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Ian on Blog Talk Radio

If you missed the live session last night, you can listen to the interview here. Discussed Obama and policy, unregulated oligopolies and their political and economic effect, and even, at the end, made the case for Obama as I think he’d make it for himself if he were brutally frank.


Ian Welsh on Virtually Speaking Tonight at 9pm EST


Sean-Paul Lays it out: the Truth baby

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  1. Thinking it over–the few very good cabinet and judicial appointments and all the awful policies–I think Obama is doing the things he cares about, and handing the rest over the Emanuel and the Democratic Party’s leadership. Now, this is actually a pretty good way to be a Senator, and it’s not even all that hopeless in a President, most times. But not now! The Administration’s execution on the economy, on the war, on civil rights, are all terrible, and these are huge issues.

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