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Merry Christmas

To those who celebrate, and to those who don’t, I hope you have the day off and enjoy it.


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  1. Mark Level

    Christmas in Bethlehem during a genocide. Kind of a bummer. Also paid for via my taxes–

  2. Merry christman man hope you have a good one ✅

  3. mago

    Feliz navidad a todos
    Thank you Ian for this site and your insights. Much appreciated.

  4. Caracara

    Merry Christmas Ian. All good things to you in 2024

  5. capelin

    Yes, merry christmas to Ian and to everyone circling this small but mighty gem of a site.

    It’s an odd year for sure though, humanity has swallowed a lot of obvious crap the last while and everyone’s starting to feel very puky, even those at remove from the immediate pointy end of the empire.

  6. different clue

    Here is a little Christmas present to everyone here. It is a video composed of various dramatic nautical footage with an amazing sea-song soundtrack.

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