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Libyan Refugees and European Intervention

Perhaps, as Europe destabilized Libya through invasion and then failed to re-stabilize it afterwards, the Europeans should stop caviling about Libyan refugees and start rescuing them and helping them settle in Europe?  (America and Canada might wish to follow suit.)

It could just be that intervening militarily in other countries should be the last resort, done very rarely. I know most European governments don’t care about the people they kill with their interventions, but the blowback in terms of terrorism, refugees, and economic effects might be worth considering?

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  1. S Brennan

    From my 19 April FBpost

    “Hillary’s too busy getting your approval to comment on her let me.

    Obama/Hillary on a “mercy mission” bombs the crap outta Libya at the rate of a 100-sorties/day for 8 months destroying the country’s infrastructure that had taken it from the poorest nation in Africa to the nation with the highest standard of living on the continent [in 30 years] and yet, the blame lies with those who traffic in the misery created by the Anglo-Empire’s ceaseless wars of neo-colonialism…not the war itself.

    “The British foreign secretary, Philip Hammond added: “We must target the traffickers who are responsible for so many people dying at sea and prevent their innocent victims from being tricked or forced into making these perilous journeys.”

  2. S Brennan

    Which I commented on with this:

    Hillary For President…we don’t want an amateur conducting regime change do we?

  3. Actually, invasion is about the only thing that Europe did not do to destabilize Libya. Otherwise I am in agreement with your disgust with the western powers’ proclivity for death and destruction and then swanning off and leaving the survivors to their own devices.

  4. Tom

    Not only that, look at Syria and Iraq. The civilians continue to join IS, because the US keeps bombing markets and hospitals despite IS HQs being in plain site.

    Civilian deaths are well documented and growing yet US denies it and allows Assad to bomb indiscriminately, even giving him drone data.

    Even FSA is disgusted as several plans to take IS out were foiled by US strikes on JAN and caused FSA to lose its positions along Lake Assad and Tishrin Dam.

    So Sunnis increasingly have a choice of taking their chances with Shiite death squads or IS.

    Meanwhile Turkey, the only smart one, sits back so as not to tar itself with US stupidity.

  5. Robert

    I’ve said much the same thing to people kvetching about Latin Americans coming north …the same folks thought Saint Reagan’s Contra thugs the cat’s meow…

  6. markfromireland

    Yes, but very few of the refugees/would-be immigrants are from Libya or indeed from North Africa.

    Proportionately and in decreasing order they are from:

    Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Syria, Irak, followed by people attempting to emigrate from Sub-Saharan Africa in particular Central African Countries.


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