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Israel’s Gunning To Lose US Support

When you lose Nancy Pelosi:

Israel went too far. Dems love celebrities and the NGO workers they killed were essentially Democratic party affiliated.

Then there was the attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus. A blatant violating of centuries old immunity of embassies. This is so bad that…

Through a series of messages exchanged via third parties, the United States and Iran have come to an understanding. Iran assured the Americans it will not target U.S. facilities, and in turn the U.S. says it will not get involved if Iran retaliates against Israel. Israel carried out the attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, without consulting the United States.

We’ll see if the walk gets walked, but this looks bad for Israel. To be fair, Israel once sunk a US warship and got away with it, so I suppose they can be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing the US won’t swallow, but they appear to have misacalculated.

As for Iran, the news is that they will retaliate, and that they will do it directly, not thru proxies. Israelis are paralzyed with fear: GPS has been jammed for days, and store shelves are bare as Israelis stock up.

This is a bad situation. If Iran hits too hard, Israel will hit Iran. If they do that, Iran will retaliate again.

Can you say “escalation spiral?”

And if war breaks out, well Hezbollah and Syria will likely join in. Once that happens, no matter how pissed the US is at Israel, well, they may feel they must intervene. Why? Well…

Nuff said.

Let’s hope this isn’t the start of WWIII, because China and Russia are not likely to let Iran be taken out by the US, and if Iran starts winning conventionally against Israel (and if the US doesn’t intervene, that’s where my money is), well the Israelis have always claimed to be trigger happy with their nukes.

All because some Zionists wanted to steal land and have now decided to commit a genocide.

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Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – April 7, 2024


  1. Purple Library Guy

    Nancy Pelosi. Colour me gobsmacked. That suggests public opinion is really turning against Israel, because Pelosi is a woman who never says anything without gauging which way the wind is blowing.

  2. Well, where to begin? I’m eighty years old and over the years have started each of Biden’s quests for the White House with him, until he did something fucked up that made me say ‘no way’, not having student loans covered by the Fed bankruptcy bill was a good example. I voted Biden this time at the urging of Bernie. I wish I hadn’t of. In hindsight I should have told Bernie to shove it!

    I, like a lot of leftist people in this country, am totally, totally pissed at Biden. To think that his loyalty to Israel is more important than the lives of 33,000 human beings is just, just ……..and to think that the freaking guy went to visit Francis in Rome and was oh, so nice with him.

    And as for Israel, the head of the UN said it very well right after October 7, that the Israelis have been treating the Palestinian, including killing many of them, for 57 years. I go back a few years and have been horrified at what I saw just in the media, the little bit you can get in this country, unless it’s Israelis being killed. Killing little palestinian kids because they threw stones at the israelis?????? Etc. I wrote to the WH on a couple of occasions, ‘when are you going to stop Israel from killing kids?’ The unanswered answer was ‘never’. They partially got what they deserved on 10/7.

    At this point, I and millions of young people around the world, will hold in our minds for the rest of our lives the horrors that Israel has inflicted. We will remember forever the complicity of Biden, and the Democratic Party (who BTW are finally coming round to what’s going on now that seven white people have been butchered). Gideon Levy, an Israeli journalist has said that hatred of the Palestinians by Israelis is universal, and Israel will be a criminal state for the rest of our lives. Biden, the Democratic Party, and Israel. Hopefully, but I’m not assured, with Biden helping the Israelis completely ignore the UN, the World’s rules base order will survive.

  3. bruce wilder

    Deaf and blind.

    Those who govern us — the foreign policy Blob™ in particular and their members are in control of U.S. foreign policy — are deaf and blind. Morally, certainly. But, also practically.

    Deaf and blind to the reality of the horror show. Deaf and blind to consequences, and consequently deaf and blind to the way things can escalate out of control when negotiation is ruled out of bounds.

    I have been watching the parallel drama in Ukraine, where Putin tries to warn in the plainest terms possible of the risk of nuclear war and everything he says is echoed by the Blob™ and their rabid Eastern European clients in narratives of “empty threats” and so on. It is unreal.

    Israel is so much farther down the path set by the bar to negotiating the relationship of Israel to Palestine than Eastern Europe and Ukraine are down the path set by the bar to negotiating the relationship of Ukraine and Europe to Russia.

    Israel is demanding domination and subjugation, offering extermination as the alternative. Europe has only tried to “cancel” and shun Russia so far.

  4. Carborundum

    I am deeply skeptical that such an understanding exists for the simple reason that it would significantly increase the chance of an out of control escalation cycle. If this does prove out to be the case, it would be a key indicator the US is deliberately attempting to undercut its stated policy. Overall, I think that’s less likely than an Intertube commentator seeking to make their audience happy.

    “Here’s some validation, did you know I have a substack?”

  5. mago

    Bang bang/Maxwell’s silver hammer came down upon her head.
    A signal acknowledgment.
    Thanks Ian.

  6. CB

    Bibi *wants* to make the situation as messy as possible for Biden. He would like nothing more than a Trump White House.

    He either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that the escalation that will lead to is going to be horrible for Israelis, and possibly end the Jewish state.

    American supremacy feels now, more than ever, like a too-tall Jenga tower. And its enemies will, I think, be emboldened to pull pieces over this.

  7. Geoffrey Dewan

    The WCK assassinations were obviously intentional and deliberate. It was a decision made from a point of view that figures anything that thwarts our plan to eliminate the Palestinians of Gaza is an existential threat and is therefore our right to exterminate. I believe they finally have crossed a line that they cannot bullshit their way out of.

    “Mistakes were made” is not gonna cut it on this one.

    I watch this shit go down month after month wondering when Israel will hit the limit. I believe they have. When professional politicains (like Biden and Pelosi) start saying the thngs they’re saying now (whether they actually believe them or not) it means they sense that public opinion has moved WAY out in front of them and they better start hurrying to catch up.

    If I were Bibi I’d start taking this a little more seriously. He’s been living on Mom and Dad’s credit card a little too long. Time’s up shithead…

  8. Z

    Yeah well, we’ll see if Speed Queen Nancy P will actually do anything about any of it other than flick and flap her leather lips. I highly doubt it; though this bombing is certainly pushing things a bit. Hopefully, it’s also causing some division within the party’s Jewish donor class. That would be a positive development.

    Two of the things that need to happen in the U.S. for there to be a peaceful path towards a better world in this Rise of the BRICS era, which has already begun, is that (1) the U.S. has to stop bullying the world with its military might and (2) the Jewish Zionist Mafia’s* (JZMer’s) power and its role in the world … in foreign affairs, in the U.S. government, in the UK, in European governments, on Wall Street, in Hollywood, the media, etc. … has to be called out and diminished, which would obviously diminish Israel’s power, as well.

    It’s very unfortunate, particularly for the Palestinians, that this is the route that this has gone, but it appears that we’re getting to the point where those two matters are rising in the U.S.’s public consciousness and the two are also being seen by a growing number as being connected to each other.

    For instance, I don’t think the U.S. getting involved in a war with Iran will go over well with the U.S. public, particularly amongst the young, especially since there is so much proof that Israel is aggressively provoking Iran and intentionally drawing the U.S. into it.

    Whether that matters or not is another issue. Hasn’t yet …

    * Note: The JZM is a tiny subset of Jewish people and the vast majority are not JZM members and many Jewish people are in fact are fighting the hardest against the JZM’s power.


  9. Z

    One thing about this that I haven’t noticed mentioned: three of those killed in the bombing were former UK military who were apparently working as security guards for WCK.


  10. VietnamVet

    Western civilization is over unless there is a restoration of morals, empathy and sovereign good government together with free public education through college or technical schools to teach western culture, science, engineering, trades, and good behavior. Gaza, Ukraine, Climate Change, and the Coronavirus Pandemic are all blowbacks from the triumph of the Oligarchs in the 1990s. Their ruling ideology is that there is no such thing as society, likewise culture, education, truth, or morality. There is only money and making a profit in this quarter. Everything else is meaningless to them.

    This allows the Chosen People to commit genocide against sub-humans in Gaza and threaten a regional nuclear war if obstructed. The irony eighty years later is completely oblivious to the true believers.

    In Ukraine it is the West that doesn’t see the truth. Either they acknowledge this is a multi-polar world and sign a UN Armistice, build a DMZ on the line of contact, and restore peace; or NATO will inevitably use tactical nuclear weapons to avoid defeat. Europe and North America will end up a radioactive wasteland because of their folly.

  11. anon

    Bibi has nothing to lose. He wants this “war”/genocide/ethnic cleansing to go on indefinitely because it ensures that he remains in power. I think Bibi wants to force the US into WWIII with Iran. Israel is betting on the US intervening. Maybe the Israelis have miscalculated but there’s a good chance they are right about the US not allowing Israel to be wiped off the map by America’s enemies.

  12. No War On Palestine

    Ian, I wish you had a Patreon, I could easily donate to you every month. My world knowledge would not be the same without you.

  13. Willy

    anon is right. Israel…Iran… Far more accurate is that it’s Netanyahoo and the Mullahs. Besides being a passible name for a thrash band, it’s a lot about the power they have over their own many citizen haters.

    Now, the power the Israeli masters have had over USAIN leadership regardless of the level of psychopathology wherever, still remains a bit of a mystery. That only the surface can be seen of the self-preservation machine known as Mossad/APIAC, seems realistic. It wouldn’t surprise me if most of what they do is aimed at controlling prominent Americans, rather than their Islamic elite enemies. I await somebody to tell me what’s been in it for us, why they always have to be our “most loyal allies”.

  14. Mary Bennet

    Biden is not yet so far gone in dementia that he can’t tell when he is losing an election. In spite of dual citizen billionaires and their media control and the shekels they dump into our elections.

    Nor, outside the evangelical, I will NOT refer to these bloodthirsty fanatics as ‘Christians’, nationalists does most of Trump’s support favor going to war on behalf of Israel.

  15. mago

    Bang bang Maxwell’s silver hammer made sure that she was dead.
    Bribery coercion and blackmail rules the rulers.
    At least the Beatles were tune smiths, if not prescient. More show tune than rock and roll, however.
    Never mind.

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