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May 26th US Covid Stats

Our benefactor notes that the US should hit 100K deaths on Thursday or Friday.

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  1. V

    I guess if there is a take-away from this (the corona virus); the utter failure of the U.S. response and its “healthcare” system should be a wake-up call.
    But, alas, it is not to happen!
    The other take-away is the mental health of America’s society; it’s a very sick society, with suicide rates skyrocketing as a result of the lockdown…
    It’s just one marker among many; depression drug prescriptions are skyrocketing…

    The U.S. will likely suffer more than any other country; psychologically, economically, and socially…
    My question is: how will its military respond to this loss of world status as #1?
    It obviously is no longer #1…

  2. Joan

    Anxiety and depression are perfectly understandable responses to living in an age of decline. Obviously I hope such people suffering right now can come out the other end of it with some form of “Okay, life sucks, my society sucks, the economy sucks, I hate everything, but if I end up living a few more decades, what can I do to try make things bearable for myself?”

  3. Dr. Chris Martenson, Ph.D. gives some details on fudgy data in the Lancet article that led to halted trials by WHO. See about 18:00 into… I expect youtube will disappear his video in the near future…..

    N.B.: Martenson didn’t use the word “fudged”

  4. S Brennan


    This comment may be in vain, as almost all of my comments are being delayed by 12 or more hours or, disappeared entirely.

    I watched the Vid [fun begins at 21:45] and agree on the point that the HCQ “studies” are so poorly constructed with the documentation being the very definition of obscurantism…they appear to be fraudulent. At the very least, the often cited HCQ “studies” are without scientific merit.

    I appreciate your lonely efforts on this board…trying to help those willing to educate themselves on treatments adopted from other viral infections, particularly, the SARS I epidemic. And I note for those made unwillingly ignorant, this pandemic is SARS II.

  5. @Brennan

    Thanks for your kind words.

    My efforts at activism have basically all failed. Nevertheless, I have lately been bitten by the activism bug. I now have a new activist plan.

    I am delayed a bit, due to dawdling a bit with my survey of state covid-19 website sections (now completed*); also, binge-watching “The Last Dance”, about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, in great part about their 6th successful title run.

    In “The Last Dance”, Michael Jordan explains that he took his father’s advice to “turn a negative into a positive”, and applied it even to his father’s murder.

    I identified small business owners, years ago, as a key vector for propagating political messages. As many of them are now existentially threatened not with just covid-19, but the government’s poor handling of same, I think they may well be motivated to supply the activist energy and leadership that a lone individual, with significant failures under his belt, is reluctant to supply. (I mean me. Plus, I’m not charismatic.)

    The hemispheric dynamics of the pandemic strongly suggests it’s being mediated by Vit D levels; which, in turn, suggests that a second wave will occur. The first wave already killed a lot of small businesses; a second wave could provide a death blow to a lot of surviving small businesses.

    These negatives can be turned partly into positives. Maybe Michael Jordan will help out!

    I will post about it, here, when I initiate it, and from time to time. Hopefully, those posts will see the light of day.

    * Not a single state had any advice regarding Vitamin D. I.e., systemic failure. I’d love to know what the situation is in foreign countries. From youtube videos I’ve see, recently, the ‘anglo’ countries have all similarly failed. But there’s a lot of countries beyond the anglosphere.

  6. metamars

    To be clear, I meant not a single state had any advice regarding Vit D and covid-19, in their covid-19 sections. I did find one state that talked about it for dealing with asthma.

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