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Heckling Mrs. Obama is entirely productive

Yes, yes it is.  You get things from our elites by making their personal lives miserable. Hammer them everywhere they go.  This has been particularly true of gay protestors, who have received support from Obama, to the extent they have, by cutting donations till they got it, and by heckling him.

Why should Obama, or any politician, or any oligarch, give you anything if you can’t hurt them, or help them, and won’t make not hurting them, or helping them, conditional on them doing what you want?  You think you can reason ethically with them?

Amazing, just amazing.


Stirling Newberry


Yeah, rape < Hacking to out rapists


  1. Kim Kaufman

    I totally agree and glad someone is saying it. She’s part and partner of and with her husband’s bad policies. Going back to her getting a significant bonus at her job at a hospital in Chicago because her husband became a state senator. They’re both part of the corrupt ruling class.

  2. Kim Kaufman

    And btw, I don’t do street protests any more because I think they’re mostly ineffective and non-productive, especially in LA, where no one even sees them. However, tomorrow morning I will be on the west side with a group protesting Obama’s Tar Sands Pipeline as he is coming to LA for a fundraiser. This is money he’ll use to push through some of his more heinous policies (any or all of them actually).

  3. sanctimonious purist

    Just wish the heckling would happen about the wars, the surveillance, Guantanamo, corporate socialism and bailouts, mortgage fraud, student loan fraud, the banks as criminals, the prison industrial complex, Every Child Left Behind and public school privatization, wage stagnation, widening inequality, workers rights, etc.

  4. sean

    Regardless, it’s infantile.

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