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May 17th US Covid Data

The slow decline continues.

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May 16th US Covid Data


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – May 17, 2020


  1. Joan

    So we’ll be hitting 1.5 million cases and 90k deaths in a couple of days, and 100k deaths by the end of May or early June. Oof. Even just in my small circle, so many people have reported “I coughed for a week straight for no reason and then got better” and never got tested. Americans really are on their own.

  2. Zachary Smith

    Hack Alert!

    When I first got on the Internet, Google was good. Very, Very Good. These days they endlessly spy on people, and now they’re peddling CRAP. This headline is one I just found on Google News.

    New Evidence Shows Wearing Face Mask Can Help Coronavirus Enter the Brain and Pose More Health Risk, Warn Expert

    People who have the misfortune of trusting Google News will also learn gloves are also useless for Covid safety. I WILL link the moron the article is quoting:

    The site publishing the Covid nonsense has other interesting stories.

    World’s Strongest Baby? 4-month-old Can Stand Unassisted

    Poor Creature! Watch as Thai Vet Pulls Out a 12-Inch-long Piece of Plastic From a Turtle’s Behind

    The worst part of this is that Google News has started featuring a “Fact Check” sidebar which claims to give readers information about unreliable stories. The lousy site can’t even follow its own questionable guidelines.

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