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June 1st US Covid Data

And so it goes. The riots, of course, will cause a spike as well.

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Policing the Police


The Age of War and Revolution


  1. krake

    “Riot” is such a loaded word, no?

  2. js

    With several states not or barely doing testing now due to protests the cases data is certainly WAY understated at this point. Testing though it was improving has now been halted in some states.

    We’re flying blind at this point, nice the powers that be rushed in reopening, sometimes right under the line before they shut down testing because of protests, but we’re flying blind. Until cases lead to hospital admission or death anyway.

  3. Zachary Smith

    Minneapolis store owner on George Floyd: ‘I wish the police were never called’

    “Despite the fact that Floyd never resisted arrest, police proceeded to end George Floyd’s life over a counterfeit bill. It’s likely that George never knew he had a fake bill to begin with. We are deeply sorry for our part in this tragedy,” the statement said.

    I refuse to use cash in denominations larger than a $20, for the bigger bills all look like Monopoly Money to me. Therefore the ONLY Twenties I use come straight from the bank cash machine.

    An amazing number of US citizens know virtually nothing about US money. Witness this episode from a few years ago:

    Danesiah Neal, an eighth grader at Fort Bend Independent School District’s Christa McAuliffe Middle School outside of Houston, Texas, attempted to pay for lunch with a $2 bill given to her by her grandmother, Sharon Kay Joseph. However, cafeteria workers at the school didn’t believe that it was real – they never see $2 bills, apparently – and she was sent to what Neal called “the police office.” The school district has since clarified that the Fort Bend ISD has its own police department. According to Neal, the police officer told her that she could be in “big trouble” for using the bill which they believed to be counterfeit.

    The cafeteria workers called the school cop, and in turn HE threatened the kid. I had that in mind when I got rid of an even older $2 bill I found in a dresser. This wasn’t a “keeper” because I have come to despise Jefferson, but what to do with the freaking thing? My solution was to take it to my bank and get rid of it there. I’d do the same if I ever found a stash of Anthony dollars, for I doubt if one young clerk in fifty would have ever heard of them.

  4. Stirling S Newberry

    Abuse of Symbols

    Hours ticked
    Unholy delivery
    Summoned corpse
    Xaos peaceful
    Coronavirus graffiti
    Grievous knee.

    Nearness Tourists
    Beijing or Musvau technology
    White construction protests
    Reservoir of rage
    Degree Capri economy theatrics.

    Rose Garden revolted,
    Declaring violence dominate
    At St. John’s.
    Nonsense Bible jumble.

  5. StewartM

    Zachary Smith:

    “Despite the fact that Floyd never resisted arrest, police proceeded to end George Floyd’s life over a counterfeit bill. It’s likely that George never knew he had a fake bill to begin with.

    I was wondering why the officers went so apeshit over the alledged crime. I figured passing a counterfeit bill might by itself be illegal, you’d think if it was a decent-quality counterfeit most people would not be aware of it. The vast majority of those passing a counterfeit bill (99.99 %+) don’t have a money printing press in their basement and are doing it unintentionally .

    Thus there was no, none, zilch, nada reason for the police to arrest Floyd even if he did pass the bill. Even if passing the bill was technically illegal, issue a citation if required and if Floyd simply gave the officers the people and places he might have gotten the bill, then the charges are dismissed. There was no legitimate law enforcement reason to do any of what was done.

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