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Labour National Executive Votes Corbyn is on the Ballot and Purges Members

Jeremy CorbynSo, both sides got something.  Corbyn is on the ballot, but all members for the last six months are not eligible to vote, and those members who could vote before under the 3 pound membership (most of whom signed up to help Corbyn), must sign up for the 25 pound membership during a 48 hour window.

There can be no question that the NEC membership ruling hurts Corbyn, and badly, but labour unions are still for him, and I suspect he’s still the frontrunner.

The rebel MPs may still take the question of whether Corbyn is on the ballot to the courts.

I have been covering the Corbyn situation as closely as I have because it is important, very important. Corbyn is a modestly radical socialist, and if he winds up changing the Labour party in his image, it becomes an important anti-neoliberal force in one of the world’s most important countries.  This is the potentially the first serious, English speaking world, crack in the “you may choose from neoliberal party A or neoliberal party B” facade in my adult lifetime.

It matters, because as long as we can only choose neoliberalism, we cannot get off the train to hell.

Note that Corbyn, for example, believes in workplace democracy.  He is quite a bit more to the left than Bernie Sanders was.

Update-in case you’re British. Unite:

labour Vote

Update 2: Turns out to be even more sleazy than I realized.

Labour Meeting pic

Corbyn may take this to the courts, himself, since the Labour website people were signing up on as members said they would have a vote for leader.

I do not know if the NEC can be recalled to change this.

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  1. Francis Irving


    Can you give a reference to the 6 month rule and requirement of full paid membership? I can’t see it reported in the news, or on the Labour website.

    In terms of employee democracy, what do you think of Theresa May saying she wants to force companies to have workers on their boards?

    The idea is spreading that she is going back to pre-Thatcherite policies, which were much more popular in that era. Is somehow Brexit causing a general echo to that past, that is also capturing good parts?

  2. Ian Welsh

    Woops, here it is, also put in the post:

    I think May’s idea is a good idea, but from what I know of the rest of what she wants to do (gut regulations, etc…) it won’t much matter. And the workers are always a minority on the boards, of course. It’s not the same thing, even if it is step in the right direction.

  3. Paul

    The £25 I can just about swallow – I was not convinced that a one-off £3 to vote for the leader was a great innovation though I can see arguments on both sides.

    The 6 month limit on new members voting should be overturned. And certainly if it was not even on the agenda.

    Fortunately I get to vote either way – for Corbyn.

  4. Steve

    They knew the PLP would pull this shit. But apparently Corbyn left the room after he thought he got what he wanted. For once could the left not underestimate the deviousness of their opposition or give them the benefit of the doubt? I suppose Corbyn is paying for not being a devious ass himself so he doesn’t think like they do. You can’t assume these people will behave honorably.

  5. Ian Welsh

    Yeah, I though the same thing Steve, but, there’s a detailed account at HuffPo, Corbyn left because he was pushed out, not voluntarily. He’s no fool, he knew this shit was coming. Now the couple other guys who left, that’s inexcusable.

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