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June 5th US Covid Data (Final!)

As the country reopens, our benefactor has other work to occupy them, so this will be the last Covid-19 data post. Of course, I’ll keep a weather eye on Covid in the US and write if anything significant happens, including a change in trend.

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  1. Joan

    Thanks so much for these.

  2. You can get a free copy of “Sunlight and health – shifting the focus from vitamin D3 tophotobiomodulation by red and near-infrared light” from

    The abstract claims, “a vast body of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and Mendelian randomization studies have failed to confirm any major health benefits from vitamin D supplementation. In this review, we present tentative evidence showing that red and near-infrared light, both being present in sunlight, could explain the associations between sunlight exposure and better health status.”

    Unless I’m missing something, a think a large body of RCT’s have indeed shown benefits from vit D supplementation. I am at a loss as to how to reconcile this claim with my other research into this subject. However, it may be true that vit D supplements are GREATLY inferior to sunlight exposure, for avoiding particular diseases.

    Supplementation of Vit D, in the case of people with low levels, cut their incidence of upper respiratory infections in half. However, vit D blood levels are associated with significant diminution of risk of other diseases, like colo-rectal cancer. I frankly don’t know whether the studies of such claims ever tried to disambiguate blood vitamin D levels made adequate by sunlight vs. made adequate by supplements.

    Dr. Mercola has warned about the inferiority of supplements to sunshine sourcing.

    From his website: “Under normal, healthy conditions, your skin synthesizes both cholesterol sulfate and vitamin D3 sulfate when exposed to sunlight. These two sulfated sterols are water soluble and can travel freely in your bloodstream.

    If you have sufficient amounts of cholesterol sulfate in circulation, your body does not need to produce more cholesterol-transporting LDL. This results in less plaque buildup in the arteries of the heart, because cholesterol sulfate is plentiful.”

    (vitamin D3 supplements are un-sulfated, and not water soluble)

  3. Ché Pasa

    My guess is that we’ll see more and more non-reporting and severe under-reporting through the rest of the pandemic. As far as our rulers are concerned, the virus is now where it needs to be, among the lower orders, people are staying away from hospitals except in extremis — and sometimes not even then. The dead are mostly being buried or cremated on a reasonable schedule so their corpses aren’t littering the streets too much, so everything’s fine.

    Just gotta live with it. Or not.

  4. Hugh

    I wished to add my thanks for this great work.

  5. Zachary Smith

    Every now and then I inadvertently check the NZ Herald site – it is in the bookmarks right next to my formal news links. Anyhow, just found this headline:

    Covid 19 coronavirus: Zero! Bring on level 1 – NZ now Covid-free

    There are no active cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand.

    The final case, an Auckland woman in her 50s associated with the St Margaret’s rest home in Auckland, has now recovered from the virus.

    Today’s news of no active Covid-19 cases will have a major influence over Cabinet’s decision on whether the country moves to level 1.

    Director general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said the woman’s recovery was “really good news” for her and something “the rest of New Zealand can take heart in”.

    “Having no active cases for the first time since February 28 is certainly a significant mark in our journey but as we’ve previously said, ongoing vigilance against Covid-19 will continue to be essential.”

    If NZ were a US state, it would rank with Alabama at #24 in terms of population. Yes, the place is an island, but I have to believe that not being “ruled” by a pack of morons is also a factor in their success.

    It may be a coincidence, or my looking at population numbers might have caused me to run into another story. Canada ranks #39 in population of world nations. Yet that country is trying to get a Security Council seat. A bit more investigation turned up the probable reason for this. It’s something the Apartheid state wants to happen.

    Foreign Minister says Canada will act as “asset for Israel” if it wins seat on UN Security Council

    The pissant state owns both US parties. It appears Canada isn’t much better off. Has Canada had a local version of Jeffrey Epstein in operation? Perhaps another possible answer is the Canadian version of “Benjamins”.

    Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is sort of famous for her remark “It’s all about the Benjamins baby.” Yet here is a story about HER capitulation:

    Rep. Omar Surrenders to Israel Lobby

    Darned shame, but either the pile of Benjamins was just too high to turn down, or ‘somebody’ has some dirt on Omar which she will do anything to keep out of the public eye.

  6. Stirling S Newberry

    In 2005 I started putting on Bopnews a square – hurricane season. Why? Because the Hurricane Season was the earliest in memory in so many ways. But it was “normal” in the sense that one of the seasons in that range would be monumental because of the sign-wave pattern, this season is not. This is why the pattern this year might be interesting – it is not a normal pattern but may start breaking records anyway. Still too early to know and it is above its normal range – whereas 2005 was above its normal range, but by less than you would think. (Think about it this way – 2005, when compared with other normal years in that part of the curve, was above the trend by a lot, but not astronomically so. 2020 is, at the moment absurd. However, 2020 could go back to the curve by not generating new TS/H. It would be a blip in the cycle that smooths out over the whole year.) 2005 was a normal big year – as 1936 was. 2020 has no precedent on record but that could be that we don’t have enough data (the cycle is about 36 years, so we only have a few cycles on record to compare it too and a few others which we can “guesstimate” to moderate accuracy. )

  7. Stirling S Newberry

    Law and order

    actions series
    forever apolitically
    echoed messaging
    intensified designating ANTIFA
    demonstrations amorphous
    violence perimeter adjacent
    stunning federal agencies
    All hail to the King

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