, by hiring a programmer through a site like, using specs that I have made freely available.

    There is already validation of a key principle of Voter’s Revenge, via Pam Popper.

    Pam Popper is an activist against medical tyranny, who has achieved success using electoral threats, coupled with an evolving legal strategy that involves contesting the emergency status of various covid-related decrees (as opposed to legal challenges based on constitutional rights, which have always failed). If you are not familiar with her system, do yourself a favor and listen to her being interviewed. I recommend her interview by Spiro Skouras, available on brighteon.

    More info about “voter’s revenge” is available at This is an open source project (MIT license), to be housed at . There is currently no code at this repository, as I have sub-divided this project into 5 sub-projects. (Only 4 are shown; I haven’t designed the 5th sub-project, yet, which will concern itself with data input of politicians.)

    Voter’s Revenge defines 2 primary activist roles, viz., voteslingers and wranglers. (Wild West analogies abound.) The sort of activism Pam Popper calls for lines up nicely with the voteslinger role. But the key difference is that, in Popper’s scheme, growing your vote bloc depends entirely on word-of-mouth. (At least, this is all I can gather from the Skouras interview.) However, Voter’s Revenge encourages retail, public-facing activism, on a face-to-face level, which carries the potential of growing posses (the fundamental group unit in Voter’s Revenge) rapidly. The end target may be a politician, but the baked-in Voter’s Revenge methodology channels most of members’ efforts towards one’s fellow citizens.

    The retail, public-facing activism is carried out via the wrangler role. Like voteslingers, wrangler set redline conditions (e.g.: “governor, cancel your executive order mandating masks in schools, by Oct 1, 2021”) which have definite deadline dates, and consequences. If the redline is violated, while a voteslinger pledge requires a non-revocable vote AGAINST the politician-target of the posse, a wrangler is obligated to perform some sort of payback action, within a 2 month maximum deadline. These will be primarily educational; but they simultaneously provide an opportunity to GROW the posse and/or local posse. (Local posses are basically subsets of posses whose members live near each other. To join a local posse as an activist member, an approximate local position is required, somewhat near their real address.)

    The wrangler role enhances the value of the voteslinger, since simultaneously wearing both hats is permitted, and the larger a voting bloc is, the more danger it poses to an incumbent.

    Besides solving the slow-growth problem inherent in Pam Popper’s methodology, the wrangler role addresses another problem which is beyond the reach of her methodology. We want to influence elected politicians soon after they are re-elected, not just during the final year of their term of office. How does one affect a Senator that just got elected to a 6 year term? Electoral threats early in a 6 year term probably won’t be taken seriously, and for good reason.

    For the answer to this question, please read this diary at, called “Why Obama And Democrats Don’t Do Much of What Liberals Want (Netroots Failure: Part 2)” @

    I am writing you this to request aid in completing the new version of Voter’s Revenge. (The original version was attempted by me with almost no help from anybody; and it wasn’t optimized for a mobile device. It also didn’t include any instant messaging.) I believe a proof-of-concept could be completed for less than $6,000, using outsourced labor, and have set up a crowdfunding page @ (This has raised no money, at all, so far.) Once again, note that it’d be groovy if supporters hired a programmer or programmers, say using, directly, as I have posted specifications at github. These coders can add code directly to the repositories that I have created; or else, create a brand new code base that they control.

    As very little of the code for the new version has been written, if you found, or already knew of volunteer coders that specialized in other technologies (e.g., React instead of Vuejs, which is what I have specified), that’d be just fine, at this point in time. I probably won’t be able to help with the final integration, much, with unfamiliar technologies, but somebody is going to have to step up and provide the actual service, anyway. They can deal with the integration.

    My experience, so far, doing “bargain basement” outsourcing is slightly depressing, but I know I didn’t offer much money. ($200 was the most.) My assumption is that that translates to $600 in Pakistani money. Nobody has delivered on time, and one guy that got me to agree to create an easy milestone as a separate project, for the same money, only delivered a database that I had specced out. It also had some bizarro errors, that he refused to fix. Basically, he did 1-2 hours of work, that I could have done, and I am out my $200. (He got paid because I was distracted with my endless, weekend uber-ing, and the project auto-completed.)

    My role is to guide the completion of a proof-of-concept, following my conception, and then find an organization or two willing to provide the hosted service. Hopefully, that will be sufficient for light bulbs to go on in the heads of many people, including Pam Popper’s, and so actually use the tool.

    Feel free to email me, with any questions.

    I’ll end with the money quote from Pam Popper:

    “Look, last time you won your election by a couple of thousand votes. We have almost 20,000 voters in your district, and if you don’t vote to impeach {?}, we’re going to take you out this November, and I brought a list of our registered voters so you can see that I’m serious. We could have had the impeachment done in a week, if we had that kind of thing {i.e., list of registered voters willing to vote incumbents out of office}. We have to realize, just like we learned from the lawsuits that didn’t work, we have to look at – declarations didn’t work; petitions don’t work; emails don’t work; and educating politicians doesn’t work with big packets of information about health and all that stuff. None of that works. You know what works? Education about taking them out. That’s the language they understand. And so, one of the reasons we want to build this database is so that we can start undoing the medical tyranny that exists – these vaccine mandates in places like Oregon, and Washington and California and keep bad things from happening in the future. And unless we’re organized with 10’s of millions of people in our database, we will most certainly end up here, again.”

    Best Wishes,

    { my real name }

  25. I’ve only watched about 10 minutes of “The Dimming”, on youtube. But 2 things are immediately obvious:

    #1 The budget of Dane Wigington, et. al., is much, MUCH larger than that of ole metamars. Let’s call it the “professional troll” budget, to humor some local luminaries.

    #2 The “debunkers” who presume to a sort of elite snobbishness, sufficient (in their own minds) to flippantly pass judgement on the geoengineer claimants, remind me of the professional liars and obfuscators in the media who insult the efficacy of ivermectin against human covid infections by calling it “horse dewormer”.

    I must admit that, unlike ivermectin and similar low-cost therapeutics, as well as ‘standard’ climate change, which I’ve invested oodles of time into, I don’t know much about either geoengineering, or what geoengineering debunkers have to say. I must also admit that I’m surprised that some regular regurgitators of lefty ‘climate change’ memes would be so hostile, as Wigington appears to mirror their claims rather faithfully.

    This makes me suspicious as to why “the lady doth protest too much, methinks”. Is it simply because Wigington casts doubt on blaming ALL extreme weather events and trends as human caused climate change? Or is there something other POV they they want to discredit?

  26. Oops.

    ” Is it simply because Wigington casts doubt on blaming ALL extreme weather events and trends as human caused climate change?”

    should be

    ” Is it simply because Wigington casts doubt on blaming ALL extreme weather events and trends as human caused climate change from CO2 production?”

  27. Hugh

    Wigington is a whack job who had this weird idea that the atmosphere is dimming due to “bio-available aluminum” in jet contrails and this somehow relates to the Pentagon. There was some atmospheric dimming from the 1950s to 1990 due to volcanic eruptions like Mt. Pinatubo, but since then the atmosphere has been brightening again. Trace amounts of aluminum do occur in rain and snow but there is no indication these have increased or that the aluminum involved is in any sense bio-available. But what does this matter to a good conspiracy? It reminds me to a previous carney climate change theory put forward by a bunch of astrophysicists that it was due to cosmic rays although none of them bothered to show that A) there was any change in cosmic rays or B) that cosmic rays had ever had a significant impact on climate. Didn’t matter: astrophysicists, cosmic rays, they sound scientific. So they must be scientific (except they weren’t), amirite?

  28. It reminds me to a previous carney climate change theory put forward by a bunch of astrophysicists that it was due to cosmic rays although none of them bothered to show that A) there was any change in cosmic rays or B) that cosmic rays had ever had a significant impact on climate.

    Wow, so you think cosmic ray measurements are made up; and furthermore, unimaginatively constant with respect to time? Even the climate data ‘interpolaters’ are not so obvious.

    Then again, the surgisphere fudged data used to take down hydroxychloroquine was so obviously fudged that trained eyes picked up on it right away, though it made it’s way into eventually retracted papers in the Lancet and NEJM. So, your assumptions about “none of them bothered to show that A) there was any change in cosmic rays” are laughable, but not 100% so. There are apparently lots of scientists with your tendency to make up crap to fit their agenda.

    You once again show zero capacity for intelligent, honest commentary on anything to do with science.

  29. Hugh

    metamars, you promote every grifter with a cockamamie conspiracy theory on the planet. And in our upside down world, you try to portray them as the “real science,” “the real truth.” Your tell is that you are too consistent in your lunacy. Lunatics aren’t consistent. Nor do they feel the need to justify and defend themselves so much with appeals to rationality and science. On the other hand, grifters do.

    Ian raises the important point that the natural world doesn’t care about our greed, stupidity, and justifications. We do not get to ignore it when we want. What we are doing, and not correcting, has a good chance of destroying us. We need to act, and act while we still have the time to. It’s that simple and that final.

  30. Willy

    Hugh, metamars is clearly the only scientist in the room . Who else can take on a consensus of many thousands of scientists, virtually single handedly?

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