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May 20th US Covid Data

Our benefactor writes:

It appears that our data source is now only updating once per day and has made it almost impossible to easily download individual states’ data. I am also carefully subtracting data every day for Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, and American Samoa, because they were always excluded, primarily due to inconsistency in the data sources.

Ongoing slow decline. We’re reading lots of noise about irregularities in reporting deaths in GA and FL. Tamping down cases is easy – just restrict testing. The reporting of deaths is evidently also being changed in a number of states to the reporting day by the local medical examiner or health official, not to the actual death. CO, GA, and FL, among others are now doing this. The net effect is simply to create a temporary reduction in the number of deaths for a period of time until they catch up again. It appears that this can be up to a several week lag, which is what a lot of the states want to create the optics for opening up.

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The False Choice of Deaths Versus the Economy


May 21st US Covid Data


  1. Charlie

    I would not be surprised if other states such as NY were also engaging in this type of data manipulation. I noticed right after the federal guidelines for opening that NY deaths dropped precipitously. From over 200 deaths per day down to 43. It almost feels like the Wall Street people needed justification to fill their pockets again even though the Fed has been constantly feeding the monster in spite of evidence to the contrary.

  2. Why is Colorado doing this? I know Colorado’s Governor is an idiot, even though he’s a Democrat, because he was on the Twitter machine last week trying to kiss Elon Musk’s boots. Still, this is bad news.

  3. GrimJim

    I expect to see a spike in cases in Wisconsin in the last week of May/early June, then a spike in deaths in mid- June, both continually growing thereafter until… Well, who knows, really? As the state Republicans won’t do anything, and counties and cities won’t do anything due to lack of state level guidance and fearof lawsuits, Wisconsin is open again, like when we were Walker’s $2 floozy…

  4. Stirling S Newberry

    A rough approximation of how many deaths were caused by waiting.

  5. anon

    I also noticed a steep decline in daily reported deaths in my state. All of this smells very fishy. Social distancing and lockdowns have helped but I do not believe that there are only around 30-40 daily deaths on average in every state. Very unethical because it gives people a false sense of safety.

  6. Charlie


    Your link is broken. I’ve taken the liberty to correct it.

  7. Zachary Smith

    The Trumpies have done some really crazy things, but this one really takes the cake:

    Proponents of the law insist Washington State has a legitimate public interest to protect its citizens from oil train fires and explosions, but in the context of the transportation of crude oil by rail, a State cannot use safety as a pretext for inhibiting market growth or instituting a de facto ban on crude oil by rail within its borders. Notwithstanding the State of Washington’s interest in the welfare and safety of its citizens, any State laws supporting those interests that implicate the transportation of hazardous materials, must not conflict with the objectives of the HMTA. {Hazardous Materials Transportation Act} Here, we find that the vapor pressure requirement is an obstacle to carrying out the HMTA and HMR – it not only hinders the movement of hazardous materials but also creates unnecessary delays in direct conflict with HMTA. Accordingly, the law is preempted.

    Translation: your life isn’t worth a pewter **** if protecting it ‘inhibits market growth’. Keep that in mind when you think of the rush to get the peasants back to their workplaces where they can make money for the Elites. If you happen to get sick and/or die in the process, Tough ****!

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    Yet an amazing number of US citizens believe President Tweetie can walk on water.

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