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June 2nd US Covid Stats

Our benefactor writes:

Even with the suspension of testing in many locations, COVID-19 persists. Maybe the thinking is that we could just ignore it, and it would go away. It’s nice to see many protesters fully masked.

You’ll notice that the charts haven’t declined that much. With relaxation on restrictions, there’s no reason to believe they will, though I suppose testing less may give the illusion they have.

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  1. bruce wilder

    Does anyone know of a summary comparison analysis of where testing is “suspended”?

    And, what does that mean, “suspended”? “Suspended” for whom, in what circumstance?

    Does it mean not paying to test on demand? Does it mean not testing the symptomatic on demand by doctors? Not reporting to public health authorities? Substituting antibody testing of the general public? Not routinely and repeatedly testing nurses and other exposed workers?

  2. GlassHammer

    Hey remember when Americans were upset over the decreased life expectancy from opiods and other diseases of despair?

    Wonder what the life expectancy is after COVID19.

    Poverty->Despair->Disease->Strife we are just moving right along the road of ruin.

  3. S Brennan

    Bruce; the only suspension of testing I know about has to do with a lack of test kits.

    In my BLUE state getting tested is difficult due to a still not relaxed statute that requires a Doctors visit to get tested!

    The entire US system is a cluster-yuck of different political fiefdoms many of whom openly wish for the situation to get worse so they can replace Trump with Biden or, [whatever Lick Spittle the DNCers deign right wing enough].

    Until the present hierarchy of the Democratic Party is crushed, the tragedy will continue and since [D]’s can always find an excuse to vote Democratic…

  4. js

    This is what suspending testing means:

    Maybe it also means other things, but it at least means that.

  5. js

    Here is the longer article:

    I mean there was barely one, although large as in Dodger stadium, testing site not shut down, in all of Los Angeles county. What could go wrong.

  6. S Brennan

    Thanks JS,


    “Even with the suspension of testing in many locations, COVID-19 persists. Maybe the thinking is that we could just ignore it, and it would go away.”

    Made it sound like some “evil red state governor” had declared the Covid-19 crisis over and shut down testing. Whereas in my little rural R dominated hamlet we are desperately trying to expand testing.

  7. Ché Pasa

    There’s little doubt that the CV-19 numbers have been massaged downward, and what with the widespread unrest, testing and reporting is spottier than ever. Truthfully, we’ll never know how bad — or not so bad — the pandemic is in the US and many other places as well.

    I was talking to my doctor yesterday about postponing a semi-annual treatment until things are a little more stable/under control. He said no. Get the treatment before the end of summer, sooner the better. Why? He said if I postponed till fall (my original idea) not only might there be a much worse outbreak of virus, but the treatment I’ve relied on for years might not even be available — for any number of reasons which he did not detail, but I could hear the real worry in his voice.

    Things aren’t getting better, are they?

  8. S Brennan

    Things should get better during the summer due sunlight being bad for viruses [ever see a bat sunning itself*] and good for people [D3].

    However, things should go completely haywire as the sun wanes not too long after the 21 SEP 2020. Hence my agitation at the dithering, political gamesmanship and the foaming of the runway for pharma profits by our national PHARMA-cist in Chief Mssr. Fauci.

    Both Japan & Russia are already gearing up to produce drugs for early treatment of infection reducing the time of infection 63% and vastly reducing hospitalizations and death…while we play with neoliberalism’s horrific bonfire.

    I can already hear the DNC chorus; “but if we can just hamstring Trump for 5 more months…neoliberalism will flourish under the DNC’s control…oh what a beautiful world that will be…if want an omelette, you gotta break a few eggs”

    *…well yeah, they do but, not the ones in this virus story.

  9. bruce wilder

    ty to those responding to my query

  10. gnokgnoh

    S Brennan, the statement is saying that the numbers of cases and deaths are not dropping over the last few days, even with the closing of many test sites in many cities due to the protests. My city, Philadelphia, closed all ten sites. People are still getting tested at hospitals. Google (Kushner’s gift) has opened a number of drive-through test sites in our region. Their ad makes it seem very humanitarian and official. It’s privatization.

  11. gnokgnoh

    Through the grapevine from semi-official sources in the state, TX cases are estimated to be 7x – 10x the official number. They are intentionally suppressing testing. It’s easy to suppress deaths, too, if you don’t test someone before or after they die.

  12. S Brennan


    Enough with “rumor has it” provide the associated links or be considered a “benefactor” who’s purpose purely political.

  13. bruce wilder

    Calculated Risk (in the blog roll) has a succinct and informative post pulling together the number of tests being conducted nationally by state and puts it alongside state capacity to trace. Nothing on the impact of large-scale protests and rioting in big cities. Still I learned something.

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