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May 4th US Covid Data

Our benefactor writes:

As in past weeks, Sunday numbers are down. Some interesting new data in the NY Times from a study of seven states, indicating that deaths since the start of the pandemic are actually 50 percent higher than the norm when compared to what is accounted for by coronavirus deaths. See, The seven states include New York, which has already restated its counts and is much closer to the expected number. So…not only are actual cases being severely under-counted, but deaths are being under-counted, too.
There are other implications, here, too, referenced in the article. Not all increases in deaths are directly attributable to coronavirus, but may be impacted by the social response. People don’t go to the hospital as readily for chest pain and end up dying at home from a heart attack. Fewer accidents on the road or even in the street might mean the death rate is even higher. In some horrific way, this appears to be strategic, not in a planned, conspiratorial way, but simply to minimize the danger, and to reduce government accountability for failures to act. No other states that we know of have restated deaths to account for the spike in death rates.

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May 3rd US Covid Data


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  1. marku52

    NYT is reporting a new CDC projection for 3000 death per day and 200,000 new cases/day by June.

    I’m not sure that the 200,000 number isn’t a misprint. But the 3000 death per day is bad enough. With all the states opening up we could easily hit, what, 150,000-300,000 deaths by flu season next fall?


  2. Ché Pasa

    So. Our rulers have settled on coronavirus policy, have they?

    They will pretend to provide mitigation of suffering while “re-opening” bits of the zombie economy here and there, wherever survivors of the collapse can be found. More will be infected — until nearly everyone is — and many more will die, but too bad, so sad, they were mostly useless eaters anyway, and we’ll be better off without them, no?

    The Olds will be sheltered — if only there were some safe place to do so, yes? — and the Poors will get weekly boxes of food and sundries — if they can get to the distribution sites — and everyone else will be allowed and required to fend for themselves. Survival of the fittest, social Darwinism, and yes, eugenics. The herd will be culled. Period. End of discussion.

    And those who rule us? Well, they’ll be sequestered on their yachts and country estates and in their bunkers; whatever they have to do, wherever they have to do it. They will not mix with the diseased masses, oh my no. And every bit of what they otherwise might have lost to economic collapse will be restored to them and then some with the push of a button. Nothing will be allowed to interfere with their comfort and convenience. Nothing. So what if it’s all phony?

    The numbers of infected and dead will be allowed to rise and rise, and nothing can be done about it, because… something else is more important. But don’t worry. Faith will get us through. It always does. Right?

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